How to cut york at home: preparation and execution technique


The beauty of miniature York requires careful care. In addition to daily brushing and bath procedures, the dog needs to control the length of the coat. Grooming a Yorkshire terrier is not a whim, but a necessity. Neglected wool reduces the appearance of the appearance to zero, causes the dog inconvenience and even pain.

Where and when to cut york

The puppy's first hairstyle is made by the breeder, the baby's claws are clipped, and a little later the hair on the ears and on the legs. Before selling the kids also dub and put in order the "coat". After moving to a new home, the pet is provided with comparative rest for 10–14 days. While the haircut is postponed, as a grooming, the dog is combed with a comb with long teeth. Considering that miniature dogs are sold at 3 months of age, you have another month to establish a relationship of trust with the baby. From 4 months your pet will need regular hygienic haircuts. For the procedure, you can resort to a number of options:

  • A visit to the grooming salon is the best option for inexperienced owners.

  • Haircut York at home master, who leaves on call - convenient, but this option is the most expensive.

  • Grooming a dog at home with the master will save money, but you will have to either wait for the work to finish or leave the dog with a stranger for several hours.

  • York's haircut at home - you have to spend money on tools and get new skills, but you will be independent of the groomers for the next 14-16 years.

Note!If your dog claims to have a show career and you do not have experience in grooming dogs, it is better to entrust the “guidance of beauty” to the groomer-professional. There is a definite exhibition scheme for York's haircuts, and if the pet does not match her, he may receive an underestimate. Nobody forbids you to learn the art of grooming and use it in the future.

Types and frequency of haircuts

As mentioned earlier, the primary grooming should be done by the breeder - cutting the claws, wool in the groin and ears. By the way, when you buy you have to learn how to cut the ears of York. Your baby's ears will fully rise to 4 months, but with a high probability they will fall off again during the period of tooth change. Your task is to shorten the hair on the puppy's ears, and if necessary, glue the cartilage.

Yorkshire terriers do not tolerate heat or cold due to the lack of undercoat, so the pet will need warm clothes in winter and a short haircut in summer. In spring and autumn, for the sake of diversity, you can cut the dog under a whelp or lion, but this is already attributed to art or “pampering”. “Dog body art” is not recommended for show pets, as there is a risk of wool deterioration. In the classical sense, all types of Yorkshire terrier haircuts should emphasize the proportions of the body and protect the wool. In the price list of any grooming salon you will find the following services:

  • York hygienic haircut- from the name it is clear that the procedure is carried out to facilitate care.

  • York classic haircut- retains the maximum amount of wool on the body, ennobles the face, includes combing, eliminating tangles and excess wool. Be sure to include hygienic haircut, until recently, these species are not separated.

  • Cutting the split ends- regular cosmetic procedure to maintain the perfect smoothness of the coat. The whipped tips of the wool bristle and spoil the overall look. As practice shows, the guard hair on the lower part of the body (which falls to the floor) is cut less often, as it is cut as it grows. The hair on the tail, paws, nape and back is more vulnerable.

Hosts not participating in exhibitions have a greater potential for the transformation of pets. You can make a haircut yourself, choose one of the popular designs or use the Internet to search for a new image. From model haircuts are considered popular:

  • Haircuts for boys- usually performed in a strict style with straight lines, the hair on the face and forehead is left short. If you do not want to trim a bang and tie bows, an option in the form of a small stylish mohawk or dragon hairstyle will do.

  • Haircuts for girls- should emphasize the refinement of the dog, usually involves wearing a bow or rezinochki on the head. There is also a haircut model with a "skirt."

  • York haircut under a puppyor other variants of extraordinary "hairstyles" including braid weaving and dyeing hair.

Preparing for a haircut

For those who are going to cut the pet at home, there is very good advice: to be more careful and methodical. The Yorkshire Terrier is very impressive and can be upset if it hurts him.

If you still decide to get down to business, check out in advance what the york haircuts look like (see photo below), and work out the sequence of movements according to a certain pattern.

Required tools

  • Table. Most importantly, it was where to put the dog, fix the leash, collar. The table should preferably be groomers.
  • Scissors. Ordinary hair salons will do.
  • Hairbrush. The most convenient will be just flat.
  • Hair clipper is very necessary in this difficult matter.
  • Trimmer.
  • Spray bottle or water spray.

Haircut york at home - not an easy task. It is better if you visit the zoosalon a couple of times and watch a workshop with the groomers.

How to train York to cut?

It is necessary to accustom york to a haircut from his very childhood, it is recommended to make a model version not earlier than four months of age. And before that it is worthwhile to give the dog to get used to the tools, to combing, trimming claws, hairs in the ears. Even if you do not want to make a York model haircut, you still need to cut the fur for the convenience of the dog. Remember that it is very important to cut the skirt, the hair in the ears and the fur on the legs.

According to the rules, the haircut is performed once every two months, but this period can be changed if you trim the claws on the paws in time and make sure that the dog is comfortable to run with long hair. Some owners cut their pets every six months. This is not a bad thing if other hygiene measures are observed. After a haircut after a certain time, it is worth making its correction.

Second way

This way of how to cut york at home is a little more difficult to do, so it’s better to use it if you have certain skills in grooming dogs:

  • Be sure to comb, mow the neck and body of the machine from the dog's elbow to the groin, leaving about fifteen to twenty millimeters.
  • Compose the area under the tail, leaving no more than ten millimeters.
  • The gap between the front and rear legs should be trimmed as short as possible, randomly process the hair on the tail.
  • Throat, stomach, square between the front paws cut off, leaving quite a bit of hair.
  • The upper part of the hind legs are clipped under twenty millimeters with scissors, and the bottom of the wool aligned to the level of the floor.
  • Front feet mow with scissors (about twenty millimeters) to "pads".
  • Your pet's head should be round. To maintain this shape, one should shortly shave the ears outside and inside. Be sure to use a pair of scissors and a comb to cut the area above the eyes, across the head from the temples to the back of the head, from the back of the head to the back, from the cheek to the cheek. Leaving a triangle of short hair at the bridge of the nose - it will be convenient for the dog from a hygienic point of view.
  • Pay attention to the chin and jaws of the Yorkshire Terrier, cut them short.

The following describes another way to how to cut york at home qualitatively and quickly.

Option Three

  1. Cut the area around the tail under five to ten millimeters.
  2. On the chest and lower jaw in this case, the wool is not needed.
  3. On the body cut to any length (without fanaticism, as you like).
  4. The tail is cut to an arbitrary length, twenty to thirty centimeters.
  5. On the back and front paws, the hair is cut to the floor, leaving up to five millimeters on the "pads".
  6. The upper part of the ears - up to five millimeters.
  7. If the pet wears bows, the wool from the eyes to the back of the head must be carefully cut: gather in the tail and cut.
  8. Bearded York, too, need to comb, stretch his mustache, and trim his beard.

Be careful, because the animal trusts you, so york haircut at home should not affect the psyche of the dog. Try to make all movements with a typewriter and other tools smooth and consistent, and then your Yorkshire terrier will be the most beautiful.

Required tools:

  1. Scissors of various sizes. For cutting and shaping the sides, tail and paws, straight and curved scissors with fairly long blades are needed. For haircuts around the eyes, ears and fingers, the scissors should be small, with rounded tips. You will also need thinning shears.
  2. The machine for a hairstyle of animals with replaceable knives and nozzles. It is not recommended to use a “human” typewriter, it is intended for a different type of hair and may get stuck in the fur. To cut the face and anal area, use a special narrow knife or, in addition to a typewriter, purchase a trimmer. Many say that the use of plastic attachments degrades the quality and increases the operating time.
  3. Combs of different configurations and with different lengths of teeth, massage brush. The main requirement for combs - they should not be made of plastic so that the wool is not electrified. For the rest, be guided by whether you are comfortable with them.
  4. A rug to lay on the table so that the dog does not slip. Rubber mats are ideal for a car’s trunk or bathroom.
  5. Nail clipper and nail file for claws. Guillotine claws are ideal for small dogs.
  6. Koltunorez.

Wear a cotton T-shirt or a bathrobe for the duration of the haircut. If you work in synthetic clothes, the electrification of wool can not be avoided. Wash the dog before grooming so that the machine doesn’t get clogged, and after grooming, wash it off. It is necessary to cut in the course of the growth of wool.

Standard haircut

This haircut is mandatory for dogs that are exhibited in the ring, so it has strictly defined canons. In addition to home hygiene, trimming is performed with thinning shears. If you have an exhibition dog, it will be correct to cut it yourself between exhibition intervals and entrust the pre-exhibition training to the groomer. At least until such time as you gain enough experience not to doubt the result.

Model haircuts

If the dog does not participate in exhibitions, the choice of hairstyle is almost unlimited. Among the variety of model haircuts, from classic to quite extreme, you will surely find the one that will emphasize the advantages of your pet in the best possible way. Moreover, yorks' wool grows throughout life.

Haircuts "pants" and "flared" are performed as follows: the whole body and part of the tail of York is clipped by a typewriter, the head is clipped by a cap, the muzzle is short. The tip of the tail is made with a brush or a whisk. If the fur on the paws trim the entire length, get panties. To make a "flared" haircut, you need to cut out the upper two thirds additionally.

Hygienic haircut

This is the easiest haircut. It should be carried out regularly, as the hair grows. On average, the gap between them is two weeks. During hygienic haircuts, hair is cut off in the groin, on the upper third of the ears, around the eyes, on the legs between the fingers, in the armpits, on the tail at the site of adhesion to the anus and around it. From the ear canal, wool is pulled out or removed with a trimmer. Claws trimmed or filed.

To achieve appearance "under the puppy," all wool, including the head, is shortened to two to three centimeters.

Imitation of another breed

Particularly successfully able to imitate the Chinese Crested Dog (pictured) or poodle.

For a classic shortened haircut, a standard exhibition haircut is shortened to the desired length and neatly edged. The length of the hair on the face may be different.

Skirt - the classic version for York girls, as opposed to boys' pants and flares. The back and sides are clipped short, leaving the desired length of hair on the belly and tail, from standard to “mini”. The head can be cut short or leave a long bang:

Short summer haircut like the pants. The only difference is that the hair on the paws is also cut to the desired length.

French braid

The body and paws of the dog are trimmed equally short, except for the back, on which a ribbon of wool is left from the neck to the tail. This ribbon can be braided into a few simple braids or weave a French braid. Moreover, it can trail in the direction from the neck to the tail, and from the tail to the neck:

Muzzle haircut

The main difficulty that awaits you during independent work is the design of the face. It is necessary to act extremely carefully and to achieve a rounded silhouette with a coat of the desired length and absolute symmetry. However, after a while, it will not be difficult for you to make your pet's face.

Design ears

After that, using blunt-tip scissors, the ear is edged so as to obtain a clear angle. The remaining wool is combed on both sides of the ear.

The hair from the upper third of the ear is clipped with scissors or a machine on both sides as the hair grows. From the inside of the ear, the hair is clipped in a straight line, and from the outside - in the form of a diamond.

Removed hair from the ear canal. Puppies have their ears trimmed in half and more. This facilitates proper ear placement. Work better on wet wool.

We are sure that now, if you need to make an extraordinary, creative haircut, you will cope with this task. Some of these avant-garde hairstyles were invented just by dog ​​owners and later became widely known.

For new ideas on haircuts you can see beautiful photos of mini yorks.

The essence of the procedure

Hygienic haircut York for this breed is considered the most suitable. Experts recommend carrying out the procedure at least once a month. The periodicity depends on the swiftness of the growth of the hairline and may differ both more and less. The essence of this haircut is the shortest possible removal of wool in the sides and on the back. On the tail, legs and head, the length of the hair is left longer to add volume. Some owners prefer to do on his head a kind of hat with a short bang or collect a tail.

So, what is included in York's hygienic haircut? Integral are the following steps:

  1. Pet combing out.
  2. Washing with a special shampoo to care for the hair of long-haired animals.
  3. Drying with hair dryer.
  4. Vegetation clipping (machine) between the pads on the legs.
  5. Processing machine groin area, the base of the tail and the area around the anus.
  6. Shaving of armpit hair. In this place most often there are mats.
  7. Treatment of the head - removal of hairs from the outside of the ears, pulling out of the vegetation in the ears, cutting off the hair from the nose and around the corners of the eyes.
  8. Trimming, grinding claws.
  9. Processing animal special means for the care of wool. This will give a perfect look and extra shine.
  10. Combing and trimming the edges (as needed).

Grooming Yorkshire terrier has no contraindications. You can make your pet hairstyle any, depending on the preferences of the owner. Most owners choose a very short haircut for a typewriter, and not only in the summer. It is comfortable, beautiful and allows you to avoid the formation of mats. And for pets suffering from skin disease, short trimming is a must.

To entrust your pet's haircut

Haircut Yorkshire Terrier can be performed:

  1. In a specialized salon.
  2. On their own. A photo of a york hygienic haircut at home with a step-by-step guide will be posted below.
  3. A specialist at home.

Consider each method separately.

Salon haircut

Trimming an animal in a grooming studio has several advantages. Mainly, the owner can be sure that he really puts his pet in the hands of professionals. Even if it happens that the master does not have the necessary qualifications or made a mistake, you can always complain to the manager, and the money spent will be returned to the client.

In addition, specialized salons are equipped with everything important for the comfort of the animal and its owner. In studios, as a rule, there are waiting rooms, specialized rooms in which hygienic manipulations and the shearing are performed. Specialists have at hand the most necessary and high-quality tools.

But against the background of these obvious advantages, there is a big disadvantage - the cost of the service. В эту сумму включена арендная плата за помещение, заработок специалиста, расходы на инструменты, материалы и прочее. Соответственно, чем выше класс обслуживания салона, тем дороже будет стоить стрижка. Для одних владельцев собак эта сумма может быть несущественной, но как быть остальным?

Стрижка на дому

You can use the services of a professional at home. The cost of this service is usually lower, since there are no costs for renting the premises. The master comes to your home at a predetermined time. This is definitely convenient! But in this case there is a drawback - it is quite difficult to find a professional. Before entrusting your pet to a stranger, you need to be completely sure that you have a qualified master who has all the necessary permissions. In addition, it is extremely important that he monitors the state of the working tools and promptly disinfects.

Self haircut

Performing a hygienic haircut York at home is undoubtedly the most profitable option. In this case, it turns out to save not only money but also time. This is due to the fact that you do not need to spend it on the road, sitting in a queue and waiting for a specialist. There was a need to get a haircut - they took a typewriter and did it. It's simple! But this is only at first glance.

First, it will take some time to master the subtleties of grooming. It’s almost impossible to do everything right the first time. Secondly, you need to purchase the necessary tools that cost a lot.

Puppy grooming

The first hygienic hairstyle of a puppy York is carried out at three weeks of age - hairs are removed from the ears. This is necessary so that they do not sag afterwards and assume the correct position.

After the sixth week, hair is removed in the groin area. After the fourth month, you can begin to hold regular haircuts. Next, read about how to do a yogurt hygienic at home. The walkthrough consists of several steps.

Phased analysis of the process

Pet grooming is performed as follows:

  1. Trimming always starts from the bottom, namely with the feet. In turn, each limb is taken and with the help of a machine, the fur between the fingers is removed. This should be done carefully, as you can injure the animal.
  2. Ears processing. It is necessary to remove hairs from the outside by one third. To do this, with a comb, the wool is separated from the ears from the rest of the hairs. The edge of the ear is placed on the palm, and the hairs are shaved off (according to the growth of wool) with a millimeter head attachment. The line should be as flat as possible. The hairs in the ears are trimmed with a trimmer or tweezers.
  3. Trimming of hair on the nose and around the eyes. For this purpose scissors with rounded ends are taken. Shorten the hairs still need on the cheeks and chin to get a beautiful contour. Girls-yorkam can leave the "top notes" (tail on top). This is done so - the hairs located in the corners of the eyes, are selected before the beginning of the ear and are collected in the tail.
  4. Treatment of the groin and priests. The dog is placed in a level position, and the fur is carefully shaved from it. To do this you need a machine with a 3-millimeter nozzle. In this area, the hairs grow in different directions, so you should constantly turn the tool and make sure that the blades move against the growth of hair. To thoroughly clean the genital area, you should raise the tail and feet.
  5. Trimming body. Movement is performed from the tail to the neck, against the growth of hair. First, the back and side parts are shaved. After that, at will, you can bare the belly, neck and legs to the middle. The hairs remaining on the paws are shortened with scissors, forming “pants”. Done!

Who and where will carry out a hairstyle favorite Yorick, each owner decides for himself. At first, while the subtleties of grooming are incomprehensible, you can go to the studio. Further hygienic haircut on the photo can be carried out independently, there is nothing difficult.


A distinctive feature and dignity of Yorkshire terriers is their appearance. Properly selected daily care will enable you to fully enjoy the beauty and elegance of this breed. Some york owners prefer to self-groom their pets. Experts still advise to turn to professionals, because only they possess the necessary knowledge and practical skills to handle problem areas.