ProNature Original dog food: reviews and review of the composition


Owners of dogs quite naturally interested in the question of what kind of food to choose a pet, so that it fully developed, was healthy and energetic. Veterinarians recommend dog food "Pronatur". What is its composition, dosage, advantages and disadvantages - this will be discussed in the article.

About the manufacturer

Brand Pronature Original originated in Canada. It is owned by PLB International. This manufacturer has been working on creating nutrition for animals since the 70s of the last century, trying to offer their pets the best food.

Thanks to many years of experience, the products of the Pronatur Original can provide feeds for the Classic and Deluxe lines, which lack traditional fillers:

Dog Food "Pronatur" is a carefully selected recipe and the absence of harmful additives, such as artificial colors and flavors. At the heart of the company's philosophy is to take care of the needs of its four-legged clients. And these requirements have been fulfilled for almost half a century. The manufacturer has thoroughly studied the characteristics of the production of feed, seeking to achieve perfection of taste and benefit.

Since the end of the twentieth century, the company is confidently entering the world stage, offering animal feed in 20 countries. Since that time, the Pronatur dog food has been delivered to four continents, delighting consumers with decent product quality, and business partners with reliable cooperation. Uncompromising approach to business requires adaptation to customer requirements. The manufacturer has a flexible policy, offers innovative formulas for the manufacture of food in accordance with the requirements of four-legged pets. Products intended for dogs and cats, has a value that is set depending on the payment capabilities of a particular country. This condition ensures the availability of feed "Pronatur" for dogs, reviews of which are positive.

Feed line overview

For these Canadian feeds, the division into holistic and premium lines, characterized by a high level of quality and selected ingredients, is characteristic. The main property of dog food "Pronatur" is a high nutritional value of the diet for dogs of any breed, at any age.

When studying the number and color indicated on the packaging surface, you can get this information. Numbers numbers - this is a product belonging to one of the categories, the definition of which depends on the composition. The hue of color indicates the purpose of feed for a specific breed of animal.

Characteristics of dry feed line

Dry dog ​​food "Pronatur" has high quality indicators thanks to a carefully selected recipe. With the use of such food the animal will not know such problems as tartar, due to the properties of the prevention of dental diseases.

Processing each ingredient allows you to dry and process products using a special formula without losing quality characteristics.

We propose to study the line of feed "Pronatur":

  • 21 - for older animals, when they move a little and suffer from age-related changes in the body. The minimum amount of protein and fat in this food will help the animal not to gain extra pounds, which is harmful for any age. For the care of muscle tone, vitamins and trace elements are added to the product in sufficient quantity to take care of the normalization of the intestinal microflora of the animal.
  • 22 - for dogs of any breed, the main feature of the product is a preventive measure to prevent the appearance of allergic reactions and problems with the digestive system.
  • 26 - the main consumers of which will be adult dogs, but its use is also acceptable in puppies. Reviews of dog breeders allow us to conclude that this particular product is the most popular. Benefit and high tastes ensures the presence of chicken meat.
  • 28 - balanced composition of food is addressed to puppies, so that they are cheerful and cheerful. When using such food, a small dog will fully develop regardless of the breed.

It is important to remember that the use of dry food by animals necessarily requires the presence of water near the feeding bowl, so that the animal can drink plenty.

Varieties of canned feed

It should be noted that the cost of canned food far exceeds the price of dry food due to the greater benefits for the animal and high taste characteristics.

Also marked by better digestibility. An important indicator for canned food "Pronatur" is the preservation of nutrients during heat treatment, which is not characteristic of cheap products.

By attracting the best veterinarians and qualified specialists to creating feed, maximum care is taken for various categories of dogs. The composition of the feed is developed to meet the needs of puppies, elderly animals and adult dogs.

To determine your pet's preferences, invite him to try both Premium and Holistic. It is important to remember the storage conditions of canned food. Temperature limits range from 10 to 32 ° C, if necessary, you can warm the food before serving the dog.

Reviews on "Pronature Holistic"

Making food for dogs "Pronatur Holistic", the manufacturer cares about the preservation of nutritional value, adding vitamin complexes. To date, this line of feed fully meets the needs of animals, as evidenced by reviews of dog breeders. In this case, the selection of all the ingredients is carried out with the utmost care so as to please the tail pet as much as possible.

Products will provide the dog the joy of longevity, because in the product:

  • fresh fish and meat,
  • organic herbs mixed in a unique way
  • assortment of organic fruits and vegetables.

Among the advantages of the feed "Pronatur" (for large dogs) people in their comments indicate the following:

  • the beauty of wool,
  • health,
  • good digestion.

With daily feed intake, the pet will delight the owners with an improvement in all their vital signs. For all dry feeds “Pronature Holistic” is characterized by a unique uniqueness of the combination of natural and organic types of food.

Yummy with Lamb and Rice

Dog food "Pronatur" with lamb and rice is a type of dry food, designed for use by adult dogs, regardless of the breed at the age of 1-7 years. The composition of this feed the following components:

  • Ground to flour flour lambs in the ratio of 15%.
  • Crushed rice, corn and other cereals.
  • Additives vegetable oil.
  • Yeast cultures.
  • Supplements of dried herbs alfalfa, spinach, rosemary, thyme, ginger.
  • Vitamin complexes.
  • Protein Supplements

Overview of the advantages and disadvantages of feed

Adhering to the traditional philosophy, the manufacturer seeks to ensure that the feed is solid, high-quality and healthy.

Advantages of the product include:

  • The absence of harmful components, such as chemicals, modified products, offal. Fresh and natural products are grown on Canadian soil, famous for its clean environment. Vegetables and fruits have certificates proving quality.
  • Using the best biotechnology to help in maintaining decent quality.
  • No stimulants and growth hormones are added.
  • Low carbohydrate content ensures the normal functioning of the digestive system.
  • The composition of the feed does not cause allergic reactions.

After studying the reviews of dog breeders about this product, its disadvantage can be called, perhaps, the cost. It is high in comparison with many varieties of not-too-high-quality products.

Let's sum up

Food "Pronature" from Canadian manufacturers will be an excellent food for the dog, regardless of breed. The product contains useful components, supplements of vitamins and minerals. Reviews of dog owners contain positive information.

Take care of the health and longevity of your pet - buy for it "Pronature".

ProNature Original Dog Food Review

We have already talked about many feeds, some of good quality, others, to put it mildly, not so much. Today we will study ProNature Original - dry dog ​​food, which is produced in Canada. The manufacturer's official website is Judging by the composition - this is a representative of premium class feed, but more on this later.

Read about feed from other manufacturers:

The composition of the feed ProNature Original

Consider the composition of the feed on the example of the option "Pronature Original 26 for dogs of large breeds with chicken." In online stores, and on the package in translation into Russian, the first ingredient is “chicken meat flour”. In the original English description, “Chicken meal” is written, that is, “chicken flour”. The latter, although more than half should consist of meat, it can also contain skin and bones. Judging by the other formulas (the amount is indicated there), this ingredient is about 20%.

The second place is “ground corn” (source of carbohydrates), followed by “wheat bran” (rich source of vegetable protein), “corn gluten” (source of amino acids methionine and cystine, vitamins E, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6 ), "Brewover rice" (source of carbohydrates). Chicken fat is the source of fat, dried beet pulp - the source of fiber. Next are supplements, serving as sources of various trace elements and vitamins.

Pros and cons of food ProNatur Original

The advantages of feed include:

  • in the first place is the meat ingredient (although its percentage is small),
  • rich in vitamins and minerals
  • natural preservative and flavoring is used,
  • widespread, the price is relatively not high.

Among the disadvantages of feed:

  • A small percentage of meat ingredients, probably about half of the proteins, are vegetable.

ProNature Original dog food - reviews

Feedback on feed ProNatyur Original, writes Anya. Previously, only read about this feed, and recently saw it in the pet store. Recall that the reviews about it were positive, I decided to buy, I stopped at the Pronature Original 22. My dog ​​used to be a pooch, so I’m not picky about my hedgehog, I ate it with pleasure.

For the sample I took a small package of 350 g, then took a bag of 13 kg for 3659 rubles. The price is less than 300 rubles per kilogram, which is a bit considering that only a couple of kilos are consumed in a month. But I also cook a naturalka, and not only on a dry dog ​​food.

A review of ProNature Original feed for dogs, writes Irina. A friend has two dogs, the Jack Russell Terrier, both eat a Plum and suit them all. On her recommendation, I decided to try, but my dog ​​did not like him - she ate without much enthusiasm. For a month, the food did not become boring, eventually returned to Eukanube.

A review of ProNature Original dog food, Diana writes. I feed my boxer with feed Pronatures 26 since the time when there was no Original prefix in the title. The dog looks great, beautiful and energetic. Food eats with pleasure, everything suits me too. Therefore, I recommend.

Conclusions about the feed "ProNature Original"

Pro Pronature Original dog food reviews are mostly positive, although they eat negative ones. Considering not the best composition (there are few meat ingredients and those are not purely meat), the site “Dai Lapu” recommends looking first of all at the super premium class feed and the holistic feed. But if they are too expensive for you, this food is still much better than Darling, Oscar and other house economists.

Price of dog food ProNature Original

  • ProNature Original dry food for dogs 2.72 kg - from 850 to 960 rubles.
  • Dry food for dogs ProNatyur Original 6 kg - about 1950 rubles.
  • Dry food for dogs ProNature Original 20 kg - from 4225 rubles.

* These prices are approximate, current for February 2017 and may vary significantly over time. Also, the price depends not only on the size of the package, but also on the option.

Dog Food Pronature Holistic Review

Today, another review at the request of visitors, this time about really good food - Pronature Holistic. As can be understood from the name, this dry food refers to the so-called holistics, respectively, in its composition only qualitative natural ingredients are used (no obscure by-products, artificial flavor enhancers, etc.). So will we find out below, seeing the composition. Produced "Holistic Holm" in Canada.

The composition of the feed Pronature Holistic for dogs

Consider it on the example of the grainless "Pronature Holistic Nordikö". The first ingredient is poultry meat flour (dried ground meat is ground into flour), the second is turkey (not the fact that meat, by the general concept, can be hidden by-products). It should be noted that many offal is no less useful for meat (for example, liver, heart). Since the feed is grainless, we will not see typical ingredients like rice, barley, etc. But in the usual line they are present.

Paint what ingredients further and why they do not have to - the manufacturer in the arms indicates all this, which is rare. Vegetables and even fruits, vitamins, minerals - everything is here. At first glance, incomprehensible components, such as choline chloride (choline improves memory, is necessary in the treatment of liver diseases, is an important substance for the nervous system), are sources of various useful and necessary for the body substances.

Pros and cons of Pronature Holistic feed

The advantages of this feed:

  • in the basis of the composition - meat ingredients,
  • very rich composition in general,
  • no synthetic preservatives, flavor enhancers, etc.
  • Canadian production.

Among the minuses of feed:

  • high cost, the price is higher than many analogues.

Dog Food Pronature Holistic - reviews

Opinion on feed Pronature Holistic, writes Oksana from Kiev. For more than two years I have been feeding my yorks with this food, to me, as the owner of the nursery of. The representative gives a good discount. We tried different options, settled on “turkey with cranberries” - the dogs liked the most (in any case, I think so).

In some litters, there are puppies who do not like food (causes diarrhea or allergies), they have to take another brand. In general, everyone is happy with food, so I recommend it to others.

About Food Pronature Holistic Review Diana writes from Moscow. Hello. We have a German boxer, from puppy age we feed him with Drama. First, we took Pronature Original, but still could not gain normal weight. We tried Pronature Holistic, soon the dog became more dense and cute. Food eats with pleasure, does not complain 🙂 We buy the largest bags, it is cheaper than small and free delivery.

Feedback on feed Pronature Holistic, writes Catherine. We tried to switch to this feed from Origen, as we order it on the Internet, and Pronature Holistic appeared in a pet store not far from us. But the dog did not approve - she was very reluctant to eat, had to return back to the usual food and mix the novelty into it (not to throw it away).

Conclusions about the feed

About Pronature Holistic dog food reviews mostly positive, and the composition does not cause complaints. So if you are looking at this drying - feel free to try. However, it should be noted that the food is quite expensive and many good holistics are much cheaper.

Price feed Pronature Holistic

  • Dry dog ​​food Pronature Holistic 340 gr - about 300-350 rubles,
  • Pronature Holistic dry food for dogs 2.72 kg - about 1680-2020 rubles,
  • Dry dog ​​food Pronature Holistic 6.8 kg - about 3800-4600 rubles,
  • Pronature Holistic dry food for dogs 13.6 kg - about 6560-7930 rubles.

* The prices shown are indicative only and may vary, and also differ depending on the version and the store.

Experience at the heart of care for quadrupeds

The Canadian company PLBInternational has been in the pet food market for over 40 years. Its owners are several generations of the same family from the suburbs of Montreal, owning their own small factory. They are well-known animal lovers and work under the auspices of "we are not being sprayed - one factory, one warehouse, one office, one supplier of raw materials, but all of the best quality."

Long-term family activity in the field of food production for animals has received not only the attention of all countries of the world, but also high-level certification. These papers, which give official permission to trade with Europe in direct deliveries, can be considered not just documents, but original Oscars in the world of feed manufacturers. Not every factory owner is honored with them in order to obtain a European-level certificate, a whole delegation of doctors and sanitary inspections examines companies under a microscope.

And this is not accidental - in order to get into the staff of ordinary employees, you will have to pass a careful selection, which takes into account not only the professionalism of the stated profile, but also the psychological moments, and even love for animals.

For the management of the company, it is important not only to get approval and a certificate from the outside in order to get direct access to Europe. They care so much for animals that they themselves require certificates from suppliers of meat and other ingredients, selecting the most immaculate people with the best raw materials. Each received batch of goods is once again checked for quality.

The main thing is inside

Все ингредиенты проходят предварительную проверку по отдельности, поскольку любая мелочь может сыграть роль в формировании цвета, твердости и плотности гранул. Если все в порядке, компоненты проходят необходимую обработку и попадают в экструдер. Этот агрегат – залог целостности гранул и равномерного распыления в них всех необходимых для жизни составляющих.

В составе Пронатюр вы не найдете ни одного вредного вещества или потенциально опасного красителя или консерванта. No component can undermine the health of your beloved dog.

  • top-grade dehydrated lamb meat - provides the body with animal fats, preventing weight gain,
  • flax seeds - fatty acids in their composition strengthen the immune system and prolong life,
  • rosemary - stimulates or normalizes the work of digestion,
  • spinach - does not allow problems with the heart and vessels to form,
  • cranberries, apples and carrots supply all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Important! In different packages, prebiotics may be additionally contained to improve the microflora, lecithin, if there are skin problems, and glucosamine, if there are deviations in the work of the joints and the cartilage system. Orientation when choosing is easy - in the upper corner of the package is placed the corresponding icon, indicating the presence of a particular medical supplement.

Two main areas:

  1. Pronature Original is a classic feed of the first years of release, beloved by many owners who, by virtue of the habit of true reactionaries, still do not want to switch to other types. The line is divided into two subspecies - classic and deluxe, in the latter there is no soy, corn and wheat.
  2. Pronature holistic - new generation dog food. Holistic - feed, created by a carefully calculated formula, based on studies of zoologists. They believe that the dog is a predator, which does not need to eat scraps from the human table, as the human diet spoils the dog's stomach in a matter of weeks. The composition of the holistic contains everything that a dog could find in nature - 60 or 70% of meat and the remaining 40 or 30% - vegetables, components of medical herbs, etc.

Composition of holists from Pronatures:

  • meat of lamb, chicken, turkey, duck and fish, and no pork or beef, since the first is the personification of cholesterol, and the second is a powerful peddler of allergens,
  • fresh fruits and vegetables to provide vitamins and minerals necessary for the normal development,
  • herbs and spices - extracts with homeopathic ingredients,
  • natural preservatives.

Interesting numerology: according to the age and some physiological characteristics of dogs, the food is divided into several other options and numbered, so that animal owners find it easier to navigate.

Pronature 21

This food is intended for adults, large dogs, approaching the period of aging, during this period they lose their former activity, and their metabolism is rearranged. The formula takes into account these features, and therefore the composition of a smaller amount of fat and protein, which prevents the development of obesity. To maintain the tone of the muscular system derived a special balance of vitamin and minerals.

Pronature 28

Joy for puppies, balanced food, taking into account the needs of babies who are not suitable adult diet. The composition is constantly changing, the main thing - to remember the number 28 and read the list of components on the back.

In addition to dry food, the company also developed a series of canned food. It is believed that food from iron cans is identical to our stew, and it is easier and better absorbed by the stomach than food "dry ryuhmyatku."

They are also divided into re-class and holistic, identical in composition to the dry versions, but they are much more expensive because their production is more expensive. However, if the owners have the financial opportunity to purchase canned food, veterinarians recommend to prefer them to dry food. But they assure that dry food does not bring the slightest harm to health, if you give dogs enough water.

Product Description

The line of Pronatur includes the wide range. There is food for puppies of various breeds. You can buy a universal food, in which there is no wheat with corn. There is a product based on lamb meat.

Dry dog ​​food. Pronature is a premium product group. Its composition contains only high-quality, natural ingredients. Among the main components should be distinguished berry mixture, vegetables and herbal solutions. Pronature dry food does not contain soy, artificial additives and preservatives.

For dogs with different preferences, there are several types of diet. The products of the Pronature brand are suitable both for older dogs and for those pets that are not characterized by high activity. In this case, should choose a dry food, which does not have a high calorie content.

Flaxseed, which includes feed, provides the body with fatty acids, prolonging the life of a pet and strengthening the immune system. Rosemary helps to improve digestion and liver cleansing. Spinach helps strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Above, not all of the ingredients described by the Pronature dry food have been described. But these components are enough for the products to become not only tasty, but also useful.

Packing Features

Packaging Pronature has a special, unique marking with graphic signs. It helps to easily navigate the products of this brand. Symbols refer to components that include dry food. These ingredients are intended for a specific application.

For example, some products contain prebiotics. With this component you can keep the microflora healthy. There is such an element as glucosamine. It helps to improve the health of cartilage and joints. Includes dry food Pronature and lecithin to help improve the condition of the skin. The coat becomes silky.

The picture, which depicts cranberries, says that food helps prevent the development of infections. With the help of regular use of such products brand Pronature will be able to increase the immune system. The video discusses in more detail the packaging of feed for your favorite pets from a Canadian manufacturer.

Pronature Original

Original is a healthy, well-balanced and tasty dog ​​food. Produced products with great care over a long period. There is nothing strange in the fact that she was able to win high popularity among the owners of four-legged friends.

To fully meet all the needs of pets, manufacturers decided to divide the line into two types of rations - classic and deluxe, in which there are no products such as corn, wheat and soy. Using these feeds, you can achieve optimal growth and development of the dog.

Pronature Original dry food does not include artificial colors and amplifiers. This is a significant plus of this product.

Holistic for pet

Holature’s profile is based on vegetables, fruits, vitamins and minerals. We can safely say that this dry dog ​​food is a healthy and healthy food. In their work, manufacturers of products Pronature Holistic were guided by the fact that the four-legged friend deserves only the best. Therefore, the food for them was created high-quality and fresh.

According to expert reviews, Pronature Holistic has a number of significant advantages:

  1. Meat is the main ingredient in the Holistic product line. It can be chicken, fish, turkey and duck.
  2. The presence of fresh and natural fruits with vegetables helps to provide the dog with the required number of nutrients. A significant role in this is played by spices and healing herbs.
  3. Dry food Pronature Holistic perfectly assimilated. This is facilitated by the absence in the composition of offal, soybeans, wheat and corn.
  4. Holistic has natural preservatives. Due to this, the freshness of the feed with the nutritional value of the components is maintained for a longer period.

Popular varieties of feed line

  1. Pronature 21. Products of this brand are suitable for adult dogs characterized by low activity. Suitable for older pets. Differs in a reduced concentration of proteins and fats. Due to this, it is possible to reduce weight. Regardless, in the dog food there are all the necessary vitamins with minerals at the proper level.
  2. Pronature 22. Products suitable for adult dogs, regardless of breed. Based on lamb meat and rice. This food is recommended for animals that have sensitive digestion. Will benefit and those pets, who often manifest allergic reactions.
  3. Pronature 26. Products are made mainly for adult animals. There is a composition for young dogs. For each breed you can find your diet. At the present stage, this product is one of the most popular. The main component is chicken meat.
  4. Pronature 28. This product is suitable for puppies. There are different variations of the diet, which are suitable for different pets depending on the breed and size. It has a balanced composition.