Bald cats: breed name, photos, description


Bald cats (bare cats) - one of the most unusual representatives among the cat family. Their skin almost completely devoid of wool, an unusual physique and incredible grace became the cause of constant interest from people. Absolutely indifferent to this breed is not: you can love bald "sphinxes" or feel disgust for them, but it is impossible to remain indifferent.

The history of sphinxes

The reason for the appearance of hairless cats has not yet been fully disclosed. The first mention of them appear in antiquity. According to the legends, such cats were kept in the Aztec temples: the ancient inhabitants of South America revered them as mediators between people and gods.

A similar attitude bald cats met in ancient Egypt. It is the unusual similarity between the modern hairless beauties and the images on the walls of the pyramids gave the sphinx cats their name.

Contrary to the common time, hairless cats are not fully designer nature. Surprisingly, all their unique features of appearance were created by nature itself, through a number of mutations.

For centuries, animals completely devoid of the gene responsible for hair, were born in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Australia, France. It still could not be called a full-fledged breed - the lack of wool remained a random sign, and did not depend on either the sex or the generosity of the parents.

In 1903, two such kittens, a boy and a girl, were described in the "Book of Cats" by Francis Simpson. They were acquired in Mexico from one of the Indian leaders, and, according to the author, were the last representatives of the ancient breed. Dick and Nelly never gave birth to any offspring, and for almost three decades the gene was considered lost.

In 1938, geneticist Letard received two hairless kittens by crossing Siamese cats. To the disappointment of the scientist, to their offspring, this feature was not transmitted. The same thing happened in the following years in the most diverse countries of the world: Siamese babies continually were born completely or partially deprived of hair, but their kittens could already be with or without wool. The name of the lucky person who finally managed to fix this mutation remains unknown - as well as the exact year of the appearance of the breed.

Character and habits

Many people disdain to start sphinxes - they are repelled, in the first place, by an unusual, somewhat frightening, appearance. However, having got acquainted with them closer, most of the ardent opponents literally fall in love with these animals, joining the ranks of their fans.

This is not surprising: it is difficult to find a breed that is more attached to its owners. Sphinxes did not completely inherit the capricious temper of their Siamese relatives. They are absolutely not vindictive, fearless, and so affectionate that they are ready not to get out of the master's hands all day: if only they would be petted.

Those who decide to start a hairless pet in their home need to remember a few important features of their character:

  1. Bald cats love affection and attention. They are constantly drawn to the hands, at any opportunity try to jump on their knees or sit closer to the owner.
  2. A special pleasure in them causes a touch to the muzzle. They adore when their ears are crumpled, they scratch the area around their eyes, and from a kiss on the nose they will be absolutely happy.
  3. If guests have come to you, be prepared for the fact that your pet will be gentle with everyone who came to the house. Naked cats are not frightened by strangers at all, they are happy to turn their sides for scratching, they purr loudly and express their pleasure.
  4. These animals have a great affection for the owner. Unlike their furry relatives, they are not inclined to individualism. Owners they remember instantly and differ in devotion, characteristic, rather, for dogs.
  5. Bald cats are very smart. They instantly remember the place for feeding and their own name, you can accustom them to the tray in one or two times. They remember the new teams effortlessly, so don’t be surprised if a tailed good girl will bring you slippers or show off the wonders of training.
  6. And, surprisingly, they absolutely do not know how to be capricious. Externally eccentric, they are very calm and conflict-free.
  7. This breed is great for families where there are already other animals or small children. "Moon cats" are very friendly to everyone around, they get along quietly with dogs, turtles and guinea pigs.

The main problem faced by owners of bald cats is precisely their sociability. They absolutely can not stand loneliness. If a sphinx settled in your house, you will have to forget about the closed doors. Left alone, the cat will grieve, meow and try to get out of the room. It is possible that this can end not only stress for the animal, but also damaged furniture and wallpaper.

Maintenance and care

Cats of this breed are not too whimsical, but their genetic features still require attention and a bit of work from the owners. What reefs can expect those who decided to get a hairless sphinx?

  • Skin care. All bald cats sweat, brown patches form on the skin. Several times a week, the skin should be wiped with a damp cloth moistened with a special lotion. Pay special attention to the folds between the fingertips and behind the ears. Do not forget also that this breed is contraindicated in direct sunlight.
  • Due to the lack of wool and dark skin, they instantly burn, easily get heatstroke and dehydration. They also do not like the cold - which is not surprising, because they do not have a fur coat, like other representatives of the cat family.
  • Ears care. They should be regularly cleaned with cotton swabs or tampons.

Metabolism in such animals is increased, they eat a lot and everything they are given. Remember that some foods are harmful to any cat. These include chocolate, sweets, alcohol, onions and garlic, avocados, raisins. Adult animals are also not recommended to give milk (except for the lactation period): almost all have lactose intolerance. However, you can always treat your pet with ryazhenka or kefir.

Kittens bald cats hard to break away from mother's milk. When transferred to regular food, diarrhea can begin, the baby will quickly begin to lose weight. In this case, a visit to the vet can not be postponed for a day.

Otherwise, sphinxes are quite resistant to infections, rarely get sick in adulthood. However, to achieve this, it is necessary to vaccinate your pet, and from time to time appear to the cat doctor.

Canadian sphinx

Cats of this breed have wool, however, very short and rare. To the touch they seem to be plush.

In the cold season, during estrus or pregnancy, with improper nutrition, longer hairs grow from them.

A feature of the Canadian Sphynx are twisted forepaws, pear-shaped belly, as well as the tail, slightly pressed to the side and often rolled into a ring.

Don Sphynx

But their relatives, Don Sphynx, are completely devoid of wool. But their skin itself is very soft and silky.

These beauties represent the top of grace: long legs, elongated body, thin “fingers” and large ears.

Their muzzle seems extraordinarily expressive due to the large almond-shaped eyes. Surprisingly, the cubs have a mustache, however, as they mature, they disappear.

Petersburg sphinxes or peterbolds are considered one of the most elegant representatives in the whole breed.

They are famous for the elongated shape of the muzzle, divorced in the direction of the ears and fragile, slim physique.

Peterbalds are very curious, very friendly, smart and active. They easily get along with other cats and other pets, besides get on well with children.

Ukrainian Levkoy

Original appearance boasts Ukrainian Levkoy. Hanging ears, obtained from a distant ancestor - a Scottish Fold cat - give this breed a phlegmatic, slightly drowsy appearance.

This impression is mistaken: such cats are very mobile and curious.

At the same time, their bones are rather fragile, so owners will have to take care and close the top doors of the cabinets and hanging shelves from the four-legged explorer.

In 2006, a new experimental breed was created in Arkansas - bambino, a child in Italian.

Outwardly, these animals resemble a curious, slightly awkward, but cute kitten. A characteristic feature is the shortened forepaws and a long, pear-shaped body.

Kids are very affectionate, and can play for hours - for which, in fact, got their name.

Hawaiian Cat (Kohona)

Surprisingly, the only truly bald cat is Kohana, or Hawaiian hairless.

They have completely no hair follicles. This is the rarest breed in the world. And, accordingly, one of the most expensive.

Despite the diversity of species, all these beauties are very affectionate, and in recent years they have managed to firmly win a place in the hearts of admirers of the exotic.

As you might guess, these cats were named so for the original, curved shape of the ears.

The advantage of the form is considered to be a round, protruding belly and soft skin resembling cashmere.

Cats elves - gentle and friendly cats, get along great with children. They are very sociable and inquisitive.

Very similar to them are cats-dolfi. They differ in the same ears which are bent up, but their paws are much shorter, and their weight rarely reaches 2 kg.

As on the whole body of dolfes, and in its separate parts, there can be a small, easily noticeable down.

This breed appeared as a result of a breeding program by crossing the American curl, Munchkin and the Canadian Sphynx.

From the history of the breed

Surprisingly, these animals are not the work of human hands. How bald cats appeared, neither history nor science can give an exact answer. Scientists are inclined to believe that such unusual kittens are very rarely born in ordinary cats. This is due to a mutation of the gene that is responsible for coat.

The first information about these unusual animals came from Mexico in 1903. Later, the mention of them appeared in one or the other end of the world. Some animal lovers liked these gentle and kind creatures. Therefore, steel experiments are being carried out to cross to obtain similar offspring. It cannot be said that all attempts were successful, but nature made sure that bald cats survived as a breed. It continues to evolve, and perhaps soon we will see changed animals. Nowadays, bald cats (sphinx breed) are divided into several species.

Breed and its varieties

These animals lived in the palaces of ancient Egypt. Then for a very long time, people seemed to have forgotten about them, but the most surprising thing is that they did not disappear, but spread to all continents. By the beginning of the twentieth century, naked cats had already taken part in exhibitions. The following types of these cats are especially popular today:

  • Don Sphynx.
  • Canadian Sphynx.
  • Peterbald (Petersburg sphinx).
  • Elf.
  • Ukrainian Levkoy.
  • Kohona (Hawaiian Hairless).
  • Bambino

What are the differences between these animals and do they exist? Let's get acquainted closer.

Canadian sphinxes

The appearance of these cats is very attractive and unusual. The bald cat, whose photo can be seen in all publications about these animals, has rounded and very smooth body lines. The body has no hair at all, it is covered only by numerous folds. This is especially evident in newborn kittens, and with age, the folds are slightly reduced.

The Canadian Sphynx is distinguished by its large, beautiful eyes. For their extraordinary brilliance, this type of sphinx is sometimes called the "moon cat." Canadian sphinxes are recognized as one of the most beautiful cats in their breed.

The bald Sphynx cat peterbold very much resembles an ordinary oriental cat, but without hair. And in this case, appearance is not deceptive. Petersburgers bred by crossing the Don Sphynx with an Oriental cat. They have a narrow and elongated head, large almond-shaped eyes, a rather slender and slightly elongated body, long limbs and very neat paws. Mostly peterbolds have a friendly character. They are smart, playful and very inquisitive. They do not seek independence, and often even avoid it. Peterbalds get along well with children, quickly find friends among other pets. Because of this, these cats are very popular.

Breed of bald lop-eared cats - Ukrainian Levkoy

This bald cat, photos of which are often shown by breeders, was bred in Kiev 10 years ago. They are the result of the mating of Scottish Fold and the Don Sphynx. I must say that these animals combine the features of these two breeds. The left coats are hairless, although the presence of a brush (small gun) over the body is allowed.

The head, neck, groin area and abdomen are covered with folds. They are not as pronounced as in the Don Sphynx. From Scottish Fold they got lop-eared. This gives the animals a very unusual look.

If the levkoev ears hang down like a Scottish fold, the bald sphynx cat of the variety elf has ears, the tips of which are bent to the back of the head. Thanks to them, animals and received such a name.

Elves have no hair and quite justifiably apply to bald cats. This unusual appearance they received as a result of mating American Curls with sphinxes. On this type of cats began to work in the early XX century, however, these animals have not yet been officially recognized.

Cats of the bambino species look like little and funny dachshunds. Such a cat has a muscular and rounded body, a pointed muzzle, large pointed ears and large almond-shaped eyes.

These features and folds on the body of a bambino were awarded to a bald cat Sphynx (you see the photo in our article), and he received shortened limbs from the munchkin. In this animal, the folds on the body are not so pronounced.

Despite their short paws, these cats are very agile, although it is quite difficult for them to climb high furniture. These are playful and sociable animals. Bambino different original exterior, which will allow them in the near future to win the hearts of millions of cat lovers around the world.

This cat is very similar to the sphinx, although there are no kinship between them. Kohona arose naturally, man did not participate in its creation. She lives in Hawaii. Her name is translated from the local dialect as "bald."

If sphinxes skin feels like velvet, then Hawaiian hairless cats look more like melted wax. This is explained by the fact that representatives of this breed have no hair follicles, and this means that hair growth is impossible. Why and how this mutation arose, scientists have not yet established.

How to wash a bald cat?

This issue should be given special attention. Sphynx should be bathed at least once every two weeks, because these cats sweat. For this purpose, you should use special shampoos for bald cats or baby soap. Do not worry that bathing will be unpleasant to the Scythian, as representatives of other breeds. Bald cats are very fond of water treatments, and many of them are first-class swimmers.

Hygiene and nutrition

Do not forget that the sphinx needs to clean its ears, cut its claws so that it does not scratch itself. A naked cat needs an increased level of heat exchange, so she eats a lot more feed than her "dressed" fellows. And in winter, increase the calorie content of food.

In the diet of the Sphinx must be present vegetables - carrots, cauliflower, beets, zucchini. They need to teach the kitten from an early age. From dairy products you need cottage cheese, yogurt or kefir, a little cheese, which is added to porridge or vegetables, boiled meat and fish, egg yolk.

Anyone who wants to have such a pet, you should know that the nature of these animals is significantly different from ordinary cats. They like dogs more. They prefer to choose the owner and boundlessly attached to it. Sphinxes do not tolerate loneliness, they should be started only by people who spend more time at home than outside of it. If a bald cat is given to other people even for a short time, it can get sick from anguish.

Bald cats love children very much. Despite the somewhat intimidating look, these are very gentle and gentle creatures. They love when they are stroked, and sometimes it seems that they understand the master's speech perfectly.

If you have a sphinx, then you probably wondered what to call a bald cat. Choose names for pedigree sphinxes should be based on some of their features. If you bought a kitten in the kennel, look in his documents. Some breeders themselves call newborns, while others indicate in the documents only the letter with which the cat's name should begin. For example, if the metric contains the letter K, then for your cat such names as Cassiopeia, Clarissa, Cassandra, etc. will do.

Kota can be called a name from Egyptian history or mythology. The most appropriate nicknames are Osiris, Seth, Yahnus. А царственной кошке подойдет имя Клеопатра или Нефертити, Исида или Бастет и т. д.

Запомните, что кошки лучше всего запоминают клички, в которых есть звук К и шипящие звуки. Поэтому они так реагируют на традиционное «кис-кис». If such sounds are present in the name, and it will be no longer than two syllables, the baby will instantly learn it.

Sphinxes learn easily. Their memory and a developed sense of the simplest logic are very similar to the canine ones. They can bring small objects in the teeth to the owner, perform rather complex stunts, can open doors, etc. The sphinx is easy to train and train. They are absolutely not annoyed walking on a leash. They are very sociable and curious by nature, and therefore easily socialize.

Their habits and character give the owners pleasure - the Sphinx will watch TV with you and follow you on the heels of the apartment, wanting to be the center of attention.

Exercise and walking

We think that from our article it has already become clear to you that sphinxes are not created for life on the street, so they do not need daily walks. This can be done occasionally and only in good, warm and sunny weather. Two such walks per month are enough.

The best physical activity for the sphinx - the game. Get labyrinths and gymnastic equipment, toys, so that your pet can have fun, even if left alone.

This is also interesting!

When the word "cat" in most people, there is an image of a creature with a soft thick hair, which is so nice to touch. Bald cats seem to be created in order to contradict this stereotype. Among the many cat breeds, they occupy a special position, and can not boast of particular popularity, although their history of existence has more than one thousand years.

The ancient chronicles keep mention of the bald cats of Egypt, India and America of those times when it still completely belonged to the Indians. These cats lived in palaces and temples, their images were preserved on wall paintings, art objects and ritual attributes.

At the beginning of the 20th century, in his book, the writer Francis Simpson shared with readers a story about how he received two Aztec naked cats from the Indians of Mexico. These individuals are considered the last representatives of their unique breed, and they have sunk into oblivion, leaving no offspring.

However, after several decades, almost simultaneously in various parts of the United States and Canada, ordinary mongrel cats were born several hairless kittens. There are suggestions that the echoes of the distant spontaneous matings of naked Mexican cats with ordinary domestic animals manifested themselves in this way. At least, hairless sphinxes, which originate from those bald kittens, are very similar to the preserved images of Aztec cats.

Woolless breeds and their origin

In the past and current century, bald kittens from time to time appeared in the litters of ordinary cats in different parts of the world. Some of these kittens later became pioneers of new breed lines.

Hairless breeds that exist today:

  • Canadian Sphynx,
  • Don Sphynx,
  • Petersburg Sphynx or Peterbald,
  • Ukrainian Levkoy,
  • Elf,
  • Bambino
  • Dwelf,
  • Kohana or Hawaiian Hairless,
  • Face or werewolf cat.

Breeders did not contribute to the emergence of the first bald cats, but only consolidated the natural mutation spontaneously arising in them. Such an anomaly does not pose a direct danger to animal health, and is not genetically linked to any internal pathologies. That is, the health of bald cats is just as strong.

Of course, they are not adapted for living in the natural conditions of northern latitudes, and you will not meet them among stray people. In countries with cold climates, these are exclusively pets, and breeders carefully protect them from hypothermia.

There are suggestions that in antiquity bald cats lost their hair due to the climatic features of the regions where they lived. The historical foci of the appearance of their populations were located in areas with a hot climate, where wool was not only not needed, but even disturbed.

Petersburg sphinx or peterbald

This still very young breed owes its appearance to two others - the Don Sphynx and the Oriental cat. The peterbolds' skin features were borrowed from sphinxes, and the physique from the Orientals.

The breed classification carries the Peterbalds to the group of Oriental cats. They have a slender body and elongated head, long, thin paws and large, divorced to the sides of the ears. These are very elegant, slender cats.

Like the Don Sphynx, the Peterbald may not have any wool at all or there may be an almost imperceptible coat of the type “flock”, “velor” or “brush”. The skin of completely naked individuals looks and feels like rubber, while a special one with a short hair coat has a soft, expensive fabric.

Cohana or Hawaiian Hairless

A little known and very rare breed that appeared in Hawaii. Translated Kohana means "naked, undressed." The rock is also called rubber, because the skin of the Kohana feels like rubber or warm wax to the touch.

Breed is not recognized, its existence in general is questionable, although individual nurseries do exist. Externally, Kohana looks like a sphinx and is probably its natural mutation. But unlike sphinxes, the hair follicles in the skin of Kohans are absent altogether.

Snout or werewolf cat

In Greek, the name of the breed means “wolf”, and these cats really look like werewolves. Adults are partially or completely devoid of hair. They have a flexible massive body and a wedge-shaped head. The central part of the face is bald. Residual coat on the back of an exhausted-gray shade, very unusual, ragged.

Breed approved in 2012. The strange appearance of the face - a natural mutation, an anomaly of the development of hair follicles. The breed can be called conditionally hairless, because part of the cat face still has a rather long hair in some parts of the body.

Character of bald cats

From the memories of owners of naked Mexican cats it is known that these animals were unusually intelligent, kind, affectionate and intelligent. They were completely devoted to their owners, they loved to play and bathe in warm water.

As for the modern bald cats, then we can say about the same about them. These animals are adored for their good disposition and comprehension, excellent intuition, tact, and the ability to positively influence the state of health and psyche. Bioenergy claim that bald cats have a strong and positive biofield that can harmonize the environment around and cure diseases.

Bald cats are distinguished by high intelligence. They warmly treat all family members, are affectionate with children, do not conflict with other pets. They love affection and communication, they follow their owners around the apartment. Some owners compare naked cats with dogs - they are also dedicated and smart.

Bald cats are stress-resistant, tolerate the road well, so they will gladly share the joy of traveling with their owner. It is harder for them to survive a long separation than to get used to changing the situation.

If a bald cat will have to spend most of the time at home alone, for her psyche it can end sadly. Therefore, it is hardly possible to recommend to start such a cat forever employed at work.

Content Features

In some aspects, the content of a bald cat is more complicated than normal, and in some - easier. The advantage lies primarily in the fact that owners of hairless cats do not have the need to regularly clean the apartment from wool. But the cat itself needs more care, it needs to be washed frequently or wiped with wet wipes.

Some people believe that bald cats do not cause allergies. This is not entirely true, because allergy occurs not only on wool, but also on saliva and skin secretion. But the statement that bald cats are able to treat sore joints is true. The skin of a naked cat is very warm, and if you put your pet on a sore spot, a noticeable relief soon comes.

Hairless cats like to sleep on batteries. To prevent the animal from burning the skin, the batteries should be covered with fabric covers, and it is better to buy a special cat's hammock, which is installed on the radiator.

Hairless skin is vulnerable to the effects of cold and direct sunlight, so you need to protect the animal from hypothermia and sunburn. A cat should have clothes for different seasons, and there should be no drafts in the house.

Care, hygiene and feeding

Skin secretion in bald cats is more abundant in the ears and fingers, so these parts of the body must be cleaned more often than others. For washing a bare cat, you should use high-quality hypoallergenic shampoos with a mild detergent base. Shampoos should be feline, human (including children's) are not suitable, they cause itching, dermatitis and dandruff in cats.

Bald cats do not have hairs on their faces that would protect their ears and eyes from dust, so these parts of the body quickly become dirty and must be periodically cleaned. Sphynx cats often have problems with their teeth and gums, so they need complete oral care - brushing their teeth and massaging the gums.

Video "Werewolf or Wolf Cat"

The appetite for bald cats is higher than that of their furry relatives, since the calories obtained due to the increased expenditure of body forces for thermoregulation are consumed faster. Eating a bald cat should be high in calories and balanced, but overfeeding should not be allowed. You can feed a bald cat several times a day in small portions.

For feeding, either natural food or industrial feed (dry and canned food) is used. The confusion of these two types is unacceptable. Any errors in feeding immediately affect the standing of the skin and mucous membranes - the secret of the skin becomes brownish, the eyes water, and a dark patina appears in the ears.

Why are cats bald

The mentioned cats Nelly and Dick turned out to be relatives, which is probably why the owner did not breed the breed, although he gave the animals a detailed description.

By the middle of the 20th century, information about the appearance of kittens without hair began to arrive from different countries in the media.

It is believed that a kitten named Prunes from North America became the ancestor of the Canadian sphinx. The Don Sphynx was registered in 1998, the ancestor is considered a wonderful cat Barbara. It became clear that new ones were being opened for felinologists.

horizons for the removal of cats. They began to breed wildly cats after the 80s of the last century.

A mutation led to the emergence of bald purrs in the world - thanks to this genetic disruption, which is hereditary, the world has seen new breeds of cats.

9 breeds of bald cats with photos


In St. Petersburg in the 90s, Olga Mironova tried to cross the Don Sphynx and an oriental cat. On the skin of a new breed of bald cats, named Peterburgold or St. Petersburg sphinx, there is a suede to the touch soft undercoat. Received several varieties bald cats with wool, some lint does not exceed 2 mm, and there are pussies with a small woolen cover, eyebrows and mustache.

The standard of representatives of Peterbolds is characterized by a green or blue color of obliquely set eyes. A graceful muscular body, a proud posture and a long neck of Orientals can be seen in every Petersburg sphinx.

Owners like a feline character: the animal is very patient and seems to be on the same wavelength with the owner.


It is wonderful when nature does everything for a man - this is exactly what happened with the Kohana breed. Bald individuals were born in Hawaii, and got their name in the Hawaiian language. The islanders did not suffer from the choice and simply called the pussy "bald" - "Kohana".

Gentle skin resembles melted wax, whereas in an Egyptian bald cat, the skin appears velvety, in a peterbald wrinkled. Kohana is interesting because, due to the gene mutation, they have absolutely no hair follicles - with all the desire, the cats will not have hair.


The young breed became famous in 2001. Immigrants from Boston (USA) look unique: Paul Max Maxillie tried in 1998 to bring out new cats with short legs and beautiful hair and got what he wanted.

For breeding the breed of Minsk, it was necessary to cross fluffy cats with short legs of Munchkin and Sphynx. Appeared offspring was decided to enrich the genes of the Devon Rex and Burmese cats.

Cashmere to the touch rare wool on the body and a rather short thick cover on the head and ears. In the expressive eyes of a small bald cat, intelligence and kindness are noticeable. Short legs do not interfere with actively playing with the master child - the cat is very sociable and affectionate.


The similarity of the breed with dachshund is provided by short legs and an elongated body. These are small cats with a weight of 2-4 kg and narrow, slightly bulging blue-green eyes. Heterochromia also occurs in cats - different colors of the eyes add bambino attractiveness. The color of the animal may be white, darkish or even spotty. Amusing long thin tail, which cat received in inheritance from Pope Sphinx. The growth and body length of the animal inherited from munchkin.

The body of the bambino has no pronounced folds. Short paws often serve as an obstacle for jumping on high furniture, which, with the general activity of the animal, can be a small problem that loving owners can always solve.

Don Sphynx

The emergence of a new breed of bald cats began with the rescue of a hairless kitten in the 80s in Rostov-on-Don. The cat was named Barbara, in the first offspring she had three kittens, one of which turned out to be naked - this cat began breeding cats, later named Don Sphynx.

The appearance of bald cats is remarkable: the sharp tips of the ears look extravagant, the almond-shaped eyes on a serious little face look at the world with wisdom and gullibility.

We derive several varieties that differ in the height of the coat. Breed is considered hypoallergenic, and since allergy to bald Don cats is rare, it will be the best choice for allergies.


The breeding program embraced Munchkin, Sphynx and American Curl and spawned a hairless creature with bent ears. The name was given by the combination of the English words dwarf - dwarf and elf - on the breed of cats with large curved ears. Felinologists are still arguing whether such a gene fusion has affected the health of the breed, which is considered experimental.

The result of crossings became full-fledged in 2009 and is still under close supervision.

Ukrainian Levkoy

Ukrainian felinologists decided to try to cross the Don Sphynx and the Scottish Fold cat - the new pussies had funny curved ears resembling a left-wing flower. The head follows the shape of an elongated wedge with protruding five corners. Narrow and at the same time large-sized eyes with a green tint are amazing. The color of the skin is not fundamental, there are white-skinned lefties, with a grayish tint and other colors.

Extremely loyal and sociable friends are intelligent and intelligent. Ukrainian levkoy perfectly trained and perfectly controlled

own emotions. The breed receives the highest score for the perfect combination of external exterior and positive character traits.

Canadian sphinx

This charming kitty with an abundance of folds and lack of wool appeared due to natural changes in the genes. Mutation gave the world animals with smooth rounded lines of the body. Kittens of these bald cats at birth resemble old women - their skin is also covered with numerous folds and wrinkles.

Huge beautiful eyes seem bluish. Looks elegantly extended to the nose head, wide at the base. For a bald cat, a sphinx is characterized by very large ears.


Once you see, you will never forget beautiful amazing bald cats with big ears called elfs. The breed is still not officially recognized, although the appearance of pussies is striking and unique. The ears are not just big, they are wrapped in an interesting way, which gives the animal similarities with fairy-tale elves.

The cats do not have wool, as they were bred by crossing the sphinx and the American curl. The breed is very new - the USA showed it in 2007.

All bald elf cats are considered livable and moderately sociable.

Care for bald breeds

Have cats without wool very delicate skin that needs care and hygiene. In the folds dirt often accumulates, so the skin is washed with baby shampoos. Surprisingly, many pussies are ready to splash around in a warm bath for hours. The task of the owner is to ensure that water does not get into the ears - you can lay ear gaps with cotton wool. For a bath, the optimum water temperature is 36-38 ° C. A rubber mat is laid on the bottom - without it, the slipped kitty will remember the grudge against you and the whole world for a long time.

Take into account the dislike of hairless creatures to the soul - to wash off the shampoo will have palms.

With a marked reluctance of the cat to bathe, the bath is replaced by wiping with cotton pads moistened with baby skin lotions.

If the pet is sweating a lot, then the selection must be removed with a cotton pad with lotion.

After contact with water, the skin may dry out excessively, therefore it is recommended to lubricate it with baby oil.

Content of bald cats

If you want to buy a bald cat, then it is important to understand - these pets should not be left to fend for themselves, they definitely need attention and good care. Над их здоровьем нужен постоянный контроль, ведь шерсть уже не будет служить им защитой от внешних факторов.

Если вы слишком занятой человек, то не стоит затруднять жизнь ни питомцу, ни себе – ведь и котята лысых кошек, и взрослые особи отнимают немало времени.

For such a small animal requires living in the heat - they are prone to freezing and do not have the ability to warm up like other cats under their own thick fur coat. Such pets can often be seen near the battery or heater. To prevent skin burns, caring owners put thick fabric on the cat's favorite place.

Gently walking hairless cats - the sun's rays can also make a burn on the skin, and the absence of wool does not protect the body from a shock dose of ultraviolet. Time for walking is calculated so that the cat does not walk under the scorching sun.

A good owner will be careful with the pet and will not allow him to receive less nutrients or eat poor-quality food.

This article will tell you about the basics of proper nutrition of adult sphinxes and their offspring.

Feed pussy can be industrial or natural food. Always take into account the age of the cat: kittens suit a different diet, as well as older individuals. A big role is played by lactation, pregnancy, illness, castration.

The menu includes meat, chicken breast without skin and bones, chicken offal, vegetables in any form, fruit, parsley. You can give steamed oatmeal, buckwheat or rice. Three times a week it is useful to feed the pussy with apothecary beer yeast. Once a week in the diet include cheese and chicken yolk.

To clean the teeth is useful to add crackers to food.