Detailed description of the dog breed Biver Yorkshire Terrier


One can call the long, flowing wool giving the elegant, luxurious look to the little dogs the virtue of the Biver. She reaches to the ground, has no undercoat, soft and silky to the touch. The standard highlights several possible colors:

  • on a snow-white background the marks painted in black or blue color settle down,
  • the main tone of the coat is dark, and the sternum, paws and abdomen area are white.

Beaver is a cheerful, cheerful, intelligent and self-confident pet, very contact and affectionate. These dogs have a very balanced temperament and strong character. Beaver - almost perfect as a companion, quickly becoming attached absolutely to all households.

Such a pet can be made to families with children, other four-fingered cats, dogs, mice, and the presence of birds in the house will not interfere. It costs nothing for a dog to adapt to the vital pace of people and other members of the team; this is a smart and intelligent dog. But it is worth remembering that these are miniature animals, and toddlers can harm them, which means that the dog should be protected from such contact.

Beaver for happiness requires care and attention, in response, they will endlessly adore the whole family. The owners themselves can not resist, so as not to indulge this charming pet. But this is not always beneficial - like other terriers, beavers can be stubborn and self-centered.

Among the representatives of the breed there are very temperamental, pugnacious individuals who are ready to defend their territory from strangers, but this is by no means the majority, but rather a rarity. Particular attention should be paid to the pet during walking, you should not allow the beaver to communicate with larger relatives, as a bulldog, shepherd or other dimensional dog may step on the crumbs and not even notice.

Nurture and training beaver york

Beavers have always lived side by side with a man and their main task is to be companions, that is, to live in a family without causing any trouble. This is not a working dog, not a hunter, not a guard, so he does not need to receive any specialized knowledge.

Babe enough to learn the rules of good tone and basic skills. A pet should know how to behave and what is a bad habit and self-indulgence. Even a tiny, but ill-mannered terrier can harm, do minor dirty tricks and spoil the mood. And experts are confident that the bad behavior of York is a 100% owner’s mistake.

The baby should be taught from an early age to the collar, he should know his place and eat where he should be. Beavers walk, as soon as the crumb rushed in search of a place, it should be taken out on the street or put on a diaper, a rag. It is possible to punish for "small groups" and "puddles" only if the owner caught the pet, as they say, "red-handed", otherwise, the puppy will not be able to understand why he got the scolding.

It is important that the dog has learned the "fu" command, this makes it possible to avoid various troubles - eating garbage on the street, spoiling things and other situations. Beavers willingly respond to training - next to the owner, they are happy to do anything.

But such a pet is very sensitive to changes in the mood of the owner - nervousness, anger, aggression and other negative emotions, he will definitely notice and hurry to retire. Praise, affection and sweets - that is what contributes to fruitful learning.

You shouldn't give your pet a descent if it starts to stubborn - this little dodger will surely test the ground, will the owner allow him to shirk and can the team be executed, for example, not from the first, but second, third, or even the fifth time.

Beavers are playful, inquisitive little dogs, so you definitely need to teach his team “come to me!” So ​​that he will not get too distracted while walking.

Pet Care

Beaver yorkies need hygienic procedures, which the pet should be taught from the moment the puppy appears in the house. In this case, an adult dog will take all manipulations for granted, without disturbances:

  • the child must wipe his eyes in the morning with a cotton pad soaked in boiled water, chamomile decoction or a special agent,
  • Every day the dog needs to comb the hair with a massage brush, and to collect the long bangs in the tail,
  • teeth are cleaned every 3-4 days, using a special brush, which is put on the finger and toothpaste intended for dogs,
  • Bathing beavers often - 2-3 times a month, for the procedures should choose hypoallergenic detergents. When bathing, the dog needs to close its ears and eyes, and after it is rubbed with a towel and dried with a hairdryer,
  • representatives of this breed need a haircut - this can be done from 4 months of age, hygienic haircut is important. Such procedures can be done independently or entrust it to professionals. If the dog participates in exhibitions, then without the help of an experienced groommer you can’t do
  • claws doggy shear as needed.

Breed diseases

Among other decorative breeds, biver can be attributed to long-livers, they can live 15 years and even more, but, naturally, if they are provided with proper care and good nutrition. But they have a tendency to various pathologies and diseases:

  • congenital vascular disease - is already apparent from puppyhood, it can lead to the fact that the pet stops growing,
  • pancreatitis - develops in violation of the diet,
  • obesity - the result of overfeeding, pet treats from the master's table, violation of the regime,
  • Legg-Perthes disease - osteochondropathy of the femoral head.

Biver-yorks often manifest genetic disorders, therefore, acquiring a puppy, it is recommended to study the breed line more closely.

Mode and diet biver york

Choosing natural food as a pet food, the owner should not forget that his pet is a predator. In this case, the basis of the diet is meat - raw beef or boiled chicken, turkey. The menu is recommended to be supplemented with lean sea fish, tripe, boiled offal.

For a good work of the digestive tract, it is recommended to give the pet fermented milk products, season the dishes with vegetable oil. Useful food are vegetables, fruits, greens. Also, doggie can cook porridge from rice or buckwheat - on broth or water.

Salty, smoked and sweet food is contraindicated to biverah. Dogs should not be given bones, hand fish, fatty meats, pastries and legumes. Vitamins and minerals will help to maintain health at the proper level.

You can feed the dog ready dry rations, it should be a quality food, consisting of small pellets.

Buying a puppy

Beavers, though less popular than the Yorkies, are still quite common, including in Russia. There are monobreed nurseries, as well as some breeders simultaneously work with several decorative breeds. In addition, future owners have the opportunity to save money and buy a puppy from a private seller or in a pet shop, but there are no guarantees of pure breed and puppy health.

The ideal age for puppies to buy is 3 months when they are fully vaccinated and will easily tolerate separation from their first family. The Biewer Yorkshire terrier is an expensive breed, therefore the announcements “I’ll give a beaver puppy in good hands” are most likely a hoax - the desire to attach a sick or bloodless animal.

The cost of puppies with pedigree from the nursery varies from 30,000 to 60,000 rubles, depending on the class and parental titration. Kid for show-career is the most expensive. In Russia and Ukraine, the best nurseries are:

  • “Mini Fanfini”, Moscow,
  • “Urban Yorkies”, Moscow,
  • “Nif-naf”, Kiev contacts /.

The owners of beaver york terriers are sure that there can be no better pet. This doggie is always happy to communicate with his family, he will accompany the host on any trips, to be there when it is good and bad. To get a beaver should be exclusively for the soul, to groom, nurture it, educate and give it attention.

Description and characteristics of the breed Biver york

Biver York is a decorative breed of dog with long shiny hair and miniature size. The dog is very harmonious: a small head with a slightly flattened skull, a neat neck with a characteristic fluffy neck, and medium-sized dark and lively eyes.

The contour of the eyelids has a rich black color, which makes the look more vivid and expressive. Ears are planted high and are in a standing position, in form resemble small triangles covered with soft wool. The body is slightly oblong, the tail is set high enough.

There are several varieties of color. Among them are:

  • white
  • white-blue
  • white-golden
  • black golden
One of the beaver york types is white.

There is a common version that the first owners of these dogs - Werner and Bertrud Beavers - bred the breed by crossing york terriers, shih tzu and maltese.

Breeders sought to recreate in the litter all the best qualities of the three breeds, excluding the different types of flaws and the similarity of colors with their parents. The end result of crossing gave the world a miniature terrier with a strong immune system and a magnificent shiny wool.

The beauty and charm of the dog won the hearts of millions of people, and the breed quickly spread throughout the world. The first official dog show took place in 1988. After some time, the breed was recognized as official.

Rules for the maintenance and care of the dog

Long falling wool requires special attention from the owner.

Long, flowing wool requires special attention.

In order for the coat and appearance to remain normal, a caring owner must fulfill a number of mandatory measures:

  • Beaver york needs regular brushing. This leaves the coat with a natural and healthy shine, avoids mats and the entry of foreign objects into the thick undercoat. Already appeared koltun needs to be combed gently and carefully, using your fingers.
  • Approximately once a month needs bathing. For washing, use special hypoallergenic shampoos, which can be purchased at the pet store. Each walk with a pet should also end with washing of paws and abdomen. Do not leave the dog wet after swimming - this helps to get a cold. Wipe your pet dry with a bath towel, liquidate the remaining moisture with a hairdryer. Using a hair dryer, leave the drying mode at medium power.
  • Beaver york predisposed to various eye disease. Start your pet's morning with a thorough eye rinse: moisten a soft sponge with warm water or a weak chamomile tincture, wipe the accumulated discharge. It is necessary to act carefully, moving to the corners of the eyes.
  • Cleaning the ears - an important point in the care of the biver york. To use dry and coarse cotton swabs categorically impossible. Purchase a special lotion to clean the ears and use it every 2-3 weeks, following the instructions on the package.
  • Spend every day hygienic cleaning of the mouth. To do this, fix the dog's face with one hand, with the other, take a separate toothbrush and apply a special dog paste on its surface. This paste is edible and therefore should not be washed off. Rubbing a hygienic into the dog's teeth with circular movements of the brush, trying not to lose sight of anything.

As the main food you can take a variety of cereals and fresh vegetables. The best dish that can be prepared by each owner is the mixing of cereals with a commensurate amount of processed meat. This diet is considered the main one and is served in small dosages in the morning and evening.

Periodically dilute food with other useful products: processed fish, boiled eggs, liver. A special complex of vitamins also has a vegetable oil.

Every evening you can give the dog a small amount of cottage cheese: it greatly strengthens the bones of the pet, supplies the body with calcium, phosphorus and iron.

Near the bowl of food must be placed a bowl of clean drinking water. Water needs to be changed fresh daily.

Various types of treats for dogs will brighten up the pet's daily ration. In pet stores there is a large assortment of treats: it can be chewable stones, meat meat dishes, preventive treats.

It features friendly and loving. Does not tolerate loneliness, loves people and attention to his person unrequitedly.

The Yorkshire breed was bred for exhibitions and various types of shows, because the beavers have a sense of dignity: they will not allow themselves to be offended, in conflicts they often take the fight to individuals much larger, they bravely defend their family. The psyche of dogs is stable, the intelligence at the highest level.


As soon as a Biver york puppy appeared in your house, immediately teach him to use the toilet. So the dog will master the first signs of education, learn to observe its own cleanliness and order in the house.

Beaver yorkies are smart enough to easily learn the commands to sit, lie down, come to me, fu and close.

The next step in raising a dog is etiquette: teach your dog not to snatch food from the hands of strangers and not to steal from the table, not to spoil decor items, or tear from the leash.

The result will be visible if the owner responds to the training responsibly, will not resort to rude methods and coercion.

Having fixed the required steps well, Biver York will happily continue his studies. You can study the commands "voice", "give a paw", "jump" and many others.

Disease-specific diseases are not available.

Most biver yorkies are prone to the following diseases:

  • knee dislocation
  • diseases of the teeth and gums
  • diseases of the eyes and ears

Mostly beaver yorkies have strong immunity. With proper care, the dog lives happily and without complications. Life expectancy varies from 10 to 17 years.

Breeding Biewer Yorkshire Terrier

Biewer York breed is prone to rapid loss of once acquired qualities. For breed breeders, it’s important not to increase the number of dogs, but to improve inborn characteristics.

Special attention should be paid to the breeding of mature individuals and medalists at shows. First, do not forget to identify the breeding value of dogs: evaluate the origin of each dog from the pedigree and the quality of the offspring.

Breeding of this breed takes place without any particular difficulties and brings only joy to the owners. For collective work on improving the breed there is the possibility of uniting in specialized dog clubs.

A bit of history

With the advent of this relatively young breed is associated several legends. According to one, the most plausible version, it appeared completely by accident due to the mutation of the recessive gene responsible for the presence of white spots. German breeders by the name of Biver, who had been breeding Yorkshire terriers for more than twenty years, received a litter in which there were several puppies of non-standard color. It happened in 1984.

A few years later, a new breed of Biver-Yorkshire Terrier was presented to dog lovers, the description of which we will try to fit into today's article. Beautiful doggies quickly won the love of dog breeders, and in 1989 they received official recognition from the world canine community.

The main differences of biverov from Yorkshire terriers

The results of genetic examination conducted by American scientists, the DNA of the representatives of these two breeds are not completely identical. This means that some other dogs were additionally used to breed the beavers. In contrast to the Yorkers, who appeared in Great Britain in the 19th century, they were obtained in Germany not so long ago.

Another feature of bivera is color. If yorks have a predominant steel color, then they have white, red and black. In addition, beavers are more susceptible to various diseases. They do not have such a good immunity, as a result of which they more often suffer from hereditary diseases.

Biver-Yorkshire Terrier: breed description

These are small compact dogs with long luxurious coat. The height of an adult individual should not exceed 22 centimeters. The weight of the animal is about three kilograms.

Despite the miniature size, bivera - quite strong dogs. They have a strong compact body with a flat back, voluminous chest and muscular croup, smoothly turning into a highly set, uncropped tail. Under the body of the animal is two pairs of strong, flat limbs.

On a small flat head with well-developed jaws, there are round dark eyes and set high triangular ears covered with thick hair. A dog moves free, perfectly balanced trot.

Coat and color

The breed of dogs Biver-Yorkshire Terrier has one feature that favorably distinguishes it from many other decorative dogs. Ее компактное тело покрыто длинной ниспадающей шерстью. Она достигает до самой земли и очень приятная на ощупь. К тому же у биверов полностью отсутствует подшерсток.

Что касается окраса, то стандартом предусмотрено несколько вариантов. Допускается снежно-белый фон, на котором имеются черные или голубые отметины. Also, the body of the beaver can be painted dark, but the chest, limbs and stomach of the dog must remain white.

Character traits

The Biver-Yorkshire Terrier (description of the breed, reviews of the owners can be found in this publication) has an energetic cheerful disposition. These are very courageous and clever dogs, affectionate towards their owners and suspicious of strangers. By analogy with any terriers, they love to walk and love active romps.

Despite their miniature size, the beavers have a strong nervous system. They are very balanced and resistant to stress. Thanks to these features, they easily adapt to environmental conditions.

The nature of the beaver and York is very similar. Representatives of both breeds do not know fear and are not prone to aggression. They do not tolerate loneliness and tend to always be close to the owners. In addition, these miniature little dogs get along well with children and are ready to make contact with other animals.

Maintenance and care

Beavers are a breed of dog, ideal for living in a city apartment. Since these dogs have long hair, they should be bathed regularly using special shampoos. It is desirable to do this at least once a week. Otherwise, the dog's coat will get a sloppy look and an unpleasant smell. After hygiene, the dog is wrapped in a terry towel. After the excess moisture is absorbed, the dog’s coat is conditioned and dried with a hairdryer.

In addition, the Biver-York (Biver-Yorkshire Terrier) requires regular eye care. They need to wipe daily. Otherwise, the eyes of the dog will begin to water, and eczema may appear on the skin around them. Teeth are another weak point of this breed. Too little saliva is secreted in these dogs, so the mouth is not completely cleared of leftover food. Unfinished particles are deposited on the teeth and provoke the reproduction of microbes. Over time, this leads to the formation of a stone. To avoid such a problem, puppies are taught to brush their teeth from an early age.

The Biver-Yorkshire Terrier is a breed, the description of which is not limited solely to the features of appearance and character. Inexperienced owners will certainly be interested to know what to feed their four-legged pets. These dogs can be given both industrial and natural food. In the first case, it is desirable to opt for high-quality super premium grade dry food. They contain all the vitamins and trace elements necessary for the proper development of the dog.

Those who want to give their beaver natural food, you need to remember that the basis of its diet should be meat. This may be raw beef or boiled poultry (chicken or turkey). In addition, in the dog's menu, it is desirable to introduce a small amount of scar and lean sea fish. Several times a week, the dog is recommended to give fermented milk products like cottage cheese, kefir or yogurt.

Also, experts advise not to forget about vegetables, fruits and cereals. The beaver-yorkshire terrier can be fed carrots, pumpkins, bell peppers, zucchini and apples. As for cereals, only rice and buckwheat should be present in the dog’s diet.

It is strictly forbidden to entertain beavers with salty or sweet foods. Also in their menu should not be sausages, bones, fat cheeses, river fish, potatoes, pastries, cabbage and beans.

Recommendations for choosing a puppy

To protect themselves from unscrupulous breeders, every potential owner should carefully read the description of the Biver-York breed dogs. Having defined this moment, it is advisable to study the pedigree of the parents of the puppy you like. If the documents are in order, then you can watch the kids themselves.

A healthy puppy should have a shiny smooth hair, clean ears and not watery eyes. Baby belly should not be swollen like a ball. You should not take an overly cautious or fearful puppy, who reluctantly makes contact.

A small beaver should have a compact proportional body and a flat back. The puppy's eyes should be dark, and the nose should be black. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the color of the coat, symmetry and the presence of spots. The bite plays an important role. Ideally, it should be scissor or straight.

Since biver-yorkshire terriers are prone to certain hereditary diseases, you should ask the breeder in advance about the health of your chosen puppy's parents. They should not have a hernia, cysts, tumors, problems with the thyroid gland and the digestive system.

Owner reviews

According to the people in whose house beaver-york lives, these are unique dogs with a funny playful character. At the same time, potential owners should be prepared for the fact that they will have to spend money on the purchase of special care products and on regular visits to the groom.

These cute little dogs are very easy to keep. They make excellent companions, ready to accompany their owner everywhere. With the same pleasure, beavers will take part in cheerful active games and will quietly lie on the sofa next to the owner.

Despite the fact that representatives of this breed get along well with children, it is undesirable to take them into a family with babies who have not reached a certain age. Inspired by the game, a small child can accidentally injure a shaggy pet. You also need to be extremely careful while walking. Try not to let your beaver approach larger relatives, as a shepherd dog or labrador can inadvertently step on a miniature terrier and harm it.

Puppy price

Healthy and purebred biver york puppies cost from 20,000 rubles to 40,000 rubles. The difference in price depends on the pedigree and gender (bitches are more expensive than males) of the animal.

Buy puppies from official kennels. This ensures that the new pet will be healthy and meet the standard of the breed.

Biver York is a dog that can make everyone happy. These cheerful and affectionate pets without much difficulty will become part of any family and perfectly fulfill their role as an irreplaceable friend, a manual doggie and a watchful guard.

Brief description of the breed of dogs Biver york

  • Other variants of the breed name: Biver Yorkshire Terrier, Biver york, Biver Yorkshire Terrier a la Pom-Pon.
  • Adult dog height: up to 22 cm
  • Weight: 3.1 kg, variations within 0.5 kg are possible.
  • Characteristic color: white-blue-gold, white-black –gold.
  • Wool length: long, falling.
  • Lifespan: up to 17 years.
  • Breed advantages: intelligent, very confident dog, does not shed, does not have a smell.
  • The complexity of the breed: can be born with a Yorkshire terrier coat.
  • Average price for a beaver york: 500-1000 dollars.

The history of the origin of the beaver york

The breed was bred in Germany. About crossbreeding with dogs of other breeds, nothing is known, although there is an assumption that the Maltese and Shih Tzu were crossed with the York Terriers, but this is not documented in the document.

It is believed that the authors of the breed, breeders Werner and Gertrude Beaver, brought her by selecting puppies with certain qualities and external signs from Yorkshire terrier litters. The aim of the work was to create a strong terrier with a stable psyche, with a coat that is easy to care for.

The breed was first shown in 1988. Despite the fact that such dogs appeared quite recently, they are quickly gaining popularity, although so far there are more of them in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

What are character

These are dogs companions, show dogs. Recently, small dogs have received another status, which also applies to beavers - this is a doggie, a fashionable accessory, they are taken to all sorts of pathos activities.

The dog biver york is very mobile, affectionate, biver get along well with people, very intelligent and fearless, despite the small size of selflessly rush to the defense of the owner. The psyche is stable, easily accustomed to order, does not cause problems in the content, is not intrusive.

Not aggressive to other animals. In the event of a conflict, which is extremely rare, a Biewer Yorkshire terrier can rush into battle with an opponent superior in size. In a beaver for life there is a lot of puppy.

How to choose a Yorkshire Terrier puppy

The breed is still quite rare, therefore, as a rule, one hundred percent biver so far only breeders have.

Before buying it is worth exploring breed standardsbecause the location of stains, their symmetry, teeth bite plays an important role - it must be scissor-like. The body is proportional to the head, on the back of the beaver a flat line. The eyes are dark, the nose is black.

Should study puppy's pedigree to the third knee. When buying a puppy to get acquainted with the conditions of his and his mother.

Be sure to pay attention to puppy behavior: It should be playful, agile and slightly unbalanced, but not aggressive.

Nicknames for biver yorkies

A dog can choose a nickname in different ways.

  • By the name of the heroes favorite films and illustrations: Barney, Basi, Bass, Kelvin, Milky, Babette, Carter and so on.
  • In appearance and character: Powder, Squirrel, Thread, Whirlwind, Blizzard, Lёtka, Zlata.
  • By associations with events and people: Nixon, Reagan, Stiogan, Anzhey, Bushar, Cromwell, Ky, Bonya.

Care and maintenance

Bathe the beaver about once a month or when it is dirty, comb daily. After washing, the dog is wiped dry and dried with a hairdryer. Ears are cleaned with a cotton swab, wool is cut from the ears and at the tips.

Once in two months sheared wool on the pads between the fingers. In the summer they do it less often, because the dog walks a lot and rubs wool on the ground. Manicure scissors cut the claws.

The dog must be regularly treated for worms. They need to brush their teeth. In the summer period to carry out treatment from ticks and fleas. If the puppy got into the house without vaccinations, it should not be taken outside and released into the room where the shoes are. It is necessary to walk the dog only on a leash. Read more about care ...

Food Biver Yorkshire Terriers

Perfect food ─ these are vegetables with cereals: buckwheat and rice ─ with the addition of meat, fish and liver, a boiled egg are added to the diet twice a week, and vegetable oil must be present in the diet, preferably not refined. It is necessary to give cottage cheese more often.

A treat may be soft meat bone. From 6 months puppies eat three times, from 9 you can transfer to two meals.
Eating an adult dog is not much different from eating a puppy, but milk should be added to a puppy's diet, and only milk products should be added to an adult dog's diet. Food should always be fresh.

Advantages and disadvantages of a beaver

Lack of breed are the defects in the exterior: light eyes, fold, curly hair, color asymmetry, short hair.

They have virtually no flaws in character. And the price for a beaver Yorkshire terrier is much lower than its popular "little sister" - a Yorkshire terrier.

Big virtue of these dogs - the size. They do not take up much space and are suitable for any apartment. A big plus is their livability with all family members. They quickly learn what can and cannot be done, so there are rarely problems with them in the house.

Breed origin

Biver Yorkshire terrier was bred by chance. In the German kennel of the Beaver couple in 1984, a terrier puppy was born, in which white color was present in the coat color, which is not typical for terriers. The breeders liked the tricolor animal so much that they decided to go in this direction. The breed with the presence of black, white and brown shades of wool later became known differently: Biver Yorkshire Terrier.


Biver york keeps cute puppy features throughout life. The tricolor color is a characteristic feature of a dog that looks like a plush toy.

Breed standard:

  • coat color. Three colors are required: white, gold, black or white with gold and gray. White color should be present in any case.
  • weight. The average figure is about 3 kg, bitches can weigh a little more - up to 3.5 kg,
  • wool: silky, shiny, long, on the back - parting straight. It is advisable to cut the beaver terrier, so that the hairs do not touch the floor: it is more convenient to care for the coat. When participating in exhibitions, you will have to maintain a certain length of cover, trim it according to the standards
  • height at withers permissible for a purebred pet - no more than 27 cm, average sizes - up to 22 cm,
  • lifespan. Indicators are within 17 years,
  • pet length slightly higher than the height at the withers. The dog is firmly folded, legs of small length. The head is with a flat skull, the neck is rather long. Dark eyes are like beads.

Biver Yorkshire Terrier has several characteristics:

  • good-natured
  • playful,
  • smart,
  • curious,
  • active,
  • the dog has a stable psyche
  • gets along with the owners,
  • protects the family from strangers and other dogs,
  • communicative,
  • Perfectly trainable.


It is much easier to care for the hairline than for the Maltese wool. In the absence of exhibition work, a hygienic haircut is useful (short wool), be sure to look through the area of ​​the pads, remove the felted wool. Be sure to comb your pet every day, to prevent the appearance of mats.

Unlike many breeds, beaver york practically does not fade, hairline renewal occurs at a slow pace. The apartment will not be covered with shreds of wool, as with seasonal moulting in many dogs.

The first vaccination is performed by Biver york at 8-9 weeks. Need a comprehensive vaccine to protect against dangerous diseases:

Abbreviations: DHPPi and Lepto. At 12-13 weeks, re-vaccination is carried out, be sure to add the anti-rabies component. Every year, the dog should be vaccinated according to the recommendations of the veterinarian in the standard way.

Maintain a clean coat and skin need regular water treatments, about once a month. Dogs love to swim, especially with toys. It is important to use special products for grooming dogs, regular shampoo is not suitable.

Moist wool is dried with a hair dryer. It is important to ensure that no dandruff from hot air flows. After the procedure, be sure to comb your pet.

Puppy food

The number of feedings depends on age: it is important to give high quality feed, the same as that of breeders. The transition to a new type of food carried out gradually.

Useful names:

  • boiled buckwheat,
  • rice,
  • turkey,
  • vegetables,
  • once a week - boiled boneless fish.

It is important to give:

  • olive oil,
  • cottage cheese,
  • hard boiled eggs,
  • processed ground meat, necessarily boiled.

Do not mix natural food and dry food. After six months, puppies are fed three times a day.

Adult Dog Nutrition

The main part of the diet is preserved, but as they grow up, the pet should receive more food. An important difference from puppy nutrition is that milk is replaced by dairy products. An adult biver york receives food twice a day. As a delicacy, it is desirable to give the meat bone, necessarily, soft. It is important that the products are fresh.

Dry food or natural food? This question is decided by the owner individually, depending on the workload at work, the availability of free time for preparing food for the dog. Dry food is a good and convenient option for feeding biver york when the owner is busy. It is important to choose a super premium class or diet food. Premium class feed is acceptable as a temporary measure.

Do not give the dog:

  • chocolate,
  • sweets,
  • smoked meats
  • soups and borscht
  • vegetables that cause bloating,
  • fried food
  • salads with mayonnaise.

The Biver Yorkshire Terrier is less active than Fidget York, but the pet needs regular walking outside and outdoor games. While on the street, the pet must be on a leash so that the dog is not lost and does not come into conflict with other animals, especially larger than himself.

If it is impossible to walk, the pet calmly dispenses with the need for a tray, but it is not worthwhile to permanently deprive the beaver of York of the opportunity to frolic in the air. Animal loves toys: soft bones, balls, needle rubber "hedgehogs", rings, gladly engaged with the owner on the court.

Teeth and Ears Care

Be sure to clean the ear canal with a cotton swab. Care must be taken not to harm the pet. On the tips of the ears, the hairs are trimmed.

It is important to ensure that after meals there is no food on the teeth. It is useful to buy a special toothbrush for dogs, use regularly after consulting a vet.

Claws haircut

The procedure is carried out using nail scissors. Clipping claws in the summer is performed less frequently: with frequent walks, the dog grinds off the stratum corneum to the ground. It is important to cut the minimum amount of length so as not to disturb the integrity of the blood vessels.

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With good care, beaver york does not cause trouble to the owners, but there are hereditary pathologies that need to be known. In some small dogs, for example, in the Maltese lapdog, eyes “flow”; in the tricolor terrier, this problem is rarely encountered.

Breed diseases:

  • shunts, provoking seizures, vomiting, digestive disorders,
  • pathologies causing muscle atrophy and lameness,
  • pancreatitis, adversely affecting the general condition.

Difference from York


  • the first sign is the presence of white color in the color of the beaver, which is not the case for pedigreed Yorkshire terriers,
  • difference in temperament: the beaver is more relaxed, the Yorkshire terrier is more active,
  • tricolor terrier with rare walks prone to obesity, York - no.

Who is beaver - york

Choosing a puppy is carried out after meeting with parents, studying pedigree to the third generation. It is important to check how the puppy moves, whether the coat glistens, whether there are clumping hairs. The puppy should be active, but not aggressive and not very sluggish.

Biver York is suitable for families with children and without, young girls and “social lionesses”, everyone who wants to have a kind, playful and intelligent friend at home, a real child, with whom it is interesting at any age. Without communication, the tricolor terrier is bored; this is a companion dog. Price - from 500 to 1000.e.

After watching the video, you can learn more useful information about the features of the content of the Biver Yorkshire terrier in the house: