Features closed tray for cats


In order for a cat in a house or apartment not to go to the toilet anywhere, but to be accustomed to the tray, it is necessary to choose the best cat litter. Of course, you can use ordinary sand or paper, but it will be uncomfortable for the pet and inconvenient for its owners. Products represented in this rating, compiled on the basis of customer feedback, are the highest quality, safe, effective and good in terms of price. Familiarize yourself with their advantages and disadvantages, and select the appropriate option.

Which firm cat litter is better to choose

Such pet goods of Japanese, Chinese, American, German and Russian production are very popular. The competition among them is extremely high, but it is adequately maintained, leaving behind other companies, the following trademarks and firms:

  • Pussy-cat - A brand owned by the Kis Pis Group, engaged in the implementation of hygienic fillers for pets. The company began its activity in 1987. Its products are environmentally friendly, recognized as safe for animals and not very expensive.
  • Effem GmbH - in this ranking it represents the filler for the tray of cats Catsan Ultra Plus. This is a German manufacturer, which guarantees high quality, safety and ease of use of its products. It has an excellent absorptive capacity, which makes its use comfortable for animals.
  • Catsan - This is an American brand, whose products are manufactured in Germany. In its assortment there are clay and mineral fillers - clumping and absorbing. They are available in packages of cardboard with handles, stand slightly above average.
  • N1 - premium class cat fillers at an affordable price, which are produced in Russia. The assortment of the brand are presented as absorbing and clumping fillers, mainly silica gel. Cats react well to them, do not walk past the toilet and do not carry its components around the apartment.
  • Cat step - The owner of the brand is Amma, the largest manufacturer of pet products on the Russian market. Its products are created for hygienic toilet visits by cats, for eliminating odors in the tray and their exclusion in the apartment. It is non-toxic, does not cause allergies and does not stick to the paws of pets.
  • Zoonik - The trademark is of interest to a wide range of pet products, including for filling the tray. She owns the company "Oris", one of the oldest in the Russian market. In the range there are wood and silica-ligated, crumpling and absorbing fillers. Most of them are available in small packages up to 6 kg.
  • Barsik - the trademark is registered by the company Intel, operating in the Russian market since 1991. Its products are of high quality, hypoallergenic, safe and adequate prices. They well reflect the smell of cat urine and do not allow it to spread around the apartment or house.

The most budgetary ones on the market are the Zoonik and Barsik brands, while the quality of their products is not inferior to those of them that are included in the premium class category.

Top cat litter rating

In the preparation of this TOP and in the selection of good cat litter, customer reviews and opinions of veterinarians played a huge role.

Here are the parameters we also paid attention to when analyzing the characteristics of the goods:

  • Type - woody, silica gel, corn, mineral or clay,
  • The volume in the package and its convenience,
  • Natural composition and safety of use,
  • The reaction of felines to raw materials
  • View - absorbent or crumpled,
  • Ease of use - is it possible to flush the toilet, is it easy to clean with a spatula, etc.,
  • Natural aroma and protection from the smell of urine,
  • For which cats are suitable - by age and breed,
  • Economical consumption and frequency of replacement.

A special selection criterion was the ratio of price and quality of fillers, the brand under which they are produced, and their availability for sale.

Barsik Natural 4.54 L

Barsik is the best wood filler that caters to even the most fastidious cats. It is a small soft granules, comfortable for the gentle paws of the animal. The material is eco-friendly and does not harm the four-paws, it is easily distributed on the tray, well absorbs cat feces and thereby reduces the unpleasant smell. Its prevention also contributes to the addition of special ingredients. Raw materials are safe for humans and nature, being biodegradable.


  • Cheapness
  • High quality,
  • You can flush the toilet,
  • Not going to lumps
  • Remains dry
  • Suitable for little kittens.


  • Not for sale everywhere,
  • It can spread on the paws of cats.

Barsik Natural is sold in a large paper bag of 4.5 liters, it does not have the usual handle, so it is not very convenient to carry the bag.

Zoonik Woody 5 L

This wood filler is not inferior to its predecessor in the rating. Its use is comfortable for cats and the man himself, the granules perfectly absorb urine, have a pleasant aroma and interrupt its smell. It belongs to the premium class due to its hygiene and environmental friendliness, it is made from natural raw materials. The sizes of granules are small, but at the same time they do not stick together and are not carried around the house. In the same package sold 5 kg.


  • Cats like to dig holes in it,
  • Carefully raking paws, does not fly apart,
  • Does not tamp, which allows you to create volume
  • Convenient, with handles packaging that does not get wet,
  • Inexpensive.


  • Sometimes there are a few "sawdust".

N1 Crystals 30 L

Cat litter "N1 Crystals" is one of the best because of environmental friendliness, safety and absorption of large amounts of moisture. Due to this, one loading of the product into the tray lasts for several days, which allows saving. It has a normal smell, to which the animal responds well, and does not repel them due to its softness. Silica gel granules do not stick to the paws and hair of the pet and do not injure its fabric. Since it contains special components, the appearance of an unpleasant smell in the house is excluded.


  • Economical to use
  • Hypoallergenic,
  • Dust does not appear when filling the tray.
  • Easy to clean the toilet,
  • Non-toxic.


  • You can not flush the toilet,
  • Hard if the animal wants to nibble it,
  • Not suitable for little kittens.

Cat Step Silica gel

This cat litter is among the best among silica gel to be regularly included due to the optimal combination of high quality and low cost. It is made from a specially prepared gel, safe for adult cats. It can not be changed for a long time, as the raw material absorbs moisture and suppresses the unpleasant smell of urine. In cats, there is no difficulty in burying the excrement, but this may create a little noise when creating the hole. Cat Step is made according to European technologies and is recommended for use by veterinarians.


  • Large volume - 15.2 liters,
  • Convenient packaging,
  • Long enough
  • Easy to clean up
  • Does not stain wool and paws of cats,
  • Does not cause allergies.


  • Not for sale everywhere,
  • For small kittens is better not to use.

N1 Naturel Corn 4.5 L

This cornfill attracts attention with its low price, safety and ease of use. It is hypoallergenic, does not harm the health of animals and people. It can be flushed down the toilet without clogging the sewers and without damaging the soil due to the biodegradability of the raw materials. It is made from environmentally friendly grains of corn, soft to the touch and pleasant to the cat's paws. Naturel N1 does not spread around the house and does not require constant sweeping floors.


  • A blade with large holes is also suitable for cleaning the tray.
  • Beautiful natural aroma
  • Natural composition,
  • It looks aesthetic,
  • Nice to touch
  • Residues can be used as fertilizer,
  • No problem is flushed into the toilet.


  • Small volume in the package - 4.5 l.

According to reviews, the corn filler "N1 Naturel" can be changed only 1-2 times a month, which is very beneficial for the wallet and convenient for owners of cats and cats.

Catsan Ultra Plus 5 L

This cat litter is highly appreciated for its ability to keep the house clean. When wet, the raw material does not stick to the cats' paws and does not spread across the floor. In the case of ingestion of particles, the health of the pet is not in danger, as the material is natural and does not cause intoxication. Soaked lumps can be easily removed using a spatula, there is no need to completely replace the contents of the tray. The composition of Catsan Ultra Plus is close to the most natural, so four-footed stop walking by the toilet.


  • Small granule size,
  • Softness of raw materials
  • When combined with water they form compact pieces, which makes it easier to clean the tray,
  • Natural composition,
  • Does not cause allergies.


The bag in which the Catsan Ultra Plus filler is packed is made of thick paper and equipped with a convenient handle for comfortable carrying.

Pussy-Cat Oceanic 4.5 L

This is the only cat litter with fragrance for cats, ideal for adult cats. But for small kittens it is not recommended to use it because of the possible obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract in case of swallowing particles. It is interesting from the point of view of ease of cleaning, instant absorption of moisture, due to which the product constantly remains dry. This does not repel the pet and does not force him to walk past the tray. Also, thanks to this, it is possible to clean it less often, which will save a little.


  • Reliable protection against the smell of urine,
  • Pleasant natural aroma,
  • Practical packaging with handles,
  • Convenient release form,
  • There is no sound when the cat creates pits.

  • Do not dispose of by flushing down the toilet.

A key feature of the Pussy-Cat is its antibacterial effect, which reduces the chance of infection of the animal.

Which cat litter is best to choose

Cats with allergies are better to buy wood or corn fillers, which are distinguished by naturalness and safety. They are also recommended to choose for small kittens and for purebred cats. All the rest will suit ordinary means. In order to comfortably use the tray with animals, it should have a pleasant aroma and protection from the smell of urine, quickly absorb moisture and remain dry.

Depending on the situation, it may be advisable to choose the following options from this rating:

  • For small kittens, Barsik Natural will be most preferred.
  • Breed cats, especially if they suffer from allergies, Zoonik Woody is perfectly satisfied.
  • For those who are just accustomed to the tray, you should choose N1 Crystals.
  • If you need not to change the contents of the tray for a long time, it is best to choose N1 Naturel Corn or Cat Step Silica gel.
  • For those who are looking for something with an antibacterial effect, the Pussy-Cat Oceanic is the ideal choice.
  • If the cat goes to the toilet on the street, then in the tray, you can look at the Catsan Ultra Plus.

As can be seen from this ranking, for each case, you can name your best cat litter. Therefore, when choosing it, you need to focus on the age, breed and health of the pet, and only then look at the type of funds.

Distinctive features of the closed cat litter

A closed tray looks like a box with a self-closing door. Sometimes just an open entrance. Inside there is a special place for the filler. These are the main design features of the closed tray.

In all other respects, cat litter is different. They can outwardly resemble carrying for an animal or even a piece of furniture, in particular, a high cabinet.

The most popular among consumers won sanitary "houses" for closed-type cats, equipped with carbon filters.

Varieties of closed cat litter

Manufacturers offer the following varieties of closed tray:

  • with pull-out tray
  • self-cleaning (automated).

Tray house for cats with a retractable tray - the most simple version of this cat litter. Replacement of the filler is carried out as needed.

Self-cleaning toilets for cats have a more complex device. Advanced models work on the principle of automatic washing machines: they also need to be connected to cold water, sewage and an electrical outlet. Excreta of the animal fall into the accumulation department, from where it is washed into the sewer. Then the surface is dried with hot air supplied by the built-in fan.

Cleaning is performed in the absence of a pet, which is determined by the built-in sensors. If necessary, the time and number of cleaning cat litter can be programmed. For example, a smart device will sanitize the toilet after each visit to the animal.

Fully automated models are quite expensive. And in order not to spend money in vain, you need to choose products from well-known brands.

Mechanized cat toilets are cleaned with a special lever / button. After the pet comes out of the "house", the owner will need to click on the button.

Another type of closed cat tray - toilets with a carbon filter. It prevents the spread of specific odor. But they require periodic replacement, so simultaneously with the purchase of such a model, you must purchase replacement filters. These cat houses must be equipped with doors.. It is not recommended to remove them, otherwise the smell of urine will spread throughout the house. Dry closets are cleaned, as well as ordinary open trays, i.e. manually, once every 2 - 4 days.

When choosing self-cleaning cat litter models, consider the following points:

  • cat age. Models of this type are desirable for choosing for adult animals. Kittens will have difficulty opening doors, as well as overcoming the high threshold,
  • animal size. Dry closets are suitable for cats of ordinary sizes. For large breeds, for example, Maine Coons, they are slightly cramped. If the cat is uncomfortable, then simply refuse to use it,
  • placement. Automated models are quite large in size, so the choice depends on the floor space. If necessary, you can buy a corner piece: it will fit perfectly into any space without attracting too much attention.

Positive and negative sides of a closed tray

Before you make a purchase tray, it is necessary to evaluate its positive and negative sides.

The positive aspects of using the toilet include:

  • lack of aromas. The peculiar smell of cat urine remains inside the "house". For its absorption using a carbon filter. It retains the smell inside the tray. One filter is enough for 6 months of use,
  • the form. Manufacturers offer cat trays of both standard rectangular and triangular shapes. The latter can be successfully placed in the corners of rooms,
  • esthetic appearance. This advantage of this type of tray can be called one of the main. Beautiful plastic box, sometimes imitating furnishings, perfectly fit into any interior,
  • the size. The owner will be able to pick up a closed toilet for an animal of almost any size.

The negative points include:

  • high cost. This is the main drawback of the closed tray. These cat toilets are much more expensive than the classic. The volume of the filler is also standard and it will not be possible to save money on this item,
  • In a small apartment, finding a place for a closed-in closet is not always possible. Its minimum size is 50 cm.
  • constructive inconvenience for cats. A pet may simply ignore a closed tray, refusing to use it for its intended purpose. An animal may not like, for example, the presence of a door.

How to choose a closed cat tray: basic requirements for the product

The market for pet products offers a wide selection of closed cat litter. To make the animal comfortable, when choosing a tray it is necessary to consider the following important points:

  • material. The product must be made of durable material. In addition, to be heavy enough so that the cat could not turn it over when instilled,
  • depth and size. When buying a closed toilet for a cat, you must take into account the size of your pet: it should be comfortable and spacious. It is also necessary to take into account the height (depth) of the toilet. If it is small, the filler can get enough sleep,
  • smoothness of walls and floor. On the inner surface of the tray should not be protruding elements, about which the pet can get hurt. A cat tends to bury its feces, even if there is no filler in the tray. And if there are sharp notches on the plastic, the animal can injure its paws.

When choosing a closed toilet, you need to consider not only the appearance and shape of the model. It is important to choose a product that will be convenient for using a fluffy pet.