Drontal for cats


Drontal - antiparasitic. Instructions for use for cats and dogs tells about the content of two active elements: praziquantel and pyrantel embonat. The drug is prescribed for the prevention and treatment of parasitic infections of cats and dogs, caused by tapeworm and round worms.

Release form and composition Drontal

Drontal - a means for oral administration.

The drug has two active ingredients:

  1. Pyrantel Embonat - 230 mg,
  2. Praziquantel - 20 mg.

  • corn starch - 44 mg,
  • cellulose - 25 mg,
  • magnesium stearate - 1.5 mg,
  • hydroxypropyl methylcellulose - 5.4 mg,
  • polyethylene glycol - 1.8 mg and other substances.

The tool is available in tablet form. Tablets have a white color with a dividing strip in the center of the tablet.

Drontal is packaged in 2 or 8 tablets, the release is carried out in foil blisters, packed in cardboard boxes containing instructions for use.

Pharmacological properties

Elements entering into the structure of tablets express the effect on almost all types of worms that affect cats and dogs. The substance praziquantel promotes damage to the neuromuscular conduction in worms, as a result of which paralysis and further death begin.

Praziquantel is rapidly absorbed by the villi of the intestinal tract, after which the action extends to all organs. It helps eliminate worms in the body. The withdrawal of the drug occurs with urine.

The next component, Pyrantel Embonat, is not fully absorbed in the intestinal tract. This element is effective with nematodes. It increases the transmittance of the cell membranes, which leads to paralysis of the helminth and, as a rule, to their death. Drontal is considered practically safe for animals.

Indications and contraindications for use

Drontal is used in getting rid of helminth diseases in cats and dogs. It is used in relation to the following helminths: ankilostomiasis, teniasis, echinococcosis, toxocariasis, uncinariosis and dipilidiosis. In addition, the tool is effective and as a preventive measure.

The drug has the following contraindications:

  • individual susceptibility to the elements of the drug,
  • first trimester of pregnancy
  • kittens and puppies up to 3 weeks of age.

Instructions for use Drontal for cats

The drug is prescribed to cats in the following dose: 1 tablet is designed for 4 kg of weight. Worm-drying is carried out strictly from 3 weeks of age. Drontal is used individually 1 time, during the morning meal with a small amount of food or favorite animal treats. In advance diet and hunger, as well as the use of laxative drugs before deworming is not necessary.

For the purpose of treating cats, they are dewormed according to indications, for the purpose of prophylaxis, quarterly in the usual dosage. Symptomatic manifestations that appear during an overdose with a substance have not been identified. The distinctive features of the pharmaceutical agent at the time of first use or when canceled were not found. In case of non-performance of a certain time of secondary treatments, the use of the drug must be restored in the same dose and in the same way.

Adverse reactions and exacerbations when using Drontal, as a rule, are not traceable. If an animal has an individual intolerance to the active ingredients of the drug, the appearance of increased salivation, diarrhea or vomiting is likely. The marked signs will be short-lived, disappear on their own and do not need the use of pharmaceutical preparations.

It is not recommended to use Drontal with products that contain piperazine, as its effectiveness is likely to decrease.

Instructions for use Drontal for dogs

Drontal Plus is used for dogs inside one-time in proportions of 1 tablet (0.66 g) per 10 kg of weight, during morning feeding with a small amount of feed (or with the animal's favorite delicacy - meat, minced meat, cheese, etc.).

In advance diet and hunger, as well as the use of laxative drugs is not necessary.

Due to the taste, Drontal plus is easily eaten by dogs. For the purpose of therapy, dogs are dewormed according to indications, for the purpose of prevention, quarterly in the usual dosage. During treatment, Giardiasis Drontal plus is used in recommended doses for 3 consecutive days.

During the treatment of worms for dogs, it is recommended to disinfect the places where the animals are most found in order to avoid secondary infection.

Signs that occur during an overdose with a substance have not been identified.

Adverse reactions and exacerbations during the use of the pharmaceutical agent, in accordance with the guidelines, are not traceable. When observing the individual susceptibility of the dog to the elements of Drontal, the appearance of increased salivation, diarrhea or vomiting is likely. The observed symptoms are short-lived, disappear on their own and do not need the use of pharmaceuticals.

It is not recommended to use Drontal Plus with drugs that contain piperazine, since opposite results are likely to occur.

Thus, this drug can be described as one of the safest methods of combating parasites. Attention should be focused on the fact that Drontal plus differs from the usual Drontal in that it is used mainly only for dogs.

Drug price

The price of Drontal varies. Each pharmacy may have a different cost. On average, the packaging of the drug, which contains 6 tablets, in Moscow veterinary pharmacies cost on average from 550 to 750 rubles. In Ukraine, the same drug in the same package costs 180 hryvnia. Minsk lets Drontal at a price of 220,000 Belarusian rubles.

An antihelminthic drug can be purchased at each pet store or veterinary pharmaceutical station.

Among the Drontal analogues, the following remedies are popular:

  • Pratel (10 tablets) - the cost in Russia is about 330 rubles,
  • Milbemaks (2 tablets) - the cost in Russia is approximately 390 rubles,
  • Cannavtel (6 tablets) - the cost in Russia is about 430 rubles.

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Elizabeth, 45 years:

I have my own private house in which I have 2 dogs and 3 cats. There are already grandchildren in the family who constantly hold dogs and cats to themselves. To be sure that animals do not have parasites that can be transmitted to children, I constantly buy Drontal tablets, but they are for cats, and for dogs, tablets are called Drontal Plus. Every quarter of the year for prophylaxis, I put the required number of pills in meat for dogs, and cats for sausage. They eat both cheeks and do not notice anything. No adverse reactions were found. Animals behave as usual, there are no peculiarities in behavior. The drug is definitely good.

Marina Ivanovna, 54 years old:

My dog ​​began to climb worms. I was very shocked and even without consulting a doctor, rushed to the nearest veterinary pharmacy. There, the pharmacist advised to buy Drontal plus. In the morning I gave a pill together with the dog food. I have it small, so the pill was enough. After lunch, we went for a walk, and the dog defecation with so many worms that I was just terrified of where they had come from there. The dog, after using the pill, behaved, as usual, there was nothing strange in the behavior. Now I will give these pills for prophylactic purposes.

Evgenia, 28 years old:

In the winter, I was returning home from work, and on the road I saw an almost motionless kitten, which barely mewed. I felt so sorry for him that I immediately grabbed him and took him home. At home, I first fed him and laundered it. The next day I decided to take care of the internal state of the kitten. In the pharmacy for animals acquired Drontal. The instructions indicate that the need to use animals older than 3 weeks of age. Outwardly and in stature, I thought the kitten was already over a month old. After applying the pill, the kitten had a lot of drool. I was scared, until I found the information on the Internet, everything went. I think this is due to the fact that the kitten's body was weakened.

Igor, 30 years old:

My cat is about 15 years old, he is not a street, lazy homebody. He has enough activity to get to the plate, tray and bed. However, as a preventive measure, I give him Drontal. Previously, he conducted prophylaxis quarterly, and now he decided to give it once every six months, since the cat’s age is old, you know, the body is no longer so strong. I did not notice any side effects. Normal behavior, neither vomiting nor diarrhea. The main thing is to look at the expiration date.

Drontal: composition, release form, storage conditions

Drontal for cats is available in tablets, each of which is designed for 4 kg of cat weight. Manufacturer - German company BAYER Animal Care. The composition of one tablet includes:

  • Pyrantel Embonat - 230 mg,
  • Praziquantel - 20 mg,
  • auxiliary components.

The drug is stored under normal conditions: in a dry place, protected from direct sunlight, at a temperature of up to 25 o C.

Drontal has a long shelf life of five years, so when purchasing, look at the date of manufacture. It is not advisable to buy a drug that was made 4-4 and a half years ago. There is a risk that the tablets were not properly stored - for example, they were exposed to heat. Get the most "fresh" drug.

On the reverse side of the Drontal package is a brief instruction on storage and dosage.

Indications for use

Drontal is prescribed to cats for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes in case of nematodoses (toxocarosis, toxascaris, ankylostoma) and cestodoses (taeniasis, dipilidiosis, echinococcosis, mesocestitis).

As follows from the instructions, Drontal is used for the treatment and prevention of common helminth infections in cats:

  • roundworms (nematodes), among which are dangerous for cats:
    • different types of ascaris,
    • Toksokary,
    • hookworms, etc.,
  • tapeworms (cestodes), among which affect cats:
    • cucumber
    • bullseye,
    • pork tapeworm,
    • Echinococci and others

Drontal does not protect the flukes (trematodes) from worms, as it contains praziquantel in a low dose. The trematode includes Opisthorchis felineus, causing opisthorchiasis. This is a very common disease that animals become infected by eating raw or poorly boiled river fish. If your cat eats raw food or has access to natural water bodies, you should think about additional prevention of opisthorchiasis.

To solve this problem, I recommend periodically (no more than 1 time per year) to use praziquantel in a higher dose, then it is active with respect to trematodes as well. For example, drugs Milbemaks or Milprazon.

The principle of the drug

Drontal is a combined drug, it consists of two active ingredients:

  1. Praziquantel causes paralysis and death of cestodes. The substance is rapidly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, enters the breast milk and through the placental barrier, is excreted mainly by the kidneys.
  2. Pyrantel Embonat kills nematodes. Affects larvae and adult parasites. Practically not absorbed from the digestive system.

Treatment regimen

To prevent anthelmintic give 1 time in 3 months once, in the morning on an empty stomach, with a small amount of food. Do not skip feeding, use a laxative, too. If there are a lot of worms and they are found in the feces, it is usually necessary to re-process them in 10-14 days. In such cases, the exact dose and interval is prescribed by a veterinarian.

Anthelmintic always use before vaccination and before viscous.

Use for pregnant cats and kittens

Drontal is prohibited to use kittens younger than three weeks of age and / or weighing less than 1 kg. It should not be used during the pregnancy of your pet. The reason for these restrictions - the presence of praziquantel in the composition.

For small kittens and cats in the reproductive period, I recommend using the pyrantel suspension. Its big plus is that it is almost not absorbed into the blood. About 93% of the dose of Pyrantel excreted in the feces in unchanged form. Of course, before a viscous animal should already be processed Drontalom or other complex drug. But if this does not happen, and it is necessary to give antihelmintic, pyrantel is the safest choice. Better to do it in the second half of pregnancy. Toddlers can be treated from 10–14 days.

How to give a pill to a cat

Drontal for cats is produced with a taste reminiscent of meat, so many animals willingly eat it. If your pet is more picky, there are several ways to give him a pill.

    Put the pill on the root of the tongue and allow the animal to swallow it. This is the easiest way, not requiring any extras or actions. Nevertheless, not everyone succeeds. To do this successfully, you need to meet several conditions:
      it is better to place the animal on the table, sitting or lying, naturally, you do not need to turn it over and put it in a column,

In a natural position, the cat feels more comfortable, and your face is far from its claws.

The design of the bag-clamp allows the animal to lie comfortably in it, but the cat does not have the ability to defend with claws

When fixing the head of a cat, your fingers should reach to the corners of the lips. Hold the animal with your left hand to give the right tablet

To successfully give a pill to a cat, it is necessary to open his mouth wide, fixing his head

Introducers come with plastic and silicone tips. The principle of action of both is the same, but the silicone tip is softer

Video: how to give the whole tablet to the cat

But in the next video you can see typical mistakes - the cat is turned upside down, not wrapped in a towel (it would be much easier and faster, as the cat clearly knows how to use claws), the head is fixed incorrectly, the cat is simply held by the scruff, therefore the mouth is not open. And although the owner uses an introducer, she still has to make several attempts to give a cure. As a result, the process takes 8.5 minutes instead of one, as in the video above.

Video: basic mistakes when giving medicine to the cat

In my experience, the most successful way is the first. All others are more uncomfortable (including for the animal). Some owners do not want to cause excessive stress to the pet, so they do everything insecurely for a long time, they are afraid to roll the cat tightly in a towel or open his mouth wide. As a result, the procedure takes a long time, and the animal is even more nervous. The tablet softens, and its taste is felt very clearly. The cat begins to resist, scratching the owner, frightened. To learn how to give medicine yourself, do not be afraid to be strict. It makes no sense to persuade and convince the pet "to obey." Be clear, calm and decisive, confidently fix the cat, take him by the head tightly and press down on the jaw, do not be afraid to hurt him. If you do everything right, the procedure will take you 2-3 seconds, and the cat will not even understand that something “bad” has happened.

Possible side effects and contraindications

Drontal according to the degree of impact on the body belongs to low-hazard substances (hazard class 4 according to GOST 12.1.007–76). Well tolerated by cats of different breeds and ages. Contraindication to the use of Drontal tablets is the individual hypersensitivity of the cat to the components of the drug (including a history of).

Side effects and complications in the application of Drontal in accordance with this instruction, as a rule, are not observed.

Drontal active ingredients - pyrantel and praziquantel - are well tolerated and usually do not give any individual reactions even with a small overdose. In rare cases, salivation, diarrhea or vomiting, which quickly pass and, according to the instructions, do not require treatment, are noted.

A few years ago there were a lot of fakes of Drontal on the market. The use of a "burned" drug caused symptoms of poisoning similar to the above. Now such cases are much smaller, but they happen. If your pet has side effects, the medicine may not be real. Buying anthelmintic, carefully study the packaging. It must comply with the manufacturer’s stated name, the serial number of the lot must be present. A genuine drug blister will have all the necessary designations and drawings on the reverse side.

On the blister must be complete data - the logo, composition, dosage, batch number, date of manufacture and shelf life of the drug. Information may be in Russian or English.

Interaction with other drugs

The manufacturer does not recommend using Drontal with other anthelmintics containing piperazine.

If possible, anthelmintic drugs should not be combined with anything at all, only healthy animals should be treated. Если ваш любимец болеет, и у него нет выраженной глистной инвазии, лучше отложить обработку до выздоровления. Исключение составляют хронические заболевания. В случае почечной или печёночной недостаточности давать животному таблетки от глистов нужно по назначению врача.

Аналоги препарата

There are many anthelmintics for cats. Most often they are produced in the form of tablets, but there are suspensions, gels, and drops on withers. Preparations in the form of tablets have more advantages than drops on the withers, since the active substance immediately enters the intestine, where most of the worms are located. Suspensions are mainly used for small kittens.

In order not to get confused in the choice of pills, you need to know that they all contain the same substances in their composition. Each manufacturer only combines them in different ways.

  • Pyrantel Embonat or Pamoat is the most common and safest remedy for roundworms. Almost completely excreted from the intestine unchanged, without entering the blood.
  • Praziquantel is the only common drug against tapeworms and, in high doses, flukes. It is actively absorbed into the blood, biotransformed in the liver and excreted by the kidneys. Therefore, it is used with caution in renal and hepatic failure and in the reproductive period.
  • Fenbendazol - acts on round worms, poorly penetrates the bloodstream and is mainly excreted in the feces, like pyrantel. In combination, these two substances reinforce each other. Fenbendazol used in the infection of protozoa (Giardia, coccidia).
  • Milbemycin oxime is active against intestinal nematodes, as well as dirofilaria larvae, which makes it indispensable for the prevention of dirofilariasis. Well absorbed into the blood.
  • Febantel - in the body turns into fenbendazol.

Manufacturers of similar in composition drugs give conflicting recommendations about limitations in use, and sometimes they omit this point in the instructions. Therefore, it is better to rely on information about active substances. Pyrantel is safe during the reproductive period, fenbendazole is almost the same, and praziquantel is potentially dangerous. Therefore, in such cases it is better to use monopreparations containing one active ingredient for processing.

For adult animals, on the contrary, it is important to use a complex preparation that will provide protection against all types of helminths. But for cats eating raw river fish, you need to further increase the dose of praziquantel.

pharmachologic effect

The drug is aimed at inhibiting the activity of worms, which leads to the development of their paralysis, and then death. The effect of tablets extends to flat, round and worms-flukes. The active substance disperses in the body and after a short period of time the result is visible. This drug is recommended to give cats for prevention before symptoms manifest themselves.

Instructions for use

Before using the drug, you must read the Drontal for cats instructions for use and reviews. And also consult a veterinarian. The drug is prescribed for:
• nematodoses,
• cestosis.
It acts softly and efficiently. As the manufacturer indicates, for the removal of worms one application is enough. Drontal mixed in the morning feeding in a small portion of food, so that the cat is not sick. Or dissolve the tablet with water, then pour it through a syringe. It will be better if the cat swallows the capsule whole. For prevention, tablets are used every season, during puberty and as needed.
This pharmacological agent is allowed for lactating and pregnant cats. In this case, the calculation of the dosage does not change. Also based on weight, 1 tablet per 4 kg of weight. There are special indications of consumption associated directly with pregnancy:
1. For the first 4 weeks of pregnancy, tablets should not be given to an animal.
2. Tablets are allowed on the second part of gestation, but not later than 7-10 weeks before the cat must be lambed.
3. If the prevention of worms was not done during pregnancy, it is performed a week after childbirth.
4. When the kittens are stronger and gain the desired body weight, it is desirable to carry out the secondary treatment of the cat and its babies separately.

Drontal for kittens weighing not more than 1 kg is also allowed, the fourth part of one dragee. Given the age indicators, and the speed of development of a pet, the doctor may recommend another drug.

Drontal composition, which has two active ingredients, is available in the form of elongated white tablets, separated by a line in the middle. The contents of each pill are 230 mg pyrantel embonate, 20 mg of praziquantel. They represent a disastrous combination for the destruction of worms. After absorption in the intestine, the drug disperses throughout the body. The composition paralyzes the worms, then death occurs. Together with feces come out not only worms, but also larvae.
In addition, there are auxiliary components in the composition: polyvidone, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, corn starch, colloidal quartz.
In vetaptekah found similar drug Drontal plus. Its distinctive feature is such that it contains as many as three main active components. Febantel is added to already known substances. The action of this drug is aimed at the destruction of parasites in dogs. Therefore, Drontal Plus for cats is extremely dangerous to use.

The tool is suitable not only for adult animals, but also for kittens from 3 weeks of age, provided that they have gained proper weight. The dosage is calculated by weight of the animal, for every 4 kg - 1 tablet:
• From 1 to 2 kg, half the dosage is set,
• From 3 to 4 kg - the whole capsule,
• From 4 to 6 kg - 1.5 tablets,
• From 6 to 8 kg - 2 tablets,
• pets with a large weight above 8 kg give 3 capsules.

Given the side effects of pets who have not reached a weight of 1 kg, the drug should not be given. Medicinal substances from the body are excreted in the urine.

One package of Drontal contains two blisters, each containing 10 tablets. In some pet stores sell by the piece. The price of medicine varies:
• for 1 tablet - 70-120 rubles,
• per package - 1250-1700 rubles.
This tool, which is commercially available in almost every pharmacy for animals.

Contraindications and precautions

Sometimes even the most innocuous pharmacological agent causes a side reaction. When giving a medicine to a pet for the first time, watch the actions of his body. Use a different drug if individual intolerance is observed. Also Drontal is not suitable if:
• the animal is ill or rehabilitated after suffering ailments,
• mating,
• after vaccination or before it,
• cats in the first half of pregnancy,
• small kittens up to 3 weeks old.

In general, the drug is well perceived by the feline body. But precautions do not interfere. The main thing is to carefully read the liner and correctly calculate the dosage. Since dead worms are removed during emptying, treating the tray with soapy water and changing sand more often is a mandatory measure. Before anthelmintic treatment, kittens should not add food to food that they have not tried. Due to the fact that their weak body is more susceptible to eating disorders.

Important! Fleas are able to tolerate some species of worms. For the purposes of prophylaxis, Drontal is best used in conjunction with anti-flea drugs.

Storage conditions

Proper storage of the drug ensures its effective action. Tablets are placed in a dark place outside of children's accessibility and away from animals. The maximum shelf life is 5 years, at a temperature of 25 degrees. After the prescribed time, tablets should not be consumed.

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