Ribotan for dogs: instructions for use, price, reviews


Ribotan is a biological product that has a stimulating effect on the immune system. It is prescribed for congenital immunodeficiency and acquired during various diseases. In addition, ribotan is used in conjunction with other drugs, as well as for the prevention of the treatment of infections, bacterial and fungal diseases. The drug will be effective in use during any stressful situation for the animal.

Active substances

Ribotan is a mixture of low molecular weight polypeptides and low molecular weight RNA fragments.
The drug enhances the body's resistance to the action of various infections, accelerates the recovery of the immune system after vaccination, increases the effect of other vaccines that positively affect the immune system.

Instructions for use of Ribotan for dogs

Ribotan can be used in conjunction with other drugs for the treatment of diseases in which there is a sharp decrease in immunity.

For large plants, the dosage is 2 ml each, for small and medium ones it is 1 ml. Puppies under the age of three months should be dripped only ½ ml. Ribotan is prescribed to prick for 2-3 doses per month.

When treating a disease, several Ribotan dogs are administered at the same time in a single dose of two to five days in a row. If, after therapy, the desired result is not achieved, it is possible to re-treat with an interval of 10 days. If the diagnosis is not identified, but the condition of the animal worsens, Ribotan is administered two to three doses with an interval of 3-5 days. In the preoperative state, the drug is taken once, and after the operation, two to five doses are prescribed (the interval between doses is 3-5 days). Before any stressful effect, Ribotan can be applied 10-18 hours before it starts.

Ribotan for dogs - reviews

Review of Ribotane for dogs, writes Alexey. After the illness, my dog ​​was noticeably thin, almost did not touch the food and began to climb. The veterinarian advised us such a remedy as Ribotan, it had a simply magical effect. Wool stopped falling out, the dog became cheerful, cheerful and began to eat again.

  • Ribotan 1ml bottle - from 100 rubles.

To store separately from food at a temperature from 2 to 10 degrees Celsius, in protected from direct sunshine, the place, unavailable to children.
Shelf life 2 years.

Analogues of Ribotan for dogs

We obtain, fosprenil, salmozan and other immunomodulators of natural origin, stimulating the production of interferon.

Instructions for use of Ribotan for dogs

The medicine is packaged in glass ampoules of 1 ml or powder for one injection. It is applied as an injection subcutaneously or intramuscularly. For a large dog, one dose is 2 ml, for dogs of small and medium breeds - 1 ml. Puppies up to the age of three are shoved with no more than 0.5 ml at a time. For prophylaxis, Ribotan is prescribed one dose 2-3 times per month.

In case of diseases of several dogs, for example, in kennels, a single dose is given for 3-5 days in a row. If the diagnosis is known, then the drug is used once a day, alternating it every 3-5 days. In total, no more than 5 shots should be given. Only if the desired effect is not achieved, the course is repeated after 10 days.

If the diagnosis is not clear, and the condition of the animal deteriorates, Ribotan for dogs is injected two or three times with a break between injections in 3-5 days. If necessary, strengthen the immune system during vaccination of the dog, the drug is administered simultaneously with the vaccine. If the dog faces a stressful situation: shearing or transportation, then the drug is administered about ten hours before the intended event.

Ribotan's injection is given once during the preoperative preparation of the animal. After surgery, up to five injections of the drug are made with an interval between injections of 3-5 days. The drug is well combined with antibiotics, serum therapy, vitamins.

Ribotan's price for dogs is about 50 rubles per ampoule per 1 ml.

Ribotan was advised to us by a doctor to prevent the stress of our toy terrier. He is terribly nervous when we go shopping, and after stress begins to shed heavily. And the tool really turned out to be magical. Richie stopped so desperately shedding. Yes, and nervous much less quickly calms down. We will use it before going on vacation, because he will have to go in a cage, which he does not like terribly.

I have a dog after an illness and surgery on the prostate gland, very thin, completely refused to eat, was not at all cheerful. Even though he was pricked with vitamins, it seems they didn’t want to stay in the body at all. When the wool began catastrophically to get enough sleep, the new vet forbade us with vitamins and prescribed Ribotan for five shots every four days. Ten days later, the dog began to gain weight and obviously cheered up.

Properties, composition and release form

Ribotan is a complex veterinary agent of natural origin. It has a pronounced immunomoduliruyuschee effect, increasing the body's resistance to various infections. Helps to increase the duration and intensity of immunity during vaccination. Stimulates the production of interferon, increases the level of antibodies, the content of lysine and lysozyme. Maintains a normal level of homeostasis in the body, has an antitoxic effect.

Ribotan is an immunomodulator that increases the body’s resistance to various infections.

The drug is a mixture of fragments of yeast RNA and low molecular weight polypeptides in the form of a colorless transparent sterile solution or in a dry form (gray-white porous mass).

Available in ampoules and vials from 1 ml. Dry form before use must be diluted in the same amount of saline or distilled water for injection.

Contraindications and side effects

If the recommended dosage is observed, no side effects are observed in dogs. In rare cases, increased individual sensitivity is possible, if it is detected, the drug should be discontinued.

Important. Despite the safety and rare manifestation of side effects in the application of Ribotan, the appointment for strengthening the immune status of drugs should be carried out by a veterinarian. Do not exceed the specified dosages.

Analogues of Ribotan for dogs

There are a lot of drugs that can affect immunity: Cycloferon, Anandin, Fosprenil, Roncoleukin, Gamapren, Gala-vet, Immunofan, Hemobalance, Neoferon, Gamavit, Salmozan and others. But they all differ in classification, indications, cost. Therefore, the choice and purpose of treatment and prevention should be prescribed by a veterinarian.

One of the analogues of Ribotan is the drug Fosprenil.

Storage conditions and price

The drug is stored at a temperature of 2-10 ° C. The liquid form of the drug must be used throughout the year, the shelf life of the dry form is 2 years.

The dry form of Ribotan after its cultivation can be stored in the refrigerator for no more than a day.

The drug is Russian-made, therefore, has a relatively low cost for this category of drugs. A bottle or ampoule with 1 ml of Ribotan can be bought for 90-110 rubles.

Reviews from dog breeders

Mikhail Kolesnichenko, Lipetsk. My German Shepherd is almost a year old. Everything was in order, and then I began to notice that her hair became worse and some skin sores appeared. In the veterinary clinic, the doctor said that she had demodecosis (tick under the skin), and that it was from poor immunity. We treated the tick with a strong drug and ribotan. Ribotan raises immunity. Everything went, but then it was put several more times. Its OK now.

Many dog ​​owners use Ribotan during the vaccination period and before the show.

Tatiana, Moscow. I do not know how anyone, but I always put my mopsick Ribotan before the exhibition. Two years ago I lost my dog ​​when she fell ill after the show. And vaccinations did not help. Maybe I’m blowing the water, but I don’t want to lose the dogs anymore. Better, I’ll support the immunity several times a year and will feel calmer. And with vaccinations, too, I always put it on dogs.

Masha, Orekhovo-Zuyevo. I found Sherry on the street still a puppy. While growing up, all some sores stuck to him. Although neither distemper nor enteritis was present, we set up vaccinations. And so sick all the time, and then the car hit. I was ready to give everything to heal. After the operation, the doctor told us that he had weak immunity, so he was often sick. After the operation, we injected Ribotan too. Now everything is fine, Sherry does not even limp. We go to the doctor, donate blood so that the doctor looks for immunity. If necessary, we prick Ribotan.

Composition and release form

The following components contribute to the enhancement of immunity in an animal:

  • a mixture of low molecular weight peptides,
  • fragments of yeast RNA.

Also included in the composition of sodium chloride and purified from impurities water. These components are auxiliary components.

The development and manufacture of Ribotan is carried out by the domestic company Vetzverotsentr. The manufacturer has been working in the market since 1990 and produces veterinary drugs of various groups. Its products are very popular among dog lovers.

The immunomodulator is a clear solution for injection. The drug is packaged in vials (ampoules) of 1 and 100 ml. When buying a drug for dogs, preference is given to small packages, since after opening the bottle it cannot be stored. Ampoules of 10 pieces are packaged in blisters and cardboard boxes, but in many pharmacies, Ribotan bottles are sold individually.

Ribotan has pronounced immunostimulating properties. The drug has a wide range of biological activity. It has the following effect:

  • stimulates the synthesis of interferon,
  • increases the level of antibodies
  • promotes the production of lysine and lysozyme,
  • improves homeostasis,
  • has an anti-toxic effect
  • triggers regenerative processes (promotes wound healing and cell renewal),
  • increases phagocytic activity of neutrophils and macrophages.

The complex effect on the immune system makes it possible to effectively use it in various diseases, including those that cause immunodeficiency. Ribotan also accelerates the formation of post-vaccination immunity and increases its strength, improves the protective properties of the blood and increases the body's resistance to various factors of negative impact:

Indications for use

Immunostimulant can be used both independently and as part of complex therapy. In combination with other drugs, it is prescribed for such pathologies:

  • leukopenia,
  • agranulocytosis,
  • other diseases that are accompanied by immunodeficiency.

It is also used in the treatment and prevention of diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi.

In addition, Ribotan is used to prevent the development of diseases of various etiologies in such cases:

  • before and after surgery,
  • during transportation
  • when visiting exhibitions and other places of large concentrations of animals,
  • under possible stressful situations.

When exposed to various factors (from diseases to stress), the animal's immunity decreases, which may contribute to the development of pathologies or exacerbation of chronic ailments. Avoiding such situations will help the use of Ribotan, which can be used for treatment and as a prophylactic agent.

Contraindications and side effects

Ribotan is a safe medicine that does not have contraindications. No restrictions on age, breed or weight. To abandon its use is only in the presence of intolerance to the components, which is extremely rare.

The immunomodulator is well tolerated by pets and causes no side effects. In case of intolerance, allergic reactions may occur. In this case, you should stop using the drug. After that, the symptoms usually go away on their own. In this case, you do not need to take any medications or perform therapeutic actions. If the animal’s health deteriorates, consult a doctor.

special instructions

To bring Ribotan the desired therapeutic effect, you should follow simple recommendations:

  1. Store the drug should be at a temperature of from 2 to 10 ° C.
  2. After opening the vial or ampoule, an immunomodulator can be used for 30 minutes, after which it must be disposed of.
  3. Do not use the drug after the expiration date (indicated on the package) and the leakage of the package.
  4. If the liquid in the vial has become cloudy, sediment or impurities have appeared, animals should not use it for injection.
  5. With the introduction you need to follow all the rules of asepsis, use disposable syringes or boil needles. When using Robotan for several animals for each pet you need to take a new syringe or a sterile needle.
  6. The injection site should be wiped with an antiseptic.

The cost of one ampoule of Ribotan for dogs varies from 100 to 130 rubles. When buying a package (10 pieces), you will have to pay 850-1000 rubles.

Owner reviews

Alice, mistress mastiff:

“I use Ribotan during vaccination on the recommendation of our veterinarian. I have no complaints about the medicine. The dog tolerates an immunomodulator ”.

Sergey, the owner of the pit bull:

“They constantly used means to protect against ticks and fleas, but they picked up demodectosis. In addition to treatment against parasites, the veterinarian prescribed us Ribotan to improve immunity. The disease was successfully cured. Now periodically use for prevention. Very satisfied with the action. No side effects were detected by us. The dog tolerates injections well. ”

Veterinarian reviews

Catherine, a veterinarian in the metropolitan clinic:

“Ribotan is a good immunomodulator, but it should be used carefully. For example, many owners give it when they are deprived, but in this case it can be ineffective. But to enhance the effect of the vaccine, the medicine is well suited, as well as for preventive purposes. I advise owners to consult a doctor before use. ”

Alexander, the vet:

“Immunostimulants provide good support to the body in overcoming various pathologies, as they increase resistance. Ribotan refers specifically to this, but in my practice I prefer the products of foreign companies. In addition, their cost is usually not higher than Ribotan or the price difference is not significant, but the efficiency is much better. ”

Release form and composition of the drug ribotan

Available immunomodulator in the form of a solution for injection.

Dosage Form: injection

As active components are used:

  • a mixture of low molecular weight polypeptides - about 10 μg,
  • fragments of yeast interference (RNA) - about 105 μg.

For a better assimilation by the body of the animal active substance, the composition of the preparation includes auxiliary ingredients:

  • sodium chloride (8.5 µg),
  • pyrogen-free water (up to 1.0 ml).

The injection solution has no color or characteristic odor. The packaging is carried out in sterile ampoules (1 ml), glass bottles of different capacity (2-200 ml) and glass bottles (450 ml).

Contraindications for admission

There are no restrictions on the use of the drug. The animal's body can react negatively only in the case of individual intolerance of one of the constituent components.

No contraindications for the use of this medicine have been identified.

Price and analogues

Buy it online available online pharmacies or via the Internet. The cost of one ampoule in the range of 50-70 rubles.

If necessary, it is possible to replace the ribotan with one of the equally effective analogues:

Ribotan is a safe immunomodulator, but when using it, one should strictly adhere to the treatment regimen and not violate the dosage norms. The effectiveness of the means is confirmed by experts and experienced breeders.