Puff Chinese Crested: features and care


  • Devotion and affection for the owner.
  • Good adaptation to different conditions of detention.
  • Mobility and curiosity.
  • Attachment to people.
  • Undemanding to walk, they feel good in the apartment.
  • The possibility of maintenance of the elderly and disabled.
  • Skin devoid of vegetation does not allow fleas to settle.
  • Excellent socialization.
  • The ability to feel the mood of the owner.
  • Good health.


  • Eccentric appearance (at the competition of the most ugly dogs, representatives of this breed often win).
  • Manifestations of self-centeredness in character.
  • May be stubborn during training.
  • It is difficult to teach to tidiness and wean mark territory.
  • The difficulty in the care (requires a range of procedures).
  • Need protection from the cold and sunlight.
  • High likelihood of skin problems.
  • Tendency to allergy to wool.
  • Heavy labor.

Photos of Chinese Crested

Character dogs, behavior

A live, terrier-like Chinese crested dog, often to old age preserves puppy qualities. She likes being paid attention to. The pet has nothing from the watchman or the hunter. This is a purely decorative breed with affectionate and docile character. If you like affectionate pets - this dog is for you. It will become a constant companion and center of attention.

It should be borne in mind that the best character traits will manifest only with good socialization. Without it, the little dogs become fearful, sometimes aggressive. As soon as possible you need to acquaint them with new places and people.

Behavior in the house

Mysterious Crested Seal feels great in any home. She even suited tiny apartments. The main thing - the presence of the beloved master. She will play, caress, walk on the heels - just to be the center of attention. Chinese people do not like loneliness. They report this to all neighbors with a loud howl. From such behavior must immediately wean.

In a normal setting, pets are more likely to be silent. They rarely give voice. And if this happens, then, most likely, the baby calls the owner for help or is trying to communicate something important. For each person, the crested hen finds its own approach; she easily achieves the location of anyone. But attached to one and two people in the family. For her, communication with them can be vital. It is important to know the future owners, because the transfer of the owner in adulthood, she takes very painful.

Street behavior

The breed of Chinese Crested dogs is distinguished by its unusual appearance. Some will call her funny, others - ugly. It's a matter of taste. But here on the street the owner must be prepared for the fact that everyone’s attention with the pet will be provided. Best of all breed suitable for urban conditions. Keep in mind that members of the breed love to dig. And if you don't want them to ruin your garden, watch them while you walk.

Attitude towards other animals, strangers and children

Pets calmly react to other animals, even if they are cats. And so behaves and Chinese crested fluffy dog, and her hairless sister. Experienced owners say they have something from the cat. They love to sit on their hands, feel the mood of the owner and also love affection.

Dogs are friendly towards strangers, they do not show aggression. But you need to be careful when dealing with small children. The skeleton, even in adults, is very fragile, and children during games, not knowing it themselves, can harm a pet.

Chinese Crested Care: Wool, Eyes, Ears, Teeth

Crested birds have pointed faces, like hunters of rats and long tufts on their heads. On the legs are charming "boots". All this beauty requires care. Particularly complicated care for pets living in a cold and very hot climate. The skin of doggie requires the most attention. But we must not forget about the hygiene of the eyes, ears, paws.

Eye hygiene

Eyes should be clean, because healthy dogs have practically no discharge. Only after sleep can slime accumulate in the corners of the eyes. It is removed with a clean cloth. Once a week you need to clean your eyes.

To do this, take cotton pads (for each eye separate) and moisten them with boiled water or special lotion (tea welding, decoctions of chamomile and other folk remedies are not suitable). Wet disc process eye. Then another disc - the area of ​​skin under the eye. Then they introduce eye drops. They destroy bacteria. Repeat the procedure with the second eye, changing the cotton pad.

How to care for your teeth?

Genes responsible for wool and teeth are related. Outwardly, this is expressed as: the better the dog's coat, the healthier his teeth. This means that hairless individuals have much worse teeth than fluffy ones. They are covered with an extremely thin layer of enamel, therefore they suffer greatly from caries. Losing teeth at a young age for this breed is not uncommon. Therefore, the care of teeth begin as early as possible.

How to clean the ears?

Every 3-4 days the ears are inspected; if sulfur is accumulated in them, they are cleaned. Dogs most likely will not like this procedure. Therefore, you need to fix your head well before starting. Before you remove sulfur, you need to pull out the wool inside the ear. Make it fast and sharp movements. After that, proceed to cleaning the ears. Take an ear stick, moisten it in a special tool for the ears and clean the visible part of the ear.

How to cut the claws?

To care for the claws, you need a claw cutter of the appropriate size. It is important not to touch the living part of the claw. In pets with a light color, this is a pink stripe inside the claw. In dark individuals, it is hardly noticeable. You can navigate by the color of the core: in the dead part it is whitish, in the living part it is darker. It is better to cut the claws little by little, so you are less likely to hurt the part with the area with the vessels.

How to care for your skin?

Skin hairless pets - a weak spot. It can burn in the sun, dry from the wind, flakes, blush. Often, eels and comedones appear on it. This dog has to clean the skin - remove black and white dots. After that, the skin must be disinfected. In addition, in the host's arsenal should be moisturizing and anti-inflammatory creams.

How to bathe and dry pet?

There is a difference in the care of hair and skin of naked and downy pets. Naked dog can be washed 1-2 times a week. You need a cleansing and nourishing shampoo. Pet put in the bathroom, moisten the body with warm water. Then dilute the cleansing shampoo with water, shake it into foam and put it on the mane, tail, paws. Undiluted shampoo process naked body.

After a few minutes, the detergent is washed off and the nourishing shampoo is applied to the hair. It is also washed off and used balm according to the instructions. After that, a moisturizing mask is spread over the skin. She is also washed off. Many breeders use proven "human" cosmetics. But this can be done only by consulting with a veterinarian. Dry hair and skin with a hair dryer, after applying a conditioning spray. Before exhibitions, you may also need a special styling foam.

Abrasives are washed with diluted cleansing and then nourishing shampoo. After this, a balm is applied, and during drying by a hair dryer - conditioner. You can drip puffs no more than 2-3 times a month.

Features grooming wool

Many people are interested in what type of Chinese crested is easier to care for - naked or downy? Both those and others require grooming. In naked crested insects, the face is trimmed, the fur on the paws is equal and the entire body is depilated or epilated. If these procedures are neglected, the dog will look neglected. This is especially true haircuts. Puffs also need to cut. And you have to do it regularly.

How to cut the face of a naked dog?

For a haircut will need a trimmer or machine. Without experience, it is better not to start such an operation, but immediately turn to professional groomers. Make a haircut on a special table for grooming. It is needed in order to properly fix the crest during the procedure. Begin to cut from the neck, gradually moving to the face. Cheekbones are treated, cheeks are slightly removed. You can leave the tanks - tufts of wool on the cheeks.

Epilation and hair removal of hairless dogs

Almost all naked dogs have weak overgrowth throughout the body. These hairs need to be removed. The easiest way is to shave. To do this, take a razor, shaving foam and gently treat the pet's body. However, within a few days, bristle will appear on the skin. This means that this method of depilation during the period of preparation for the exhibition is not suitable.

You can use creams for depilation. They are applied according to the instructions. This is also a simple and painless way to get rid of body hair. However, the bristles also appear quickly. Modern electric epilators are also suitable. But the process will be painful, even if the effect is longer.

Some owners use wax strips or pull out hairs with tweezers. Everyone has the right to choose what suits him best. After removing the hair, the skin is treated with a disinfectant. And you should not persist in the desire to make the dog the most beautiful, unless of course we are not talking about exhibitions. A pet should not be subjected to such tests. But if you have a show dog, teach her to grooming since childhood.

Grooming a down dog

Not only a naked dog, but also a downy dog ​​can look spectacular. Haircut makes her appearance complete. Remove the hair on the neck and head. First, process the face, leaving the tanks on the cheeks. Visually lengthen the face by removing the hair at the transition to the forehead. Then proceed to the neck. The wool is cut in the shape of a large triangle.

Walking and exercise

This is an active breed, but it can do without daily walking. The tuft can be worn anywhere in the purse. But from time to time she needs to give a run in the yard. In the cold season it is rarely taken to the street. This can only be done by wearing a few sweaters or a jumpsuit. In the hot summer, the pet is removed only after the skin has been treated with sunscreen. Otherwise, severe burns may result.

If your pet loves to dig the ground, and this breed has such a tendency, you need to allocate it for this plot. To teach him to do it only there, you can put your favorite toy there. So baby will understand that this is his place. You can not take it into the woods, for walks in the countryside. Blind skin and mosquitoes bite bare skin.

In crowded places, it is convenient to walk the crested hen on a long leash-roulette. To do this, the dog is first trained to the leash. During walks, the roulette must be held firmly, because if you release it, the terrible thing will start to “catch up” with the child, greatly frightening him. So you can discourage him from walking.

Often, dogs get rid of excess energy with rubber toys or other fun. For such a baby, any object can become a toy. Crested birds enjoy playing with balls of yarn, wood and just pieces of plastic. During these games on the street you need to watch what the baby is playing. It is better to take toys with you, not allowing to take unfamiliar objects into the mouth.

Vaccinations, disease propensity

The breed has good health. Naked dogs may experience a shortage of teeth. Females have a difficult birth.

There is a tendency to genetic diseases:

  • dislocation of the patella,
  • progressive retinal atrophy,
  • hereditary cataract,
  • dry keratoconjunctivitis,
  • epilepsy,
  • hip dysplasia,
  • destructive myelopathy.

Anti-worms events

To reduce the risk of infection with worms, you can use a properly formulated diet. You should exclude from the menu raw meat and fish products. You can not neglect the means from ticks and fleas, because they are carriers of some helminth infections.

As a preventive measure, helminth medications are given to pets at least once every 3 to 4 months. At the same time de-worming should be of a general nature. The drugs are given to all animals and people in the house. Twice a year, feces are examined for helminths. The first deworming of puppies is carried out in nurseries at the age from 21 to 30 days.

Vaccinations, first vaccination

You can vaccinate only healthy and unabated animals without helminth infections. Before each vaccination, the worms are chased away to the dogs (10 days before the vaccine is given).

An exemplary vaccination program looks like this:

  • primary immunization - at the age of 8-9 weeks (paravirus-2, plague, adenovirus-2, parainfluenza),
  • revaccination - after 3 - 4 weeks (parovirus-2, plague, adenovirus-2, parainfluenza, rabies),
  • repeat vaccination - one year after the first vaccination,
  • revaccination - every 3 years.

The vaccination scheme should be selected by a veterinarian. Any vaccine is administered only after examining the dog. Vaccinations of weakened animals will do more harm than good.

What to feed?

Question: how to feed the Chinese crested, as a rule, does not occur even among inexperienced owners. In terms of feeding, this breed does not cause any difficulties even among inexperienced owners. You can give ready-made dry food or you can transfer the animal to natural feeding. As regards the regimen, the puppy is fed in small portions 4 to 5 times a day. As they grow older, the number of feedings is reduced. An adult Chinese crested dog is fed twice a day - in the morning and in the evening.

Adult dog diet

On the day of an adult dog enough to eat about 100 g of dry food. At one time they give her 50 - 60 g of the finished diet. Only high-quality feed not below the premium class is suitable. In some cases, you may need anti-allergic feed for the crested hen. Always choose a diet that matches the age and condition of the pet. Rations for puppies, adult dogs and nursing bitches should be different.

Bowl with food set only for 15 minutes. Then the remains are removed. Clean water should always be freely available. Feed always need on schedule. No concessions and handouts from the table. The portion needs to be adjusted. You can not overfeed. This breed is prone to overeating. And you can not mix natural food with ready in one feed.

Puppy's diet

Puppies are fed often and little by little. From ready-made rations only puppy food is suitable. They are balanced in vitamin and mineral composition. You can not leave the bowl always in the public domain. Teach your baby to order. Always feed at the same time. Portion leave in the usual place for long. In addition to food, you can give puppies a little treat.

Prohibited Products

  • All kinds of bones.
  • Raw fish and meat.
  • Milk (dairy products can be).
  • Pork in any form and fatty broths.
  • Sweets, chocolate, pastries.
  • Salt and salt products.
  • Sausages.
  • Alcohol in any form.
  • Grapes and raisins.
  • Hercules, semolina, oatmeal, barley.
  • Human pills.

Training and education

Physiologically, representatives of this breed cannot tolerate for a long time, therefore 8–9 month old dogs often cope with their needs at home. To do this, they are accustomed to the tray or diaper. This is an important element of education. First you need to put the puppy in the tray immediately after sleep and after feeding. As a rule, during this period he fulfills the need. If the baby wants to leave the tray, it must be returned. After he does all his business, he is praised and given a treat.

Immediately after the quarantine of the puppy is taught to the street. They do this gradually, leading first to quiet, deserted places. Then the walking radius is increased. They begin to accustom the collar during quarantine, so that after it is finished, the baby will become comfortable and wear it calmly.

Few other breeds can master as many tricks as a Chinese crested dog. Puppies do not always remember them the first time, but with due diligence on the part of the owner, they can be taught to do various manipulations with the front paws. The main thing - do not forget to praise and encourage the baby.

Choosing and caring for a puppy

If you liked the photo of the Chinese crested, this does not mean that you are ready to start it. Before you go to the nursery, you need to answer some questions. Are you ready to spend time and money on expensive care? What do you do if you have to go on a business trip or on vacation? And which dog do you want: naked, or feather? Only after that you can start looking for a breeder.

Each crested Chinese dog is the carrier of a recessive gene responsible for long silky hair. Therefore, in one litter can be both bare puppies and fluffy lumps. Puffs do not have a seasonal molt. Dead wool is removed from them with the help of a ponderka. She does not need clothes for walking, and you can save on depilation.

Naked Chinese can have both a strong degree of overgrowth and a weaker one. Dogs with long hair on the head, legs and tail look more effective. But time to put them in order takes more.

If you plan to participate in exhibitions - evaluate the exterior of the future champion. Without experience it is difficult to do. At puppy age, not all traits appear. If possible, invite a consultant.

How to care for a puppy?

Care for a puppy consists of hygiene of teeth, claws, eyes. До появления маленького чуда в доме нужно приобрести необходимый инвентарь: домик, лоток, пеленки, расчески и другие предметы гигиены. Подготовьте место для малыша, купите ему игрушки.

В первый день в новом доме ему необходимо обеспечить покой. Дайте щенку освоиться. Делает он это не торопясь. The very next day he will start active games, but now he needs peace. Give him the usual feed, so he calmly pass adaptation. The main thing at this moment - the love of the owner and his attentiveness.

Breed history

The Puff Chinese Crested is a character in many legends. One says that a similar dog accompanied the Buddha in wanderings. If the danger was not threatened by the Buddha, then a funny and funny dog ​​simply followed its owner on its heels. When a threat appeared on the way, the animal turned into a formidable lion and protected the owner. Thus, the dog has repeatedly saved God from negative situations.

Another legend tells about the love of a guy and a girl. The young man wanted to take his beloved wife, but her father resisted this, as the groom was poor. He promised to give the daughter of an old and rich friend. Then the young men went to the sorcerer, who by the power of his magic turned them into Chinese Crested breed dogs.

According to the third myth, these dogs have a close relationship with the other world. Carefully guard the soul of his master. When the owner dies, the dog dies with him and protects him before God in the final judgment.

At one time only rich people could afford such dogs. In China, and today, the Chinese downy crested belongs to the main features of wealth and prosperity.

In 1966, this breed almost disappeared. At that time there were about ten individuals around the world. In China, there were difficult times, and people were not up to save the breed. The British dealt with the problem, and the representatives of the breed were brought to England. She was able to recover, and thanks to this, the Chinese Crested "puff" (the photo with her image can be viewed below) pleases breeders today.

Animals became especially popular in the 21st century, when ladies with small dogs came into fashion. In 2015, about 600 puppies of this breed were recorded in Russia.

Breed features

"Puff" Chinese Crested refers to small decorative dogs. In height, the dog grows to 35 cm, and its weight fluctuates around 3-6 kg. The animal has a small elongated muzzle and hanging ears. The eyes are black. The neck and tail are long and the paws are straight. Wool in dogs can be very different color. The most common - coffee with small specks. There are two types of this breed - “puff” and “naked”.

The lifespan of pets is 10-15 years.

Dog character

"Puff" Chinese Crested is distinguished by a good temper, which states:

  • Friendliness. Easily comes into contact with other animals. To strangers is wary. A new person is hard to win the trust of a dog.
  • Attentiveness The dog finds an approach to each member of the family. With special attention examines the tastes and habits of home. He knows when and from whom it is possible to beg for something tasty or who will indulge.
  • Insight. Feels the mood of the host. Understands when to approach him, and when it is better to choose an occupation for oneself.
  • Playfulness He loves children and can play with them around the clock. Does not bite or frighten them.
  • Silence. From this breed is very difficult to hear some kind of sound. They bark rarely enough.
  • Sociability. Does not like loneliness and from separation from the owner may get sick. Easily adapts to a new place.
  • Devotion. It is betrayed to absolutely all its members and rarely gives preference to someone.
  • Learnability Easy to master teams. He likes to perform various tricks.

The dog constantly chews various objects, so the dog must be provided with rubber toys.

Animals are quite fragile, so if there are small children in the family, then it is better not to have such pets. Children can easily cause such a dog unintentional harm.

Purpose of the dog

Chinese crested "puff" created exclusively as a pet. Without labor, it becomes the favorite of all family members. Ideal as a faithful friend for those who love animals. As a rule, these dogs often participate in various exhibitions and competitions. Lead a secular lifestyle.

Caring for a Chinese Crested Down Dog

Chinese crested "puff" requires a thorough care. They bathe the dog once a week, and comb the hair daily.

Wash the dog with special shampoos that give the wool shine and fluffiness. The dog's hair almost does not fade, but it can form mats that need to be removed in a timely manner.

The claws are trimmed every seven days, as they grow quickly and do not have time to grind down. During the procedure, hydrogen peroxide and cotton wool should be close by, in case of a cut.

Once a week you need to brush your pet's teeth to prevent the appearance of tartar. With the formation of such an illness, the dog will be sick to eat, and its treatment will cost a lot of money. To clean the teeth you need to get a special toothpaste and brush.

Weekly in the dog inspect the eyes, nose and ears. They must be clean, no discharge.

Even decorative pets need exercise. Therefore, the dog should walk daily in the fresh air. Chinese crested poorly tolerate cold. In winter, stay on the street with a dog should be limited.

If you can not walk your pet, you can teach him to walk on the tray.

How to feed the Chinese crested "puff"?

Crested puff puppies are fed for 5-6 times a day for up to two months. Gradually, by the year of life, this rate is reduced to two times a day. At four months milk is excluded from the dog’s diet.

The animal is fed dry food for dogs of small breeds. “Puff” is not necessary to feed dry food and you can offer him natural products. She is not at all picky about the choice of food and absorbs almost everything they give. Loves fruit.

The diet of this dog should include lean, lean meat and boiled offal. Pet should be given boiled fish, vegetables, greens. The weekly menu should include boiled egg, cereals and vegetable oil. Of dairy products, preference should be given to kefir and cottage cheese.

All harmful, namely salted, fatty, fried, smoked, sweet, must be excluded from the diet. The ban applies to sausages, sausages, bacon and flour products.

How to cut the Chinese crested "puff"?

Wool "puff" requires daily attention. To care for her will need:

  • brush with long teeth made of metal,
  • pukhoderka
  • professional hairdresser scissors,
  • dog clippers, it’s better to opt for electric,
  • hair dryer

Combing a pet should be a daily ritual. To such a procedure, the dog must be taught from birth.

All the hair on the dog's body is combed with a metal brush, starting from the skin. Most carefully comb through problem areas. As a rule, it is behind the ears and on the paws where the mats most often appear. If there are mats, then they gently disassemble their hands, and then comb it through the puhoderka.

If you do not want to mess with wool every day, then you can mow your pet.

Haircut Chinese crested "puff" can completely transform the appearance of the dog and turn it into a "naked" dog. Of course, this applies to dogs not participating in exhibitions.

You can trim the animal both independently and in a special dog lounge.

Before pet grooming, wash with an air conditioner that adds shine to the wool, then dry it with a hairdryer. During drying, the animal is straightened with a comb and the hair is formed.

If the wool will be cut off completely, then you need to try to remove as much hair as possible with scissors. Inviolable remain "boots", tuft and 2/3 of wool in the tail area.

Next, shaving machine needed for grooming dogs, working on electricity. You can not use the device designed for cutting people, he is not able to overcome the padding and soft hair of the dog. Depending on the hairstyle, the wool can be trimmed both completely and up to several millimeters.

The wool that forms the “skirt” is carefully aligned in a straight line with a slight inclination forward. A small part of the anus is cut out from all sides and the hairline on the thighs is milled. They shave evenly the hair extending beyond the paw pads. Between the pads, the hairs are completely removed. If wool is not removed here in time, then mats may form.

Haircut in the salon will take not so much time, and experienced specialists will help to create a pet with a trendy original hairstyle.

After grooming, the dog will find its own individual style, and caring for it will become much easier.

About dog health

It was written above how to cut a “puff” with Chinese crested, and now about the health of the dog.

The crested puff does not despair with good health. Often suffers from allergic reactions and Perthes disease. Observed in such pets dislocations of the patella. The dog's eyes are subject to keratoconjunctivitis. There are problems with teeth. At an early age they may fall out. With inadequate care for the dog, tartar may form.

The animal must be vaccinated. The first vaccination is carried out at the age of 8-10 weeks. It protects the dog from leptospirosis, parainfluenza, parvovirus and infectious hepatitis. Revaccination procedure prescribed after 3-4 weeks. The second rabies vaccine is given at 12 weeks. The third microsporia and trichophytosis vaccine is administered in six months. In the year of the puppy do a general revaccination. After this, the dog is vaccinated annually. Before you vaccinate, you should make sure that the pet is completely healthy. De-worming is also carried out for this purpose.

In the future, 2-3 a year the dog is soldered by anthelmintics.

Breed Chinese Crested "puff" has the ability to fertility at a fairly early age - 8-12 months. For a young and underweight organism, pregnancy and childbirth can be a heavy burden, since the body has not yet been completely formed. The best age of mating for females is 20 months, and for males - 24 months. A bitch is considered ready for mating after two chutes, on the third. It is at this time that such an event should be planned.

Before viscous dogs are not fed. A bitch is transported to the dog, since it is at home that the animal is able to show the necessary activity.

When mating dogs, nothing should be distracting. This process should have a minimum number of viewers. If everything is done correctly, and the bitch has been prepared, then the repeated intercourse process is not necessary. Cruel females should not be allowed to mate, so as not to expend the power of a dog.

How to choose a puppy?

In order for the dog to meet the expectations of the dog owner, he must be properly selected. This will help avoid problems related to the health of the dog and its behavior. The pet is completely devoid of aggression, but despite this, the puppy may be hyperactive. Also, the animal must have:

  • strong bones,
  • absolutely straight back,
  • well defined paw angles,
  • scissor bite,
  • smooth and clean belly, pale pink.
  • clean eyes, ears and nose without turbid discharge.

Color puppy "puffs" with age may change. Clarity here will make the pedigree, which describes in detail the shades of hair of the ancestors of the dog. At three months, the roots of the dog's fur become the main color.

Where to buy a puppy Chinese crested "down"?

When deciding to buy a Chinese Crested puppy, you should carefully examine the ads on the Internet. View photos of dogs presented there. Such dogs can be not only “fluffy”, but also “bald”.

There are nurseries that specialize in the withdrawal of such animals. Buying here has its advantages, as the dog has all the necessary documents at once, which gives her the opportunity to participate in various exhibitions and competitions.

Dog cost

Puppy Chinese Crested "puff" is not different budget cost. If it is a purebred dog, then its price varies between 12-45 thousand rubles. "Naked" pet will cost their owners a bit more expensive.

The Chinese Crested Puff dog breed requires careful care. Therefore, before acquiring an animal, you should familiarize yourself with the views of dog breeders about this dog, as well as carefully examine all the nuances associated with its content.


It is impossible to determine exactly when and how the Chinese crested dog appeared - so much its ancient history intertwines with ancient tales and legends. It is possible that the breed did not originate in China at all, but was descended from bare dogs of Mexico, Africa, Turkey or India and was brought from there.

These crested doggies were sacred animals of the North American Toltec tribe. As a result of archaeological excavations on the Yucatan Peninsula, one of the first evidence of the existence of hairless dogs was found. Probably, these were the ancestors of modern naked crested, in the litters of which there are also fur-covered individuals - Chinese crested feathers or powder puffs.

This breed was brought to Europe by merchants only in the 15th century.

Creamy Chinese crested puff (pictured is Abigayle Cross De Britz, breeder Natalia Kiseleva, Moscow).


The Chinese crested feather is a small graceful dog of a slightly stretched format, 23 - 35 cm high. In contrast to the bare Chinese, the entire body of the puff is covered with long flowing hair.

The colors are so diverse that they range from blue to dark red, including speckled different shades. The most common are white, cream, pale gold and black and white.

Hair should be soft, with no signs of curl. The hair of the crested puff is not prone to seasonal molting, except for the period of puppy fluff changing to adult cover.

In the photo - a bitch of white color Laima Nubiru Zend (Nizhny Novgorod, breeder - Elena Nikiforova).

The head of the puff is slightly rounded, elongated, with a dry muzzle tapering to the nose, but not pointed. The transition from the forehead to the face is weakly marked and divides the head when viewed from above in half. It is also the point from which the crest begins. Wool here is cut in the shape of an inverted V.

Nose is well developed and can be of any color. The eyes are so dark that they look black, the squirrels are almost invisible. Strokes can be black or brown. Low set ears are often decorated with fringe. They may be standing, but more often hang. Both options comply with the standard. Incomplete for puffs is considered a vice.

The movements of a correctly folded dog are smooth and confident.

Chinese crested downy are inherent in elegance and lightness, making it look like a miniature Afghan hound.

There are two types of breed, differing in constitution - light deer and medium, the so-called type of horse, which is characterized by a more dense bones.

Care and grooming

The pledge of the neat appearance of a long puff of airy wool - conscientious care for her. Especially painstaking labor requires the maintenance of exhibition Chinese downy.

To care about the appearance of your pet you will need such tools:

    Massage brush - an essential item in the care of a long fur coat. It is indispensable in daily combing, drying the hair after washing and final grooming before entering the ring. In the opinion of dog lovers, a mitten brush is convenient,

A very good set for care: Safari massage brushes from the company (England).

High-quality puhoderka - the key to healthy skin of your dog. Poor quality can scratch the pet, as a result he will avoid this procedure.

Among the cosmetic products for the care there should certainly be a special shampoo for this type of wool, conditioner, moisturizing spray to protect the hair during blow-drying, styling products and increasing the volume of wool.

In addition to the exhibition grooming, there is a daily care for the powder puff. It provides for bathing every two weeks, cutting out the hair between the paw pads and the anus, regular cutting of the face.

Pet, not attending the exhibition, you can cut it short, thus avoiding the hassle of caring for long hair.

An excellent video in which the neglected Chinese Crested in the hands of a good groomer is transformed into a neat little crumb:

In the course of the work she tells in detail about the nuances of a haircut.

Character traits

According to the owners, the Chinese Crested are distinguished by a friendly and sociable disposition, sometimes even too sociable: they are ready to wander with their ponytail all day long, which not everyone will like. Left alone, they can express the fear of loneliness by howling and whimpering, or play pranks from boredom.

To prevent such behavior, the main thing is that it is necessary to accustom the dog to the fact that its opinion is important. but only after the wishes of the rest of the family, including the youngest children, are taken into account.

But at the same time, the owners note that their dogs have the most tender and loving heart - so unmistakably they guess the bad mood of a person and come to comfort him. Probably, thanks to this peculiarity, the crested pets are credited with the supernatural gift of healing - in fact, as is well known, most diseases have psychological roots.

Due to their ingenuity, puffs are easily trainable. Они без затруднений постигают не только тонкости хорошего поведения в быту, но и могут удивить окружающих занимательными трюками, усвоенными между делом во время игры с хозяином.

Несмотря на добродушие, к незнакомым людям эти питомцы относятся с недоверием.

Upbringing and training

Маленький размер позволяет приучить питомца ходить на лоток или пеленку, но не стоит злоупотреблять этим. First, not every dog, even the smallest one, easily gets used to the tray, and the matter can end in daily rubbing puddles throughout the house. Secondly, dogs of this breed are energetic in nature, and they need active games in the fresh air, especially since their lush outfit allows for long walks, even in cold weather.

Puffs are extremely easy-going and can be trained well, so there are often cases of their participation in agility and dog-frisbee competitions. Obedience courses, such as early or "Dog in the city", are also on the shoulder of these clever kids.

Chinese crested feather in the family

Movable and playful, not prone to aggression, puffs are excellent companions for families with children and for those who lead an active lifestyle. They easily carry trips in transport, they love traveling and camping, they prefer a noisy company to loneliness.

Such a pet is perfect for keeping in a small apartment, but in a country house it will also feel good.

Friendly and non-conflicting, he will not take the trouble of a family with other pets.

Breed diseases

Hereditary diseases of Chinese crested feathers can be divided into several categories, depending on which organ or organ system they infect:

  • eye diseases - keratoconjunctivitis, progressive retinal atrophy, primary lens dislocation and hereditary cataracts,
  • kidney disease - hyperuricuria and, as a result, urolithiasis,
  • disorders affecting the nervous system - degenerative myelopathy, epilepsy,
  • disorders of the musculoskeletal system - hip dysplasia, Perthes disease, dislocation of the patella
  • all kinds of defects in the mouth: incomplete teeth, tooth loss, stones, caries. (Read more about dental care here.)

In addition to the above-listed hereditary diseases, puffs, due to their extraordinary mobility and jumping ability, are often injured. Accidents are especially common among puppies who are not yet able to estimate the height and correctly calculate the trajectory of the jump. The task of the owner is to prevent, if possible, independent jumping of a baby from a bed or chair. Slippery floors also carry a certain danger, so it is advisable to cover them with a carpet.

History of

They say this breed is endowed with mystical power. If you believe the legend, she accompanied God the Buddha in her travels. When there was no threat to the life of the Buddha, it followed him. But if the danger appeared, she tore off her coat, leaving it only on her head, turning into a formidable lion. So she saved the life of Buddha more than once.

Today, Chinese Crested live in China in temples, where they perform the work of rat-catchers and protect the territory. Previously, only rich people could have acquired such a friend. However, in our time, its owner is considered to be secured.

Although it is called Chinese Crested, in reality, the forefathers of the breed are the British. By 1966, it almost disappeared, why it is not known.

Worldwide there were less than ten pieces. The Chinese did not preserve the species. At this time, the British took up the breeding of the breed. All the remaining animals were taken to England, where they began to breed. Very soon, the population recovered.

More recently, almost no one knew about the Chinese crested dog puff in our country. It became popular at the beginning of the 21st century, when it became fashionable to go to parties, and other events with “sofa” or doggy for pillows.

Characteristic view

Animals rarely bark, do not bother their neighbors with whining and howling, but they are quite emotional and strongly attached to a person. This is a great friend who will be happy to spend time with the owner. Easy to get used to the new place and conditions. Quickly finds mutual understanding with family members and pets, meets and makes friends with relatives.

As for training, the Chinese crested downy dog ​​is easily trained in new tricks. And most importantly, she likes to perform them. You can easily teach your pet to dance, give a paw, jump. The dog is ready to go for anything. The main thing is that the beloved master is proud of her.

Features and character

Little fluffy friend subtly feels the mood of the owner. If he is busy, he will not get it, but he will find something to do. She has an excellent character, not capricious in the diet and easy to care, hypoallergenic. Does not trust strangers, but the location is not difficult to obtain. She will quickly find an approach to each of the family.

Will carefully monitor your habits, then to use the knowledge in order to take a long walk or play.

She loves playing with children and shows great patience with them, you can be calm, she will not bite them and will not frighten them. Suitable for both content in a small apartment, and in a country house.

No shedding, grooming is the combing of dead hair. Chinese Crested needs bathing more often than once a week.

Also, it is necessary to cut it, in addition to the trunk and shear face. The salon will advise which haircut is most suitable for your pet.

Interesting Facts

At the same time in the litter bald and down puppies are born together. The animals love fruits very much. When choosing between an apple, meat and sausage, they will prefer the apple.

Studies have shown that most of the owners of this breed are creative people. Often they are turned on by musicians and artists. Chinese Crested have healing properties.

Breed pros:

  • It is easy to teach to go to the toilet in the tray.
  • They love children, never bite them.
  • Do not shed.
  • Can be kept in a small apartment.
  • Loyal, friendly and non-conflicting.
  • Do not take much trouble in the care.
  • No problem gets on with different animals.
  • Subtle feel the mood of the owner.
  • Odorless.
  • Chinese crested puff cleanly.
  • Delivers little noise. Rarely barks, lacking neighbors howling.
  • It is easy to find a common language with their relatives, do not bully.
  • Small in size.
  • Hypoallergenic, suitable for people who are allergic to wool.
  • Good contact with people.
  • Perfectly trainable.
  • They like to learn new tricks.
  • It adapts well to new conditions and place.

Breed Reviews

Sergey is 35 years old, Moscow.

I bought a daughter with my wife a puppy. Once a friend came to visit. The dog pretended to be dead, which made a friend laugh a lot. Now we often play guests with the help of such a trick and they are always in awe of such a circus.

Katya is 27 years old, Moscow.

My Bass was three years old when my daughter was born. Basya loved the child very much, did not leave the bed and played with her. Now my daughter is 5 years old, and Basho is 8 years old. They are best friends. Basia protects her and will not give anyone any offense.

Olga is 59 years old, Ufa.

I am a pensioner, I live alone. The children gave me this little puff. At first I thought it was difficult to care for her. But it turns out care is not difficult! The biggest plus for me that it does not need to walk. It is not difficult with her, we quickly found a common language and now I no longer imagine how I lived without her.

Anna 40 years old, Saratov.

When the daughter brought a cat from the street, Gretta was 5 years old. They thought that they could not get along together and did not immediately make friends. To our surprise, Gretta calmly reacted to the cat, and soon they did not spill water.

Maria is 36 years old, Sochi.

My family and I travel a lot by car. They really wanted to have a puppy, but it hurt that we are often not at home. This year, we still brought down Chinese crested. Now we always take it with us, because it is small and it is easy to transport it to the country or take it with us to nature. On the road, she feels comfortable and calmer when she is with us.

Oksana is 35 years old, Cheboksary.

My daughter is allergic to animal hair. At the exhibition, we were told that these fluffies are hypoallergenic. And indeed, my 7 year old Helen adores Bright and so far there have been no signs of allergies.

Having such a furry friend, you will not regret. He will entertain you with funny tricks, become the best friend and will respond to care with devotion and boundless love.

The history of the Chinese crested dog

When this wonderful breed appeared, there is no exact data. But it is believed that naked dogs first appeared in Africa, so all varieties of such breeds are called “Canes Afriknes”. And no wonder, such animals could survive only in a warm climate.

Known and popular breed became thanks to the "queen of burlesque" Gypsy Rosalie. She was one of the first Chinese crested breeders in America. Close relatives of the breed, Chihuahua and Mexican hairless dogs.

Breed Chinese Crested Dog is known since the time of the Aztecs, where it personified love. When the owner died, the pet was buried with him. According to legend, the spirit of the dog followed its owner. And when the soul appeared before the Divine court, and had to be responsible for its actions, the dog testified in favor of the owner.

It is believed that Chinese traders have discovered a strange breed on the African coast. Delivered and sold them in ports around the world. On the merchant ships, the dogs hunted and exterminated rats and other rodents. They even destroyed rats during the plague.

In those days, without fashionable salons, expensive shampoos and care products, people liked a naked dog, fleas could not get on their skin without hair. And this factor attracted many. In China, the presence of crested in the house indicates the welfare of the owners.

Description of the Chinese crested dog breed and the standard MKF

The Chinese Crested Dog is a small, graceful creature, a charming little dog with a light bone.

There are two types:

The Chinese bare breed has soft, warm skin, very pleasant to the touch. It looks like a little horse.

Downy Chinese dogs, completely covered with wool, look like a little Afghan hound.

Each Chinese crested dog is the carrier of a recessive gene responsible for a long, silky, two-layer coat. In one litter both naked and downy puppies can be born.

Breed of Chinese crested is divided into three types:

  • "Deer" - with a light bone structure, high-legged, elegant. By the nature of timid and uncertain. Height at withers 28-30cm, weight 2.5kg.
  • "Cobby" - stocky, strong bones, body heavier, squat, paws shorter. Height at withers 28 - 30cm, weight 5kg.
  • The intermediate type looks like a "deer", but with a strong, dense bone. Height at withers 28-30 cm, weight 3.5-4.5 kg.

The genes responsible for wool and teeth are interconnected; the better the crested wool looks, the better her teeth.

Wool: naked Chinese crested has a smooth body, the skin is soft, fine-grained, the hair grows only on the head, legs and tail. On her body can not be large areas overgrown with hair.

The downy Chinese crested is covered with a coat that has a poorly developed undercoat and a coat of sufficiently long hair that resembles a veil.

Head: Chinese crested dog slightly rounded, elongated shape with a tuft. In a bare dog, the crest grows from the forehead along the neck, towards the neck.

Teeth: the top row tightly overlaps the bottom row. The jaw is strong. Scissor bite.

In a bare Chinese dog, there is a shortage of teeth and reduced canines, which are almost the same as incisors. Fangs resemble tusks, are directed forward. This is a genetic feature of the dental system of the bare representatives of the breed.

A downy Chinese dog, according to the standard, must grow a full set of teeth.

Neck: long, dry with a beautiful bend.

Muzzle: flat, pointed, like any hunter of rats, to the nose lobe noticeably narrowed. Lips thin, tight. The transition from the forehead smoothed, not sharp. The length of the head from the beginning of the muzzle to the occiput is equal to the length from the beginning of the muzzle to the tip of the nose.

Nose: well developed, of any color, according to the color of the dog.

Eyes: almond-shaped, dark in color, medium in size, set wide apart.

In the photo is a Chinese crested puff

Ears: large, erect, covered with hair, set low, in line with the outer corner of the eyes. Puff ears are permissible for hanging ears.

Body: flexible, slightly elongated format.

Chest: wide, deep, located at the level of the elbows.

Abdomen: moderately tucked up.

Back: straight, strong, with elastic waist.

Croup: Muscular, rounded.

Tail: long, set high, narrowed towards the end. In a calm state, it is lowered down. At the end is a long, falling brush covering half the length of the tail. When moving crested, held a sickle in a raised position.

Forelegs: long, straight, slender. Shoulders narrow, laid back. Pasterns are strong, thin.

Paws: long, narrow, wrist bones are elongated, look like hare. The coat on the paws covers the fingers, not reaching the wrist.

Hind limbs: thighs elastic, tibia long, hock joint located low. Postav rear limbs wide. The knee joint is thin, long, smoothly turning into the hock.

Movement: graceful, smooth, free, quite energetic.

Coloring Chinese Crested with photo

Photo Chinese Crested with a unique color

  • White
  • White - pink
  • White black
  • White - blue
  • Belo - Bronze
  • White - Chocolate
  • The black
  • Chocolate
  • Black - White
  • Chocolate - White
  • Bronze
  • Bronze - White
  • Bluish - piebald
  • Murugy
  • Tricolor

Chinese crested character

The nature of the Chinese crested dog is kind, cheerful, cheerful. This is a very playful and good-natured breed, a companion and faithful companion who adores the owner.

The breed seems to be created to bring people the pleasure of communication. They are distinguished by boundless devotion to the owner, unselfish love and affection. The owner is always in the spotlight.

Due to its small size it is ideal for maintenance even in a small apartment. Lack of wool allows you to keep the breed of people prone to allergies.

Photo of a dog sitting on the road

She is cheerful, inquisitive, agile, loyal, and brave little dog, but in an unfamiliar place will behave quietly and calmly, studying the situation.

Easy to train, intelligent and sociable, although able to show stubbornness more often than other breeds. She loves when she is paid a lot of attention, stroked, hugged and cared for.

Well suited for a family as a family pet, can contain older people, because the Chinese crested does not need great physical exertion.

For people with disabilities, it will become a best friend and companion. This dog can sit with you all day, lick and express his love to you.

Sometimes dogs hard to wean mark territory. But with the right approach and frequent walking, you can cope with this task.

Attach a naked Chinese dog to the sore spot, and the pain will pass markedly. Rumor has it that they have telepathy, and understand the owner, in some subconscious.

The maternal instinct is very well developed, the quality of this breed is excellent, it will never bite a child. The Chinese crested cavity has no manifestation of aggression towards a person. He loves children, loves outdoor games with them, run, jump, frolic. Lives well with other pets living in the house. The breed is not capricious, it will not bark in vain, but if you get a little nervous pet that does not receive enough attention, it can bark, staying for a long time alone. Early socialization is important to them, otherwise the pet may grow shy and fearful.

If you want to buy a Chinese crested dog, get used to the fact that it will attract attention on the street. And no one next to this cute and mysterious creature will not remain indifferent.

Chinese crested dog grooming and maintenance

Chinese crested dog of small size, great for keeping in a city apartment. Lack of wool will save the owner from allergies and unnecessary cleaning, she completely lacks smell.

The breed has sweat glands, thanks to which the dog does not have to breathe heavily, in the heat to adjust the body temperature. True naked body feels sharply all the changes in the weather. In the summer heat, before going out in the sun, lubricate the skin of the dog with sunscreen.

Clothing: Always wear a sweater or jumpsuit in cold and windy weather.

Toys: Chinese Crested loves to play. And it is not necessary to buy toys, everything fits: a ball of yarn, a plastic bottle cork or any rubber bath toy, the main thing is that the rubber is not too soft.

Her behavior often resembles a cat. A Chinese man constantly wants to draw attention to himself, likes to play around at his feet and cuddle, can spend hours on the sofa near the owner, skillfully uses his front paws, catching a ball, or when the sleeping owner wakes up.

Well accustomed to the tray, but if the pet plays pranks and goes to the toilet, wherever it pleases, try to walk it more.

Care for a naked Chinese crested dog

Photo of a beautiful hairless Chinese Crested Dog

She does not need a haircut, but black dots will have to be removed from the skin, is it black or white acne (dead rudimentary hair).

Dog do, the so-called body cleaning. Remove the points with tweezers or gauze dipped in an antiseptic solution, rubbing the skin over the hair growth. After the procedure, lubricate children's hypoallergenic cream or cream after shaving.

Голые представители породы подвергаются сыпи, солнечным ожогам, у многих проявляется аллергия на шерсть.

При правильном уходе кожа становиться мягкой и нежной, но она толще и плотнее, чем у пород, покрытых шерстью, правда раны и порезы заживают быстрее.

Naked Chinese skin is light-colored, sunbathes in summer and changes shade to darker, during this period they change pigmentation and achieve their final color.

Bathing: naked Chinese dog 1 time in 10 days, shower gel. Wool wash shampoo, giving volume and restoring hair structure.

Muzzle: hairless representatives of hairless representatives of the breed grow on the muzzle. You can remove them using a clipper. Shave hairs, without going beyond the line, mentally held from the outer corner of the eye to the ear. After shaving, treat your pet's skin with an antiseptic or moisturizer.

With a naked Chinese dog you can not go fishing or a picnic, go for mushrooms in the forest, they are very easily bitten by horseflies, mosquitoes, ticks. But if you have a dacha, with a sunny lawn and mowed grass, the dog will be able to play a ball, run after a stick or sunbathe in the sun.

Care for a downy Chinese dog

Photo puppy and mom

She is no different from the care of any long-haired breed.

Bathing: once every 10 days, do not brush dirty wool before bathing.

Wool: Powder puff molt is almost absent, mats may form, be sure to comb it with a metal comb every day along its entire length.

For the care of wool puffs will need:

  • broomstick brush
  • comb with metal long teeth
  • hairdresser's scissors (cutting hair on paws)
  • clipper (cut off the muzzle, cheekbones and throat)

Comb the dog thoroughly with a metal comb all over the body, from the roots. This procedure is an excellent massage, and distributes fatty grease on the skin and coat, from which it is less cut. In the case of the formation of tangles, first gently unravel them with your hands, and only then brush them with a brush.

When the teeth of the comb are short, they do not reach the skin, combing only the hair from the top, at the roots there is felt made of tangles. Skin parasites can easily get there, and accordingly the skin is not ventilated.

In pet stores sold a variety of means to prevent and the emergence of mats. Dirty wool should not be combed.

If the coat is heavily matted, use an air conditioner, not washing it to the end, dry and comb the pet.

To wash the hair of Chinese Crested feathers with a special shampoo for long-haired breeds, then use conditioner-rinse. From his hair silky, not electrified.

The bare crested has a special paw structure. It has a specific elongated shape, similar to a hare's paw.

Claws: grow faster, grind less often, so monitor the condition of the claws, cut 1 - 2 times a month.

Teeth: Teach your pet to brush your teeth from an early age. The procedure should be done with special toothpaste for dogs with a finger nozzle or a baby toothbrush 1-2 times a week.

Eyes: To prevent souring, wash your pet's eyes once a week with a soft cloth dipped in a weak tea brew.

In the diet: Chinese crested dogs, not picky, one might say, omnivorous. They love fruits and vegetables, meat and cereals. Vitamins A, D, E, calcium and phosphorus must be present in the diet for proper development of bones and teeth.

Chinese crested dog food

The diet of the Chinese crested dog must be correct and balanced, with vitamins and trace elements necessary for the dog's body.

  • Up to 2 months a puppy is fed 4-5 times a day.
  • 3 - 4 months - 4 times a day
  • 4 - 8 months: 3-4 times
  • From 9 months old and adult dog fed 2 times a day

Unfortunately, with the crested, the liver is rather weak, the pancreas and the allergic reaction to food are much more common than in other breeds. The result of malnutrition pustules or red pimples on the body, constantly flowing eyes, severe itching.

If you fell in love with this breed and want to buy a Chinese crested dog, you must clearly separate the food for humans and the food for the pet. Responsible Breeder Rules:

  • Never feed the dog food from the table
  • Never mix two types of food in one feeding - ready-made food and natural food.

Choosing ready-made dry food for your pet, make sure that it is super premium (for example: Acana, Bosh, ProPlan, HappyDog, FitnesTrener).

Choose food without poultry, especially without chicken (it is a strong allergen). Choose a portion strictly according to the weight and age of the dog, and make sure that she drinks enough fresh water.

When feeding with natural food, the main thing is not to harm the pet. Be careful in introducing new products into the diet, monitor the condition of your skin, eyes and coat. For any manifestation of allergy, immediately exclude the product from the diet.

Give food freshly prepared at room temperature. In the bowl should be clean fresh water. A portion is eaten in the sapling for 20 minutes, if the dog refuses to eat we hide the bowl in the refrigerator until the next feeding. Feed the chickens need to strictly after walking.

  • Lamb meat, turkey and lean beef (boiled or boiled scalded)
  • Offal (lung, scar, liver)
  • Lactic products (low-fat cottage cheese, plain yogurt, kefir)
  • Buckwheat rice
  • Seasonal vegetables (carrots, zucchini, tomato)
  • Savory apples
  • Sea fish 1 time per week (boneless) but follow the manifestation of allergies!
  • Quail eggs 1 - 2 per week (you can make an omelette for a couple)

  • Fatty Meat (Pork)
  • Smoked meat
  • Chocolate
  • Spicy food
  • Seasonings
  • fried food
  • River fish
  • Chicken meat
  • Bird tubular bones
  • Bakery products
  • Legumes

Chinese Crested Dog Disease

  • Dislocation of the patella (traumatic or congenital)
  • Perthes disease
  • Difficult childbirth
  • Dental problems
  • Allergy
  • Sunburns skin
  • Acne formation
  • Leptospirosis
  • Keratoconjunctivitis (absence, or lack of moistening of the cornea of ​​the eye, provoking an inflammatory process. Symptoms: brown cornea, yellow viscous discharge from the eyes)

With delayed treatment, the dog may go blind. For treatment prescribed lacrimal drug "Cyclosporin", in the form of drops and ointment.