Inspector - drops for dogs and cats


The article will describe the composition, storage conditions of the drug for cats Inspector of fleas, ticks. I will analyze the features of the purpose, application, dosage drops. I will analyze the price range, analogues. I will compare the risks, contraindications and benefits of medicinal drops.

Pets are at risk of infection with various pests: ticks, fleas, worms. To protect against external and internal pests usually used two types of drugs. The inspector is a universal remedy.

Release form and composition of the drug Inspector

Drops of the Russian manufacturer - a clear liquid with a subtle smell of alcohol. Available in 0.4 ml, 0.8 ml, 1 ml, 2.5 and 4 ml pipettes. Packaging - blisters, small cardboard boxes. Attached instructions.

The universality of the drug is achieved due to its constituent substances:

  • Fipronil (insectoacaricide). Does not penetrate the blood. In direct contact with the substance, insect receptors are blocked. Malfunctions of the nervous system cause the death of parasites.
  • Moxidectin. Penetrates the blood, the body of the pet. Violates the work of the muscles of the insect, causes paralysis, as a result of the death of arthropods.

Auxiliary components, solvents, polymers:

  • isopropanol
  • dimethyl sulfoxide,
  • polyethylene glycol.

Indications for use and mechanism of action drops

Active ingredients (fipronil and mokidektin) Inspector Total negatively affect the nervous system, the muscles of parasites. Preventive and therapeutic effect lasts for a long time (4 - 6 weeks). The result is achieved in the first day.

Inspector helps from ticks

The tool of the widest spectrum of action. It destroys about fourteen species of parasites. Appointed for the treatment and prevention of:

  • insect disease caused by pests
  • demodicosis,
  • sarcoptosis,
  • otodektoz (otic ear),
  • intestinal nematodosis,
  • ixodic ticks,
  • worms and worms.

Let us examine the basics of using drops.

Dosage and instructions for use for cats and dogs

Consider general guidelines for applying drops:

  • is necessary wash, comb, dry animal or plot to use drops. The drug must be applied to clean skin.
  • the place should be not available for licking (between the shoulder blades, at the base of the head, near the withers),
  • avoid dripping wounds, skin damage,
  • Spread the wool, apply the required dose of funds, distribute as much as possible with a pipette.

After applying the drops, it is undesirable to wash the pet for 4 days.

The Inspector is safe, but it is recommended to refrain from handling drops in the following cases:

  1. Pet's age less than 7 weeks.
  2. Animal is sick or weak from old age.
  3. The dog, the cat is recovering from an infectious disease.
  4. Intolerance drug components, allergies.

The instructions indicate that the treatment of pregnant or lactating females is provided under the supervision of a specialist.

Dosage is simple to calculate. Let us examine what volume of the drug will be needed:

  • For cats. Pets weighing 1-4 kg - use 0.4 ml of the drug. Weight more than 4 kg - 0.8 ml drops.
  • For dogs. An animal weighing 1-4 kg - use 0.4 ml of the drug. Pet weight 4-10 kg - 1 ml drops. Dog weighing 10-25 kg process 2.5 ml of the drug, 25-40 - 4 ml. For an animal that weighs more than 40 kg, it will be necessary to calculate the drug based on the ratio of 0.1 ml / 1 kg of body weight.
The higher the weight of the animal, the greater the dosage should be

The instruction provides for the following methods of treatment, prevention of diseases:

  1. Ixodic tongs. For each parasite it is necessary to drop the drug. Wait 20 minutes. If the tick does not disappear by itself, it is necessary to remove it with tweezers.
  2. Ear Ticks (cause of otodecosis, demodicosis, sarcoptosis). With otodecosis, the affected areas of the ear canals are cleaned. 3-5 drops of Inspector are applied to each ear. Massage the base of the auricle. Remaining in the pipette tool process withers. The course of treatment is 2-3 times every 7-10 days.
  3. With sarcoptosis, demodicosis it is necessary to clear the affected areas. Process the drug on the basis of a dosage of 0.1 ml / 1 kg. Course 2-3 times in 7-10 days.
  4. Fleas, lice, eaters. Treat pet once.

Side effects

Redness, itching, treatment is not necessary. In the event of an allergic reaction, the drops should be washed with soap and water. Rinse the coat with plenty of water. If necessary, give your pet an antihistamine.

If allergies appear, wash the skin of the animal.

Symptoms of overdose have not been established.

Price and analogues

The cost of the drops is the difference from the volume of the drug, for which animal.

  • Stronghold for cats - 330 - 550 rubles.
  • Advantiks (Germany) - 560 - 750 rubles.
  • Lawyer (Germany) - 450 - 650 rubles.
  • Practitioner (Slovenia) - 300 - 560 rubles.
A lawyer is an analogue of the means Inspector

Pets need protection, prevention of diseases caused by parasites. Comprehensive tool Inspector effectively, safely for both animals and people.

General information

The Inspector drops are made in Russia, the manufacturer is Ecoprom company.

The drug is intended exclusively for external use. Available in the form of a solution, which is a light yellowish or colorless oily liquid, which is packaged in polymer pipettes of 0.4, 1, 2.5, 4 ml. These pipettes are packaged in polymer blisters, which are placed in cardboard boxes along with instructions.

"Inspector" - drops for such animals that need to be stored, in the manufacturer's packaging in a dark, dry place, away from feed and food, at a temperature of - 0 ° C - 30 ° C. After opening the package, the drops should be immediately used, and they should not be stored in clear form. The drug remains valid for 3 years from the date of manufacture.

Pharmacology and composition of the drug

Drops “Inspector” for dogs belong to the combined antiparasitic drugs for fleas, nematodes, lashes, sarcoptoid, ixodic and demodecous ticks.

  • fipronil - 10%,
  • moxidectin - 2.5%,
  • polyethylene glycol - 28.4%,
  • DEMA - 58.8%,
  • BHT - 0.1%,
  • BGA -0.2%.

The main active ingredients of the drug are fipronil and mocidectin. Fipronil has a blocking effect on the GABA-dependent receptors of arthropods, which leads to a violation of the transmission of nerve impulses and, as a consequence, paralysis and the subsequent death of parasites. Moxidectin causes disruption of the muscles, which also leads to paralysis and subsequent death of nematodes and ectoparasites.

As soon as fipronil is on the skin, it is almost not absorbed, spread throughout the body of the animal, fixed on the coat and epidermis. Here he is able to maintain his action for a long time. Moxidectin, on the contrary, is rapidly absorbed, getting into the circulatory system, organs and tissues. Excreted from the body unchanged along with faeces.

The drug protects the animal after the first treatment from fleas for 6 weeks, from ticks for 4 weeks.

"Inspector" - drops designed to protect and rid dogs and cats of various blood-sucking parasites. In addition, the drug acts against various worms, for example, nematodes and other helminthic parasites.

The drug is prescribed for the prevention and treatment of the following diseases:

  • entomoz,
  • demodicosis,
  • otodecosis,
  • acarosis,
  • sarcoptosis,
  • nematodoses of the gastrointestinal tract (trichocephalosis, uncinaria, toxocariasis, ankylostoma, toxascaridosis),
  • dirofilariasis.


"Inspector" - droplets that are 3 hazard class, that is, are "moderately dangerous" for the body of warm-blooded animals. If you do not exceed the dosage specified in the instructions, then there should be no skin irritation and other side effects. In addition, the drops do not have a damaging effect on the immunity of the animal and are harmless to embryos.

However, the product is toxic to bees, rabbits, fish, and other aquatic organisms (aquatic inhabitants).

Drops "Inspector": instructions

For the correct application of the drug must comply with the following recommendations:

  • Drops are applied to dry clean skin without any damage. The drug is pipetted into the place where the animal lacks its tongue, for example, in the area of ​​the shoulder blades, at the withers.
  • In order for the drops to hit the skin exactly, it is necessary to spread the wool and apply a point to the point.
  • If the animal is small, it will be enough to apply the drug in one place. If you are the owner of a large dog, then it would be best to handle 3-4 points so that the “Inspector” protects the entire body of the pet. Choosing places for the application of the drug, remember that the animal should not reach them.
  • Once the product has been applied, the pet cannot be washed for the next four days.

The amount of the applied drug depends on the weight of the animal:

  • For pets from 1 to 4 kg. - 0.4 ml.
  • For those who weigh from 4 to 10 kg. - 1 ml.
  • Those whose weight is between 10 and 25 kg - 2.5 ml.
  • And for pets from 24 to 40 kg. - 4 ml.

If your animal weighs more than 40 kg, then the dose of the drug is determined at the rate of 0.1 ml. per kilogram of pet weight.

How many times to use the drug?

Were presented above the rules of applying the drug "Inspector" (drops for dogs). The instruction, however, gives instructions regarding how often it is necessary to treat an animal from fleas, lashes and ticks.

To rid the animal of parasites, it is enough to put drops only once. However, if you want to prevent re-infection, the treatment should be carried out every 4-6 weeks during the entire time of activity of blood-sucking parasites.

The drug begins to act after 24 hours. Therefore, if you decide to walk the animal in places with a large accumulation of ticks, the treatment should be carried out a day before the planned walk.

To destroy the sucked tick, you must put 1 drop of the drug on the parasite itself and the place to which it is attached. Within 20 minutes it should fall off. If this does not happen, after the specified time has elapsed, carefully remove the tick with tweezers and destroy.

Treatment of otodecosis, demodicosis and sarcoptosis

In the treatment of otodektoz (a disease caused by ear mites), the external ear canals are cleaned of crusts and scabs, then 3-4 drops of money are dropped into each ear (it is necessary to inject the drug into each ear, even if only one is affected). Zame need to fold the ear along and massage its base. The remainder of the drug is applied between the shoulder blades. Processing should be carried out every 7 - 10 days from 2 to 3 times. If the need arises, the treatment can be repeated in a month.

When perforation of the eardrum drops are applied only on the withers of the animal

"Inspector" - drops for dogs, instructions for which are presented here, which are also suitable for the treatment of sarcoptosis and demodicosis. To do this, the drug is applied to a pre-cleaned affected areas of the body with a thin layer at the rate of 0.1 ml per 1 kg of the pet's weight. When applying it is necessary to capture a small area of ​​healthy skin. Processing should be carried out 2 - 4 times with breaks from 7 to 10 days.

If the affected areas are too many, then they should be treated in two doses with an interval of one day. You must ensure that the animal does not lick drops in the first 20 minutes after application.

Side effects

Drops "Inspector" for dogs have a number of side effects, although they are usually tolerated very well by animals. Among them, itching and redness of the skin. These symptoms gradually pass by themselves.

The drug may cause allergic reactions. In this case, the animal must be washed and give him antihistamines.

In cases of overdose, a pet may experience depression, excessive salivation, vomiting and muscle tremors. In the event of such symptoms, the drug should be promptly washed off.


Drops "Inspector" for cats and dogs are not suitable for all animals. We list the main limitations:

  • The drug is prohibited to apply to kittens and puppies who have not turned another 7 weeks.
  • If the animal is sick or only recovered, weakened after giving birth, or you already give your pet lactone drugs.
  • Use caution if your pet is prone to allergies.
  • Individual intolerance to the components of droplets.
  • It is forbidden to bury the drug in the ear during perforation of the membrane.
  • It is unacceptable to handle pets whose weight does not reach 1 kg.
  • Do not use the Inspector at the same time as other antiparasitic agents.
  • Before applying the drug to a pregnant or lactating female, consult a veterinarian.

Drops "Inspector": reviews

The drug has many positive reviews and recommendations. Most of the breeders who used the tool, notes its effectiveness and reliability - "Inspector" protects the dog, as indicated in the instructions, a whole month. Although there are indications that the remedy did not help some animals. However, they are much smaller.

In addition, dog breeders among the advantages of "Inspector" note the ease of use, availability in vetaptekah, reasonable cost and a wide range of actions. The main drawbacks of the drug are an untidy smell, inconvenient packaging, the duration is only one month.

Characteristics of the drug

It is a colorless liquid with a faint odor of alcohol without sediment. Drops "Inspector" packaged in polymer tubes-pipettes with a sharp tip, so that they are convenient to apply.

The composition of the ectoparasites include two active insecticide. This is fipronil and moxidectin. In contrast to the pyrmethrin group, these substances are harmless to animals, because they are low toxic.

The first component, fipronil, is a phenyl compound. The substance disrupts the absorption of chlorine in the body of animals, which leads to the blocking of nerve impulses in the body of insects, and then to death. The second active ingredient, moxidectin, belongs to the category of milbemycins. It affects the receptors of the nerve cells of parasites, disrupts their activity, causes paralysis and death. The drug contains 10% fipronil and 2.5% moxidectin. Such a dose of components is sufficient to destroy ectoparasites.

"Inspector" as a veterinary drug is designed to get rid of dogs from ear, demodectic, ixodic and sarcoptoid ticks, lice, fleas, lashes. In addition to these parasites, the drops also destroy the internal ones. It's about nematodes. As you can see, the drug destroys a wide range of parasites that worsen the quality of life of pets.

With regard to the level of toxicity of the drug, it is deadly for parasites, and for warm-blooded pets it is almost harmless.

The instruction reports that the drug does not cause irritation and toxic effects on the immunity of animals at the recommended dosages.

How to use drops "Inspector"

The instruction advises applying the medicine only to healthy, dry skin. Usually it is dripped into the place where the pet can not lick it. This is the area of ​​the withers. It is recommended to spread the hair with your hands and apply the drug pointwise, along the spine. If the treatment is carried out on a small dog, then it is enough to apply the agent in one place, for large dogs - in 3-4 points. After applying the medication, the animal must not be bathed for four days.

From different types of ticks, fleas, lice and jaws "Inspector" is applied 1 time. The effect of protection against ectoparasites lasts up to one and a half months, after which it is necessary to recycle the pet.

If we are talking about treating a dog for ear mites, then the drug is also applied once. Before that, you must first clean the pet's ears from the accumulation of waste products of parasites and dirt. When the form of the ear mite is running, the treatment must be repeated in a month.

When a scabby and subcutaneous mite is found in a dog, the “Inspector” is dripped twice with an interval of three days.

If it becomes necessary to treat the dog for internal parasites (worms), then the drops are applied once.

When animals live in an area where there are anopheles mosquitoes, then for the prevention of dirofilariasis, the carrier of which they are, it is recommended that the “Inspector” be treated in autumn and spring.

The instruction warns the owners that when living in the house (apartment) of two dogs or other animals, treatment with the preparation should be carried out simultaneously by everyone. After that, the dog must be isolated from children.

This is usually an insecticidal animal well tolerated. However, sometimes there may be redness at the site of application and itching. Such reactions pass quickly and do not require any treatment.

Contraindications to the use of the "Inspector" for dogs are the recovery period after severe ailments, up to 7 weeks of age, the presence of an allergy to the components of the product.

After handling the dog, you must wash your hands. The “Inspector” should be kept in a place out of reach of children, at a temperature of up to 25 degrees Celsius for 3 years.

The composition and release form of the drug

The solution for external use contains in its composition:

  • Moxidectin,
  • Fipronil,
  • Dimethyl sulfoxide,
  • isopropyl alcohol,
  • polyethylene glycol.

Transparent oily liquid is packaged in polymer pipettes of 0.4, 1.0, 2.5 and 4.0 ml. Каждая упаковка препарата содержит по несколько пипеток со средством (1, 2, 3 или 4 штуки) и инструкцию по применению.

Shelf life is 3 years when the necessary conditions are met - a dry, darkened place, the temperature is not lower than 0 and not higher than 30 ° C.

Drug action

Combined antiparasitic drug has an effective effect on a number of parasites:

  1. Voyoedov.
  2. Fleas.
  3. Head lice
  4. Ixodic, demodectic and sarcoptoid ticks.
  5. Mature nematode specimens and larvae.
  6. Microfilaria larvae.

The mechanism of action of the drug is concluded in the impact on the nervous system of parasites. First, the GABA-dependent receptors of arthropods are blocked, the transmission of nerve impulses is disturbed, and paralysis develops, which ultimately leads to the death of ectoparasites.

Due to the presence in the preparation of two active substances, the Inspector not only quickly eliminates the existing parasites, but also protects the dog for quite a long time. Moxidectin has a direct effect on the nervous system of an ectoparasite and is absorbed into the bloodstream of the animal. In contrast, Fipronil almost completely remains on the dog's coat and skin, providing a contact insecticide-acaricidal effect.

Instructions for use in dogs

The drug is used in animals by drip application. The skin must be dry and free from damage. Drops Inspector for dogs drip on withers, after having parted the wool, so that the animal was deprived of the opportunity to lick the drug.

Drops Inspector applied to the skin of the animal in the area of ​​the withers.

Important. If the dog is large, then you will need to apply the product to 3-4 areas of its body.

The required amount of the drug to treat the dog is calculated based on its body weight:

  1. Dog weighing from 1 to 4 kg - 0.4 ml.
  2. Dog weighing from 4 to 10 kg - 1 ml.
  3. Dog weighing from 10 to 25 kg - 2.5 ml.
  4. Dog weighing from 25 to 40 kg - 4 ml.
  5. With a dog weighing more than 40 kg, the dose is calculated according to the principle: 0.1 ml per kg of animal weight.

After applying a flea drop, the dog cannot be washed for 4 days.

Personal precautions

Despite the fact that the Inspector is not deadly to a person, certain precautions must be observed when working with him:

  1. Processing should be carried out with gloves and away from food.
  2. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.
  3. Wash hands thoroughly after contact with the preparation and animals treated with it.

If the drug accidentally gets into the eyes or on the mucous membranes, then you should immediately wash them with a warm ode with soap and water. If parts of the product have been swallowed, then absorbent drugs should be taken.

Reviews of drugs from dog breeders

Evgenia, Surgut. Every summer we leave the whole family to the country. Our Linda, though she is a titled beauty and a participant in many exhibitions, also loves this period. After all, it is at the dacha that she can run about the territory near the house. The only drawback is that she inevitably meets with yard dogs, who gladly share with her their "property" - fleas. There was only one flea drug in the nearest store - Inspector. At your own risk, you had to take it without consulting a doctor. The remedy turned out to be wonderful. Blochs were brought out and were able to sleep well before the end of summer, knowing that our Lyndochka is under reliable protection.

Tamara, Birobidzhan. Ice is quite an active pet who lives in our apartment. He is one of the large breeds of dogs that need constant movement - Hungarian Kuvas. Therefore, three times a day, we take him to an open-air cage, where he meets with other confreres. Naturally, from time to time we bring home fleas, and sometimes ticks. The inspector was not the first drug that we tried in the fight against parasites. But it was he who took the place of honor in the Ays first-aid kit. Processing is easy, the drug is acceptable, the efficiency is high. Now we recommend this tool to all your friends and neighbors.

Dog owners respond positively to the drug Inspector.

Michael, Barnaul. Since we live in Siberia, the problem with seasonal insects such as mosquitoes and nests is actual for us. We are not protected from traditional parasites - fleas and ticks. In view of this, we needed a drug that would become a universal defense for Bach. Tests conducted on their own pet was scary, so with this problem we turned to a specialist, who advised to use the Inspector. Surprisingly, this tool exceeded our expectations. Firstly, it was extremely easy to use, and secondly, it is really effective against most known parasites found in dogs.

Inspector for dogs and cats types and analogues, dosage

"Inspector" is a relatively new drug designed to combat worms and parasites settling in the hair of dogs and cats.

An opened medicine bottle can be stored for up to 3 years, which is convenient, since preventive treatment of animals should be carried out every 3 months. Cats and small dogs need only 1 drop of the drug; larger means are applied to dogs in several places along the spine. Analogues of this drug are “Foline” and “Fiprex”.

Drops inspector for dogs or lawyer

A series of drugs under the brand "Inspector" and "Lawyer" - well-proven drops designed to destroy the external and internal parasites of animals.

“Inspector” and “Lawyer” are practically universal, as with their help you can not only save your pet from lice, fleas, ticks, lashes and worms, but also cure many dermatological diseases.

Inspector for dogs manufacturer, side effects, composition, how much is valid, before vaccination, overdose

The manufacturer of the drug for dogs "Inspector" is the Russian company Ecoprom. The drug has a fairly extensive spectrum of action and is designed to combat virtually all types of parasites, including worms. Side effects, if you follow the instructions, the animals do not occur.

This medicine is of low toxicity, so the treatment of the animal can be repeated after 3-4 weeks. You can treat a dog before vaccination 10-12 days before the scheduled vaccination period. In case of overdose, the animal must be redeemed well and for the future, follow the recommendations specified in the instructions.

Inspector of fleas and ticks, worms, demodicosis for dogs description, price, reviews

According to reviews posted on forums and websites dedicated to dogs, a favorable opinion has emerged about the drug “Inspector”. He is really able to rid animals of fleas, worms, sarkoptoidnyh and demodekoznyh ticks.

The price of one package "Inspector" - about 100 USD. Expensive, but the health of a pet is worth it.

Medicine Inspector for dogs instructions for use and when to wash, on withers, drops

According to the instructions, "Inspector" is applied to places on the body of dogs where they will not be able to lick the drug.

In small dog breeds, this place is the area between the shoulder blades, the large ones - the withers and further intervals along the spine along the back. The next 4 days the animal does not bathe, so as not to wash away the applied drops of medication.

Inspector Total "C" for dogs description, price, reviews, instructions

The drug "Inspector Total" for dogs is a universal remedy for breeding various types of parasites, including helminths.

It is a liquid placed in a plastic pipette. Apply on the dry skin of the dog near the withers, not washed off over the next 4 days.

Reviews of dog owners about the Total Inspector are positive.

The drug is low toxic, convenient to use, has a rather long shelf life. Instructions for the drug is written clearly and clearly.