Hunting dog breeds


Few people know that hunting breeds of dogs include not only retrievers and hounds, but also dachshunds, Greyhounds, and their history of origin is in the centuries. Below we learn about the characteristics of each breed, behavior and abilities.

It can be said for sure that the first breeds of hunting dogs were, according to the description, small in stature, with large and long ears and a narrow muzzle. They called such dogs peat or marsh dogs. They lived near human houses and sharply reacted to extraneous noise.

Varieties of hunting dogs

There are about eight species of hunting dogs:

  • The cops. A group of dogs used in hunting with a gun to the birds. The main feature of dogs is that they can freeze in the rack when detecting prey until the owner makes a shot.
  • Greyhounds They are considered hunting dogs for baiting animals without a gun. This name translates as "fast", "clever." The peculiarity is that they are hardy and can freeze in the rack at the sight of the game, also develop great speed during the hunt,
  • Spaniels. They have a peaceful nature, friendliness, but are considered attentive hunters, and well track the traces of game.
  • Dachshunds They are attributed to small hunting dogs, universal, can freeze in the rack after tracking, they are distinguished by a sharp scent and ingenuity.
  • Retrievers. They belong to the long-haired hunting dogs, appeared in the 19th century, possess intelligence, friendliness, devotion, reliability. Especially good at hunting for birds.
  • The hounds The group has many breeds, for example, the Beagle, Basenhaud. Such pets track down prey by scent, and then pursue to the hunter or deadlock,
  • Terriers They belong to the burrowing, short-legged hunters of small rodents.
  • Large terriers. They are considered the best hunters of burrowing animals in the UK and France. Swift, with large ears, attentive and can track down prey by smell.

Big hunting dogs

  1. The East Siberian Husky is a Russian breed that participates in tracking down game and large animals. Differs with balance and devotion.
  2. The Swedish husky is also called emthund. It is widely used in tracking down large animals, small birds and rodents. Has a large size and balanced character, it can be a security guard and a reliable companion. Such a dog chases the animal through the snow for several hours without stopping.
  3. West Siberian Laika is the most universal Russian breed of hunting dogs. Distinguished by endurance, perseverance, ingenuity and loyalty. Used in the hunt for a large animal or feathered.
  4. Karelian Bear Dog is used not only for hunting, but also for tracing, it is considered a type of spitz. The dog was used to hunt bears, elks and boars. This type of husky is difficult to learn, but is notable for its reliability and endurance. In relation to prey, a bear dog can be aggressive and angry.
  5. The Bloodhound was originally considered a hound breed of dog. Previously used breed to search for missing people, has a good sense of smell, poise and perseverance.
  6. The Russian borzoi belongs to the 10th group of hunting greyhounds, this name is dictated by the fact that the dog has curly hair. Used breed for hunting a large animal. Greyhound has good eyesight, anger to other animals.
  7. The Persian greyhound is one of the oldest species, it can only hunt small game or gazelle. Salukis are independent, can chase prey for five hours. Due to the white color with brown spots, it can quietly pursue the victim in the field.
  8. Greyhound is an English greyhound, which can not only hunt, but also overcome huge distances, catching up its prey. His distinctive character traits are attention to the owner and delicacy. At the same time they are considered the fastest dogs in the world.
  9. The English setter is considered a large dog breed, which used to be used for hunting birds with a network. They are quite active, smart, true. Their qualities are especially bright when hunting in the open field.
  10. The Irish Setter appeared in the 19th century, but because of its heavy nature, it is only popular in Europe. Best used in tracking in the spring and autumn on beavers, small rodents and marsh birds.
  11. The long-haired golden retriever was bred in the UK as early as the 19th century, refers to the hunting species. The dog has loyalty, kindness, intelligence and friendliness, but will not long pursue the prey, but will help the owner to track it down.
  12. The smooth-haired Labrador Retriever is considered the most common dog in the world. Because of the intelligence, intelligence and endurance, pets are often taken for hunting, where they detect prey by smell.
  13. Barbet or French water dog is a rare species of hunting dog. Previously, they were used to track down small animals. This breed is characterized by endurance, sharp mind and excellent search qualities. They are well trained, love people, but require training.
  14. The Irish Water Spaniel is a unique kind of dog. By the nature of laid mobility, activity, which helps in the process of tracking. They can swim and track the victim by smell, so they are often used to hunt feathered, small animals.

Medium Hunting Dogs

  • Russian-European husky was obtained after the selection of huskies. Therefore, the dog was very mobile, active. She possesses endurance and speed, so she will be good at hunting a big beast.
  • The Finnish Spitz was born after the merger of dogs in Finland and Karelia. Apply in tracking small animals and birds. Spitz can be considered a unique pet that is friendly, intelligent, devoted and enduring.
  • Airedale terriers received in England by selection, has emotion, courage, stubbornness, lack of aggression. It can hunt a large animal, swims, but is not suitable for hunting burrow animals and animals.
  • Welch Terrier is suitable for hunting for friends. Distinctive features - a good attitude towards children, guard qualities and ease of training. Due to the qualities of character, attachment to the owner, dogs are often used in the protection and tracking of small animals.
  • The Kerry Blue Terrier is a breed of dog that appeared in the county of Kerry. Thanks to muscular legs, medium size and an analytical mindset, it is often used in tracking and cording game. Can be used as a caretaker.
  • Foxhound is considered a good example of hunting dogs with high activity, liveliness. It can hunt both bird and medium game.
  • Otterhound also appeared in England. Its characteristics help the dog in catching animals, especially in tracking their prey, their scent helps them.
  • Basset hound is often referred to as hounds, which first appeared in England. This breed - born hunters with a lively character, activity. To search for prey, they need only their excellent scent.
  • Afghan hound has a complex character, activity. These are fast, agile dogs, so they can easily cope with rodents and small game on the hunt. With tough dressing will be great helpers in any conditions.
  • Deerhound is a greyhound hunting dog, which is used to bait game. More than the rest, this breed is adapted to the chase, killing a deer. It is considered one of the oldest species, has a massive body, long legs and large ears.
  • Whippet is a smooth-haired dog, which differs in speed, therefore it can not only hunt, but also drive the prey into a trap. I usually take part in hunting for hares. Possess balanced, easy character, ingenuity and strong legs.
  • Weimaraner used to be used in the hunt for a large animal, but with a gun. Distinguished by comprehension, obedience, easy to train. Can be used in security as a caretaker.
  • German Drathaar was bred in Germany in the 19th century. Hunting can be on a large animal or a bird, using for this purpose a stand, a special scent.
  • German Kurzhaar - Pointing Dog, bred a few centuries ago. Differs in activity, a stately trunk, short wool. Hunting small game and a bird, notifying the host resistant. Since birth, has protective, search qualities.
  • The German Langhaar is a female hunting dog. Differs sharp temper, large size, obedience and calm. Suitable for tracking birds and medium game.
  • The German Jagd Terrier is a German breed of hunting dog that appeared in the 20th century. There are a lot of outstanding qualities in it, so that the dog could live in any conditions, be hardy, easy to care for. On the hunt, the dog is distinguished by aggression towards prey, a good scent.
  • Breton epanol is a hunting dog breed. It is especially good to hunt in the field, it runs fast, is active, has a sharp mind and wit. Easily tolerates any weather changes.
  • The English Spaniel was bred at the end of the 19th century for hunting small animals. When tracking down a spaniel, it is especially helpful for its activity, friendliness, good nose and eyesight.

Small hunting dogs

From small hunting dogs the most popular:

  1. Jack Russell Terrier / Parson Russell Terrier was bred in honor of Jack Russell. The dog turned out to be medium in size, dexterous, with a good scent and eyesight. He finds his victim right in the hole, from where he pulls it out with his teeth. Distinguished by endurance and fearlessness.
  2. Fox terriers officially appeared only in the 19th century. Have great strength, despite the size, fearlessness and perseverance. Previously used for burrowing.
  3. The Cairn Terrier is one of the oldest breeds among terriers. Bred dogs for hunting rabbits, foxes. The dog quickly gets used to any conditions, requires large loads. It has a gentle disposition, loyalty and friendliness.
  4. Norwich Terrier is a small dog that was bred for hunting. The terrier is devoted to the owner, active and smart. It was bred for hunting rodents on farms.
  5. Smooth-haired dachshund - a true hunting dog, has short legs. Previously, the breed was used for hunting and paddock badgers, small rodents. Differs in activity, a good instinct, vigor and attachment to the owner.
  6. Beagle hound dog. Feature - a good scent, thanks to which the dog easily finds rabbits and norkovyh inhabitants, sometimes used to search for people or explosives. They have the restless character, activity, intelligence and endurance, but require constant training.
  7. Italian greyhound is the lowest dog among all greyhounds. Inherent - the pursuit of prey, which she finds with the help of the scent, therefore, is used not only as a companion, but also a hunter. Her character is peculiar - energy, friendliness and arrogance.
  8. Hungarian vyzhla has an unprecedented intelligence and ingenuity. Good at hunting because of its activity, liveliness and poise.
  9. The English Springer Spaniel has the most compact constitution, is considered a lively and active dog. Thanks to the scent and vision can be a bloodhound or a hunter. Quickly learns and inquisitive.
  10. The Russian Hunting Spaniel is an excellent hunting gun dog that can hunt hares, poultry, squirrels and game birds. She is characterized by activity, perseverance, endurance. Quickly trained, easily adapts to any conditions.
  11. West Highland White Terriers were brought precisely for hunting small animals and birds, because it can get its prey from a hole with the help of teeth and paws. Differs braveness, loyalty and friendliness.
  12. The dwarf pinscher is small in size; they are taken for hunting thanks to ingenuity, vivacity and intelligence. Previously, they were used to catch mice and small rodents. There may be guards and bloodhounds.
  13. Basenji appeared on the territory of the Congo. Dogs have good health, stamina, fearlessness. Now may accompany the owners in the hunt for large and small game.
  14. Pharaoh Hound pursues his prey with the help of sight and scent. The instinct of hunting is inherent in them since childhood, they are attentive and intelligent. Can hunt birds and small rodents.

What are hunting breeds

There are six types that belong to the category of hunting dogs, and the success of the hunt directly depends on the correct choice of the breed of such a pet.. Representatives of each hunting breed have their own characteristics, characteristics of innate instincts and behavioral differences. England is considered to be the birthplace of a great many hunting dogs. Depending on the tactics used in the hunt, there are several types of dogs that are represented:

  • greyhounds,
  • hounds breeds
  • normal rocks
  • likes
  • the cops
  • spaniels
  • retrievers.

Greyhounds are distinguished by their strength, endurance, and speed, due to which they are used in unarmed hunting for fur-bearing animals, hares, foxes, and small ungulates. Representatives of this species are the best for fishing in the conditions of forest-steppe, steppe and forest belt, but rarely use a scent, have an underdeveloped scent. Hounds of dogs were bred for the purpose of hunting hares, wild boars and foxes; they are distinguished by a sensitive sense of smell, endurance and unbending persistence in the process of pursuing prey.

By nature, the representatives of such breeds are very friendly, do not pose a threat to domestic animals and feathered pets. Norny dogs differ in small size and good mobility. Such breeds are intended for hunting burrowing animals, mainly badgers and foxes, and have also proven themselves very well in the black grouse, ducks and hares.

It is interesting! The owners of the pet should be trained by the hunting dog, and such activities should be started at a fairly early puppy age, because otherwise the owner of such a breed can get a capricious and uncontrollable animal.

Huskies are among the hunting "universal" breeds, therefore they are widely used in the extraction of wood grouse, ducks, fur-bearing animals, wild boars, bears and elks. They are distinguished by good endurance, excellent sense of smell and perseverance in hunting. Pointing dogs are characterized by endurance and endowed with a well-developed scent, and also have proven themselves in hunting game birds.

Such a partner is great for hunting, not only in the meadows, but also in wetland conditions. To some extent, retreators and spaniels can also be classified as hunting “universal” dogs, therefore they are actively used in hunting for various game birds, in hare and roe hunting. This species of breeds are distinguished by a good temper, they love water, and the presence of soft jaws allow them to bring game without damage.

The best hunting breeds

In most developed countries, hunting is often reprimanded and falls into the category of bloody entertainment. There are countless arguments in favor of modern hunting, but many hunting breeds are gradually becoming family, sport and companion dogs. Nevertheless, if we summarize the currently existing breeds and breeding, it becomes clear that hunting dogs represent half of all currently recognized species.

It is interesting! Most hunting dogs have unlimited loyalty to their owner at the genetic level, but in terms of professional choice, quality assessment is much more difficult.

It is very difficult to name the best or best adapted breed for a particular hunt, which is due to a variety of factors represented by habits, as well as skills, innate instinct and other criteria.

Small breeds

Smaller-sized dogs are easier to maintain in apartment conditions.

These pets have a body weight that varies from 5-10 kg, with a growth of at least 25-35 cm:

  • The Australian Terrier is a small, friendly dog ​​with a great learning and well-remembered team. Representatives of the breed are aggressive towards rodents and cats, are well suited for keeping in the conditions of a city apartment and a country house,
  • Rothbury Terrier is characterized by extreme activity and needs a large amount of sports load. The breed has an independent and quite capricious character, so the learning process can be accompanied by certain difficulties,
  • Jack Russell Terrier was originally bred as a hunting breed for burrow hunting, and also at the moment could not acquire the qualities that are inherent in decorative dogs. Representatives of this breed are quite simple and predictable in content, able to get along well with other pets,
  • The Cairn Terrier is an extremely inquisitive and fairly fast learning, very easily trainable dog that is prone to learning all sorts of tricks and does well with the standard course of general training.
  • Бигль является одной из самых маленьких и древних охотничьих собак, отличающихся инстинктом работы по следу и запаху с раскапыванием норы. Порода уже давно нашла своих почитателей среди отечественных и зарубежных собаководов,
  • Древер – порода охотничьих собак, похожих на таксу и специально выведенных для охоты на кабана, косулю, лисицу и зайца. Representatives of this breed are distinguished by an excellent fit for the beast, endurance and perseverance in pursuit. Such a dog successfully hunts not only alone, but also in a pack,
  • A small Italian greyhound or Italian greyhound is quite capable of tirelessly chasing many small rodents and hares, while reaching a speed of 40 km / h. Graceful addition dog has a gentle, insightful and docile character.

Norsk Lundehund is a stubborn, intractable, requiring management and rather difficult to control hunting dogs. Such animals can throw their heads back about 180 o and can touch the back of their nose with the lobe. The characteristic features also include the presence of additional fingers on the paws, the ability to work deftly in the mountainous and rocky terrain.

Medium breed

According to the description of all specialists of dog associations, dogs of hunting breeds have an average body weight of about 10 kg or a little more, and also have an increase in withers within 35-54 cm:

  • The American Cocker Spaniel is a playful and active breed of dogs, loving movement and not adapted to be kept in rural areas. Representatives of this breed are perfectly capable of getting along with any other pets, but need very competent care and education,
  • The Batak Spitz is not recognized by FCI, but differs in devotion, courage and fearlessness. Most often, these dogs are characterized as intelligent and loyal to their master dogs, with a fairly light temper. It has a strong guarding and hunting instincts,
  • Welch Terrier is an energetic and active breed that can become aggressive and embittered in conditions of improper upbringing. Dogs of this breed are characterized by pugnacity and tendency to disobedience. Representatives of the breed often suffer from diseases of the eye and skin dermatitis,
  • Perro de Aqua Espanyol is one of the very hardy, obedient and hardworking dogs who love training and willingly follow all the instructions of their owner. This pet needs frequent walks and sufficient physical exercise.
  • The Clumber Spaniel is incredibly easy to train and is able to perform all commands with complete readiness, so quickly enough remembers the course of training, repeats the lessons gradually and with due pedantry. Representatives of this breed require long walks and respond well to exercise,
  • Petit Basset Griffon needs a fairly early socialization and timely training in obedience. For the smallest French hound is very characteristic excellent hunting instinct in all weather conditions and regardless of the type of territory. The energy of such a dog needs regular exercise in the open air,
  • The Norwegian Elkhound is used mainly in the moose hunt, and thanks to its developed instinct, it is able to trace a beast at a distance of several kilometers. The breed needs a significant amount of physical activity and is wary of any strangers
  • The Russian Spaniel is a intelligent and flexible breeding dog that has a genetically determined desire to run fast, “take a trail,” and also bring prey to its owner. Such a dog is characterized by balance and activity, devotion to family members and home.

Recently, hunters have paid particular attention to representatives of the primitive hunting breed Portuguese Portuguese. Such dogs are characterized by mobility, activity and natural enthusiasm. A faithful, cheerful, affectionate, intelligent and kind dog is extremely suspicious of strangers or animals.

Large breeds

According to the IFC version, large breeds of hunting dogs have quite impressive height and weight.. In accordance with the classification, such animals have a body weight of 30 kg and higher with a growth of at least 55-56 cm:

  • The Australian greyhound is a dog of strong and muscular build, resembling in its appearance the English Greyhound with a long narrow head, dark almond-shaped eyes, hard and short hair. Suitable for content in the aviary. Differs extreme ruthlessness and aggressiveness to the beast. The health of this dog is excellent, and the representatives of the breed are distinguished by their stamina, vigor and activity,
  • Akita Inu is a large, muscular, strong-boned dog that needs a strong-willed host. Breed differs hunting instincts on a large beast, has a calm, balanced and strong character, susceptible to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, joints and eyes,
  • Indana is quite easy to process of training, and also has a well-developed musculature and a head similar to a wolf. Representatives of the breed have a very characteristic wide search, a magnificent scent and keen eyesight, they are distinguished by their acumen, as well as noticeable endurance,
  • The Banjar Greyhound is not currently recognized by FCI and is distinguished by its graceful, slim and very strong build. Such a hunting dog is characterized by endurance and courage, therefore, in addition to direct appointment, it is used as a companion and friend. Greyhound has a very calm character, not distracting from work,
  • The Hanover Hound requires patient and persistent training. Such dogs are not fast, but they follow the beast quite correctly, they are able to behave boldly and very decisively in the process of hunting. Representatives of this breed have an excellent scent used in the hunt for wild boar and deer.

One of the most popular breeds among hunters is Greyhound. Such a dog with a harmonious addition and elegant appearance needs sufficient physical exertion, is distinguished by a calm, balanced, strong and mobile character, and is also able to perfectly feel the mood of its owner, react to behavior and intonation. In general, a very healthy breed can suffer arthritis in old age.

Hunting dog

Hunter dog must necessarily have endurance, good health and unpretentious content. Avid professional hunters are well aware of the upbringing and development of hunting instinct in dogs from the very first days of the appearance of a pet at home. It is very important to inculcate in the dog the qualities represented by obedience, restraint, precise execution of commands, discipline, courage, orientation in any terrain, reaction speed.

A hunting dog must have a stable psyche, so such a pet should not be fearful, afraid of any harsh sounds or shots. Representatives of absolutely any hunting breeds should receive early socialization and early adaptation, therefore from the very first walks it is extremely important to accustom your pet to contacts with strangers, other animals and public places. If you do not follow the basic rules, the pet can grow up shy, shy and afraid of any noise.

It must be remembered that dogs belonging to hunting breeds need special maintenance conditions while maintaining sufficient physical activity. Regular walks should be as long as possible, regardless of the season and weather conditions. Even if the hunting dog lives in the aviary, it is very important not to forget about walking outside the inhabited territory. Long and fairly active walks allow you to develop the stamina of an adult or a growing pet. It is completely unacceptable to keep a hunting dog on a leash. In such conditions, the trauma of the psyche of the animal is inflicted and its aggressive behavior is provoked.

It is interesting! The diet of a hunting dog, as well as the majority of representatives of other breeds, must necessarily be completely balanced, of the highest quality and sufficiently nutritious. Given the increased rates of physical activity of pets, it is necessary to properly select the calorie content of the daily diet, which covers all the energy costs of a dog's body. In any case, you can not overfeed a hunting dog or give such a spicy and spiced food to such a pet.

Hunting breeds are quite voracious and may require supplements or pieces of food in between main meals. A treat is used solely as a reward for running commands or very good behavior. An adult pet needs to be fed only a couple of times a day, but it is strictly forbidden to go hunting with a too hungry dog. Particular attention should be paid to the dog’s ears and coat, which is used in hunting. In any case, every owner of a hunting breed dog must remember that proper feeding and grooming are the main factors in keeping a pet healthy.

Hunting dog breeds

Specialized breed of dogs designated for catching wild and burrowing animals, as well as birds. Hunting-type dogs need hard training and long walks in the fresh air. Hunting dogs find it difficult to get along in an apartment, but they don’t mind much about hunting, and they love to hunt for prey. So, let's take a look at the list, which presents the names of the breeds of hunting dogs, or rather the groups of hunting breeds:

Hunting dogs hounds

Dog hounds are one of the most popular and well-known hunting dogs. They differ from other hunting dogs by stubbornness and unusual endurance. There are about 30 breeds of beagle hunting dogs, but in this article we will introduce you to the most popular ones.

Beagle - is a very ancient breed of hunting dogs of small size. He has external similarities with a foxhounder, short paws and long ears. The dog of this breed has a very sharp scent - they are more excellent hunters and gentle households. They hunt well for a hare, a rabbit, and other small sized animals.

Hunting dogs hounds are a Beagle breed (photo by Maëlick).

Basset hound

Basset Hound is a hunting type dog with an unusual memory appearance. The fact is that in this dog there is a very sad expression of the eyes, longer ears and sagging skin around the neck, as well as short limbs and a long body. Basset friendly hunting dogs that adore people but do not like to obey them, so they are poorly trained.

Hounds Hunting Dogs - Basset Hound (photo by Don DeBold).

Bloodhound is a very ancient breed, which was bred by the ancient Greeks. The nature of this dog is loving and loyal, it has excellent manners and a sharp scent. These hunting breeds of dogs are a little shy and timid. Their disadvantage is the tendency to snore and drooling, as well as an unpleasant dog smell.

The hunting breeds of dogs are Bloodhound (photo by ann-dabney).

Dalmatian is a strong and enduring dog-hunter. Unusual appearance and persistent character makes this dog a faithful companion and an indispensable member of the family. Dalmatian is very fun dog, loves long walks in the fresh air and it is better to keep it in a country house. Hunting bird and other game.

Hunting dogs photos of Dalmatian breed (by Leo Hidalgo).

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback - a representative of the South African continent. This is a large and muscular breed of dogs that are excellent lion hunters, they are also called the lion dog. A noticeable sign of a dog is ridge. Ridge is a natural wool stamp on the back of a dog that grows on the opposite side of the main coat.

Breeds of hunting dogs with photos and descriptions - Rodisean Ridgeback (photo by Harold Meerveld).

English Foxhound

English Foxhound - an aristocrat from Misty Albion, the genus of this ancient breed stretches from the XV century. At that time, it was very fashionable to hunt the fox, and the English Foxhound was a great helper in this matter. The dog has a stubborn and active character does not like loneliness, so representatives of this kind are raised in flocks.

Breed English hunting dogs - English Foxhound (photo by ccho).

Finnish Hound

The Finnish Hound is a hunting-type dog that is very popular in the Scandinavian region. Designed for summer hunting for small and large animals. She loves to bark loudly, has a beautiful tricolor appearance, and therefore will most often use not as a hunter, but as a companion or participant in dog shows.

Hunting dogs photos and breeds - Finnish hound.

Austrian Hound

The Austrian Hound is a very beautiful dog-hunter who possesses excessive perseverance and vigilance. Her smooth and confident movement allows you to make light jumps, and the sharp scent of a bistro to sniff out prey, while the dog will be very quiet and will not make any sound. The dog of this breed is also a great friend who is easily amenable to training and education.

The names of the breeds of hunting dogs are the Austrian hound.

Drever, or Swedish tax-like marriage, is designed for hunting fox and hare. In spite of its short paws, the bistro dog runs. The drever on the hunt is very stubborn, malicious and stubborn to the beast. In addition to hunting abilities, the dog has a gentle nature, so it gets along well with all family members and other animals.

Hunting dogs photos of the breed Drever.

American Foxhound

The ancestors of this dog were the English Foxhound and the French Hound. Today, these dogs are called the best among hunters, but in ancient times they were used to track down Indians. American Foxhound has a slender, toned body, and they are also incredibly resilient and persistent in a robot.

Hunting dogs are an American Foxhound breed.

Hunting dogs husky

A special role and mission belongs to the hunting dogs husky, which in the majority have universal dog qualities, as well as beautiful appearance and wit. Dogs of this type are not only the best hunters, but also sled dogs, which are used for movement by snow fields and mountain ranges. Consider the name of the hunting dogs, as well as the characteristics of the breeds of this subspecies.

Karelian-Finnish Like

Karelian-Finnish Laika is a beautiful Laika with an ancient history, it is also called the Finnish Spitz. She has a beautiful red color, looks like a fox, has a beautiful bushy tail. To hunt it must be taught from a young age, in 4-5 months there should be a first acquaintance with the beast. Karelo-Finnish Laika is suitable for keeping in an apartment.

Husky hunting dogs - Karelo-Finnish husky (photo by Karelgerda)

West Siberian Like

West Siberian husky is a versatile hunter with sharp eyesight, hearing, and scent. And the speed and perseverance on the hunt will allow the dog to drive into a dead end not only the small but also the big beast. Due to its good and true character, this dog enjoys an unusual popular hunters' environment. The dog is very active and needs an active and fun life.

Hunting dog husky - photo West Siberian husky.

Russian-European Like

The Russo-European Laika is an excellent hunting-type dog that is designed for catching squirrels, ducks, foxes, hares and even wild boars and bears. For dogs of this breed is characterized by powerful muscles and black and white, or completely black with a small white spot color. They are incredibly active, mobile, full of strength and energy, hunting for them their whole life, so they are ready to work in all weather conditions.

Hunting dog breeds - Russian-European laika.

Karelian Like

Karelian husky - comes from a long-time Old Karelian beast husky. The ancestors of the Karelian husky were wolf-shaped, so it is not surprising that the dog has well-developed slanting cheekbones characteristic of a wolf. The dog has a beautiful body, powerful bones and a wide chest. Karelian laika looks very similar to a wolf.

Yakut Like

The Yakut husky is a rather large dog-hunter with an average coat length and thick undercoat, as well as an unusual color of black and white, gray and red shades. She has a proud character that accommodates the best devils of a hunting and riding dog. The Yakut Laika is also a good defender and is ready to protect its owner from the wolf and the bear.

Hunting dogs - Yakut Laika breed (photo by Krista Rosenlöf).

East Siberian Like

East Siberian husky is an excellent riding and hunting dog bred in Russia. Their wild passion for hunting allows them to catch both big and small beasts. The dog gets along well with the person, listens and learns the bistro. It has excellent working quality, which is so necessary for life in the Siberian taiga.

Hunting dogs - East Siberian (photo by springgeri).

Norwegian Elkhound

Norwegian Elkhound, or elk dog - the best hunting dogs on a large beast. The versatility of this breed allows the dog to be a saw guard, a dedicated bodyguard, an excellent hunter, a loyal friend. Many people appreciate this dog for its inherent sensitivity and charm towards a person, as well as the ability to adapt to different conditions.

Husky hunting dogs - Norwegian Elkhound (photo by growwel).

Karelian Bear Dog

Karelian Bear Dog - looks very similar to the Russian-European husky. Используется для ловли медведя, кабана, лося и других больших зверей. Характер этой собаки очень темпераментный, отличается дикой злостью по отношению к добыче и мелким домашним животным. Поэтому, из-за этой агрессивности собака не применяется для охраны но, даже находясь в вольере, известит хозяина об опасности.

Охотничьи лайки — Карельская медвежья собака (фото by Fraczek.marcin).

Russian hunting spaniel

Russian hunting spaniel - well adapted in apartment conditions. Possesses powerful intuition, has a keen sense of smell and hearing. His character is cheerful and fun, and the dog itself is very cute and enduring. It is used to catch wild goat, hare, and drach.

Russian hunting spaniel (photo by Gytis Cibulskis).

English Cocker Spaniel

English Cocker Spaniel - legends and cheerful pet. Due to its perseverance and sensitivity, endurance and perseverance, it is used in hunting. Dogs of this breed are inclined to immense barking, but in order to please the owner they try to be obedient, but they do not always succeed, and they quickly learn.

Hunting dogs photo - English Cocker Spaniel (photo by Kurt).

American Cocker Spaniel

American Cocker Spaniel - active and capable dogs. Thanks to curiosity and wit, they quickly learn teams that get along well with children and other animals. The dog has a funny appearance and long ears. It is used for catching birds and small fluffy animals.

Hunting dogs - American Cocker Spaniel (photo dogs & music).

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - a dog with a noble history and an unusually beautiful appearance. The fact is that the British bred this breed for hunting birds and a small beast. Today, representatives of this breed is one of the favorite pets.

Breeds of hunting dogs - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (photo by Ana Fuentes).

Japanese hin

Japanese hin - in ancient times only the rich and aristocrats could afford this dog. A small dog of amazing beauty was considered the messenger of the gods. At the present time, the Japanese chin belongs to the room-decorative type. But its original purpose was to hunt a rabbit and a rabbit.

Hunting dogs Spaniels - Japanese hin (photo by Krysta).

Continental Toy Spaniel

Continental toy-spaniel - depending on the ears, there are two types of this breed: papillion (standing ears) and falen (hanging ears). Today, these dogs are representatives of the room-decorative type, but in ancient times it was used to catch mice and other rodents.

Photos of hunting dogs with names - Papilion (by Andrew Petersen).

Tibetan Spaniel

The Tibetan Spaniel is a breed of dogs that has more than 2000 years old, in antiquity were intended to protect Tibetan monasteries. Despite their pretty looks, they have a stubborn and persistent character. Tibetan spaniels were brought to Europe to hunt birds.

Small hunting dogs - Tibetan Spaniel (photo by funkgirldeluxe).

Epanol Breton

Epanol Breton - energetic hard-working dogs that are able to work in any weather. Excellent hunters are irresistible in the hunt for a partridge, pheasant, wild duck. Dogs are playful and graceful in nature, do not constitute labor in education.

Good hunting dogs - Epanol Breton (photo from Pharaoh Hound).

Clamber spaniel

The Clumber Spaniel is the largest spaniel dog. His appearance is astonishing, and the dog itself is very intelligent and well-mannered, humble and a little slow and lazy, but it also has an iron patience. Used for hunting pheasant and partridge. It tolerates rain and sun.

Pictures of hunting dogs - Clumber Spaniel breed (photo by hujanen53).

Welsh Springer Spaniel

The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a compact and durable dog with a vulnerable soul. It is easy to learn, but does not tolerate stiffness and cry. Gets along well with humans and other animals, adores children. This is a fun companion, and in laughter it is used for catching birds.

The best hunting dog breed is the Welsh Springer Spaniel (photo by Tony Harrison).

Hunting hounds

Characteristic features of greyhounds hunting dogs - high running speed and endurance. Dogs of this group of breeds are used for hunting animals without hunting. Now these greyhounds are popular:

  • Afghan hound
  • Azawak
  • Greyhound
  • Deerhound
  • Irish Wolfhound
  • Italian greyhound
  • Russian hunting sighthound
  • Pots
  • Whippet
  • Pharaoh Hound

The breeds listed above are not only excellent beast hunters, but also good and faithful companions. Choosing a hunting-type dog, you bring into the house a merry creature that can protect both you and your home. Well, if you are a tireless hunter, then the four-legged assistant is always happy to help you in this matter. Hunting has always been a gambling sport, and if the main role of this sport is a persistent and cunning dog, then the struggle will be even more interesting and unpredictable.

Hunting-type dogs have an unusual character aspiration to run, twist, search. For them to show a high result, you need to work hard. Dogs of this type are very intelligent and able to work not only with humans, but also with other animals. But it should be noted, and the bad qualities of this subspecies - hunter dogs are very trusting even to a man with a gun.

What are the hunting breeds of dogs?

In total there are about 45 breeds of hunting dogs. Photos and their names will help to study each species and determine what is the difference between them. There are such types as:

  • greyhounds,
  • huskies
  • hounds
  • the cops
  • burrows,
  • spaniels,
  • receivers.

Hunting dogs necessarily need constant training and exercise, without which they begin to hurt. They are not suitable as a guard, as they have unlimited trust in people.

Dog breeds

Looking at the dog breeds of hunting dogs with photos and names, you can determine how they differ from all other species. Such dogs are considered the largest group. They received their name due to the fact that some of them went to bed, thus denoting the location of the game found. However, some representatives of the breed did only stand on the game found.

Pointing dogs began to be used as hunting dogs several centuries ago. They also help a person with a firearm. For these breeds characterized by the presence of a good instinct. Having discovered the game, the dog literally freezes in place, showing the owner its location. At the command of the owner, she must frighten the bird and make it fly to the shot. Much less often they are used when hunting for small animals. By the island include such rocks as:

  • English setter or laverak,
  • Irish Setter,
  • English Pointer.

In addition, there are more than 30 breeds of continental eagles, bred in European countries. Among the most popular breeds can be identified such as:

Many believe that the cops are the most versatile dogs. According to their reviews, the supply of game in these breeds refers to innate qualities. Despite the very beautiful appearance of the animals, the hunting dog's instincts make these representatives somewhat difficult to keep only as a pet. In addition to hunting, they are required daily walks with the possibility of active games and jogging.

The best universal is considered to be a dog Drathaar, which was bred for a long time. They hunt absolutely any animal and bird, as they can attack pheasant, duck, hares, fluffy foxes, even a bear. This is a classic dog that hunts down prey always silently.

Cop breeds are different in that they:

  • hardy
  • patient
  • endowed with wonderful flair.

This type of dog is particularly well suited for hunting in meadows or in very wet places.

Dog hounds

What are the hounds of hunting dogs? With photographs and titles describing these representatives will help determine exactly how they look. In addition, it will be easier to pick the desired breed of dog. Hounds are intended for hunting hares, wild boars and foxes. The most positive qualities of these breeds of dogs include:

  • keen sense of smell
  • endurance,
  • perseverance in the pursuit of prey.

Having found the smell of the beast, the hound raises a loud barking and tirelessly chases the game, driving it towards its owner. By nature, they are friendly, pets, and the birds are completely indifferent to them. It is worth noting that they mainly work in packs. Hunters usually contain not one hound dog, as they feel much better when they live in a company. In total there are about 30 species of hound dogs, among which you need to highlight such as:

  • basset hound,
  • bloodhound,
  • the beagle,
  • ridgeback
  • Foxhound.

After reading the description of the basset-hound breed, you can be sure that it is a reliable assistant during the hunt, featuring a calm, affectionate character and an irresistible appearance. However, if he does not like something, he can be disobedient and stubborn. The description of the basset hound breed characterizes this dog as a tireless and hardy hunter, however, its attractive appearance has made them very popular as decorative animals. Representatives of this species very much need long active walks over long distances.

Dogs of breed bloodhounds are very affectionate, love children. However, they are very touchy. Moreover, they do not tolerate rudeness towards themselves. All dog insults remembers forever. Needs long and active walks without a leash.

Beagle Harer refers to the cheerful and affectionate dogs. He likes to walk on his own. However, it feels comfortable in absolutely any situation. Beagle Harrier has an excellent timbre of voice, beautiful appearance and excellent health.

Rhodesian Ridgeback is originally from Africa. This is a fairly large, muscular dog, which showed itself well when hunting for large animals. Distinctive features of this species are the presence on the back of a sufficiently large wool spot, which grows in the strictly opposite direction from the main coat.

The description of the English Foxhound breed deserves special attention, as it is one of the oldest dog breeds. Representatives of this species do not tolerate loneliness at all, which is why they are brought up in flocks. Foxhounds have a stubborn character and prefer to lead a fairly active lifestyle.

Drever is a dog designed primarily for hunting a hare and a fox. The animal is very affectionate and good-natured in nature, which is why it gets along very well with all the other members of the household. However, having gone out on a hunt, his character completely changes, the dog becomes stubborn, vicious and completely defies hunter.

Borzoi dog breeds

Hunting with borzoi dogs does not imply the use of any firearm at all. They are able to independently get the beast. The Russian hound, as it is surprisingly graceful, is considered to be the most prominent representative of this group. When hunting, they are used singly, in pairs or even whole packs. The owners of these dogs, who are not hunters, must take them to the field to preserve their stamina.

However, the speed champions are the Greyhounds, who, among other things, are clever and well-trained. Among the most popular types of hunting dogs can be identified such as:

  • Irish Wolfhound,
  • Afghan native hound,
  • Azawak,
  • Dirhound,
  • Irish Wolfhound.

Greyhound breeds of dogs are well suited exclusively for unarmed hunting of small fur animals, some species of ungulates and even foxes. They have high visual acuity and are not overworked when running. Just seeing a game, a dog, especially in an open area, can develop a very high speed, and having caught the beast can strangle him. However, it is worth remembering that the scent of greyhounds of dog breeds is developed rather weakly. Therefore, they only use flair in exceptional cases.

One of the brightest representatives of this species is the Australian or kangaroo greyhound dog, which at one time was bred specifically for hunting kangaroos, which cause much trouble to farmers and destroying crops. They are distinguished by high speed, courage and ingenuity. Today, this breed is on the verge of extinction, as it banned the hunting of kangaroos, and because of its aggressiveness, this dog is not suitable as a companion.

Husky dogs

Huskies play a special role in hunting, as these dogs are distinguished by wit, universal hunting qualities and a fairly attractive appearance. These are not all of their benefits. This species is used not only as good hunters, but also as sled dogs. They are simply indispensable when traveling over snow-covered fields and mountains.

Among these representatives of hunting dogs you need to highlight the Karelian-Finnish husky. In appearance, it is somewhat reminiscent of a fox with a luxurious fluffy tail and a reddish shade of wool. It is necessary to teach a puppy to hunt from early childhood. She is considered an excellent companion.

West Siberian is considered to be a universal animal with excellent hearing, scent and sight. On the hunt, this breed of dogs shows incredible stubbornness and is able to catch up with absolutely any animal, regardless of its size. Animals are mobile and require special conditions of detention, allowing you to lead an active lifestyle. Due to its cheerful and devoted character, the breed has gained great demand among hunters.

Russian-European husky is one of the most popular hunting dog species for hare, squirrel, wild duck, fox, bear and wild boar. They have a strong and durable, strong body. Their color can be completely black with a small white speck or just black and white. They have incredible energy, active, mobile.

It is worth remembering that if a husky is trained on a large animal, then it cannot be retrained into a small animal, and vice versa.

Dog retrievers

Retrievers, who at one time were bred as a friend dog, are especially popular. However, now Labradors and retrievers are being established more and more often as a good companion, distinguished by good character and loyalty to a person.

As a hunting dog, the breed is often used for hunting birds. They have a fairly soft jaw. That is why they can bring prey without damaging it at all. A good hunting retriever can swim well even in cold water and work in very dense thickets.

Norny dogs

Breeds of hunting dogs are characterized by mobility, endurance, intended for hunting animals living in burrows. In addition, they are very useful in harassing hares, black grouses, and can, if necessary, bring a wounded duck out of the water. The tactics of hunting with such dogs is quite simple, because, climbing into the burrow, the dog kicks out its prey directly to the hunter or simply drags the prey out of the hole. However, it is worth remembering that burrowing dogs are completely irreconcilable with domestic animals and birds. When acquiring a burrow hunting dog, you need to be prepared for the fact that they can tear the chicken, hunt cats and even other dogs.

All burrowed dogs are characterized by a rather brave temperament, tirelessness. They are very fast and hardy, so they can compete even with spaniels. Yagdterrier belongs to the universal dogs, as it can simultaneously hunt for waterfowl, fur animals and even wild boar. With relatively small stature, these dogs have iron willpower, endurance and endurance. If necessary, these bold and strong animals can even attack a dangerous, wild beast, which is several times larger.

Due to their stamina and dedication, the lop-diter is considered the most sought-after hunting dogs. In addition, unlike the rest of the breeds, they track down the trail of blood and are already quite successfully pursuing their future victim.

Dachshund refers to intelligent and intelligent animals. She absolutely does not tolerate a rude and scornful attitude towards herself. Improperly conducted education can greatly affect the character of the dog and spoil it. How does this affect the pet? At the wrong upbringing, the dog will become disobedient, stubborn, will not respect its owner and will start revenge, doing minor dirty tricks. Dachshunds are very curious. They constantly hunt and just love hunting. Dachshunds have excellent health and a very stable nervous system.

Spaniel dog breed

Cocker spaniels have gained a lot of popularity due to their friendly nature and optimistic mood. They just get along well with many other pets, trainable and obedient. However, dogs of this breed need the constant attention of their owner and do not tolerate solitude at all.

The most popular breeds of hunting dogs

One of the most sought-after varieties of hunting breeds is the dog Drathaar, which is great for hunting any kind of game. Among the positive qualities of this dog you need to highlight:

  • endurance,
  • high level of intelligence
  • tough fur
  • perseverance.

Another good hunting dog is Kurzhaar, which belongs to universal breeds. Among the positive aspects of this breed can be distinguished by greater mobility and endurance, as well as the ability to swim well. Людям, не занимающимся охотой, не рекомендуется заводить дратхаара и курцхаара, так как эти породы отличаются неуемным темпераментом. Из-за этого они не могут жить без приключений.

The Akita Inu dog breed is considered to be quite interesting and in demand. This is one of the most ancient and large Japanese breeds, which proved to be good hunters. In addition, it is suitable as a faithful and reliable companion. She can be a good and faithful friend for single elderly people.

Akita Inu has long been considered a very good hunting dog, with which people hunted bears. It is believed that this breed was bred by the domestication of the Japanese wolf. Perhaps that is why she has high intelligence, self-esteem. She is valued for her pure blood, as in all countries strictly control her breeding.

The Weimaraner breed of dogs is quite rare and is now used only as a reliable pony dog. This is an easily trained animal that can be used not only in hunting, but also as a good companion. There are long-haired and short-haired species. Shorthair most preferred for content in the apartment. They are much easier to care for, and much less they pollute the apartment with falling hair. And she has this kind of long. It is enough to clean the wool only once a week with a stiff brush. Most often they are presented at the exhibition of hunting dogs.

Weimaraner breed is aggressive to the beast and mistrustful to strangers, but very strongly attached to the owners. This animal very quickly becomes a real member of the family. However, it is of little use for keeping it in aviaries.

Another interesting breed is considered to be the Ariège braque, which at one time was rather slow and cumbersome, and has now become a fast and graceful bosom dog. It has a low set docked tail, a pendant on the neck, folded ears, some bow-shaped and oval paws. This dog has a good scent and is great for working in difficult rugged terrain.

Anyone who sees a Breton Basset hound dog immediately wants to stroke it. This is due to the fact that it has long ears, sad eyes, an elongated torso, and short legs. She is very kind, cheerful and willingly walks with children.

What to consider when choosing a dog?

The choice of a hunting dog is quite difficult, especially, this applies to those who have never dealt with such breeds. Hunting is ideal for those whose ancestors were also used for hunting, as many of the skills that are available are passed down strictly.

It is worth remembering that most hunting dog breeds have a certain aggressiveness towards humans. That is why they are not suitable as guards. The choice of dog depends on the type of hunting you are going to do.

Hunting dog breed groups

There are currently about one hundred hunting dog breeds in the world, but about 30 of them are the most well-known and common, and we get to know many rare breeds exclusively from photographs and names. Many hunting dogs have become widespread in certain countries and are actively used by local hunters. Outside of these states, specific breeds are practically unknown.

Many names of hunting breeds are well known to dog lovers in Russia.

After reviewing the photos and names of dogs, you can get an idea solely about their appearance. However, choosing a dog with certain working qualities in this way is impossible. The list of hunting dogs with photos should be supplemented with the characteristics of each breed, a description of their working qualities and features of the organization of socialization, training and training for a particular type of game.

Based on the similarity of appearance, as well as the history of origin, all hunting dogs are divided into certain groups of breeds. Many names of hunting breeds are well known to dog lovers in Russia. But there are breeds that are quite rare and rather not deservedly ignored by local hunters.

Hunting hounds dogs

The hounds are the largest group of breeds. A distinctive feature of the hounds is a sharp gut and incredible endurance. Hounds are able to chase the beast, not slowing down, about 100 kilometers. The ancestors of these breeds were pickling dogs that were used during hunting in the Middle Ages.

Important characteristics of beagles are viscosity, anger, polazy, prowess, paratha, obedience (politeness). The main quality of the hounds is viscosity, that is, perseverance in the search for prey and the ability to quickly find a mark on a chipping (loss). Due to their natural working qualities, the breeds that are presented below have the greatest distribution.

Pharaoh Hound

This is a special and rather rare breed of primitive hunting dogs: many will most likely meet with photos and the name of this breed for the first time. The dog has a strong hunting instinct. Sensing the prey, it will begin to pursue her, not paying attention to the host commands.

Given this feature, Pharaoh's dog must be clearly and consistently trained in commands, with the help of which it will be possible to manage it.

The initial purpose of this breed is the hunt for waterfowl and hares. With proper training, the dog can be used to catch foxes. The peculiarity of the breed is that its search for prey is of little interest.

Whippet with pleasure pursues prey. Moreover, the dog experiences an interest in the beast only in the course of the race, and having caught it, it can throw the prey and return to the owner with nothing.

The steppe hound dog of the eastern group, originated in nomadic tribes. Possess incredible agility, vigilance. Mastery in the pursuit of the beast and the ability to grab it on the run. Tazy have a keen sense of smell and, after appropriate training, are able to find it on their own and catch up without any command.

The breed in our country is quite rare, so the main idea can be given by the description and photo of this dog.

Russian hunting sighthound

From time immemorial it was used in a driven hunt without the use of a gun. Dogs work packs, raising the beast from the bed and catching up at high speed. Congenital dexterity allows the Russian borzoi to overcome even the strongest beast.

With proper training, this breed is able to take the beast at a distance of 400-500 meters.

The description of this dog creates the impression of a fragile, tender creature. But by origin and purpose it is still a hunting breed. The apparent fragility of the body of this breed is deceptive. Italian greyhound is strong, fast enough, hardy dog.

Possessing all necessary working qualities. The first training of the breed begins in 4-5 months using mechanical hares.

Irish Wolfhound

The dog is huge in stature with long legs, providing it with high speed in running. Wolfhound is indispensable in the hunt for wolves, able to cope with the strongest and largest beast. This breed is absolutely not suitable for the role of a guard, because there is not a drop of aggression in a person.

Azawak is a hunting breed of Tuareg tribes living in the territory of the Southern Sahara. Agile and hardy hunter from Africa, able to chase the beast at speeds up to 60 kilometers per hour. Azawak is hardy and brave, can fight even with a large beast.

The dog requires early consistent and persistent training. Azawak copes well with the role of the guard, as it has excellent security qualities.

Afghan hound

At all times, this breed was used by man exclusively as hunters. Depending on the area where the breed was bred, it was used in the hunt for mountain goats and sheep, deer, jackals, and fox hares. Less commonly, Afghan women participated in a wolf pen.

With proper training, the breed becomes fully manageable during the hunt. At the same time, high intelligence helps afghan to make independent decisions in non-standard situations.

In this breed, playfulness is combined with endurance, keen sense of smell and calmness in relation to the caught beast. Having caught up with the prey, the greyhound does not torment it, but calmly aportes the owner.

Greyhound pritravku begin with 3-4 months, with the help of a ball practicing the command "Serve". At 8-9 months, training continues with the use of a full-haired pellet.

The dog is calm at home and bold and gambling during the hunt. The breed has a unique flair, lightning reaction, and is used for hunting deer and roe without using guns.

The breed requires regular training and hunting trips, otherwise the dog will become lazy and apathetic.

West Siberian Like

With the correct nataske can be used in the hunt for any animal. From an early age, the owner should teach this dog to obedience, because excessive self-confidence when meeting with a serious beast can end very badly.

But excessive severity in training is also not allowed. Such a dog will lose interest in the hunt, it will become inactive.

East Siberian Like

The breed has an innate ability to hunt, therefore, is able to work independently, even without special coaching. But for success in the prey of the beast, special training is necessary. The dog must be taught to find the beast and only after that give a voice so that its location will be known to the hunter.

Hunting dogs Spaniels with description and photos

Spaniels - the oldest group of breeds, which are the predecessors of the cops. They differ from other breeds in agility in search of prey and extraordinary excitement. Spaniels carefully search every bush under which the beast can hide. They drive the game to the hunter, accompanying their actions with a variety of barking, according to which the owner understands what the pet is doing at the moment.

According to the barking and the behavior of the dog, the hunter can determine not only the type of the beast found, but even his gender. Spaniels have no equal in the hunt for water. They deftly dive and take the bird out of the snags. The group includes the following breeds.