Canadian Sphynx: breed history, character features, care


Sphynx is a unique breed. These hairless cats are the favorites of fashion and art figures, as well as supporters of spiritual practices and simply creative personalities. The mystical properties of sphinxes attributed to the exotic appearance and unusual nature.

According to the legend, the first sphinx breeds sacrificed their fur to warm the hosts - the gods. In fact, their appearance, these animals are genetics. Peculiarities of the skin and the absence of hair in these cats are due to nature. However, despite this, the habits of these amazing creatures, their particular manner of looking into a person directly in the eyes of an uninitiated observer seem to be a manifestation of animal magnetism.

Sphinx: breed description, history

Bald cats met in ancient times. Several cave paintings and legends say that the representatives of this breed have found shelter even in the great Aztecs. It is possible that at one time Mexican hairless cats became the heroes of the myths, the breed of which, unfortunately, disappeared in the last century, but managed to make a splash at American trade shows.

Mexican brothers, judging by the photos, differed from the modern sphinxes more elongated body, mustache and a large wedge-shaped head. However, in the cold season, these creatures on the tail and back grew thick wool. The skin of the representatives of this breed in its structure is very similar to the human. The main difference from other cats is that bald creatures sweat all over. Their sweat leaves a brownish tinge on the skin, and also has a characteristic odor that cannot be called unpleasant.

Don Sphynx

The Don Sphynx breed differs from other breeds with its slender, tall and thin legs. They are also distinguished by graceful oval legs and long, almost like a human, fingers. Representatives of this breed are extremely affectionate, easy to care, omnivorous animals. They are not afraid of the cold, hot to the touch, but despite this, they sleep under a blanket.

The Don Sphynx, whose breed features in such long fingers, which are located on the front paws, and the ability to use them, is extremely affectionate towards people. However, in relation to other animals, especially cats, can be more selective.

Petersburg Sphynx, or Peterbald

Cats Petersburg sphinxes, or peterbalds are medium size, graceful and elegant animals, muscular and slender. The body is extremely flexible and stretched. What does the Petersburg sphinx look like? What kind of appearance should these exotic animals have? The breed standard dictates them the presence of a long and slender neck, as well as a very long whip-like tail. Their chest and shoulders should be no wider than their hips. These animals - owners of long and slender limbs and oval graceful paws, on which are located long fingers.

Sphinx Peterbald - the owner of a wedge-shaped head. The wedge starts from the nose, and then expands with straight lines towards the ears. These cats have a slightly convex profile line. Flat forehead and long straight nose. The muzzle of these animals is quite narrow. It has a well-pronounced chin in a vertical plane with the tip of the nose.

Representatives of this breed have almond-shaped, slightly oblique eyes. Usually their color is blue or intense green. Sphynx kittens - owners of very large pointed ears, wide at the base, set to continue the line of the wedge. These animals have mobile and tender skin. She can be completely naked, and covered with a light down. Sphinx distinguish abundant folds in the head, less - on the body. Young members of this breed may have residual coat on the tail, limbs and muzzle, which disappears completely by two years. All colors of these amazing animals are recognized.

Sphynx intelligence: able or these cats to execute commands?

All sphinx breeds are fairly easy to learn and very smart. Their memory, character, and also the feeling of the simplest logic are somewhat similar to the dog. After several trainings, the Sphynx cat will learn how to perform tricks, bring small objects in his teeth to the owner, open windows, doors and even the lid of the washing machine. These animals are easy to train. Sphynx kittens are able to remember their name from the first time. In addition, while walking on a leash animals do not experience any discomfort.

All sphinx breeds have long fingers with well developed claws. They are extremely sensitive and mobile. That is why these animals are able to carry objects and manage them. These amazing creatures are by nature very sociable and curious. This allows them to socialize easily. Sphinx, the nature and habits of which will bring pleasure and joy to the owners, will become a desired inhabitant of any home. In an effort to be the center of attention, this animal can go everywhere, follow the owner, or even watch TV.

Socialization of representatives of the sphinx breed: with whom does a naked cat get along?

The Sphynx cat is an extremely sociable creature that is not at all afraid of other large animals, including dogs. Because of the decorative appearance, he has absolutely no hunting instincts. However, this minus is easily compensated by the high ability for adaptability and socialization. Any breed of sphinx quickly and successfully understand the hobbies and habits of their owners. This will be the basis for building further relations and a common style of communication. Representatives of this breed are well developed mimic features, as well as the ability to change the intonation and voice timbre.

These animals intuitively understand that they cannot survive without man. Sphynxes are deprived not only of a warm fur coat, but also of a mustache, which in ordinary fluffy creatures are a radar for the full life of a breadwinner and a hunter. Remember that all sphinx breeds are domestic. If such a cat for any reason is on the street, then it will simply die on the first day of sudden freedom.

Sphinxes are demanding in terms of communication, but at the same time they highly value the authority of the host. They love when they pay the maximum possible attention. For example, when playing with them, talking or taking pictures. Representatives of this breed just get along great with both very young and older children. These playful animals will fully share the care and interests of the kids. In addition, the durable and elastic skin of these amazing creatures does not have bright painful points, which allows them to calmly relate to random rudeness during a game activity.

The nature of hairless cats: features and preferences

Representatives of this breed are owners of a flexible and soft nature. These creatures are very loving and devoted to their owners. The temperament of the Sphinx is mobile, but equal. It is very hard to make this animal nervous or angry. Representatives of this bare breed are very affectionate and kind. They are not at all inclined to display aggression - this feature was rejected during fine selection. Bald cats rarely scratch (only in the game and very gently) and do not bite. Representatives of this breed do not know what revenge and harm are. They do not have the habit of resenting owners even after punishment. Loneliness is most difficult for bald cats, as they are very demanding to communicate and sociable.

Training sphinxes: how to express dissatisfaction?

All Sphynx breeds are easy to educate and have a great memory. Unlike their fellows, they are not vindictive, they never get offended, and they themselves always seek to make peace. Representatives of this breed remarkably understand words of discontent such as “It’s impossible!”, However, they react extremely badly to rudeness and aggression in any of its manifestations. As a rule, they are just scared, stop understanding the essence of what is happening and in the future will repeat their mistake again.

In no case can not poke their muzzle in the newly created puddle and the more beat. All sphinx breeds have an extremely gentle psyche. In a stressful situation or during punishment, this creature will not only be offended, but will also receive trauma, which will be difficult to correct.

How to express your dissatisfaction with the behavior of the animal? First of all, it is necessary to remember that in no case should representatives of this breed be punished. You can express your displeasure and masterful anger at the time of the crime, using a soft but rather strict tone of voice. Believe me, the animal will immediately realize that it has done something wrong.

If a bald creature went to the toilet where it is not supposed to do so, immediately spray it with water. The fall of noisy objects, for example, a large bunch of keys, on the floor or clapping and other sound effects, is equally effective.

If a representative of the Sphynx breed spoiled your curtains or wallpaper, then you should purchase more toys, as well as a special gym area designed for moving cats. It must be remembered that sphinxes are great lovers of home and garden plants. In order for bald creatures not to spoil your flowers, rubber plants and flower beds, plant special grass in a long rectangular pot.

Remember that the key aspect of raising a Sphynx representative is communication with your pet. Play with him as often as you can, speak out loud. The unusual manner of these animals to look directly into the eyes of its owner will be able to position the owner to deep long monologues.

Walking and exercise for hairless cats

Representatives of the Sphynx breed are not created for life outside the home, therefore these animals do not need regular walks. However, sunbathing and fresh air are sometimes needed by these bald creatures. If you have the desire, you can take your pet for a walk on the soft green grass in sunny and warm, but not hot weather. One or two walks per month will suffice.

Representatives of this breed love to sunbathe. In the summer months in their color becomes more warm tones. It will be useful for Sphynx owners to make sure that a pet is always prepared a soft pillow on the balcony or window sill. Representatives of this breed are not inclined to neglect the opportunity to soak up the sun. However, owners need to make sure that the sunbaths do not last too long. Remember that sphinxes, like people, can burn, after which their skin begins to peel.

What is the best kind of physical activity for sphinxes? Of course, the game! The owners of the representatives of this breed need to pay special attention to their pets, acquire toys, gymnastic equipment and various mazes so that the pet is not sad and finds something to do even in your absence. Sphinxes feel very hot. Their average body temperature is about 39-40 degrees. Kittens of this breed altogether resemble a heating pad. In some cases, their body temperature can reach 42 degrees.

Sphynx care: are there any global differences?

Despite the fact that the representatives of this breed have a rather vulnerable, fragile and at the same time exotic appearance, the care for them is not too different from the care for ordinary cats. Due to the lack of wool, naked pets are more sensitive to drafts and low temperatures. The optimum temperature for them in the room ranges from 20 to 25 degrees. In the cold winter and autumn months it is better to wear a warm suit to your pet. He will definitely like this solution.

Representatives of the Sphynx breed sweat much more than other cats. At the same time, their sweat turns into a brown coating on the skin, which, in turn, has certain protective properties and a specific odor. If this raid over time becomes too much, then, most likely, your pet has a broken metabolism, so you should correctly correct its diet and diet.

Owners need to regularly wipe their pet's skin with a damp sponge. A representative of the Sphynx breed, if desired, can be bathed, but this should occur no more than twice a week. If funds allow, you can purchase a special shampoo or use an ordinary mild soap for children, which has a low level of acidity. After taking a bath, the pet must be thoroughly wiped out and made sure that it does not sit in the draft.

The representatives of this breed in the ears quickly accumulate dark discharge. To get rid of them, you must wipe the ears of your pet as it is contaminated with a cotton swab that is soaked in water. Like many other representatives of domestic cats, the sphinx can not fully grind claws in urban environments. To prevent a pet from scratching itself, you need to carefully trim the tips of the claws by three to four millimeters.

Sphinx and your apartment: where is the danger?

If in the near future you are going to start a sphinx, then you, as the future owner, must be prepared to keep the house in perfect cleanliness. Any items left unattended, be it needles, small beads, threads and buttons, can spur the natural curiosity of a representative of this breed. A pet may want to try an unfamiliar object to taste.

The same rule applies to all the delicacies on your table. No need to indulge your pet's whims. It is better to once again refuse him a tidbit that is not intended for him than to carry a cat to veterinary clinics. In addition, you must be careful with sharp objects, because your pet can easily play with scissors, fork or knife and injure yourself during the game. It is better to determine in advance where your pet will take food. You must purchase three bowls: for natural products, water and dry food.

Representatives of the Sphynx breed - very thermophilic creatures who are not averse to sleeping with their favorite hosts. Do not deny your pet this weakness. For a daytime rest of a bald cat you should buy a small cozy and warm house, which will be equipped with a warm mattress and bedding. Remember that the house must be cleaned every few days. A scraper will be a salvation for your furniture - in this case, your pet will not be interested in wallpaper, furniture, carpets and your personal belongings.

Representatives of the Sphynx breed: what to feed?

The well-being of your pet is directly dependent on proper diet and diet. When organizing the feeding of representatives of the Sphynx breed, the owner of the animal should adhere to the following general rules.

  • To feed a pet from time to time it is necessary in the same place.
  • The pet owner must pay sufficient attention to the choice of bowls for the cat. The best option is a stable, shallow dish, into which food will be applied, and another deeper bowl for water.
  • The diet of a representative of the Sphynx breed must be balanced in terms of the amount of minerals and beneficial microelements.

Scientists have shown that cats react to the shade of their bowl, because it is perceived as a signal that the animal will soon be fed. Therefore, the dishes of the owner must be different in color from the dishes of the pet.

Whatever feeding mode the owner of a bald creature chooses, he must remember that the pet’s diet should include the necessary amount of fats, proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates. Remember that it is better to limit the representative of the sphinx breed in the use of such products as cereals, potatoes, bread and cereals.

Breed history

The history of the Canadian Sphynx breed goes back to ancient times. Also, animals devoid of wool, are found in drawings on astetskikh temples. Unfortunately, to our time the breed of cats from South America has not survived and their appearance can be judged only by the historical chronicle.

Also in the comparatively recent past, and to be more precise in the thirties of the last century, there was a Mexican type of sphinx, which did not reach our time just because it simply stopped to be diluted.

The difference of the Canadian Sphynx from the Mexican is that the second type had an elongated body and a wedge-shaped head. As well as Mexican cats were owners of beautiful long whiskers, which, unfortunately, did not get the current breeds of sphinxes. They could also boast of having a small coat growing on the back and tail.

The history of the Canadian Sphynx began only in the sixties of the last century, in the Canadian city of Ontario. The progenitor is a kitten named Prunt, which was born in an ordinary cat. В отличие от своих братьев и сестер он родился без шерсти и в зрелом возрасте его решили скрестить с матерью, чтобы в итоге получить целое потомство бесшёрстных кошек. Отсюда и пошло разведение уже сформировавшейся породы кошек.

Для этого Прунта скрестили с его потомством, и в результате получилось сразу несколько видов бесшёрстной кошки, которые имели отличия в фенотипе. И вскоре по решению CFA вязка данной породы была остановлена.

In 1975, a bald kitten, nicknamed Epidermis, appeared in the US state of Minnesota. After some time, another hairless kitten was born in the same city, which was subsequently crossed with Epidermis. And it is precisely these cats that became the progenitors of the modern breed of bald cats, distinguished by their perfectly folded and beautiful appearance.

Then they began to pair cats without hair only with the Devon Rex breed, which has all the characteristics of sphinxes. It is also worth noting that the Canadian Sphynx kittens that were born were distinguished by relatively good health and a long enough life.

Character traits

The nature of the Canadian Sphynx is different from other cat breeds, in that these animals perceive their own owner on an equal basis with themselves and depend on it quite strongly. Also, this breed is incredibly curious and trainable. Thanks to these qualities, the cat Sphynx very often flashes in various entertainment and commercials.

These cats completely lack fear when meeting other animals. Their main advantage in comparison with other pets is that they get along very well with small children and such qualities as memorizing evil and jealousy towards their own owner are completely unusual for them. It is recommended to buy a Canadian Sphynx kitten together with a special stand-ladder. Since they just love to climb on various pieces of furniture, overcoming even difficult obstacles. With proper, and most importantly competent education, these cats are able to become true friends for the whole family and are sometimes even compared with dogs.

Also, when comparing what distinguishes the Don Sphynx from the Canadian one, it is worth noting that at first glance the Don Sphynxes do not have such a calm and slightly closed temper, which, of course, adds to the advantages of the second breed.

Appearance of the Canadian Sphynx

A feature of the appearance of the Canadian Sphynx in comparison with an ordinary cat is the absence of wool and the presence of characteristic folds, which make the breed unique. Felinologists when mating strictly comply with all the criteria of this breed, since the slightest deviations from them deduce the cat from the purebred representatives of the breed.

This breed is characterized by soft and smooth lines in the outline of the body. You can see, even some similarity of the Canadian Sphynx with bulldogs, like those and others have a slight curvature of the paws. Ears of the Canadian Sphynx also have differences, due to the very large size and rounded shape. Characteristic folds characteristic of Canadian sphinxes occur throughout the cat's body.

Colors of Sphynx can be both light and dark. The second type of Canadian Sphynx to treat rare individuals and in combination with blue eyes, has an incredibly fascinating look.


To maintain the health of a cat of this breed, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • The cat should be trained to a proper and healthy diet. And it is desirable to avoid very fatty and sweet foods.
  • The cat should be kept exclusively in a warm and cozy room.
  • It is recommended to carry out timely sterilization and castration for those individuals that will not participate in exhibitions and have a certain rejection in the breed.
  • Knitting at representatives of the Canadian Sphynx should be periodic and mandatory. This item is necessary for the hormonal health of the animal.

The question of how many Canadian sphinxes live depends solely on proper maintenance. The average life expectancy is from ten to thirteen years.

Viscous Canadian sphinx

It is not worth to knit independently without certain knowledge and skills. This is due to the presence of hereditary genetic health problems in these animals. Therefore, it is better to entrust this occupation to specialists.

And only a specialized Canadian Sphynx nursery can be the guarantor of the acquisition of a pedigree cat that has the necessary vaccinations and documents.

What are bald cats called and from whom they originated

Sphynxes knowingly carry such a magnificent name - hairless cat breeds are mentioned in ancient documents. The Aztecs, apparently, preferred this breed along with the "naked" domestic dogs.

And what can we say about the Egyptians, who deified this animal and decorated it with images of the walls of temples and ancient writings. It was noting the striking similarity of "bald" cats with Egyptian drawings, the breeders gave the breed the same name.

By the way, back in 1903, the Sphynx brother and sister, Dick and Nellie, were bought from the Aztec tribe and were considered the last representatives of the breed. The owner did not cross the kittens of the same litter, and the exotic gene seemed to disappear forever.

However, already in 1966 in Canada, a “naked” baby named Pruno was born from an ordinary domestic cat. Alas, his offspring did not inherit the unusual appearance of the parent and the breeders began to wait for new manifestations of the breed.

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1975 gave the world Epidermis - “bald” kitten from Minnesota, which became the ancestor Canadian Sphynx.

Another of the most common "branches" of the sphinx - Petersburg breed or peterbald. It originated in Russia, in 1994, when a short-haired Oriental cat was crossed with a Don Sphynx.

Sphinx cat character

Like any other breed, the Sphynx has features of character that are based a lot on its exotic appearance.

  1. "Naked" pet and stretches to the owner - he loves human warmth and affection.
  2. Sphynx is as friendly as it is unusual - often this breed gets along perfectly even with large and formidable dogs.
  3. Feeling endless craving for “hugs”, the Sphinx gladly greets guests, often purring welcome speeches to themselves.
  4. This animal is a real helper in any affairs of the owners. The cat is not offended by your employment - he is happy to take part in the bustle of the home, whether it is a noisy feast or general cleaning.
  5. Sphinxes are royally restrained and polite, capriciously extremely rare.
  6. A cat of this breed will not be nervous when moving over long distances or going to visit.
  7. Sphinx is surprisingly intelligent - he remembers the tray and the scraper just at the click of his fingers.
  8. Despite the innate tact, the pet will suffer from loneliness or lack of attention.

Sphinx food

Perhaps one of the most unusual features of the Sphinx in the excellent appetite. Such a cat does not think about the figure: she loves everything and more. The reason is the increased metabolism due to high body temperature and "baldness".

The ideal diet of Sphynx is 80% of natural products to 20% of feed, or vice versa. However, not every owner can properly balance the natural menu for the cat. To help - ready food.

Elite breeders keep sphinxes on this diet:

  • meat (boiled chicken, raw beef, boiled or raw beef liver) - about 60%,
  • dry food (for example, Hills, James, Eagle Pack) - 20%,
  • milk (ryazhenka, cottage cheese, milk, semolina porridge with milk) - 5%,
  • boiled egg or raw yolk - once a week,
  • treats (depending on individual preferences) - about 1%.

Few dare to get a sphinx kitten. Most of the failed owners of this breed wrongly believed that the sphinx needed "greenhouse" conditions. In fact, the mysterious "naked" cat has many other content features.

    • Sphynxes sweat and exude plaquelike a dark wax. Care rules are simple:
      • wipe the cat with baby wipes or a wet sponge,
      • You can bathe the animal in a baby or any other soft shampoo, acidity pH 5.5,
      • after bathing, wipe the skin dry and do not let into drafts.

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  • If skin secretions are too heavyYou should contact your veterinarian, as this may be the cause of malnutrition, supersaturated fats.
  • In the ears of sphinxes very quickly accumulates black-brown secret. Cleaning is done as it is polluted or on the eve of the exhibition with a cotton swab.
  • Sphinxes love to sunbathe:
    • allow your pet moderate sunbathing, and in a couple of months it will turn into a bright and infinitely beautiful creature,
    • the animal may burn, so accustom it to the sun at noontime, gradually.
  • Sphynx need to harden:
    • physical loads
    • walking in warm weather.

Adults rarely get sick. Picking up the infection, they quickly come to their senses and remain immune to the disease until the end of life.

This breed should be vaccinated at a young age to avoid viral diseases. For kittens, an inactivated vaccine would be ideal.

There are no pathologies during the birth of sphinxes. A nursing mother is usually too “milky,” which can lead to mastitis.

In the litter - 2-5 babies, usually - 3-4. They open their eyes for 3-4 days.

Kittens can bring only one headache - a heavy withdrawal from mother’s milk. During this period, you need to monitor the babies and, at the first sign of diarrhea, contact a veterinarian - “bald” cats quickly lose their strength in any disease.

Today, among the sphinxes there are 3 breeds - "pioneer".

Breed standard

  • slender muscular body
  • rounded croup and chest
  • powerful sides and shoulders,
  • wedge-shaped small head
  • long, strong neck,
  • protruding cheekbones,
  • flat, sometimes slightly bulging forehead, 7-9 folds,
  • wide nose bridge with short nose
  • pronounced chin
  • big oval eyes, set deep, amber color,
  • huge, widely spaced ears with rounded ends, with an “ear muff” at the base,
  • muscular, widely spaced limbs with long fingers,
  • straight, thin and movable tail, sometimes with a tassel,
  • thick naked skin with folds.

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Canadian Sphynx Colors

  • one tone
  • bicolor
  • color-point (siam)
  • turtle,
  • harlequin,
  • van

The nature of the Canadian Sphynx is unpretentious, but the "Canadian" can argue with that. Do not punish the animal, do not even raise your voice - they are very sensitive. Cat Sphynx may refuse to eat in protest, which will lead to diseases.

This kind of domestic cats is not very active, prefers cozy, warm places for recreation.

Despite the touchiness, they easily get along with cats and dogs.

In addition, they have a sharp mind and an excellent memory for the team.

Don Sphynx Colors

  • white,
  • the black,
  • blue,

In the character of the Don Sphynx - unpretentiousness, non-conflict and unflammation.

His psyche is stable, his stamina is increased. It is believed that this breed is devoid of inherent selfishness of cats.

Such a cat may not be suitable for the ever-busy owner: it requires increased attention and affection.

And a little about the secrets.

The story of one of our readers Irina Volodina:

My eyes were especially frustrating, surrounded by large wrinkles plus dark circles and swelling. How to remove wrinkles and bags under the eyes completely? How to cope with swelling and redness? But nothing is so old or young man as his eyes.

But how to rejuvenate them? Plastic surgery? I found out - no less than 5 thousand dollars. Hardware procedures - photorejuvenation, gas-liquid pilling, radio lifting, laser facelift? Slightly more accessible - the course is 1.5-2 thousand dollars. And when to find all this time? Yes, and still expensive. Especially now. Therefore, for myself, I chose another way.

Breed description

Sphynx cats have well-developed muscles, "dressed" in bald delicate skin. The small head is decorated with huge ears - locators and slightly slanting eyes. Body temperature is so hot that many owners sleep with their pets, using them, like the ancient Aztecs, as a “hot water bottle.” Adult "hot water bottles" reach 30 - 40 cm in height and weigh up to 5 kg. Funny and funny cats sphinxes painted in all colors of the rainbow. There are white, black, chocolate, blue, cream, tortoiseshell, purple sphinx cats.

To date, the breeders bred three species of this breed: the Canadian Sphynx, the Don Sphynx and the Peterbald or St. Petersburg Sphynx. All species have external differences.

The bald kitten born in 1966 with the most common woolly pair is considered the founder of the Canadian branch. "Canadians" - medium in size with the most wrinkled skin, covered with soft down, huge ears and large, slightly slanting, eyes.

Donchaans, who declared themselves at the end of the 1980s, are distinguished by their largest size, large, with rounded tips, ears, obliquely set middle eyes, elastic skin with folds on the head, neck, armpits and groin.

“Petersburgers”, which appeared as a result of crossing a sphinx cat with an oriental cat, are the most elegant, with long, thin legs, excessive “suede” skin, large pointed ears, almond-shaped blue or green eyes.

It is wrong to think that all sphinxes are absolutely bald.

Representatives of the Canadian variety are covered with a thin layer of wool, similar to fleecy peach skin. Among the Don and St. Petersburg there are both "clean-shaven" and slightly hairy. Sphinx brash is the owner of a harsh, short, slightly crimped coat. Velor sphinx differs from its counterparts in light velor. Depending on the quality and quantity of "clothing", velours are divided into light, downy and point.

Character sphinx cats

In any home sphinx cat will certainly become the darling of the whole family. It can not be in any other way. After all, these hairless creatures are intelligent, curious, playful, friendly, besides completely devoid of aggressiveness. Pharaonic origin does not allow them to commit even small dirty tricks. Being always in the spotlight is a vital need for cats of a given breed. Behind the beloved master, a bald cat will follow on the heels all day, looking for an opportunity to settle down comfortably on his knees.

It is easy to let children into their feline world, allowing themselves to wrap themselves in diapers - vests, send them on an exciting journey, decorate and paint with colors.

In short, the dream of any small child. Sphinxes will bring a lovely charm to a quiet family atmosphere and will gladly show off in front of the guests. The funny eating of “snacks”, when the sphinx artistically takes the food with his paw and puts it in his mouth, leads the guests into indescribable delight and multiplies the number of fans.

Sphinxes are so strongly attached to people that it is very difficult to tolerate separation. To pet did not suffer from loneliness and did not fall into a feline depression, breeders are advised to get some more domestic animals. “Lysiki” are quite sociable, they will quickly get acquainted and will find a common language, both with the triton and the parrot.

How to care for sphinx

This breed of cats requires daily painstaking care. Nature made sure that the hairless skin does not dry out. Through the pores, brownish waxy grease is constantly emitted, bringing considerable trouble to the owners. Not only is the grease not colorless and can leave marks on clothes and bedding, but it also has a peculiar smell among some Egyptians. In addition, the skin becomes sticky, collects dust and dirt. So that the pet does not change the light color to black, sphinxes need to be thoroughly cleaned every day, not letting through any folds, with a baby wipe once every two weeks, “rinse” in water and weekly to clean the ears with cotton swabs.

Sphynx eyes are not protected by cilia and are susceptible to infection, dust, dirt more often than their fellows with hair. Daily dry “washing” with a napkin or rinsing with warm water, if necessary, the use of antibacterial drops will help to avoid “big-eyed illness”.

Periodic trimming of claws will prevent two misfortunes at once. First, puffs on clothes, curtains. Secondly, clattering on the floor, parquet. Well, the sphinx does not know how to move on tiptoe, and bare claws make sometimes very annoying sounds.

Special care is required for the cat's latrine. In principle, most sphinxes, even as a kitten, easily get used to the tray. From the owners is required to keep the cat's pot clean, which should be changed every day - two. And even several times a day if diarrhea happens. If the sphinx does not promptly clean the tray, it can give an unpleasant "surprise" somewhere in a secluded place.

How many sphinx cats live

Sphynxes have good health and strong immunity. Vaccinations are required to avoid viral illness and other ills. Life expectancy is average for cats and measures 12 to 15 years. With good care, love and caress sphinx can live for many years. Born a barren cat, Bambi lived for 19 years. Record holder - a long-liver is considered to be Gruppa Rex Allen, having reached 30 years.

How much does a sphinx breed

The cost varies depending on the purpose of acquiring a pet. From 5 to 10 thousand rubles can request for a kitten without further breeding rights. The desire to breed breed and participate in exhibitions will cost from 10 to 300 thousand, depending on the age and purity of the line.

Having studied the questions of how to care and maintain, what to feed, after weighing all the pros and cons, you can go to the nursery in search of your miracle - the sphinx.