How to wean a cat to bite and scratch?


Cat - one of the most common and beloved pets. Cute, fluffy and good-natured predator brings comfort to any housing. However, the predator is always a predator. And often the owners have an important question - how to wean the cat bite. Indeed, in soft, tender paws claws are hidden, the sharpness comparable to a surgical scalpel. One sharp blow - and a deep, painful scratch appears on the arm. This is unpleasant even for adults, and for children it can be a serious danger.

But before you figure out how to wean a cat that bites from excessive aggression, you should try to understand why she does it.

Why does the cat bite?

Of course, it may seem to someone that the easiest way to stop a cat from scratching and biting is to scream and beat for any offense. Alas, in most cases this does not work. The cat becomes more fearful, does not approach the owner, begins to avoid meeting people. Or, on the contrary, suppressed aggression breaks out from time to time - the pet suddenly rushes at the owners and their guests, causing several deep scratches, and then hiding in a hard-to-reach place, for example, behind a sofa or under a bed.

Therefore, it is very important to understand why the cat bites, what causes the aggression in it. The most common reasons are several.:

  • Fear of changing the situation.
  • Excess physical strength.
  • Lack of own corner.
  • Unpleasant irritants.

Consider each of the points in more detail.

A change of scenery

Having brought a kitten or an adult cat to a new room or to a familiar apartment after repair, it is not surprising that he is experiencing stress. The cat bites and rushes, breaks out and tries to hide. There is no need to try to disaccustom him from aggression - over time he will calm down, he will get used to it and the problem will be solved by itself. Of course, this is the easiest case.

Excess physical strength

Slightly more complicated option. It occurs only when one cat or a cat lives in the apartment. The reason is that he lacks movements, games, jumps and running, so the cat becomes irritable, throws itself at the owners and children, bites much. Buy him some special toys and a scraper. He will send all the strength and anger to them, and the owner will love - his behavior will change dramatically in a matter of days.

Lack of own space

In nature, cats usually live alone (lion prides are an exception to the rule). Therefore, a small domestic predator needs a place where he can quietly hide and sit. Many people like to rest under the bed, in a dark closet, a small, cramped box. Here they can relax, hide from external hardships, take a break and come back to their owners in a beautiful mood.

If there is no such place, then constant fatigue from a society of people can result in aggression - the cat bites and wean it from it can be very difficult. Most often this occurs in families with spoiled children - they do not give the cat peace, pulling it from everywhere, and provoking them to aggression.


This is another fairly common reason why a cat bites. Remember, did you change shortly before the cat began to bite, shampoo, liquid soap, detergent or perfume? The smell may well be unpleasant to your pet. For example, if your hands smell like citrus after washing dishes, and the cat bites when you try to stroke it - just change the detergent to another, with a more neutral and pleasant smell. There is simply no other way to stop scratching and biting.

Improper upbringing

All of the above causes of aggression are easily eliminated. To wean the cat, it is enough to eliminate the reason for which it bites the hands. Much worse, if the problem lies in the education - this is the most difficult case, so we put it in a separate category. For clarity, we outline the situation.

New owners have just purchased a small, fluffy and cute kitten. Playing with him is a great pleasure.. His attempts to bite and scratch the hands of the owner will make the latter laugh more - the sharp, but weak teeth do not cause much harm, since they cannot bite through the skin.

But time passes. The habit of floating claws and teeth while playing with the owner is fixed - this is already part of the behavior. Here are just a year-old cat with the sharpest claws and teeth that can easily cause serious injury to a person. It is at this moment that the owner begins to worry - no one likes to get deep scratches. Moreover, the habits acquired during the game with an adult, the cat transfers to the children. He bites hard and can do great harm.

This problem is not solved as easily as described above. Here we need more serious measures. we will consider them now.

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Who are we treating?

The presence of a cat or a cat in the house today will not surprise anyone. At the same time, cats are known for their cool temper, and unlucky pet owners often have a question - how to wean your cat to rush and throw at home, bite and scratch? You can perform a larger number of techniques yourself, however, running cases will require expert advice or even enrollment for appropriate courses.

Why does a cat or cat bite and scratch?

A cat can bite and throw at people due to the fact that he has something sore. Perhaps a visit to the vet will help identify the cause of the aggression. Fright can be another reason for such unpleasant behavior. The presence of another animal in the house will also contribute to the manifestation of the inadequate state of the pet.

A kitten can bite due to the fact that he has milk teeth and root molars. Do not give in to the feeling of pity and do not allow him to bite your hands during this period, otherwise in the future it will be very difficult to wean him from this habit. If a cat nibbles wires, clothes, shoes, household appliances, it either lacks vitamins, or it tries to attract attention. To disaccustom a pet from such a bad habit, try to smear things that fall prey to feline teeth, sharply smelling means. Cats do not tolerate the smell of citrus, eucalyptus, warming balms. Artificial bones for dogs can be bought at a pet store, but cats usually do not respond well to an attempt to replace an object of interest, pretending they don’t understand what they want from them.

How to wean biting and scratching?

Weaning a cat to bite and scratch can be done with the help of the most popular and common method in training - the strictly pronounced word “not” when trying to try a master's hand or foot for a tooth. In this case, you can gently poddat pet on the back of the torso. The pet must remember the strict intonation of the pronounced prohibition and continue not to bite.

A similar way to wean a kitten from a bad habit is to immediately stop playing other types of communication with it after being bitten or scratched. Sooner or later, the pet must understand what he is doing wrong. Also, with the help of a loud exclamation, let's understand the kitten that it crosses the line of what is permitted as soon as it bites or scratches painfully. Try to predict the moment when the pet is going to bite or scratch you, and put on a glove at this moment, and even better, if you tease the animal, throwing the protective agent away.

If the cat lies on its back and puts you in its belly, do not fall for this supposedly friendly gesture - the pet will grab your hand with all four paws and bites.

Moreover, he can do a similar trick with strangers who are unaware of this particular behavior of the cat. Therefore, as soon as the cat lies on his back and invites you to stroke his stomach, do not pay attention to him.

As other means by which you can wean the cat to bite, veterinarians and animal lovers advise spraying with water. You can blow your nose during a bite. Another effective way to pacify the obstinate animal is to show who is the leader in the house. To do this, after a bite or scratch, take a cat or a kitten by the collar and, looking intently into his eyes, gently touch his face with his fingers, as if imitating a cat fight using paws. It is necessary to wait for the moment when the cat will lead away the eyes, otherwise it will still consider itself the main thing in the house.

If the cat continues to bite and scratch, try a light massage of the gums with a finger. Another way to show the cat that his behavior does not suit the owners is to pull him by the tongue. Cats do not like touching their mouths, and, having experienced discomfort, he should correctly regard the sequence of actions that led to the punishment.

If nothing helps

If these methods do not help, and the bad habits of a cat do not allow peacefully coexist under the same roof, you will have to solve the problem in more radical ways. Castration or sterilization can help depending on the sex of the pet. This should reduce the level of aggression. If this did not help, and the cat seriously threatens the health of people in the same room with him, you will have to resort to claw removal on the front paws. However, this should be done only as a last resort, since if the animal is on the street, it can neither protect nor feed itself.

Causes of Bites and Scratches

Before taking any measures to wean the pet from bad manners, the owner should understand the causes of this phenomenon. Experts in the field of zoopsychology identify the following factors and causes of inadequate fluffy tyrant behavior:

  • A game. Kids scratch and bite because of the unformed rules of behavior in society. While playing, young animals go too far, causing the households trouble in the form of scratches and bites, a sudden attack.

Lack of education, lack of socialization can lead to the fact that a fluffy aggressor grows out of a cute and spoiled kitten, causing inconvenience to all family members.

  • Veterinarians note that the reason why the cat is angry and bites is often pain syndrome. Such a factor should first be considered if the pet has not previously been seen in inappropriate behavior. While experiencing pain, animals do not realize that their owner has nothing to do with suffering, and project their negative onto the nearest object. In this case, pain can be a consequence of trauma, and in diseases of internal organs. To confirm the guess will help the veterinary specialist.
  • Accidental injury. Often, pets are spinning under their feet, especially in the kitchen, waiting for a delicacy. The owner may accidentally step on the foot or on the tail of his pet. Of course, the response of the offended animal will be the bite of a beloved owner, for example, a leg. Sometimes an awkward movement, when the household takes a pet in its hands, can lead to injury, pain, and the cat, showing its displeasure, will scratch or bite the clumsy owner.
  • Before weaning a cat to bite and scratch, you need to know that if this phenomenon is observed in a young animal between the ages of 3 and 8 months, then the cause is most often tooth change. During this period, the animal is worried about itching, discomfort from teething, and the baby bites everything, including the hands of the beloved owner.

  • Fear. Domestic animals also experience this ancient instinct of self-preservation. Anything can frighten a fluffy homebody: the sound of a vacuum cleaner, neighbour's children, a new thing in the apartment. Often, aggression on the basis of fear affects small kittens, which are early taken away from the mother, and they are afraid of everything because of their small life experience.

If babies under the age of 5 - 7 weeks have never seen a person growing up, they will scratch and bite like wild. Fear of people in this case will be fixed in the form of aggressive behavior.

  • Before you understand how to wean a cat bite, you need to understand that the cause of aggression can be the so-called frustration. This is the psycho-emotional state of the animal, when it is not able for some reason to meet its needs. This phenomenon often occurs when the weaning of the kitten from the mother is carried out incorrectly, the pet has not acquired the skill of self-food.

In this case, the young animal, as a rule, bites the owner by the legs, demanding food. An adult cat can be aggressively tuned if it does not receive the expected treat.

  • Often, spoiled pets become home aggressors, being loved by their families. In this case, an ill-mannered animal believes that surrounding people can be punished and to demand something with the help of claws and teeth. Improper upbringing or its complete absence leads to the fact that the animal does not see authority in a person.
  • The reason a pet may bite the owner is often strange smell For example, when a person strokes another animal, then he wants to pet his pet. The smell of a stranger will cause aggression in the form of clawing and biting.
  • With the help of claws and teeth, a furry aggressor may require attention from the owner and the household.. Initially, the cat, as a rule, purrs, rubs against the owner's feet, but if she is not given enough love and affection, then the animal can draw attention to itself in an accessible way.

Often the cause of aggressive behavior in the form of biting is loneliness. If the pet is often left to itself, the pet may express its displeasure by biting and scratching the host. Cats can behave similarly during a hormonal outburst, when there is no way out for sexual instinct. In the event that an animal has an operation to remove its claws, the pet may bite, thereby compensating for its protective instinct.

In each case, the owner should carefully look at the behavior of the aggressor, analyze and find out the true causes of inappropriate behavior.

How to wean from harmful behavior

Neither the owner nor the households want to put up with feline disgraces, because bites and scratches are usually painful and heal for a long time. Therefore, the question of what to do if a cat bites, is relevant for aggressive pet antics. The approach to this problem should be differentiated depending on the age of the aggressor.

Wean the kitten

Before you begin to wean a baby from a bad habit, you need to show it to a veterinary specialist. The doctor will examine him and give a conclusion about the state of health.

Special attention at this age specialists give the formation of proper bite and normal growth and change of teeth.

If a young animal bites due to the replacement of milk teeth with permanent ones, it needs to purchase special toys. The ability to sharpen the cutters on objects will distract the pet from the feet and hands of the household.

What if the cat bites and scratches due to the small age? In the case when the baby bites during the game, you should immediately remove your hand. Switch attention and make it clear that the hands and other parts of the human body - not an object for scratching and biting, you can with the help of teasers, balls and other toys. It is necessary to play with a little restless only by means of special feline toys, then the kid will not perceive the owner's body parts as an object for games.

It is strictly forbidden to play with the kitten by hand. This is a common mistake that leads to the fact that the behavior is fixed, and when the animal grows up, along with it grows problems in the household. Playing with a little kitten, you should not turn the game moment into a fight. Games should take place in a relaxed atmosphere. Giving strangers teasing kittens is strictly prohibited.

Both gadgets in the form of teasers, fur mice, radio-controlled toys, and home-made ones (tied with a piece of paper, rustling candy wrappers) are suitable as devices for the game.

For how to wean a kitten biting and scratching, look in this video:

Weaning an adult animal

After the causes of aggressive behavior associated with diseases, will be excluded, it is necessary to engage in serious education of a fluffy terrorist.

When deciding how to wean a cat to scratch, it is necessary, first of all, consistency on the part of not only the owner, but also all family members. Any aggressive antics of an adult animal should be stopped immediately. This should be done in a loud voice, while you can say “No!”.

To enhance the effect, you can drop something on the floor, clap your hands, etc. Cats do not like harsh and loud sounds.After several attempts, the pet will understand exactly what behavior is required of him.

At that moment, when the cat bites, you can influence the animal with water, sprinkling it with a spray gun. Fluffy aggressors do not like water treatments. If this is done every time a pet tries to bite, then pretty quickly good manners will be learned.

Useful tips

The aggressive behavior of the furry homebody is a serious problem in keeping the animal. Experts recommend to adhere to the following recommendations when re-educating:

  • If the animal has bite its teeth in the hand or other parts of the body, do not break out to avoid further injury. In order for a cat to independently release the object of its aggression, it should be distracted by a sharp sound.
  • With small kittens should only play with special toys and accessories.
  • At the time of the bite, you should sprinkle the cat with water, click on the nose with your finger, or throw a towel over it.
  • In the question of how to wean a cat to bite when stroking, you should not impose your attention, much less playing on animals that are uncommunicative by nature. Pregnant females and nursing mothers fall into this category.

Knowing the causes of aggressive behavior, the owner should apply the correct methods of his education. If biting and scratching is caused by pain, stress, in this case, the help of a specialist is necessary. Adjust the behavior of the home aggressor under the power of each owner. Patience and consistency are the guarantees of good manners in raising a pet.

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