Step by step instructions: how to teach a cat to the toilet


Many owners are wondering how to teach a cat to the toilet, but do not know how to do it, because he is already an adult and how much time will have to spend on training. In fact, there is an effective way of teaching Murka, which will take no more than 14 days. The main thing is to actually do it at home, without resorting to outside help or buying expensive tools.

Why teach your pet to go to the toilet in the toilet

You will get a lot of advantages - from saving the budget to pride in your pet and demonstration of his abilities to his guests.

1. Savings on tray fillers.

2. Cleanliness in the house: the filler will cease to spread on the paws.

3. The cat smell will disappear from the house. Even if you carefully maintain order at home, a subtle smell of a cat is present. With a new skill, the peculiar smell will completely disappear.

4. You get rid of worries about cleaning the pot.

How to teach a cat to go to the toilet

Before you begin the learning process, you must ensure that the pet needs in the tray without unnecessary "whims". A kitten can be taught after six months. By this time, he reaches the size of an adult animal, can safely keep his balance and impeccably walks in the proper place.

Before you teach a cat to go to the toilet on the toilet, you must teach the cat to go to the tray without filler. Gradually reduce the amount of filler, day after day.

Be patient - not all cats agree to defecate in an empty pot. If he started to shit - return the filler. Based on the advice of experienced breeders, we tell step-by-step steps - how to teach a cat to go to the toilet. If the cat pot is not in the toilet, you must first move it to the toilet. Do not make drastic changes - perhaps the fluffy will resist this, and you do not need crap corners. Every day, move the tray to the toilet for 30 cm. When the pet gets used to the fact that its toilet is near the toilet, begin training.

First of all, gradually set the tray height. Those. build up the "cabinet" on which the pot will now stand. For this fit boards, old magazines or other devices. The main thing is the stability of the structure. Day after day or once in 2 days, increase the height of the “pedestal” under the pot by 3-5 cm.

Your task is to reach the height of the toilet. Important! The design should be stable and non-slip. If the cat falls from it, and it is still covered with a tray with a filler - you can be sure that you are on your way to the failure of the operation! A stable, robust design, which the cat freely climbs, is a priority. Next step: adapt the purr to the sound of the water coming down from the barrel. Do not hold the cat by force when the water is running down. Stand back some distance and, while stroking the cat, calm it down, saying in a calm gentle voice that everything is fine, no one offends it. He wants to run - let him. Spend some time so that she gets used to the sound and understand - there is no danger.

So, the tray with the toilet on the same level. Lift the bezel and partially - half, put the tray on the toilet, half - on the built pedestal. When the cat quietly walks on the tray installed in this way, move it completely to the toilet, remove the pedestal - it is no longer needed. If the cat resists, return the tray to its place. After a time, repeat the manipulation again. If the animal dutifully went down the toilet - encourage, praise, let's treat! Fix the effect this way several times.

If the cat did not want to go to the toilet in the toilet, then you can cut a big hole in the pot - to imitate his presence. And after a time to remove. The goal will be achieved!

There is a special device, sold in pet stores - solves the problem of how to teach a cat to go to the toilet.

It resembles a cat tray, from which the bottom is gradually removed: first a small hole is made, then wider, even wider and completely removed. The stages of training are the same as described above. Remove the tray completely. Now its function will be performed by this simulator. Use a filler - to which the cat is accustomed. When he gets used to the fact that he has a new “tray”, increase the height. Then lift the toilet rim and fasten the simulator. This is done easily - as if it were a nozzle. Gradually remove the bottom in circles that have already been marked by the manufacturer. Still pour filler. With the last, narrowest circle, the cat will learn to stay on the rim, and then you can remove the nozzle-simulator. Woo-la! Your cat is accustomed to the toilet!

With such a simulator, you need to endure some inconvenience: when you or your family members go to meet a need, each time you need to remove the nozzle. But the game is worth the candle.

We offer a video - how to teach a cat to the toilet just using this nozzle.

The benefits of going to the toilet

Before you begin the path of teaching your pet to modern conveniences instead of a tray, you should understand what advantages this animal behavior has:

  • Tray occupies a specific place, and in the conditions of an ordinary apartment, extra square centimeters are not a bad bonus at all.
  • Economic component. The cost of the filler is reduced to zero.
  • The apartment is getting cleaner, there is less chance of manifestation of allergy from the filler, not only in the animal, but also in the household.
  • Time for cleaning the tray, changing the filler, disinfecting the cat litter is significantly reduced. All that is required from the owner of a smart cat is to press a button to drain the water.

In addition to the obvious advantages of teaching a pet to the modern benefits of civilization in the form of a toilet bowl, one should not forget about the owner’s pride in the training of the cat. Many animal lovers will be pleased to boast to friends about their achievements in the issue of raising a pet and get rave reviews from guests.

Tips for beginners

Before you teach a cat to the toilet, it is necessary that the animal perfectly used the tray. The training process should start when the kitten is 5-6 months old. At this age, the psyche of a young animal is very mobile, and all innovations are perceived with less resistance than at an older age.

One of the main conditions for the successful training of a cat to the toilet is a tray without filling. If an animal does its business in any kind of filler, then first of all it is necessary to teach the cat to go to an empty cat toilet.

For this, one should gradually reduce the layer of absorbent in the box until the animal begins to use the tray without filler. This should be done gradually, constantly watching the reaction of the animal.

Not all pets quickly agree to do their business in an empty tray. Genetic prerequisites make animals carefully bury their excrements so that the predator cannot find them by smell, or not scare them away of their potential prey. In this case, the most important thing is not to hurry.

If the pet refuses to go to the empty tray, begins to foul in the wrong place, then you should go back to schooling again.

You should not start the training of small kittens for safety reasons: the baby may fall, be injured and even choke. It is not recommended to teach a pregnant, feeding cat, as well as a sick, weakened animal to any innovations. Such a reception is not suitable for owners who are rarely at home, as well as if there are two or more pets in the apartment.

To learn how to teach a cat to the toilet, see in this video:

Teach to the toilet with improvised means

The process of teaching a pet to a new action for him must first be consistent, persistent and lengthy. You should not expect that in a few days even a clever and intelligent animal will guess what exactly the owner demands from him. Therefore, in how to teach a cat to go to the toilet, the most important thing is patience.

There are several methods approved by breeders for teaching a furry pet to the benefits of civilization. Some techniques require the use of special equipment - nozzles for the toilet. However, it is possible to successfully accustom the cat to the toilet with improvised means.

The stages of the training process that the owner is going to go along with his pet are as follows:

  • The usual tray, in which the cat is used to meeting its needs, should be moved closer to the base of the toilet bowl. This should be done gradually, as some members of the cat family are big conservatives, and the slightest changes in their lives are hostile. For such wayward beauties it is necessary to follow the rule: the tray should be moved towards the toilet no more than 2–3 cm each day. Such a gradual shift of the usual toilet will not cause discontent in a furry pet.

  • In how to teach a cat to go to the toilet, great help will be provided by available tools in the form of dense small boxes, as well as newspapers and magazines. After the tray "moves" to the base of the toilet bowl, and the animal gets used to this position of the toilet, you can begin the next stage of training. His goal is to gradually teach the cat that the toilet will be at its best.

At this stage, you should place a small box or pile of newspapers and magazines under the tray. The main condition of this design is its stability. If the animal feels uncomfortable because of the shakiness of the toilet, it can start to ignore the tray. Therefore, schooling to the height should be gradual, increasing the distance from the floor should be 2 cm every day, until the new location of the tray is equal to the level of the toilet.

  • The most crucial stage in how to accustom the cat to the toilet after the tray comes at a time when the animal has learned to jump into its tray, standing at the toilet. From this point on, the owner’s task is to gradually teach the pet to go to the tray located above the toilet. To do this, remove the plastic parts and cover, because without them the toilet becomes stable. The tray is located directly above the toilet.

The owner should make sure that the cat toilet is installed firmly and securely. At this stage, one should linger a little longer, give the animal several days to adapt to new conditions. Events should not be forced, as excessive persistence in achieving the goal can be perceived by the pet as an infringement of his interests, or cause stress. And in fact, and in another case, this may complicate the learning process.

  • Having accustomed the pet to the fact that in order to fulfill their needs one has to jump on an elevation, the owner should proceed to the final stage - to accustom the cat to go to the toilet as a permanent place for stool. At this stage, the tray is removed completely. To the cat did not find him by smell, ideally, the old cat's toilet is better to clean outside the apartment.

In this crucial period, you should closely monitor the behavior of the pet. If the cat is not surprised by the absence of a tray in the toilet, then without any problems will begin to use it for its intended purpose. The animal should be encouraged, caress. In the event that difficulties arise, and the cat refuses to do things in a new way, you should take a step back and put the tray back on the toilet for several days. After that, try again.

Teach with the help of devices

In the question of how to teach a cat to go to the toilet, special equipment-simulators, for example, Domakot, Unicot, etc., can provide substantial assistance. This plastic products in the form of nozzles on the toilet, in which you can fall asleep filler. At the first stage, the simulator is placed in the same way as a regular tray next to the toilet. After the pet gets used to going to the toilet at a height, the nozzle is fixed to the toilet.

Then gradually begin to cut a hole in the simulator, starting with the smallest. Experienced breeders devote at least 2 weeks to getting used to each hole diameter. For particularly fastidious cats, this period should be increased to 3 weeks. The total time of training a pet to use the toilet using the simulator is from one to several months. The advantage of this design is its convenience and ease of use.

In the case of teaching pets to the toilet, it is necessary to ensure that the door to the toilet is always open, and the cat has free access to the toilet. The toilet lid also does not close.

Many owners of furry pets, after watching various Internet sources or seeing their friends, like cats go to the toilet, decide to teach their cat too. Patience and consistency in this process will allow for some time to get the long-awaited effect.

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Why is the toilet better than the tray?

The tray must be constantly cleaned. And from him all the same will emanate an unpleasant smell.

But the tray requires constant care. It needs to be washed and not always smells disappear completely. Many owners of fluffy pets are visited with the idea of ​​teaching a cat to walk on a toilet. Is it possible to break the instincts and habits of proud and self-sufficient natures?

The initial stage of training cats to the toilet

Cat and toilet - things are incompatible in nature. But, read below how to fix it.

First of all, you need to understand that an animal by its nature has no idea what a toilet bowl is..And for a start, it is necessary to introduce her with an unknown and terrible subject for her.

First you need to make a habit of leaving the door to the toilet open. During nightly excursions around the apartment, the cat will look into an unknown room out of curiosity. This tip is relevant if the tray is not in the toilet.

Teaching to the noise of the toilet

Starting to school should be getting used to the sound of the toilet.

Cats react fearfully to new sounds. The noise of the barrel can scare your pet. And you should get used to it too. For this you can use two different approaches:

  1. Put the cat in your arms and sit on the toilet. In the hands of a loving owner, it will not be so scary. At this point, you can flush the water periodically.
  2. The second method involves familiarity with the water in the bath. If you open the tap and leave, the cat will certainly come close to the water without feeling danger. Then this trick can be done with the toilet.

When the fears of water are overcome, you can proceed to the next equally important preparatory stages.

Box system

Filler from the cat tray moved to the toilet

The tray should slowly move to the toilet. In this case, we must not forget about the open door! The animal must at any time freely fall into the toilet.

When a cat gets used to the fact that its tray has a new place you can go to the training system.

Every few days the tray should become higher. This is achieved through coasters. You can use newspapers, boxes and anything else. The main thing that the design was sustainable. Do not do too high coasters at once. This will scare the cat. They must grow slowly and imperceptibly.

The cat will go to the tray and it will need to be higher and higher.

If a fluffy student will notice the difference in height every day, she may be frightened or just stubborn.

All cats and cats are different, someone will need more time. Some of them refuse to toilet at all.

Each cat has its own character. This can be seen on the example of your pet. For one cat, two weeks will be enough, and she will get used to jumping on a high tray, which is flush with the toilet. The other will walk in circles and be afraid. Then you need to let forget about the changes and take a break for a long time. When the cat calms down attempts can be resumed.

Down with filler

We remove the filler from the toilet completely.

It is not enough to introduce the cat to the toilet. It is important to make her understand that the filler is not needed at all. According to the same scheme, it is necessary to gradually reduce the amount of filler in the tray, which stands on a level with the toilet.

This should be done carefully. Haste is the enemy! Under an ideal set of circumstances, the cat will get used to meeting its need in an almost empty tray.

Using the old method, which is a parable among cat lovers, the next step involves rearranging the tray onto the toilet itself. Then the mustache tail will have to jump on the toilet, that is, in the tray, which is carefully fixed on the toilet. It is easy to guess that this is very inconvenient and troublesome. Progress affects all spheres of life and the pet industry as well.

Circle shape

Circle toilet bowl cover

The first fixture is tank with grooves in the shape of a circle . The nozzle needs to be installed on the toilet. To attract a cat, you can still use a few grains of filler. When the animal learns a new place, the first hole is cut in the center of the nozzle.

Комбинация предусматривает осознание кошки, что в центр наступать нельзя. Производитель предусмотрел три уровня и три паза, которые предстоит вырезать. В итоге пушистый друг научится балансировать и удерживаться лапками за края сиденья и не трогать центр. Он нужен для нужды.

It is necessary to increase the size of the hole carefully! And you should also follow the cat and its mood especially carefully. You can not blame your pet for blunders, it completely discourage the desire to learn!

Advanced model

Advanced reusable system for teaching a cat to the toilet

The second design is similar to the first, but it can be called an improved model. The first advantage is versatility and reusable use.. The device will be able to go into the hands of friends who want to make the hard way with their pet.

The second convenience is that you do not need to cut holes. The nozzle consists of several levels. Each of them puts on the toilet as the cat gets used. The hole is becoming wider each time.

How long will it take for toilet training?

Not all cats will immediately understand what they want from them!

Patience and affection from the owners are able to work wonders. It will take a lot of time to teach a cat to the toilet. Someone more, someone less.

However, there are cases that did not succeed at all. To this should be prepared. There are representatives of the family who do not perceive changes. You can try for a long time, but the capricious cat will not get used. The cat may even begin to spoil in the wrong places in protest. In this case, you have to accept and not insist. Habits of the proud must be respected. .

Many will exclaim: Why? After all, the kitten gets used to go to the tray. Yes, it gets used, but this instinct is laid by nature. Alas, not everyone is able to master the toilet. But you should definitely try!

Video about how a trained cat goes to the toilet on the toilet, and still washes away after itself!

Teaching a cat to the toilet can be an interesting and exciting experiment. Especially for loving and not burdened owners. Be sure to decide, because a cat that will cope with their needs with a human approach will become a real pride and subject of admiring discussion for many years. A sly tail likes when it is interested and discussed. Many people noticed how they peeking around the corner during family conversations in the kitchen.

Skill benefits

Teaching a cat to the toilet will save a lot of trouble

Having taught your pet to use the toilet, you will get several advantages at once:

  1. First of all, it saves time and finances. In the future, you will not have the need to wash and dry the tray, as well as go to the pet store for filler.
  2. Savings can be directed to the purchase of vitamin complexes for a cat or to please him with a treat.
  3. In the room where the tray was located, it will be much easier to maintain cleanliness.
  4. If you need to leave the house for a long time, it will be easier to find among friends who want to look after the animals. After all, many refuse to such a request only because of the need to clean up the seal.
  5. Learning can be seen as pet intelligence training.

Important! Flavored fillers often cause allergic reactions, when the need for them disappears, this problem disappears.

How to teach a cat or a cat to go to the toilet after the tray

Step-by-step scheme of the schooling process

The process is carried out in several stages. At the first stage it is necessary to do the following manipulations:

  1. Gradually move the tray from the place where it was located, towards the toilet. Watch the cat, it should not feel discomfort from what is happening.
  2. If the animal is worried, do not move the tray too fast every day. Take a break for 2-3 days so that the cat has time to get used to the new location.
  3. To motivate a pet, you can give him treats for each step and praise him.
  4. When the tray is near the toilet, and the animal will use it for its intended purpose, you can proceed to the next step.

Important! You can not scold the pet if he refuses to use the moving tray.

At the second stage, the following actions should be taken:

  1. Cat toilet should be raised to the level of the toilet. For this you can use old magazines and newspapers.
  2. Place them under the tray and raise the container daily by 1 cm.
  3. Do not completely close the door.
  4. Watch the tray for stability so that it does not loosen.
  5. The duration of this stage is approximately ten days. When the tray is at the same height with the toilet, leave it in this position for two days. The cat should familiarize himself with the toilet and make sure that the seat is firmly fixed.

Now you can proceed to the final stage of training:

  1. Start moving the tray to the seat. But this should be done gradually. First place the fourth part of the tray on the toilet seat, then half and finally the entire container.
  2. Then, using tape to attach the cat box to the toilet.
  3. If the pet already does without fillers, he is ready to abandon the tray. Remove the container and newspapers that were used as a stand. Prepare a wide plastic strip.
  4. Lift the seat and attach it around the edges of the toilet in the transverse direction with adhesive tape. If possible, make the strip bend a little.
  5. Lower the seat, leave the cover in the open position. When the cat jumps on the toilet, it will detect the disappearance of the tray, but the presence of a plastic strip will allow it to sit on the toilet seat.
  6. When your pet will feel confident on the toilet with a strip, you need to gradually get rid of it. In the central part of the plastic, cut a hole 5–7 cm in diameter. Put a little filler or sand around it. But do not close the hole itself.
  7. In the future, gradually increase its width.

On the 20-21st day of training, the cat gets used to the toilet. If he confidently uses the toilet seat, remove the strip.

An alternative method in case of failure in learning

The alternative is to teach the tray inside the toilet, gradually removing its edges.

If the pet refuses to accept the toilet as its toilet, use alternative methods. For example:

  1. Return the tray to the toilet seat and cut the small hole in the center. Then increase its width daily. When only the bumpers remain from the tray, remove them from the toilet bowl.
  2. The following method is performed using the toilet seat. Attach it to the tray with adhesive tape or glue and proceed according to the standard procedure described above. If you have an old seat left, it is ideal for this purpose.

Precautionary measures

  1. When the cat is already confidently using the toilet, provide him free access to the toilet. Always leave the door ajar.
  2. Wipe the seat every time your pet uses the toilet.
  3. Keep the toilet lid open.
  4. Discard the tray or hide it in a place inaccessible to the cat so that it does not have the temptation to return to the old toilet.

The duration of the learning process depends on the nature of the cat and its ingenuity. This may take about two months. Be patient. If the cat begins to resist, suspend learning so that it gets used to change.