How many days the cat walks, how often and why does the behavior change?


With the onset of the first heat and puberty at the owners fluffy beauty added worries. How many days the cat walks, it is important to know to all owners, but first of all, those who have a pet will bring posterity and participate in breeding work. In this case, it is important not to miss the best moment for mating.

When a cat walks for the first time

Depending on the breed and some other factors, growing up the cat walks for the first time between the ages of 7 and 10 months. These are average indicators, but deviations in one direction or another are also possible.

For example, representatives of large breeds, such as the Maine Coon, reach sexual maturity longer than other breeds, so they often walk for the first time a little later: their first heat period can move to 10-12 months, or even 1.5 years

Some "early ripening" individuals start to walk already at 4-5 months, this is also one of the normal variants, and theoretically such a female can become pregnant, but to bear and give birth to healthy kittens, alas, no - her body is not yet ready for such loads .

The factors that influence when the cat walks for the first time also include the climatic conditions in which the pet lives, the state of the hormonal background of the animal, the level of temperament, heredity and other features.

The onset of the first estrus does not guarantee that the cat is ready to breed. Even if she is already walking, her body needs some more time to be able to bear and give birth to strong and healthy kittens. therefore in no way need to hurry with the first viscous. Breeders have a golden rule: the first mating occurs when the female walks for the third or fourth time. Of course, this does not apply to animals that walk from 4-5 months - in this case mating occurs after the pet is 1 year old.

What signs indicate that the cat is already walking?

  • In the first days of the festival, she becomes especially affectionate, purrs more, requires a lot of attention, puts herself on the owner. At this time, which lasts from 1 to 4 days, her emotional state is still quite even, she is not too excited yet. At this stage, the female is not ready to let the cat down; successful mating is possible somewhat later.
  • After 3-4 days from the moment of the first signs, the cat is already walking for real: all the symptoms of estrus become bright and noticeable, their appearance indicates that the cat is ready for sexual intercourse. This is easy to check - if you scratch a cat that walks, its back is around the tail: it makes a characteristic movement - it presses slightly to the floor and pulls the tail aside. If it is planned to knit with a cat, this is the best time to meet.
  • Loud and conscriptive cries begin that plunge inexperienced owners into a panic - they may feel that the animal is in pain.
  • Another noticeable sign that makes it easy to determine that the cat is walking - the animal's genitals increase, mucous secretions appear, the pet often licks itself under the tail. Urination may be more frequent.
  • A cat that walks, behaves restlessly: rushing around the apartment, as if looking for someone, rolling on the floor on the back, rubbing against the furniture or the legs of the household, sometimes becomes irritable and aggressive.

If the owners plan to engage in breeding work, then in this case it is worth starting a diary of estrus: record the time when estrus began, how many days the time the cat walks, so that when the mating time comes, do not miss those days that may be fertilized. Pick up a couple and agree on all the nuances with the owners of the cat much in advance, usually there are several candidates, in case some of them will not like the capricious lady.

Duration and frequency of estrus

If estrus has not ended with fertilization, a cat without a cat walks for 7–10 days, after which gradually all signs subside and the animal calms down until the next time.

Some individuals that have hereditary or hormonal features, walk for 14 days, which greatly exhaust not only themselves, but also the owners.

Successfully mated female calms down for 1-2 days after meeting with a cat - she ovulates and fertilizes. In this case, she aggressively reacts to the cat immediately after completing the pairing and does not allow him to approach her anymore.

First estrus after childbirth in a cat comes 2.5-3 months later if the birth was successful, and she fed the kittens for 1.5-2 months. If the kittens were killed or for some reason they were immediately taken away, then for the first time after giving birth the female walks after 2-3 weeks.

There are frequent cases when the kittens still suck milk, but the mother already walks and becomes pregnant again - this happens if the animal has free access to the street or lives in the yard all the time.

An important question that worries many owners - how often do cats walk?

It is categorically not recommended to knit an animal into every estrus, if the owners have an expensive pet health, because it needs to be given rest and time to recuperate - it is best to skip one or two estrus.

A cat that does not have access to a cat walks every 2-3 months, but often this cycle is greatly reduced, and a new estrus occurs 2-3 weeks after the previous one.

Possible problems

  • After estrus, a false pregnancy may occur in a cat. This sometimes happens if there was contact with a cat or a pregnant female lives nearby. Then the pet has all the symptoms of pregnancy, with the only difference that she does not have kittens in her stomach. Gradually, this state goes away by itself, but if it repeats regularly, it is worthwhile to show the animal to the veterinarian.
  • Leaks occur too often. If pregnancy does not occur at the same time, this situation is likely to lead to inflammatory processes in the uterus, mammary glands, or even to a cancerous tumor.
  • Leaks stopped or are absent for a long time. There may be several reasons for this. The most obvious - the cat awaits kittens. But there is the likelihood of some pathologies that should be eliminated by contacting a veterinarian.
  • Protracted estrus, which lasts more than 2–3 weeks, may also indicate that something is wrong with health. It can be both hormonal disorders and disorders in the ovaries.

How to calm the cat during estrus

First of all, it should be remembered that for an animal this state is physiological and completely natural, therefore even if the cat cries loudly and behaves inadequately, in no case do not need to scold her, or especially beat - in this case, you can greatly damage the psyche of the pet and cause severe stress.

You should gently talk with the cat, stroke it, scratch your fur, pay more attention. To make the cat sleep better at night, during the day it is necessary to play active games with it more often, to make it run and jump. This will distract the animal a little.

In no case should the animal be given hormonal drugs that stop estrus - this can lead to serious health problems.

You can consult with your veterinarian about the possibility of using light plant-based sedatives.

In the case when the appearance of kittens is undesirable it is better to sterilize the animal at the age of 8-9 months. Just do not do this at a time when the cat is walking - you need to wait for the heat to end. Now this operation can be performed using laparoscopy, which is the least traumatic for an animal and within a few hours after the intervention, the pet feels quite well.

If a cat walks regularly, and estrus does not end with fertilization, it can cause serious harm to cat health, up to the onset of cancer. And in the case of regular birth attach mongrel kittens can be very problematic.

Puberty cats

Sexual activity in cats is activated from about 5-6 months of life. This indicator is approximate. For example, in short-haired pets estrus begins earlier than in representatives of long-haired breeds.

How many days a cat walks: on average 5-10 days. Sometimes this process can be delayed. It all depends on the genetic characteristics, diet and even the climatic conditions in the region of residence.

Cats in cats occur infrequently, approximately twice a year. For most cats, this process begins at the end of the winter season or at the beginning of the spring months.

During the estrus period, a natural pregnancy may occur. A purebred pet is better to find a matching pair for mating. This will allow you to get purebred offspring, and at the same time, reduce the risk of infecting the cat, which often happens during intercourse with an unfamiliar street cat.

Behavior of the cat during the estrus period

It is possible to determine the puberty period of a home pet by its behavior. The fact that the cat went to the spree will indicate such changes:

  • habitual behavior changes dramatically, it may become overly loving or, on the contrary, be atypical aggression,
  • during estrus, she manifests a natural sexual attraction, she urgently needs a cat, so she can meow loudly at the door for days, expressing a request to let her out into the street to search for the groom for mating,
  • due to physiological changes in the body, frequent urination is observed,
  • during the estrus period, secretions occur from the genitals of the animal, so the cat quite often licks its intimate area,
  • during estrus, the appetite decreases, the cat may refuse to eat at all,
  • some representatives of the cat kind, on the contrary, absorb food in large quantities, showing an insatiable appetite,
  • the pet begins to actively mark the territory, which is very unpleasant for the owner,
  • you can understand the beginning of estrus by the characteristic changes in the gait: you can see the bend of the body on the front legs and the elevation of the back with a tail high upwards,
  • With estrus in cats, the genitals swell a little, but it is not always possible to determine these changes on their own, only an experienced veterinarian can make the right conclusion.

The first estrus of a domestic cat

According to statistics, the first ovulation in most cats starts from 6-8 months, the maximum period is closer to the first year of life.

If, on reaching this age, the pet has not had a natural process of puberty, there may be serious deviations in its female sphere. In such cases, the pet home must be shown to a competent veterinarian.

The first time estrus lasts not for long, which is justified by an incompletely formed hormonal background of the animal. Each time the duration of the cycle will increase, until the stabilization of ongoing changes in the body.

If a cat has estrus for a long period, it is necessary to take adequate measures. Such a sign may indicate a pathology, often associated with diseases of the female genital organs. For any deviations, the animal must be shown to a specialist. To determine the existing violations, analyzes and ultrasound tests are performed at the veterinary clinic.

What measures should be taken if the cat walks

In order for this process to go as calmly and painlessly as possible for your pet, experienced breeders recommend:

  1. To the cat did not ask for a walk and quickly calmed down your sexual ardor, find a suitable pair for mating. A cat of a similar breed is a worthy candidate for fertilization with the production of purebred offspring. The animal will satisfy its sexual interest and will cease to disturb the household with its restless meow and other adverse changes characteristic of this period.
  2. If the owner does not wish to breed the cat and engage its offspring, sterilization is recommended. This procedure will allow once and for all to resolve the issue with estrus. It is necessary to carry out it in sterile conditions of a veterinary clinic. Before the intervention, the specialist performs an inspection of the animal and establishes the possibility of a safe procedure. During the post-sterilization period, the recommended care is provided for the cat. She quickly recovers and becomes exclusively home, not requiring walking.
  3. If the owner of a pedigree cat plans in the future to bind an animal with a worthy representative, but for the time being wants to postpone this process, you can purchase special drugs or walking shots that regulate sexual desire. Medicines are given to an animal strictly for the purpose of a competent veterinarian! You can not self-medicate and give the cat folk remedies according to the recipes of grandmothers!

During estrus, treat your pet with understanding and care. Do not show aggression and do not offend a walked-up cat, even if she is already seriously fed up with her meowing and restless desire to get out into the street. Do everything possible to facilitate this process, because your pet is in need of your care!

Favorable period for fertilization

Regardless of the duration of estrus in cats, pregnancy can occur only at a certain phase. There are four stages of the cycle:

  1. "Proestrus" - the most hectic period of estrus. The cat's behavior changes drastically, it becomes capricious and naughty, often meows and tries to find a way out. At this time, she is actually ready for sexual intercourse, but she still does not allow herself a gentleman. Sexual intercourse at this stage does not occur.
  2. Estrus is the perfect time for mating. The cat is fully prepared for sexual contact and has all the chances of fertilization. The duration of estrus is not defined in strict parameters. By the time, this stage can take from several days to 2-3 weeks.
  3. "Metostrus" - the time period lasts from two to 10 days. The cat can already do without a cat, the sexual instinct subsides, the animal becomes more calm and undemanding. If sexual contact occurred during the estrus period, the probability of fertilization is high. If the owner has taken all measures to exclude the possibility of mating with a cat in just a few days she will begin again the stages of sexual desire, starting with the proestrus.
  4. The final period of estrus - "anestrus." Hormonal background stabilizes, the cat returns to the usual life, until the next cycle.

How long the estrus of a cat of a certain breed lasts is exactly indicated by the veterinarian. For example, the Scottish Fold beauty can walk for 7-10 days, and for the Maine Coon this period can last for 2 weeks.

Walking the cat is unacceptable to constantly keep at home. If you do not plan to make a mating with a decent partner, do the sterilization, which will release the animal from the torment during the heat, and you, from adverse problems.

In order for the cat not to spree voluntarily and not to bring mixed offspring, find a suitable candidate for mating in advance. There are special groups and forums of pet lovers on the Internet, where owners of pedigree cats communicate and offer elite cats for mating.

If the cat spree and awaits the offspring, provide her with comfort and proper nutrition so that future kittens are born healthy and beautiful.

What is estrus?

The word “estrus” is scientifically called estrus. During the estrus period, psycho-physiological changes occur in the body. Follicles mature in the ovaries of an animal, ovulation occurs and conception becomes possible. During estrus, the behavior of your pet is changing noticeably.

The following signs indicate that the cat is walking:

These signs can be observed alternately or in a complex.

When do cats start walking?

Many owners are interested in how much time a cat walks, because this period cannot be called pleasant. The cat is constantly purring, screaming - sleepless nights are provided to the owners at this time. In addition, some individuals, not finding a male, even try to escape from the house. But, before answering the question regarding the duration of estrus, it is necessary to figure out at what age it begins.

At what time the cats begin the first heat, the beginning of their puberty affects. Similarly, to say when the pet will begin the period of the first estrus can not. All purely individual. But on average, the first ovulation in a cat occurs at 6-8 months. But some may and a little later - to 1 year.

At the beginning of puberty is influenced by various factors. For example, the size of the cat, its breed, the presence of a cat nearby. The age at which cats begin estrus for the first time depends even on the season and the color of the animal.

But, as a rule, normally the first estrus in cats begins before the year. Later - it is considered a deviation. If the beloved is already more than a year, and estrus does not begin, you should contact your veterinarian. Probably, the animal has some kind of disease or hormonal disturbances.

As a rule, it is typical for sick and weak animals. There may be erased estrus and have quite healthy pets, which are not temperamental. In any case, darling should show the vet.

Как долго и часто гуляют кошки?

Многих хозяев волнует, сколько гуляет кошка и как часто. На эти вопросы дать конкретные ответы сложно. У каждой представительницы семейства кошачьих показатели будут свои. In addition, several factors influence the duration and frequency of estrus.

How many days the cat is in heat depends on:

  • environmental conditions, season,
  • conditions of detention
  • feeding features
  • animal breeds
  • cat's age
  • having contact with cats,
  • physiological characteristics of the organism of the animal,
  • health conditions.

True, there are averages. From 5 to 10 days - this is how long the estrus of a cat living at home lasts. But all individually. In rare cases, estrus can last up to 20 days. The first estrus is most often short-lived and becomes longer over time. So, how many days the cat walks for the first time does not mean at all that its estrus will continue to be the same in duration. Hormonal background has not yet formed completely.

It is recommended to observe how many days the cat is in heat, because sometimes it can be too long. A prolonged estrus is a pathology. Similar situations can be observed with ovarian tumors or cystic process. To run such diseases is highly undesirable. Therefore, it is important to know how much heat is in a cat's normal state. And in case of deviations in time to apply to the veterinary clinic. The doctor will do an ultrasound scan, take blood for analysis and, if necessary, prescribe a treatment regimen.

Sometimes it happens that the cat does not flow at all. This may be the cause of the development of a disease. Therefore, a visit to the vet can not be avoided. If the cat does not start walking, experienced breeders advise taking the following measures:

  1. If there is another cat that is currently in heat, you should add it to the cattery, which does not begin to walk. Often cats flow at the same time. And the second can flow too.
  2. If there is a cat, it is advisable to share it with the cat. From the smell of a cat in the body of the pet, changes in the hormonal background can begin, and the pet begins to walk.
  3. You can serve your favorite vitamins and homeopathic remedies. Naturally, on the recommendation of a veterinarian. This method is only suitable for healthy cats.

The question of how long the cat's first estrus lasts is clear. But how often does the animal walk? As for the frequency, if the cat has already given birth, then, as a rule, estrus occurs every few months. Sometimes the interval can reach up to a year. But if the darling did not give birth before, heat can disturb more often. For example, monthly or even every 2 weeks. With regard to stray animals, as well as persons in the age, estrus from them usually takes place in the fall or spring.

The question of why a cat often walks is understandable. But how to be in this situation? The best option is to give the animal the opportunity to breed regularly. Thus, it is possible to achieve that heat will be held every six months. But It is worth noting that the first estrus after giving birth to a cat may appear after only 1-1.5 months. If the owner does not plan to breed cats, you should contact the veterinarian. The animal can be sterilized. Or the doctor can pick up hormones.

The duration of estrus in some breeds of cats

The question of how much estrus continues on average among representatives of the feline family is clear. Consider now how many days estrus in cats of different breeds continues. So, for example, British cats walk less often than others. Yes, and with age, the duration of estrus is reduced, it can take place irregularly and without ovulation. The first estrus for a British cat begins at about 7 months.

Scottish cats reach sexual maturity at about 5 months. Therefore, early estrus in Scottish Fold cats is not a pathology. Cats of this breed walk up to 4-6 days several times a year.

How to solve the problem with walking the cat?

If the home favorite began to walk, there are only three options for the owner to act. The first and most beneficial to the body of the pet is to bring it together with the male. But if the owner does not plan at the moment to knit a cat, you can use drugs that regulate sexual desire. But if the owner of the animal is not going to engage in breeding, many veterinarians recommend sterilization. But it is worth remembering that this operation has an irreversible process. And it can also lead to complications. Therefore, it is better not to sterilize older, older cats.

Often, for the suppression of sexual hunting, veterinarians use Kovinan for cats, which is a hormonal drug.

But it is important to remember that animals often increase their appetite under the influence of hormonal drugs. Kovinan solves a problem with heat about half a year. But it can have a negative effect on the cat's body. Therefore, it is not prescribed to weakened and sick individuals. If the pet has good health, Kovinan can be safely applied. There are animals that have been injecting this medication for years and no side effects are observed, the cat feels fine.

Many owners prefer to sterilize their pets. This operation involves the removal of the ovaries and uterus. As a result, the animal will not be able to get pregnant anymore. But sometimes, already sterilized cats continue to walk. This happens if the operation was performed on an adult cat that had estrus. But if you carry out an operation before the first estrus, the pet will probably not walk.

In this article, it was considered how much a cat walks for the first time and how often estrus passes. It is very important to follow your favorite. After all, deviations from the norm - the absence of estrus, too long estrus, frequent estrus - can talk about pathology. By timely contacting the veterinary clinic, after treatment, you can avoid serious consequences. You can soothe the temper of a fluffy beauty with the help of various preparations. But you should not get involved in hormonal drugs. After all, they can not only calm the animal, but also harm the health.

It is very important during estrus with patience and care to treat your favorite pet. You can not scream and beat the cat. After all, the pet cannot control its condition. And you can easily injure the animal. It would be better to think in advance in order to maximize estrus.

Two ways to calm down a spree

There are two ways in which you can influence the behavior of a cat during a sexual hunt: sterilization and the use of special preparations.

  • About special preparations ...
    The best option to solve problems associated with estrus in a cat is the use of drugs for the regulation of sex hunting. Modern tools are able to effectively solve problems associated with estrus in cats. The action of drugs is reversible, after their cancellation the cat will again be able to give birth to kittens.

  • A few words about sterilization ...
    The organism of each animal reacts in its own way to surgery, sometimes the result of such an operation may even be the death of the animal. A sterilized cat will never be able to have kittens.

Cat walks: what to do if you do not want to sterilize your pet. Which tool to choose?

Many nursery owners, breeders and owners of cats trust the solution of the problem of the regulation of sexual hunting to the drug Gestrenol. They opt for this particular drug due to the following benefits of the drug:

  • Especially for cats. The choice of means for the regulation of sexual desire in each animal should be approached individually. "Gestrenol" is designed specifically for cats, which ensures its high efficiency and safety of use.

  • Conveniently. The drug "Gestrenol" is available in the form of drops - this is the most convenient form for use in cats.
    "Gestrenol" contains catnip, which has an additional phytohormonal effect, and also attracts cats with its smell and taste. This facilitates the use of the drug.
  • High quality guarantee. Vial of drops "Gestrenol" is packed in a special blister, which provides reliable protection of the contents from environmental exposure. In addition, blister packaging is a guarantee of purchase of the original drug.

When the cat begins to walk, use the drug "Gestrenol" correctly.

An important role in the effective solution of all problems associated with sexual hunting in cats with the help of the drug "Gestrenol", plays its correct application.

Using the drug is contraindicated when the cat walks for the first time. The reason for this is that during the first heat, it is difficult to determine when the cat spree. In subsequent estrus "Gestrenol" is used according to the scheme:

2-3 months after discontinuation of the drug, the reproductive function of the body was fully restored.

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Solution to the problem

Home favorite heart-rending screams for days and nights, walks on your heels and marks the apartment? This means that your cat spree. What to do in this situation? Effectively reassure pet pet drug SEX BARRIER.

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Contrary to popular belief about the "March cats", modern domestic pets may feel like meeting a cat no matter what time of year it is on the street.

With the heart-rending cries, puddles on the floor and the over-tenderness of the cat during estrus, every pet owner is familiar. Sleep well at night will not give the owners even the most well-bred cat, which began a period of sexual activity. In order to competently cope with all the problems arising during estrus in cats, you need to know when a young cat for the first time can begin to ask the cat how this desire manifests outwardly how long the estrus period on an animal lasts.

When does a cat start walking? Determine the beginning of the first heat in the pet.

Puberty of cats ends at 6-8 months, from which time the cat can begin to forgive the cat. But she will be ready to reproduce healthy offspring not earlier than 16-20 months. Every estrus in an animal becomes a serious problem for its owner, since it is impossible to control the behavior of a cat with the help of educational measures.

Understand that your cat spree, you can on the following grounds:

  • Loud call-up screams,
  • Taking up a posture for mating: crouching on the front
    paws and tail retraction,
  • Tagging the territory: the cat starts to go to the toilet past the tray,
  • Overly affectionate behavior: the cat rubs against the owner's feet, goes after him everywhere,
  • The desire to jump out of the apartment: the cat during the heat will always try to run out into the staircase or jump out the open window.

To find out how many days your cat will walk without a cat, you can only watch the pet's sexual cycle. The duration of the period of sexual hunting in cats is different, since it can be influenced by factors of animal breed, its conditions of maintenance, nutrition, and others. On average, estrus from domestic representatives of the cat family lasts 5-7 days.

Find out how often your cat will walk, you can also by carefully observing its cycle. There are general rules, guided by which, you can roughly calculate when your cat will begin the next manifestation of sexual hunting.

How often cats walk. Determine the frequency of leakage

In wild, stray or elderly cats, estrus is usually caused by the time of year. Such animals "walk" in the spring and autumn. In ordinary domestic and thoroughbred cats that live in the house and sometimes walk along the street or do not leave the apartment at all, estrus occurs quite often. On average, the interval between estrus in a healthy cat is 15-25 days. Although each cat can have its own individual characteristics. For example, if a cat's body is weak or obese, signs of estrus may be unnoticeable.

In order for you to have no doubts, when your pet has the next sexual hunt, we recommend that you keep a diary. In it, you can record data associated with the beginning and end of estrus in an animal.

Cat walks: what to do? Two ways to solve the problem

There are two ways to solve the problems associated with the period of the sexual hunt in cats: surgery and the use of special preparations for the regulation of the sexual hunt.

The main disadvantage of the first method (sterilization) is its irreversibility - after the operation the cat will no longer be able to have offspring. In addition, surgical intervention often leads to negative consequences: suppuration of the stitches, hormonal disturbances, resulting in obesity and a host of other problems. The operation is performed under general anesthesia and is often fatal.

An effective and safe solution to all problems associated with estrus in cats, is the use of drugs for the regulation of sex hunting. Veterinarians, breeders and cat owners note the high quality of SEX BARRIER preparations, which are used to eliminate behavioral problems during estrus and prevent unwanted pregnancy in cats.

High efficiency

High efficiency due to the original composition of the drug. As part of the SEX BARRIER, two hormones of a new generation are used, which allow to correct the hormonal level of cats at a high level. The drug is highly effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy after accidental mating.

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