Multikan: instructions for use for dogs


Domestic veterinarians Released inexpensive and effective hexavalent multi vaccine complex.

There are three categories of the drug: multican 4, 6 and 8 different valences.
In one dose contains 2 ml of the substance.

Multichan 8 differs from the other categories in that as part of its inactivated strain of the rabies virus.

Shelf life of the drug is 18 months from the date of issue.

Operating principle

The action of the drug is aimed at the formation of immunity of dogs to common infections:

Immunization occurs two to three weeks after vaccination., and the protective effect of the vaccine is prolonged up to 8 months from the day of injection in young individuals and up to 15 months in adult dogs.

it harmless areactic agentwhich does not have therapeutic properties and is used for prophylactic purposes against viral strains that are relevant on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Mode of application

Available in a comprehensive vaccine in the form of two bottlesfilled with pink liquid and a yellowish dry substance that are mixed before vaccination. Liquid is a drug directed action, containing strains of rabies and leptospirosis. The second bottle contains dry lyophilized antiplague fractions of carnivorous, as well as strains of infections of adenovirus type II, coronavirus and paravirus enteritis.

After mixing, the vaccine is immediately injected to the dog subcutaneously in the area of ​​the shoulder blade or withers.. Puppies of large breeds weighing more than 5 kg are administered 2 cubes of vaccine, dogs of small breeds up to 5 kg - 1 cube of the drug.

The first vaccination is made at 8-10 weeks of the animal's life, the second - after changing teeth, closer to 10 months. Revaccination is carried out 21 days after each vaccination. Adult animals are vaccinated once a year.


It should be noted that weak and sick animals, including bitches during lactation, as well as dogs whose body was not prepared and had not been de-wormed, vaccination not allowed.

Spent the puppy a revaccination with a multicane 8. Excellent portability. On the leg is not limp, appetite and health after vaccination are excellent. Very active and playful. I believe that the multican 8 can be a wonderful alternative to expensive imported vaccines.

For the second year, I prick my dogs to a multican 8. The vaccine holds excellent. We often attend exhibitions, and there is plenty of this stuff, and there has never been a “puncture”. Excellent development of our veterinarians. In addition, the tool does not cause allergies or other side effects, and dogs tolerated just fine.

Of the domestic vaccines, the Multichan 8 is the most reliable. Our nursery is fully provided with this very preparation, and for five years no dogs have been vaccinated in the kennel. Keeps excellent, the negative reaction in dogs to the vaccine is missing. It is a slight swelling in the area of ​​the injection, but it is considered normal. Complications or diseases after vaccination for five years have never been observed.

Instructions for use Multikan for dogs

For vaccines Multican 4, Multican 6 and Multican 8, the instructions for use are the same. In the package 2 ampoules: one part in the form of a homogeneous suspension. The second is in the form of a dry microporous mass. The first has a pink tint, the second - pink with yellow. Volume - 3 or 10 ml and 1 or 2 ml, respectively.

Order of use and dosage

The lyophilized vaccine is dissolved in a container with a liquid component and mixed until uniform. Prick Multican dogs need at 8, 9 or 10 week of life. Repeat the vaccination procedure is repeated after 3-4 weeks. Also at 10, 11 or 12 months of life should be revaccination. For an adult dog, the procedure is performed annually.

A multican is inserted into the dog's thigh as soon as the solution is ready: 2 grams per muscle. Small dogs are prescribed 1 ml of the drug. You must first sterilize the syringes and needles within 10 minutes before vaccination.

A preparation that contains sediment, damaged packaging, lack of identification marks should not be used. He must be destroyed. This happens by boiling for 15 minutes.

Indications for use of vaccinations for dogs Multichan

Preventive measures for which animals are vaccinated:

That is, depending on the type of drug, it is able to suppress more or less of a variety of different viruses and infections. Immunity after the introduction of the drug to the above viruses occurs after 2-3 weeks. The dog after vaccination has no side effects.

Multican for dogs - reviews

Writes Michael. Multikan - a drug of domestic manufacturer. Therefore, it is available in almost every state veterinary pharmacy. The vaccine is used on a mandatory basis, but exceptionally healthy animal. I have been using this drug for my dogs for 2 years. During this time, no side effects Multikan did not cause, which convinces me as a drug. But I myself did not dare vaccinate animals, so I go to a specialist.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that the dog MUST be healthy at the time of use of the drug, as the incompatibility of the drug with disease is possible. But my dogs tolerate the use of the drug. After applying the Multikana packaging must be disposed of. The most, in my opinion, the best vaccine.

Multikan vaccine price

You can buy the drug at any veterinary pharmacy for the price:

  • Multikan-4 - about 105 rubles,
  • Multikan-6 - about 140 rubles,
  • Multikan-8 - about 200 rubles.

Multichan 8 is a vaccine that can be stored for 18 months in a place where there is no direct sunlight, at a temperature of 2 to 8 ° C. Also stored other varieties of the drug.

Drug video

How to vaccinate puppies and adult dogs with a multi-canal, as the numbers after the name indicate. In a small video, the process of vaccinating a puppy with the complex vaccine Multikan 6 is clearly shown. On the 21st day of age, the breeder prepared the puppy with a multican 4 according to age. The next vaccine should be the multicane 8 according to the vaccination scheme:

Average cost in Russia

For domestic vaccine multicane 8 the price is quite democratic and averages 200-220 rubles in Russia. Its acquisition is available to any member of society. The drug can be easily found in any state veterinary pharmacy, and the vaccine is released without presenting a special prescription.

Analogs of the drug

There are many similar vaccine multican 8 drugs domestic and imported. All of them contain strains against infectious diseases - distemper, coronavirus, paravirus, adenovirus infections and rabies:

The list of vaccines is very large, and each dog owner individually selects the option that he considers the most effective for his pet.