Educational games for dogs do it yourself


There are several types of dog toys - soft (with them the pet sleeps), objects for tugging (cords, balls on the ropes), toys with a delicacy inside, educational games.

But the minimum skills in needlework, simple tools and materials will allow you to please the dog with a funny and useful homemade product.

For dogs who like to carry objects in their teeth will suit:

Bottle sock

  • Plastic bottles of 0.5 liters
  • Socks or socks
  • Dry food

  1. Place an empty plastic bottle (0.5 liters) in a cotton sock.
  2. Tie the loose end of the sock into a knot. Done!

Diversify the model from option 1.

  1. Put a little dry food in the sock.
  2. Tie a sock to make a bag.
  3. Put a bottle in the sock (above the bag) and make another knot above the neck of the bottle so that it does not fall out.
Various mixes of dachshunds with other breeds

  • Plastic net bottles of 0.5 liters
  • Children's tights (better terry)
  • Scissors
  1. Place the bottle inside the knit tube obtained after cutting the pantyhose.
  2. Tie knots on both sides of the bottle. This can be done by tightening the fabric itself with a knot, or you can tie it with a ribbon, a braid, a knitted strip, and threads.
  3. Get the candy your pet will wear in your teeth.

Replace knitted toy case as you wear.

Dog toy

Do it yourself (step by step guide)

  • The pot
  • Thick cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Dry food, dog biscuits, pieces of cheese, meat.
  1. Cut several pieces of cardboard slightly smaller than the diameter of the pan.
  2. Provide a handle on the cardboard disc. To do this, make two parallel incisions in the center of the circle and lift the resulting strip above the plane, simply bend it.
  3. Lay the cardboard discs in the pan.
  4. Between the layers hide different delicacies - in each layer or only in some. Adding new discs, change the time of the game.

The dog will look for treats by pulling cardboard circles out of the pan by the handles.

  • Cardboard box. The size of the box should be commensurate with the growth of your dog. It is important that the dog could stand above the box and look there without effort.
  • Paper bags.
  • Packing paper or any other.
  • Dry dog ​​food or other treats.
  1. Hide pieces of meat or dry food in paper bags.
  2. Wrap dog treats in wrapping paper.
  3. Make a few lumps of paper with no dainty inside.
  4. Place the sachets and bundles of wrapping paper in a large box between empty lumps of paper.

The dog will be happy to disassemble the parcel, looking for edible gifts and interestingly spending time.

Felt or knit weave

Weave a pigtail from three strips of felt, colored knitted stripes (cut a pair of old t-shirts of different colors), tie a knot at the end of the pigtail.

If you have difficult weaving skills, use them to get a thick pigtail.

The wider the strips of felt, the more voluminous the weaving will be. Make a few of these braids and tie them together to make an improvised sun.

Toy pigtail

The ends of the pigtails are closed together to make a wicker ring. The resulting "ring" can throw the dog, drag it along with it. The dog can play "ring" with another pet.

Pigtail fold in half so that at the end formed a loop on the handle. Strengthen the handle with wound strips of felt. Leave a shaggy brush on the end of the handle.

Pigtail weaving pattern


Wrap a tennis ball with a knitted fabric or felt, tightly fix the ball with thread or a strip of fabric so that it is tightly wrapped around the fabric. Cut the loose ends of the fabric. The result is a toy resembling the shape of an octopus - the head and tentacles.

It is harmful to the health of the dog, which will gnaw tissue. And also the smell can attract a four-legged explorer to your clothes, which smell just like his favorite toy.

Toy man

Ball with a surprise

Option 1 (for large dogs)

Cut a tennis ball with a knife along the curved line marked on it.

Place a little feed in the cut.

The dog will have to work hard to extract food from the ball.

Option 2 (for puppies)

On the ball, make a cross-cut with a sharp knife.

Put the feed in the cut.

Ball with a surprise

In the tennis ball, make a hole so that you can stretch the "pigtail" through it. The loose ends of a pigtail, drawn through a tennis ball, like through a bead, fold together and secure with a strip of felt, forming a handle, as in the manufacture of the loop.

Denim toy pillow

Cut off the leg of old jeans to make a pipe. Sew one end of the pipe by hand or machine. Fill the resulting bag with scraps of cloth, cotton or old soft. Sew the second edge to make a cushion.

Lay inside such a pillow a squeaking rubber toy, and only then finally sew the product. Pet will appreciate the notion.


Put a squeaking baby rubber toy in the sock, tie up the free end of the sock.

Sheathe a wooden block with a thick cloth or leather. You can put the bar in the old sock and tie his free end.

Such entertainment is easy to replace with new ones if necessary. Various home-made entertain, develop your friend, help him pass the time when you are not at home and, importantly, distract from furniture and footwear.

Surprise box

Immediately it should be clarified, if you choose this version of the game, then you need to start from the simplest. First wrap up the yummy paper and place it inside a regular cardboard box. Is done. Favorite smell the delicacy and easily take possession of it.

Each time the task needs to be complicated. For example, add another box, fasten the paper or cover the box with duct tape so that it has to be torn. Affordable treats can be replaced with a toy with a treat inside the Kong type.

Another simple style game is Find the Delicious. It is necessary to cut several tennis balls and put a treat in each. Then the balls are folded in a suitable tray. An excellent pastime dog provided! Game care for a puppy

Brilliant gig for hyperactive dogs

The design of this option is, of course, a bit more complicated than a regular cardboard box, but in principle it is not too difficult to make. It is necessary to knock down a square wooden frame, and in the middle to stretch a steel bar with plastic bottles strung together.

Inside each bottle, put a treat, usually a dry food, which is easily poured out through the neck. The task of the dog is to unwind the bottle and thus get a snack.

Bucket with a slide

Another very simple, but at the same time very interesting for the dog game - a bucket with a snack. A suitable size plastic bucket fills with hollow cardboard cylinders or cork stoppers. Here is thrown a handful of dry food. The game has begun! The dog needs to smell and get a treat in a variety of small obstacles.

For professionals, the task can be complicated: divide the bucket into several sections. The diameter cut circles in which the handle is made of a rope or in the form of a curved U-shaped notch. The dog raises the "Lid", holding the handle with his teeth and gets to the next level.

Rope for active games

One of the most popular games is rope pulling. You can weave a cord for a small dog from old t-shirts, a terry robe or any other fabrics. To make the toy more attractive, you should use materials of different shades.

For weaving will require:

First, you should cut the clothes into 4 identical strips about 10 cm wide and 1 m long. After that, the strips should be stretched in different directions so that they become narrower, longer and slightly wrapped in tubules. It is important not to overdo it so as not to tear them. In addition, the material that is easily torn, should not be used to create toys. It is better to choose something more elastic.

Then the strips are tied on a knot, departing from the end by 7-10 cm, so that the cord is comfortable to hold in your hand. Based on the photo 4, you need to expand the fabric in the shape of a cross. You can do the work both at home behind the desk and in the open air, holding the knot between the knees.

In the next step, turn the right lane to the left and the left to the right, over the yellow fabric. Thus, it turns out the English letter "S". Then the lower rope is threaded into a loop on the left above, and the upper one is opposite the lower right loop. You should get the same letter, only sideways.

After that you should gently tighten the loop, adjusting them to form a neat square in the center. Next, you need to repeat the steps with photos 5, 6 and 7 until the desired length of the toy is typed.

In total, this work takes 10-15 minutes. This weaving technique allows you to get a beautiful strip diagonally. It is worth noting that the variety of ornament is very much and each has its own method of weaving. To create a toy for a large dog, it is recommended to use a rope rope, as it will tear the fabric very quickly. That's all. It's time to invite your pet to play.

Candy toy

The next master class will help make a toy for the dog so that it can play on its own when the owner does not have the time and opportunity to pay due attention to the pet.

To create such a pretty candy you need:

  • any fabric (in this case a shirt is used),
  • plastic bottle,
  • several large beads
  • any rope or gum,
  • scissors.

First, fill the beads in the bottle and screw on the cap. They can be replaced with small pebbles or dry food. The latter will give the toy a smell that will not leave the dog indifferent. Do not pour a lot of beads into the bottle, as it will rumble and distract residents from work.

Then you need to measure how much fabric you need to wrap the bottle in it and cut off all the excess. You can make 2-3 candies from one shirt and give each favorite if there are several of them in the house.

After that, the bottle is wrapped in a piece of cloth and at both ends they tie tails on a bow, firmly fixing it inside.

It is not recommended to make large bows, as the dog may chew on them and the toy will become unusable. Long tips can be easily trimmed with scissors. This candy will appeal to small and medium-sized dogs. When holes appear in the bottle, it will quickly lose its shape and it is better to replace it. At this workshop is over.

Bone Shaped Toy

It is worth considering another option to create a toy from a plastic bottle in a bag in the shape of an appetizing bone.

To create will require:

  • any fabric (in this case fleece),
  • empty plastic bottle
  • sewing supplies.

First you should sew a case. It can be sewn or manually. Before you get started, you need to prepare templates. They can be drawn on cardboard by hand, or print any of the Internet. Photo 17 shows what details the cover consists of.

When the pattern for a dog toy is ready, it is recommended to grab the elements among themselves with the help of pins. The product will be more accurate if the fabric does not move to the side. The template marked the fold line of one of the blanks. It should be wound up to this line and grabbed with pins, as shown in Photo 18.

Then the parts are stitched and gently turned out. It is important when sewing to keep the rounded shape of the bone and in no case sew the product in the center, because the bottle will be placed there in the future.

At first they put it in a deep pocket, and then hide the bottom of the bottle under the small one. At the request of the corners of the bone filled with fleece scraps or padding, and poured inside the food for the smell. The toy is ready.

Homemade octopus toy can be an alternative to the cord. In him a dog can play both independently and with the owner. In addition, several animals will be able to compete in dragging toys.

To create will require:

It is recommended to use a rubber ball with a squeaker, as dogs like squeaking things, but a tennis ball or another one of the same size will do.

First, cut the T-shirt into strips of equal width, based on photo 23.

Then the pieces of fabric lay crosswise, placing the ball in the center. It is wrapped with the stripes obtained and tied to a knot at the very base.

Next, you need to cut each of the four segments into three equal parts. It remains only to braid pigtails and the octopus is ready. If desired, you can take more fabric and make 6 or 8 tentacles.

The toy is suitable for small dogs and pets of medium size.

Options for large dogs

For a large pet, you can make toys for dogs as in photos 29 and 30. They are very similar, but they are made differently. In the first case, you will need to weave a rope from a strong rope. To do this, you should use the tips from the first master class in this article. Then take a tennis ball, with a knife, carefully cut a hole in it on both sides and put it on the rope, after tying a knot on it.

In the second case, use a wide rope rope. From it it is necessary to weave a small ball. Excess rope can be cut at will or leave the ball on a small piece of rope. The following master class will tell you how to make a ball out of the rope rope.

To create will require:

  • a thick rope about a meter
  • hot or superglue, to secure the ends,
  • delicacy at will.

First, the rope must be wound on the arm as shown in photo 31. It is important that the loops formed are the same.

Then you should carefully remove the loop from your hand, holding the rope to maintain shape. Next, the long end of the rope is wrapped 3-4 times with the billet, forming the future ball.

After this, the end of the rope is threaded through the upper loops, thereby fixing them, and then again pull through the lower loops.

At the end of the loop, gently tighten to form a ball. The tip of the rope is hidden inside, fixing it with glue. On this toy for the dog is ready.

Bone from fleece for puppies

Not only adult dogs, but also puppies love to play. For a baby, you can make a pretty fleece bone, decorating it with various stripes or initials of a pet.

For tailoring you will need:

  • fleece of two or three shades at will,
  • synthetic winterizer as a filler,
  • sewing supplies.

At the first stage it is necessary to make a pattern of a soft toy for a dog. The bone-shaped pattern can be found and downloaded from the Internet or drawn by hand on a piece of cardboard, then applied to the base material and neatly cut. Just need two details.

Then, using a sewing machine, various elements are sewn to the blanks. These can be geometric shapes, initials, or any other patterns. In the absence of a machine, they can be sewn by hand or put on hot glue, applied to the very edges of the elements. You can also use a fabric with a ready-made ornament.

It is not recommended to retreat strongly from the edge of the figures. The scooping edges give the toy an untidy look. To seams do not catch the eye, it is necessary to pick up the thread to match the fleece. When working manually, it is important to do small stitches, not retreating too far.

After this, the blanks are applied to each other with the decorated sides inward and stitched on a typewriter. It is necessary to leave a hole about 3-4 cm in the center of the bone, so that later it can be turned out and filled with padding polyester.

It is not recommended to fill the bone with cotton wool, as it is quickly tied up into lumps, but the product filled with padding polyester can be washed without problems. However, you should not fill the toy too tightly. She must maintain her airy texture.

Upon completion of all work, you can give a gift to a puppy. He will be very happy and will be able not only to play, but also to sleep on such a convenient bone. It is important not to leave it for a long time without supervision, as the dog may tear the toy, but it is extremely not recommended for him to eat its filler.

If you wish, you can buy a lot of wonderful toys in the pet store, but the pet will be pleased to have at least one made by the hands of its owner, because he put all his soul into this thing and took into account all the preferences of the dog.

Ball puzzle

To make such a toy is very simple. For its manufacture will need:

  • tennis ball
  • strong scissors
  • some dry food

A 1-2 cm cut should be made along the line of the ball pattern.

The arcuate incision is more difficult to open than the straight one and the puppy will have to tinker with it. You should put some dry food inside the ball - the toy is ready.

For smaller puppies, you can prepare a simpler version of the puzzle.

Plastic men

For young dogs, it is advisable to make educational toys so that the animal develops its skills. To make a little man you need:

  • a couple of plastic jars of candy of different sizes
  • 4 plastic bottle caps
  • piece of rope
  • awl or knife

This toy is convenient because the damaged parts can be replaced periodically with new ones. По желанию, игрушку можно дополнить любыми другими элементами.

В банке большего диаметра необходимо сделать четыре отверстия – два возле горлышка параллельно друг другу и два в донной части. Previously, it is necessary to drill holes in the covers sufficient to allow the rope to pass through them. The rope should be cut into 4 equal parts. A rope is threaded into each of the covers and tied at the end. The other end of each of the ropes must be threaded into the hole in the jar and also tied.

The second jar must be stapled with the first. If the thread is the same, one can be screwed into another, if not - the banks can also be fastened together with ropes. The result will be a funny little man.

Toys for dogs with their own hands should not be too complex in execution - they will still be enough for a maximum of a week. You can simplify the previous toy, without the second can. In the bottom of the first several holes are drilled into which the ropes are pulled. At the end of each of the ropes must be strong knots.

Homemade cords

Puppies of any breed love to nibble around. In order to protect things and furniture, you can make your animal a few ropes. For the manufacture of the cord it is necessary to prepare several pieces of fleece - it is soft enough and will not be able to injure the teeth and gums of the animal. Colors and sizes depend exclusively on the desire of the master (Fig. 7, 8, 9).

Fleece pieces need to be cut into stripes 2-2.5 cm wide. You can make them already, but this may affect the strength of the finished toy. The optimum width of one tape is 5 cm. Weave is necessary with weaving "lotus". Those who are the first time faced with this technique, can use the scheme.

Stuffed Toys

Some dogs become attached to ordinary soft toys — sleep with them, carry them everywhere. You can make your pet an individual toy - a bone or a heart.

For the manufacture of such crafts you need to prepare:

  • trimming thick fabric
  • stuffing material
  • strings
  • scissors
  • needle
  • pencil

The shape of the toy can be arbitrary, it is not necessary to stop at the bone. The pattern can be made independently, or find a sample on the Internet.

It is much easier to draw outlines of the future product with a pencil or a piece of soap on the wrong side of the fabric. It is necessary to leave allowances of 1-1.5 cm for the seam. The toy will consist of two parts. In order to get them the same shape, you can fold the fabric in half and cut both sides at once. If it is planned to manufacture crafts of complex shape, it is advisable to fasten the pieces of cloth between them with pins.

The parts need to be sewn from the inside, leaving a small hole for the packing at the end of the packing. The last step is to twist the product, fill it with filler and sew up the hole, slightly bending inwards.

When choosing a filler, you should take into account the specifics of using the toy. So, the best option would be cotton cloth flaps - sooner or later the dog will gnaw the toy, and the cotton eaten by it will be much less harmful than cotton or polyester. If you wish, you can stuff a toy with dry rice - for small puppies this is the safest option. Moreover, rustling things for them seem especially interesting.

Such toys can also be used for training - as an aport, a hidden thing for searching or catching in flight.

You can also make educational toys from ordinary socks, putting in them yellow boxes from the toys Kinder surprise. When giving a puppy such a toy, you must constantly make sure that he does not chew up the remnants of the sock - they can cause problems with digestion.

If you wish, you can make a lot of different toys for your pet - for games and dressage. Their production takes a minimum of time and brings a lot of pleasure.

The content of the article

  • How to make toys for dogs with their own hands
  • How to tie shoes for dogs
  • How to quickly and easily sew a dog keychain
  • How to sew a dog lounger

Self-made toys for dogs should not only be entertaining and attractive to the animal, but also made from safe, durable materials. The size, type of filler and the shape of the product is chosen depending on the breed of the dog and its age: it is unlikely that a puppy of a decorative breed will need a thick bar of wood, which the teeth of a dog of official breeds do so well on.

Textile toys

A great way to get rid of the heap of cloth or old jeans is to make homemade toys for dogs. Before sewing the product, the material must be carefully washed without using laundry detergent - the faint smell of the owner, which may be present on the tissues, may further make the dog want to “try on a tooth” any other things that have the same smell.

The simplest jeans toy is sewn from a cropped trouser leg: one end of it is tied with a durable knot or stitched on a typewriter, after which the resulting “bag” is stuffed with scraps and fabric patches, old, spoiled toys that have become unusable by clothes. After packing, the second end of the “bag” is sewn up. The greatest interest in the dog would be caused by a similar toy, if one or two old toys that produce a squeak or any other sounds are put in as a stuffing.

From a drape, tarpaulin or other durable fabric you can carve out a toy of a simple form: in the form of a bone, a heart, a diamond, etc. If the size of the fabric allows, the material is folded in two layers - such a toy will last a longer time. The blank is stitched on the machine, leaving a small filling hole.

Materials that cannot harm the health of the dog should be used as a filler: it is not recommended to use foam rubber, synthetic winterizer, cotton wool and other fillers, small pieces of which the animal can swallow. The best fit is the trimming of natural fabrics: linen, cotton, denim, wool. You can also fill the finished toy with cereals: the grain during the game will rustle and attract the attention of the dog.

Toys in covers

Old socks, clothing sleeves, children's tights or simply fabric stitches will make a plastic bottle for your favorite dog. Large dogs, cracking the bottle, may inadvertently swallow pieces of plastic that can injure the esophagus with sharp edges or cause intestines to turn.

Plastic, securely hidden in a peculiar case, is safe for animals and causes no less interest than a simple bottle. Even more interesting such a toy will be made by small crackers or pieces of dry food poured into the bottle: such a filler will attract the attention of the dog not only with sound, but also with smell. It is important to remember that before using a plastic bottle as a toy, it is mandatory to remove the cap and the sealing ring from it.

No less interesting option for a homemade toy is a piece of durable wood, sheathed with a cloth, unpainted skin or wrapped in old socks. The wood must be durable and not emit resin. The most preferred games for games are wooden maple, walnut, ash or birch.