KREOLIN-X instructions for use


"Creolin" is a special oily liquid of brown or brown color. The substance has a strong smell, which is felt when you open the bottle. The drug is produced by distillation from coal by the dry method. Raw materials are mined in the UK. If you dilute "Creolin" with water, it will change color to white.

Creolin appeared in 1856 and is used to this day. The initial goal of developing such a drug was disinfection. However, some time after the start of use, it was found that he also has antiparasitic properties, after which the drug was used in the field of veterinary medicine. In this article we will consider in detail the instructions for the use of "Creolin" for people.

In the manufacture of its following components are used:

This is confirmed by the instructions for use for people attached to the Reolin product. The composition is unique.

The tool has a number of properties that are actively used in the treatment of many diseases. Among them:

  1. Antiseptic effect.
  2. Disinfectant property.
  3. Anti-inflammatory effect.
  4. Hemostatic function.
  5. Antiparasitic effect.

It is possible to use "Creolin" (instructions for use for people about this), but only with the utmost caution. The composition is suitable only for external use. This drug is sold exclusively in pharmacies. It is used as antifungal agent. The active ingredients of the drug penetrate deep into the epidermis and the nail plate. This allows you to neutralize the germs that cause fungus and inflammation.

According to the instructions for use, "Creolin" for people can be used as an independent drug or in combination with other drugs. He is able to defeat onychomycosis both at the initial stage and at later stages, which makes him stand out among similar drugs. If you comply with all prescriptions for use, the expected therapeutic effect of the treatment of the fungus will not take long. Creolin is not a pain reliever.

The main purpose of the tool is disinsection and decarization. In addition, it is active against psoroptosis pathogens, gram-negative and gram-positive microorganisms and fungi. It is also used in the treatment of infectious diseases.

According to the instructions for use, "Creolin" for people is prescribed in the treatment of the following diseases:

  1. Psoriatic plaques.
  2. Fungus.
  3. Eczema and scabies.
  4. Skin pathology.

To cure scabies, rubbing, washing and bathing in a special solution are necessary. The finished product is highly concentrated. Therefore, it must be diluted with water before use. In its pure form, it can cause irritation of the mucous membranes and skin, as well as burns. Very effective "Creolin" from nail fungus. The price in the instruction is not specified. Before you begin to apply the tool, you must consult a doctor and find out what exactly is the cause of the disease.

Symptoms of fungal infection

The main symptoms of a fungal infection are:

  1. Nail bundle.
  2. Itching in the nail and finger.
  3. Unpleasant smell from the feet, even after washing.
  4. Change the color of the nail plate.
  5. If personal hygiene is poorly maintained, the pathology will spread to the entire foot. This is claimed by the instructions for use for people and reviews attached to “Creolina”.

Pay attention to the foot is worth patients with overweight, poor immunity or diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

The instructions for use do not contain information about the use of the drug in humans. However, it is still actively used in the treatment of fungal lesions of the legs and skin.


Before applying "Creolin", consult with a specialist on contraindications, which include:

  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • The presence of inflammation or damage to the skin around the fungus.

  • Children's age up to 16 years.
  • The presence, in addition to the fungus, other skin lesions.
  • Infectious diseases.

Below is a brief instruction on the use of the drug "Creolin".


It is used to treat various diseases, including psoriasis. It is applied externally, and to achieve maximum effect, you must follow some rules:

  • The drug should be diluted with warm water.
  • The cotton swab is wetted in a solution, after which it is spread on the affected area.
  • Next you need to wait 5-7 minutes.
  • After that, the composition should be thoroughly washed with water and dried with a napkin.
  • The final stage of the procedure is applying a moisturizer.

This procedure is recommended once a day. Course duration - 5 days. Do not allow the solution to get into the eyes, as this can cause burns to the mucous membrane. Does “Creolin” help from the toenail fungus?

Recommendations of specialists

In order for the fungus to disappear without trace, the following recommendations from specialists should be followed:

  • Personal hygiene is the most important thing in treating a fungal infection. It is important to carry out regular disinfection of shoes. You can not wear someone else's shoes, even if we are talking about close relatives. This way you avoid the spread of the fungus.
  • You must take antifungal drugs, and it is not only about external use, but also about oral. In any case, it is necessary to strictly observe the prescribed dose and dosage regimen.

  • In addition to antifungal drugs, immunomodulating agents are also prescribed to patients.
  • The tool should be applied only on the nail plate, without affecting the healthy, not affected skin. The solution is prepared for each application separately. Do not leave the prepared emulsion for further use.
  • In addition to nails, special ointments, sprays and creams should be applied to the feet.
  • To speed up the healing process, therapy can be supplemented with baths and compresses for nails.

The duration of treatment is approximately 2 months. You can finish the therapy at the moment when a new one grows on the site of the affected nail. The drug can be used as a prophylactic agent for the treatment of fungus. To "Creolin" instructions for use are detailed. Therefore, there should be no problems with the method of its application.

Will it help with oncology?

In the reviews comes from time to time information that it can be used in the fight against cancer pathologies. However, this information is not confirmed and this technique is used only by traditional healers, whom many do not express much confidence. So, what kind of treatment with "Creolin" is proposed to be used in oncology:

  • To begin with a few drops of the emulsion is dissolved in milk.
  • Then the dosage is gradually increased.
  • After a week, the maximum possible concentration of the drug.
  • Starting from the eighth day, the amount of emulsion decreases even more during the week. Thus, the course is 2 weeks.
  • It is necessary to carry out such treatment with two-week breaks within six months. Healers recommend adding special herbal preparations to the therapy.

The most important thing to understand is that cancer cannot be resolved with the help of Creolina. If you feel a deterioration, consult a doctor immediately and begin a traditional, proven treatment. Do not blindly believe in the miraculousness of certain methods and engage in dubious treatment options. Remember the undoubted value of their own lives and do not fall for the tricks of the charlatans.

special instructions

Improper use of Creolina can lead to irreversible consequences and harm not only humans, but also animals. The active ingredient of this drug belongs to the group of potent poisons of the third class. It is for this reason that therapy should occur under the supervision of a physician, and self-medication can be deadly to life and limb.

If the drug gets into your eyes, you should immediately wash them with plenty of water and in the near future seek help from a nearby medical facility. Timely treatment will help save not only your vision, but also life. This is indicated by the reviews and instructions to "Creolina".

During the application of the emulsion on the skin it is impossible to eat and smoke, it is necessary to exclude the possibility of the contact of the product with children and animals in order to avoid intoxication.

After completing all the necessary manipulations with Creolin, it is important to wash your hands thoroughly. It is also necessary to ensure that the vapors of the substance do not enter the respiratory tract. It is forbidden to use dishes for the dilution of the emulsion for other purposes, even if it was well washed and disinfected.

If you rely on data provided by specialists, it turns out that patients with Creolin receive rarely negative reactions on the skin. But the data on the interaction of creolin with other drugs are completely absent.

Cancel the use of "Creolina" makes sense if you feel weak, fatigue or a sharp decline in the immune properties of the body.

As mentioned above, “Creolin” was originally developed as a means for veterinary needs. Therefore, it can be purchased only in veterinary pharmacies or specialized online stores. The price of the drug is low, which makes it certainly affordable for a wide range of consumers. Before you buy such a tool, you need to check its expiration date, as it is strictly prohibited to apply it to the skin after this time, and the emulsion itself must be recycled.

Many rightly question the creolin's therapeutic efficacy. This is due to the lack of clinical data studies of the drug. Indeed, otherwise it would be presented in pharmacies for people and entered in the register of antifungal agents. This is not done, and therefore doubts are fully justified.

Quite often there are reviews of those who prove the absence of side effects of this drug (subject to compliance with all the rules prescribed for its use). If new symptoms appear or the condition worsens, it is necessary to urgently cancel the use of the product and consult a doctor.

Additional data

The instructions to Creolina underline the need for treatment until recovery, and not until the first signs of improvement, since interrupting the course will most likely lead to a relapse. And the treatment of the latter, according to experts, is more complicated than the treatment of the initial disease. Therefore, exercise more rationality and restraint in the desire to cure one or another ailment. After all, we have one health, and it must be protected.

We have reviewed the “Creolin” instructions for use for humans. The price of the drug is from 120 rubles per bottle. Analogs - "Batrafen", "Mikosan", "Exoderil".

Release form, composition and packaging

Solution for external use in the form of a homogeneous, oily liquid, transparent in a thin layer, with the smell of coal oil, from dark brown to black-brown color, with water forms an emulsion of milky-white or milky-gray.

As active substance contains: cypermethrin - 2.5%.

Excipients: Creolin nonphenolic coal - up to 100%.

Packed in 50 g, 100 g, 200 g, 250 g, 300 g, 500 g, 1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg in glass bottles, cans, vials or polymer bottles, 1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg or 5 kg vials or cans, 10 kg each, 15 kg, 20 kg or 21.5 kg steel or polymer canisters.

Pharmacological (biological) properties and effects

Cypermethrin, which is part of Creolin-X, is a second-generation pyrethroid, has a broad spectrum of insecticoacaricidal action, active against sarkoptoid, ixodic mites and insects.

The mechanism of insecticidal acaric action is based on the violation of the permeability of cell membranes and the blocking of sodium channels in the nervous system of arthropods, which leads to their death.

According to the degree of impact on the body, Creolin-X belongs to moderately hazardous substances (3 hazard class according to GOST 12.1.007-76), in recommended doses and concentrations does not have a local irritant and sensitizing effect. Toxic to fish and bees.

Indications for use of the drug KREOLIN-X

- for the treatment and prevention of sheep psoroptosis,

- for the treatment and prevention of psoroptosis, chorioptosis, sarcoptosis, sifunculosis, lesions of cattle with ticks,

- for the treatment of pigs with sarkoptosis and hematopinosis,

- for the treatment of birds against chickens, Persian ticks, bed bugs and puroperoedov, as well as for the disinsection and de-carbonization of poultry farms,

- for the treatment and prevention of sarcoptosis, notohedrosis and otodektoz foxes, arctic foxes, raccoon dogs and other fur-bearing animals, as well as rabbit notodrosis and psoroptosis,

- treatment of animals against bloodsucking Diptera insects (mosquitoes, midges, biting midges, gadflies) and pasture flies in quantities that cause concern, disrupt normal grazing or rest, and reduce animal productivity, or are dangerous for the spread of infectious and invasive diseases.

Application procedure

Before mass treatments, each series of Creolina-X is tested on 10-15 animals. If there are no signs of toxicosis in the animals during the day after the treatment, the whole population is treated.

Working emulsions of Creolina-X are prepared immediately before use, taking into account the content of the active substance in Creolin-X, under the guidance of a veterinarian or medical assistant. At the same time, the volume of the working emulsion required for processing and the amount of Creolin-X required for its preparation are determined (see table).

Table. The ratio of Creolin-X and water in the preparation of 0.005% of the trading emulsion

Sheep at psoroptosis bathe in a floating bath using a 0.005% Creolin-X water emulsion, for therapeutic purposes twice with an interval of 10-14 days, for the purpose of prophylaxis - once.

The required amount of Creolina-X is thoroughly mixed with 2-3 volumes of warm water (28-32 ° C), and then poured into the swimming bath with water, adding water to the required volume with stirring.

The treatment is carried out in dry weather at an air temperature not lower than 18 ° С and a trading emulsion - 18-25 ° С. Duration of swimming - 50-60 seconds. Before the treatment, the sheep are kept on a starvation diet for 10 hours. 2 hours before the treatment, the animals must be drunk. After shearing, sheep should be bathed no earlier than after 3 days.

After leaving the bath, the sheep are left for 10-15 minutes on a special platform for draining the emulsion, and then distilled into the pen.

Refueling of the bath is carried out after treatment of 300-400 non-sheared sheep or 400-500 sheared sheep, with 4 liters of 2.5% or 2 liters of 5% Creolin-X being added to the bath for every 1000 liters of water added to the bath.

After processing 1000 sheep, the used emulsion is poured into settling wells, avoiding environmental pollution, the bath is cleaned of dirt and filled with newly prepared boiling emulsion.

Lambs under the age of 1 month bathed separately from adult animals.

Cattle at psoroptosis, chorioptosis, lesions of ixodic mites and insects treated with 0.005% aqueous emulsion Creolin-X. Animals are sprayed, wetting the entire body, especially carefully treated lesions and areas in the ears, limbs, abdomen and tail. The consumption rate of the working emulsion Creolin-X, depending on the weight of the animal, is 1.5–3 l.

Re-processing of cattle with entomozah and defeat ticks in the season of parasitism carried out according to indications, sarcoptoidosis - twice with an interval of 7-10 days.

Pigs at sarcoptosis and hematopinosis pigs are sprayed with 0.025% Creolin-X water emulsion at a rate of 300-500 ml per animal. For example, for the preparation of 100 liters of 0.025% aqueous emulsion, take 1 liter of 2.5% Creolina-X and 99 liters of water or 0.5 liter of 5% Creolin-X and 99.5 liters of water.

Treatment of animals is carried out twice with an interval of 7-10 days. Especially carefully treated with Creolin-X ears.

In farms affected by sarcoptoidosis, simultaneously with the treatment of animals, disaccharization of premisesusing 0.005% Creolin-X water emulsion with a consumption rate of 200-400 ml / m 2 of the treated surface.

Spraying of the premises is carried out in the absence of animals, the remnants of feed, water and dairy equipment are removed beforehand, the milking equipment is covered with plastic wrap.

After 1-1.5 hours after the treatment, the room is aired for at least 1 hour, the treated surfaces are washed with water, the feeders and the drinkers are thoroughly washed with a 3% solution of soda ash and rinsed with water, after which the animals are placed in the room.

Processing birdsagainst puperooedov, chicken and Persian ticks, bed bugs проводят Креолином-Х путем мелкокапельного опрыскивания птиц направленными аэрозолями 0.005% водной эмульсией (по циперметрину). Обработку проводят после сбора яиц в дозе 15-30 мл на одну птицу двукратно с интервалом 8-10 дней.

Дезинсекцию и дезакаризациюproduction premises of poultry farms, poultry farms, farms carried out in the absence of birds during the technological break. Before processing the house is subjected to a parasitological examination to determine the species composition of the parasites.

Disinsection and deacarization are performed with 0.005% Creolin-X water emulsion (cypermethrin) twice, taking into account the development cycle of ectoparasites and the air temperature in the house during the technological break:

to kill chicken ticks at air temperature of 15-17 ° C, the interval between treatments is 10-12 days, at a temperature of 18-20 ° C - 8-10 days, at a temperature above 20 ° C - 5-6 days,

- for the destruction of bed bugs and Persian ticks at an air temperature of 17-20 ° C, the interval between treatments is 15-21 days, at a temperature of 21-25 ° C - 10-15 days, at a temperature of 26 ° C and higher - 8-10 days.

First processing poultry houses in order to destroy the main mass of ectoparasites and prevent their spreading or transfer to other objects, they are carried out before mechanical cleaning of the room immediately after removal of the bird. The consumption rate of the working emulsion is 100-200 ml / m 2 of the treated surface.

Second processing carried out after sanitary preparation (washing, repair and whitewashing) of the house with a consumption rate of the working emulsion - 50-75 ml / m 2 of the treated surface. Exposure treatment - 24 hours. After the exposure expires, the room is aired for at least 1 hour, the dead ectoparasites are swept away and destroyed, the treated surfaces are washed with water, the feeders and the drinkers are thoroughly washed with 3% soda ash solution and rinsed with water, then the bird is placed indoors.

For the destruction of zoophilic flies in closed industrial premises (poultry houses) spraying is carried out with 0.005% Creolin-X aqueous emulsion with a consumption rate of 50-100 ml / m 2 of the treated surface.

Repeated treatments are carried out according to entomological indications.

With sarcoptosis, notohedrosis and otodectosisfoxes, arctic foxes, raccoon dogs and other fur animals, and notoedrosis and psoroptosisrabbits Creolin-X is used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes with a concentration of 0.005% for cypermethrin (see table).

Fur animals and rabbits bathe in a bathtub, placed in insulated premises, with a therapeutic purpose twice with an interval of 7-8 days, for the purpose of prophylaxis - once.

The treatment is carried out at an air temperature not lower than 22 ° C and a commercial emulsion - 30-32 ° C. Duration of bathing animals - 1-2 minutes.

Before processing, in order to avoid the bites of people conducting the treatment, the animals are secured with jaws by a loop of a webbing and immersed in a merchant emulsion.

In order for acaricidal liquid to reach the surface of the skin, the hair of animals and rabbits, when bathing, is massaged by stroking from the tail to the head, and the limbs from the bottom up.

The head of the animal during bathing is twice immersed for 2-3 seconds in the bathing emulsion, with a palm clamping the nostrils and the oral cavity. After bathing, the fur cover is squeezed out, providing the drain of the fluid back into the bath, and then the animals are placed in warm, disinfected cells.

After processing 20 fur-bearing animals or 30 rabbits in a bath containing 50 l of the working emulsion, the treatment is stopped, and the used emulsion is drained into slop wells, avoiding environmental pollution, the bath is cleaned of dirt and filled with newly prepared kupovoj emulsion.

In dysfunctional sarcoptoidosis, fur and rabbit farms simultaneously with the treatment of animals spend disacarization of rooms, shedsusing 0.005% Creolin-X water emulsion with a consumption rate of 200-400 ml / m 2 of the treated surface.

Spraying the premises is carried out in the absence of animals, pre-cleaned remnants of food, water.

The treatment exposure is 1-1.5 hours, then the room is aired for at least 1 hour, the treated surfaces are washed with water, the feeders and the drinkers are thoroughly washed with a 3% solution of soda ash and rinsed with water, after which the animals are placed in the room.

With sarcoptosis,notoedrosis andotodecosisfur animals as well as notoedrosis andpsoroptosisrabbits apply 0.005% (cypermethrin) Creolin-X oil emulsion. Vaseline or sunflower oil is used as an oil solvent. In the preheated to 30-32 ° C oil in small portions with constant stirring, add Creolin-X until a homogeneous emulsion is obtained. Before processing the animals, the oil emulsion is heated to a temperature of 30-32 ° C, mixed thoroughly, and then 1-2 ml is injected into each ear. For the purpose of a more complete treatment of the entire surface of the ear and the ear canal, the auricle is folded along in half and lightly massaged its base. The treatment is carried out twice with a 7-10-day interval. The oil emulsion must be injected into both ears, even in cases of only one ear being affected by ticks.

To combat gnats (mosquitoes, midges, biting midges, gadflies) processing cattle Creolin-X is carried out by spraying with 0.008% aqueous emulsion (cypermethrin) with a consumption rate: young animals up to 1 year - 230-270 ml, older than 1 year - 480-520 ml per animal. For example, to prepare 100 liters of 0.008% water emulsion, you should take 320 ml of 2.5% Creolin-X and 99.68 liters of water or 160 ml of 5% Creolin-X and 99.84 liters of water.

The time of treatments and the need for their conduct is determined depending on the dominant components of the gnatis.

With a high number of gadflies and black flies animal treatments are carried out daily after morning milking, and with a high number of mosquitoes and biting midges - after the evening.

With a moderate number of bloodsucking insects treatments are carried out once every 2-3 days, and when attacking only pasture flies - in 7-10 days.

Cattle spraying is carried out with the use of the apparatus PER, knapsack sprayer OP-8, DUKa or other spray devices that provide small-drop spraying.

Features of the drug at its first use or with its cancellation is not installed.

In case of non-compliance with the established period of repeated treatments, the use of the drug should be resumed at the same dosage according to the same scheme.

Side effects

Side effects and complications in the application of Creolin-X in accordance with the instructions, as a rule, are not observed.

With increased individual sensitivity of the animal to the components of the drug are possible individual reactions (skin irritation, tearing, excessive salivation), in these cases, the drug should be washed with soap and water.

Symptoms of overdose with the use of the drug have not been identified.

Storage conditions Creolin-X

The preparation should be stored in the closed original packing, in dry, protected from direct sunshine, the place, inaccessible for children, separately from food and forages, at a temperature from -35 ° C to 40 ° C.

Residues of the preparation are neutralized with a 5% caustic alkali solution or an aqueous suspension of hydrated or bleach (1: 3). Contaminated with Creolin-X container is neutralized by filling for 5-6 h with 3-5% solution of soda ash, and then washed with running water.

Workers emulsions, drainage drains and wash water generated during cleaning and decontamination of premises, vehicles, containers, equipment and clothing are collected in a concrete tank and treated with bleach (500 g per 10 liters of wastewater).

The drug Creolin: composition and purpose, instructions for use in the treatment of animals and people, reviews

Solution for external use Creolin is an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent, and is officially used to treat animals and plants. However, today the drug is increasingly used by man for psoriasis, nail fungus and treatment of cancer.

Composition and appointment

The drug Creolin has a third degree of danger, so it should be used with great caution. It includes:

  • naphthalene,
  • rosin,
  • soap,
  • Ichthyol
  • caustic alkali
  • coal oil.

Thanks to the last component, the solution has long been widely used as an effective insecticide. With its help, in the 20s of the last century, almost all over the world, they began to destroy the nematode and aphids on crops, ticks, butterflies and bedbug eggs.

Creolin for animals

In veterinary practice, the solution is used for the prevention and treatment of the following diseases:

  • psoriasis,
  • sifunkulyatoza,
  • sarcoptosis,
  • chorioptosis,
  • psoroptosis
  • otodektoz,
  • notohedrosis.

With its help, animals are treated with hematopinosis and sarcoptosis, against pasture flies and blood-sucking insects.

Instructions for use

Before treatment with Creolin, the drug should be tested on the head of the animal. The treatment of livestock begins only if during the day will not be revealed signs of toxicosis.

Since the preparation is toxic, the animal treatment solution is prepared under the supervision of a veterinarian and immediately before use.

In psoriasis, a 0.005% aqueous solution of Creolin is used, which is added to the floating bath. where they bathe adult animals. In order to prevent such a bath is used once, in the treatment of psoriasis, livestock is treated twice with an interval of two weeks.

Bathing should take place at an air temperature not lower than 18 ° C. in windless, dry weather. The processing time is no more than one minute. After leaving the bath, the emulsion from the animals should drain, so they are left for 15 minutes on a special platform. Young animals under one month of age bathe separately from adult animals.

These baths are mainly used for sheep, lambs, fur animals and rabbits. Cattle with a 0.005% aqueous solution of the drug is simply sprayed until the body is fully moisturized. For pigs prepare 0,025% aqueous solution.

After treating animals with Creolin, slaughtering of rabbit and sheep meat is allowed only after two weeks, and pigs and cattle - no earlier than after 25 days.

Creolin for man

In folk medicine, a veterinary agent is also used in certain pathologies encountered in humans. With the help of Creolin, ear inflammation can be treated. including otitis.

To do this, the drug in a 1: 1 ratio is diluted with water, a tampon is moistened with it and inserted into an ear overnight. In this case, you need to be careful, because the tool can cause a burn. During treatment, there may be a burning sensation. The effectiveness of the procedure usually comes no earlier than a week.

Psoriasis treatment

In psoriasis, Creolin is used only externally. Its application should be strictly according to the rules:

  1. Emulsion up to 2% consistency is diluted with warm water.
  2. Using a cotton swab dipped in a solution, the agent is smeared over the surface of the plaques.
  3. The solution is aged for 5–6 minutes.
  4. The treated leather is thoroughly washed and soaked with a paper napkin.
  5. The treated areas are lubricated with a moisturizer.

This procedure should be carried out once a day. The course of treatment is not more than five days. When applying Creolin, you must use a gauze mask.

Creolin from nail fungus

The drug can be used not only for the treatment of pathology, but also to use it as a prophylaxis, and to avoid a relapse.

Instructions for use:

  • Apply the solution only to the affected area. You must ensure that it does not get on healthy skin.
  • The procedure is recommended daily with the usual cotton swab.
  • The course of treatment may be about two months.

As soon as the diseased nail grows, we can assume that the disease is stopped. Treatment with Creolin is usually prescribed by a specialist. Self-medication is undesirable.

Creolin for cancer treatment

In 2012, Bulgarian doctors conducted a test of Creolin on rats suffering from oncology. Twenty-four laboratory animals were treated with the solution for two months. As a result, in 18 rats, tumor growth slowed down.

In folk medicine, Creolin is the oldest remedy in the fight against oncology. The following prescription is used for treatment:

  1. On the first day, three drops of the drug is diluted in three spoons of milk and drunk.
  2. On the second day, four drops of the solution are also added to three spoons of milk.
  3. On the third and subsequent days, one drop of Creolin is added to the same amount of milk each day.
  4. On the seventh day, you will need 10 drops of the drug. This completes their addition, and from the next day the number of drops decreases by one.

The entire course of treatment should last two weeks. Take a folk remedy for malignant diseases should be once a day one hour before lunch. Such courses are held within six months with a break of 14 days.

Many people believe that Creolin is harmful. And this is true, if we talk about the uncleaned veterinary drug. Medical creolin free phenol solution can be given even to children. if you do not exceed the dose of 10 drops. In oncology, the drug can be combined with an infusion of anti-cancer herbs.

Creolin is an excellent drug that I used to treat psoriasis in rabbits and sheep. But recently I discovered that my rabbits are becoming increasingly restless every day and often scratching their ears. Looking closely, I saw dried up suppurations, and realized that they had ticks.

The vet advised me to treat the animals with creolin. With pest remedy coped perfectly. Subsequently, it repeatedly rescued me as an antiseptic to eliminate various inflammatory processes in animals. I use the drug for the treatment of wounds.

Dmitriy. Novosibirsk city

I have a small garden, where I grow different birds. And once in the market, I bought additional chickens to my chickens, which literally a few days later stopped eating, began to move poorly and constantly scratched feathers. It turns out that they had a huge number of parasites! A veterinarian prescribed a drug for fleas for dogs and cats.

But he did not help us, and all the chickens died. Fleas in the hen began to multiply very quickly. In the veterinary pharmacy, I was advised to use Creolin. The solution was diluted strictly according to the instructions, processed the house and closed it overnight with the chickens.

The treatment of the bird was excellent. The very next day, all the parasites were destroyed. Very good and also cheap drug. I advise everyone.

Catherine. Moscow

Creolin in my family uses a aunt who is a dog breeder with experience. She treats them for dogs from different parasites. I, with the help of this drug, which was advised by the same aunt, practically got rid of the food allergy that I had all over my face and body. The doctor ordered me pills and ointments, but my body quickly got used to them.

My whole body was in a crust, and the bedding was combed from scratching. Itching almost never went away, and my life was a real nightmare.

On the advice of my aunt, I began to take baths with a small amount of Creolin drops, and literally a week later my skin became like velvet.

The tool is smelly, but is inexpensive and really helps! You just need to remember to take a shower after a bath with creoline and smear with baby cream.

For many years, I was worried about an ulcer, which at first was accompanied only by heartburn and discomfort in the stomach after eating. At one point, she escalated, and I could eat almost nothing. Doctors prescribed antibiotics and prescribed a diet.

At the same time, my friend's wife gave me a prescription for a folk remedy with the drug Creolin. And I began to take five drops of the drug for a sip of water in the morning on an empty stomach. The resulting solution should be mixed well and drink milk.

So, I was treated for two weeks. I was warned that in just three days after such treatment I could eat everything. So it happened. After the course of treatment, FGS was done. The result - the ulcer healed! Five years have passed since then. Now I eat everything - both fat and salty. Heartburn, heaviness in the stomach and any other symptoms of an ulcer are not.

However, all these years I drink creolin for prophylaxis. The benefits of it are obvious. Just do not exceed the dose. Five drops on an empty stomach in the morning is enough! The drug is sold in veterinary pharmacies and is quite inexpensive.

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This drug has the following essential properties:

  • anti-inflammatory,
  • disinfectant
  • antiparasitic,
  • hemostatic,
  • painkillers
  • antiseptic action.

Creolin is used as a therapy:

  • female diseases
  • nail fungus,
  • cirrhosis of the liver,
  • tumors.

In addition, Creolin is used to wash slow-healing wounds, eliminate inflammations in the mucous membrane of the pharynx, mouth, urethra.

What is creolin?

Creolin is a common brown liquid with an unpleasant odor. It is a mixture of coal oil and emulsifier. When interacting with water, the drug forms an emulsion, which is effectively used to treat a disease. The medicine is packaged in half-liter bottles, containers of 5-20 liters, cans with a volume of 200 liters.

Pharmacological effects Creolin produces an acaricidal effect. What does it mean? The liquid for a sufficiently long period of time is actively fighting ticks on the skin. It is non-toxic, so it does not adversely affect the body and health of the dog.Creolin is a strong antiseptic with anti-inflammatory and antiparasitic properties. Specified in the instructions for use dosagedoes not cause allergic and other reactions. The preparation includes alkali, naphthalene, soap, ichthyol.

The drug is used to treat the following diseases in animals:

Directions for use

According to the instructions, each person should wear special clothes before using Creolin. It includes a robe, headdress, gloves. It is allowed to work with the drug for no more than 6 hours a day, since it can cause allergic reactions, in some cases even mild poisoning. In the case of penetration of the drug on the mucous or epidermis, immediately you need to wash with water and wash with soap and water. If the drug is ingested through the mouth, the victim should be given a drink of water and vomiting. This will help clear the stomach of harmful toxins. After the procedure, do not forget to give activated charcoal or another sorbent to the patient.

Proper use of a protective agent ensures quick recovery of your pet! Let your dog be healthy!

Features of treatment of various ailments

  1. Elimination of white secretions. To do this, should be douching using this tool. Water must be boiled, about a liter, cool and add a few drops of creolin, mix. It is recommended to carry out the procedure once a day, preferably at night.
  2. Creolin as a treatment for wounds.

In an enamel pot pour 0.5 liters of water, preferably distilled. In it add a few drops of funds, mix. The resulting solution to treat wounds. Elimination of unpleasant odors from the oral cavity, dental and gum treatment. 0.5 liters of boiled water, combine with 0.5 liters of mint oil and 3 drops of creolin.

The resulting solution rinse your mouth, it is recommended to carry out the procedure in the morning, before bedtime and after each meal. Treatment of diphtheria and catarrh of the pharynx. 0.5 liters of boiled water, mix with 20 g of glycerin, and add creolin in the amount of 1 ml. The resulting formulations grease throat in the morning and at night.

  • Creolin can be bought as a treatment for tumors. But in this case it is necessary to adhere to a specific scheme. The duration of therapy is 39 days.
  • Creolin is diluted in milk. On the first day, you should take 1 drop of pre-diluted in 50 ml of fresh milk.

    Daily the amount of solution should be increased by one until you reach 20, then we do everything in the reverse order.

    Creolin: Instructions for use for animals

    This drug is used in the fight against ticks, eliminating inflammation, besides helping to cure a disease such as psoroptosis

    Creolin can be bought at a special pharmacy. The drug is often used veterinarians for the treatment of burns, fractures, eczema.

    Treatment of diseases in animals

    The cost of the drug varies between 70-300 rubles, depending on the dosage. It is used as a therapy for the following diseases:

    1. Psoroptosis In baths designed for bathing animals, add warm water and a few liters of creolin. During the implementation of the procedure should ensure that the temperature does not exceed 20 degrees.
    2. Creolin as a remedy for ticks. Animals are bathed using the solution described above for a couple of days in a row. Pets whose diagnosis was wrong should be treated with a solution once.

    Before using Creolin, it is necessary to diagnose it, if no signs of allergy and overdose have been identified, then after a few days, it is possible to carry out a complete treatment.

    Aqueous 3% emulsion means is used for disinfection. Creolin is treated with cells, premises and daily household items.

    Creolin Instructions for use for animals: contraindications

    This drug is a dangerous substance, not only for humans, but also for pets. It is in connection with this that all recommendations of the doctor and dosage should be strictly followed. In addition, while using the tool, observe some safety rules. If Creolin is on the skin, mucous membranes, immediately rinse with water and seek the assistance of a specialist.

    The right approach to therapy

    The drug is not expensive, and therefore is popular among dermatologists and patients. If you were diagnosed with nail fungus, then in this case, you will need complex therapy. Depending on the type of skin, nail plate and the severity of the pathology, the doctor will prescribe certain medications aimed at combating the pathogenic bacteria.

    Creolin will come to the rescue at any stage of fungal activity. In addition, it is an excellent preventive measure that reduces the risk of relapse. Cure of the fungus can be just a few months. The duration of therapy depends on the neglect of the infection. Therapy is carried out only under the strict supervision of a dermatologist, who, if necessary, will correct the treatment program.

    How pathogens manifest themselves

    Symptoms of the disease become noticeable immediately after infection:

    1. The plate changes its shade. The nails become brown, yellow, gray, white, black and even green.
    2. The plate begins to strongly exfoliate, while it becomes very fragile.
    3. The nail roller and the skin located near the infected area starts to hurt and itches constantly.
    4. The nail plate is gradually compacted.

    This disease affects people of different ages and gender: children, the elderly, women, men. Most pathology progresses and develops in the presence of the following problems:

    • reduced immunity
    • impaired metabolism
    • violations of the gastrointestinal tract,
    • diabetes,
    • obesity.

    Creolin and drug treatment

    A large amount of effort and time will have to spend on getting rid of pathogens. For these purposes, just such a tool that is popular in veterinary medicine like Creolin is suitable.

    The main advantage of the drug in its action - deodorizing, antiseptic, antiparasitic on the infected area. Based on its features, dermatologists often prescribe Creolin in complex therapy with other means of traditional medicine.

    Creolin and what is it?

    This remedy is an excellent preparation known to all veterinarians and dermatologists. Creolin is an indispensable and important composition that is used to combat pathogens and various parasites, in addition, it is the best disinfectant.

    In this connection, they began to prescribe it as an effective means in the treatment of the fungus of the nail plates. Today Creolin is known in all corners of the planet. Treatment with this drug and compliance with the recommendations of the doctor will allow you to forget about this pathology.

    Creolin's treatment of human diseases

    Upon detection psoriasis treatment takes place in several stages:

    1. The suspension must be diluted with water,
    2. Soak a cotton swab in the medicine, lubricate the deformed surface,
    3. Leave the solution on the skin for 5 minutes,
    4. Wash off the solution with warm water, wipe the surface with a napkin,
    5. Lubricate the treated area with cream,

    It should be remembered that such treatment should be carried out 1 time per day. The course of treatment should not exceed 5 days. Undiluted Creolin is dangerous for the skin.

    Fungal infection is treated with Krenolin with the following recommendations:

    1. Apply the solution exclusively on the affected area,
    2. Avoid contact with healthy skin.
    3. Apply with a cotton swab,
    4. The dosage should not be exceeded (1 procedure 1 time per day).

    The course lasts no more than 2 months. As soon as a healthy nail grows, the treatment can be considered complete.

    "Creolin": instructions for use

    Weak immunity is the most urgent problem of our time. Due to hereditary factors, environmental pollution, changes in food culture, the human body loses its inherent ability to defend against fungal infections, parasites and bacteria.

    As a consequence of this acquired or innate feature:

    • diseases of internal organs develop,
    • suffers from the integrity and attractiveness of the skin,
    • the metabolism is broken,
    • hormonal imbalance is observed.

    If ten years ago they were just beginning to talk about problems with immunity, today they are adjusted at the level of medication intervention. The skin is especially vulnerable to the lack of an immune defense of the body. That it is an indicator of the full health of the person.

    Diseases such as:

    • eczema,
    • psoriasis,
    • lichen,
    • acne,
    • acne
    • herpes,
    • bedsores,
    • skin pigmentation,
    • intertrigo,
    • warts
    • skin allergies
    • lupus erythematosus,
    • seborrhea,
    • onychomycosis
    • scabies are not isolated cases.

    On their healing often takes a lot of time and effort, and sometimes even complex therapy does not give the desired result of improving the state. Therefore, many experts have resorted to the treatment of these ills unconventional means. Such an example is the widespread use in medical practice of the veterinary drug "Creolin".

    Properties "Creolina"

    The drug in question cannot be purchased at a regular pharmacy, it is sold only in veterinary clinics. When buying funds "Creolin" instructions for use for people it is not attached. Do not use this medicine on your own. The dosage and expediency of its use are determined only by the attending doctor.

    The widespread use of the drug in the treatment of animals and humans is explained by its characteristics such as:

    • oppression of pathogens of fungal infections,
    • anesthesia,
    • anti-inflammation
    • stop bleeding,
    • disinfection,
    • antiseptic effect,
    • antiparasitic effect,
    • disacarization (destruction of body mites).

    The components of the remedy are able to penetrate the deep layers of the epidermis and thereby have a beneficial effect on the healing process of wounds, improve cell regeneration, relieve itching, fight microbes, fungus and parasites.

    Applied solution "Creolina" externally.

    Who is the drug contraindicated?

    The use of "Creolina" is a forced measure. Its use is advisable in cases where other drugs do not give the desired effect of healing.

    It is not recommended to use it:

    • minors,
    • breastfeeding women
    • pregnant
    • people with low immunity,
    • persons with severe physical fatigue,
    • with viral infections.

    Cautions on the use of the drug

    This medicine is not safe for both animals and humans, as it belongs to the group of toxic aggressive drugs..

    • Do not hit the solution on the mucous membranes and eyes.
    • Do not treat them with open wounds, ulcers, scratches.
    • Do not inhale vapors of the solution.
    • When working with the drug is not allowed to eat and smoke.
    • Do not reuse the container in which the liquid was stored.
    • The use of an expired medication is unacceptable.

    The result of drug overdose or improper use are symptoms such as:

    • headache,
    • cardiopalmus,
    • confusion,
    • chemical burns of the skin,
    • severe burning of the skin
    • hyperemia of the skin.

    For the treatment of human diseases, the solution does not apply in its pure form! It follows:

    1. dilute either in boiled water,
    2. or combine with creamy substances.

    Before the procedure, it is recommended to prepare fresh infusion of liquid for washing inflammations and ointments for the treatment of skin tumors.

    Particular vigilance should cause taking the drug external action inside. It is not recommended to do this, following the advice of traditional healers and especially friends. Good intentions can end up poisoning.

    The use of "Creolin" does not harm the health of a sick person, if the solution is applied correctly. In addition, it should be noted that the treatment of this drug should follow the rules of personal hygiene.

    Recommendations for the treatment of veterinary drugs

    Liquid "Creolin" is used not only for the treatment of dermatological diseases, but is also widely used in:

    • gynecology,
    • gastroenterology,
    • oncology,
    • trichology,
    • traumatology,
    • urology,
    • dentistry,
    • allergology,
    • parasitology.

    From what "Creolin" can help, only the doctor decides!

    Over the years, specialists have developed a specific algorithm for applying this drug in humans.

    • So, in gynecology, douching with “Creolin” is practiced.
    • In diseases of the digestive tract (gastric ulcer, bacteriosis, colitis), the drug is taken even inside. In water dilute a few drops and consume on an empty stomach.
    • Treatment of urological problems "Creolin" also implies douching or taking healing baths.
    • In dentistry, the drug is used for rinsing sick gums and throat.
    • In parasitology, "Creolin" is used both externally and orally.
    • In dermatology, preference is given to washing the inflamed areas with water with “Creolin”, taking therapeutic baths, smearing the skin with ointments and adding a few drops of the solution.

    Eczema healing

    Inflammatory disease of the skin is well treatable with Creolin. The duration of treatment therapy does not exceed two weeks.

    • With the drug take warm baths, which should be prepared according to this recipe: in ten liters of boiled water (60 ° C) is added 1 tablespoon of the solution. Treatment should be a small area of ​​destruction. After washing the inflamed areas, the skin is allowed to dry on its own and a moisturizer is applied. Baths are taken no more than twice a day.
    • The affected areas of skin with eczema are also smeared with creolin ointment. Zinc ointment is an effective cream base for the preparation of creolin medicine. The therapeutic composition is applied with a thin layer to the affected areas no more than once a day.

    Mycosis Therapy

    When treating the fungus on the hands and feet, as well as the nails, only the affected areas should be treated with a solution. To protect healthy skin, use a medical adhesive plaster.

    "Creolin" is applied with a cotton swab. Treatment of the affected areas is performed no more than once a day. The duration of mycosis treatment with this medicine is several months.

    How effective is veterinary medicine therapy?

    Many experts strongly recommend not to abuse the self-treatment with Creolin. You need to be treated under the guidance of a doctor. Most people who use Creolin as their last chance for recovery show a positive dynamic in improving their health.

    How justified the use of "Creolin" in a given situation can only be judged by a doctor. If the state of health in the process of therapy improves, then treatment with this agent is continued until complete recovery. If there are deviations from the norm - refuse to use the drug.

    Often, "Creolin" is an auxiliary component in the complex therapy of many diseases, so it is sometimes difficult to judge its one hundred percent effect on the healing process.