Choosing the best food for fluffy couch potatoes - all about the 1st choice of food for cats


Forage brand1 st Choice occupies a leading position among the modern premium class feed. Let us analyze what Fest Choiz cat food represents and how well its position is among the feeds of this class.


Cat food, sold under the brand name 1 st Choice, produces Canadian company PLB International. This company has been manufacturing and selling feed for about 30 years.

Feed is produced exclusively in Canada and only one manufacturer. High quality is noted by many organizations that control the quality of feed produced for animals.

Dry food 1 st Choice certified by CVMA - Association of Canadian Veterinarians.

The company's products undergo strict control at each stage of production. The manufacturer does not stop there, the work on improving the formula and quality of the composition of the rations continues.

Company PLBi, for feeding cats, produced dry food, taking into account the age, physiological state, the individual characteristics of the animal.

The assortment of feed consists of rations for everyday feeding and is enriched with options for the prevention of certain deviations in the health of the animal.

Complement and diversify dry rations, canned goods under the brand of 1 st Choice, produced in Ecuador, by order and under the control of the company PLBi.

The daily feed line, depending on the age of the cat, contains the following rations of dry food:

Kitten diet 2-12 months - Kitten Healthy Start (Kitten Helfi Start) with a chicken.

The main ingredient of the feed is high quality chicken.

Salmon oil, used as a source of DHA, contributes to the normal development and proper functioning of the nervous system.

Vitamins C, E, beta carotene - support for the immune system we. Prebiotics and probiotics in combination with artificial fibers (dried tomatoes) will ensure the health and proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

Rations for adult cats 1+

Includes 7 feed options:

  • Weight Control - weight control, calorie-lightened feed, for neutered cats and sterilized cats.
    Energy consumption in such animals is lower, and therefore, they need a less high-calorie diet. The low calorie diet formula contains C.L.A. and L-Karatin, which helps to remove excess fat and normalize weight.

Low fat content in this diet helps to reduce body weight without reducing the rate of feeding.

The presence of green tea extract, rapidly soluble vitamin C and cellulose - makes fresh breath, is used to improve oral hygiene.

  • Healthy Skin & Coat (Helfie Skin and Coet) - healthy skin and wool.
    The diet is aimed at improving the quality of wool and maintaining healthy skin. The positive effect is due to the presence of fish and salmon fish oil rich in Omega fatty acids in the diet.
  • Hypoallergenic (Hypoallergenic) - food with a hypoallergenic set of components.
    The diet is intended for animals with problematic digestion. Lack of grain, facilitates digestion. Chicken protein is replaced by less allergenic, duck.

Salmon and vegetable oil provide healthy skin and hair,

  • Finicky (Finishes) - for capricious, discerning cats in food. Balanced, high-taste diet containing fresh chicken meat and herring.
  • Indoor Vitaliti (Indo Vitality) - for inactive, domestic cats.
    The food is designed individually for cats kept constantly at home. Food creates a pH balance in the digestive tract that keeps the urinary system healthy.

The content of the cocci Schidiger extract helps to bind ammonia and reduce the odor of excrement.

Prebiotics (beneficial microorganisms) are present in the composition, supporting immunity and normal digestion,

  • Sterilized - without grain feed for sterilized and castrated animals.
    After castration and sterilization, changes in metabolic processes and hormonal background occur in the body, and physical activity decreases.

The high protein content of fresh chicken helps to gain muscle mass.

The lack of grain helps to improve digestion, reduce the risk of allergies.

Increased fiber content, will give a feeling of saturation and help to remove wool from the gastrointestinal tract.

Low content of magnesium in the diet - prevention of urolithiasis.

  • Urinary Health (Urinari Helf) - Food with the function of prevention of urolithiasis.

Diet for older animals, 10+

Mature Less Active (Mathure Less Active).
The formula of the diet is enriched with components such as glucosamine, chondroitin and collagen, designed to maintain the health of the joints and cartilage, which is important for an aging cat.

The combination of C.L.A and L-carotene maintains a normal body weight and a high status of the immune system, complemented by natural fibers, probiotics and prebiotics, ginger extract, which improve the functioning of the aging gastrointestinal tract.

Specific organic minerals improve bone assimilation.

Dry food can diversify wet canned food. The basis of canned food - whole pieces of tuna fish. In addition to tuna, different versions of canned food, contain squid meat, tilampia, in combination with shrimps and fruits (papaya, pineapple, sea bass).

The main ingredients of the diet for cats living permanently in an apartment (Indoor), lightweight feed for neutered or sterilized cats (Weight Control), and food for older animals (Mature Less Active):

  1. Fresh chicken (17%),
  2. Flour from chicken meat (17%),
  3. Rice
  4. Pea protein,
  5. Chicken fat
  6. Vitamin E, preserved by natural tocopherols,
  7. Brown rice,
  8. Beet pulp,
  9. Barley and oats, specially processed,
  10. Dry egg
  11. Chicken liver hydrolyzate,
  12. Flax-seed,
  13. Salmon fat
  14. Dry tomato flesh,
  15. Pea fiber,
  16. About 35 additional elements, including vitamins, minerals, valuable amino acids, extracts of Yucca Schidiger, green tea and chicory, dried parsley and mint herb.

In the hypoallergenic diet (Hypoallergenic), there are no cereal products and highly allergenic constituents - chicken and egg. The basis of the diet is sweet potato (sweet potato), its content in the diet is 34% and duck (17%).

The diet for capricious, fastidious cats is supplemented with herring flour.

Diet, for the health of skin and coat, as the basis contains fresh salmon fish - 18% and herring flour - 17%.

Dry foods are packaged:

It should be noted that the price of feed Fest Chuiz is relatively low. There are many feeds on the market with higher or comparable cost, having lower quality and poorer composition.

Brand review

It is not surprising that today not many people have heard of the brand “1st (fest) choice”. This cat food is not so often found in the shops of even the largest Russian cities. But even despite such a relative rarity, admirers of this feed choose to order it via the Internet, rather than buy the existing expensive or low-quality analogues of local producers.

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Cat food brand “1st (fest) choice” is produced in Canada by PLB International, a company known in 35 countries of the world. It is known that in this country any food for animals passes control and is laid out on store shelves only when all components and production steps are checked. Today, the entire line of the brand is tested and approved by the Association of Veterinary Physicians in Canada (CVMA), and each production stage is monitored by the Center for Analysis and Chemical Control of Food (HACCP).

The “1st choice” feed class is close to the holistics, while their cost is much more profitable compared to popular brands such as “Royal Canin”. Such an optimal ratio of price and quality often becomes the determining factor in the choice of food for pedigreed cats.

Food brand “1st (fest) choice” is famous for a balanced ratio of useful components in the composition. It includes 28-30% of proteins, most of which are of animal origin. If more protein is used in the feed, an excess of this substance may occur in the animal's body. Dietary meat products such as chicken meal, chicken and duck are included as the main meat ingredients. The hypoallergenic range is also complemented by fishmeal, which promotes the removal of allergens from the pet's body.

Feed advantages

  1. The presence in the composition of exclusively natural flavors.
  2. Lack of chemicals.
  3. The inclusion of fish oil, brown rice, eggs (as a source of amino acids), vitamin and mineral components in full.
  4. All feed ingredients are of high quality.
  5. The use of natural products (meat), namely, skin, bones (source of calcium) and directly the meat, and not heads, feathers and claws.
  6. Ability to choose food for the individual needs of the pet.
  7. The presence in the line of high-quality hypoallergenic feed, the effectiveness of which has repeatedly been proven.
  8. Food reduces or completely removes from the mouth and, accordingly, from the tray of the cat.
  9. Affordable cost of food brand "1st choice".

Cons feed

  1. Partial absence of shelves in domestic stores.
  2. The presence of salt in the composition, which causes thirst in an animal and, in principle, is considered a questionable ingredient.
  3. Inclusion in the composition of flour poultry, which causes conflicting thoughts. Often under these words lies a poor quality product.
  4. Some types of food contain tomato mixes that are not useful for cats.

The choice of food for individual needs

The trademark “1st (fest) choice” allows all animal lovers to please their pets with high-quality and tasty food, which is ideal for every cat. This is evidenced by the reviews of the owners. How best to choose food for a quadruped? Just check out the assortment and choose the best option for your pet.

Today, under the brand “1st choice”, these types of cat food are sold:

  • for kittens,
  • for cats older than a year with chicken, salmon,
  • for fastidious cats,
  • specialized line (food for allergic cats with duck meat, as well as food for cats prone to obesity and sterilized cats),
  • cat food over 10 years old.

General characteristics of the brand and its products

The 1st Choice Company was founded in 1969 in Quebec (Canada). Until 1981, she specialized in the production of agricultural animal feed. About 8 years it took the manufacturer to reorient the production to the production of special products for pets. The first feed 1st Choice for cats appeared on the shelves in 1990. Their recipes then and today are developed under the guidance of nutritionists and Dr. J. E. Corbin.

1994 was for the company fateful. Products "Fest Choice" entered the world market. The advantages of feed veterinarians consider the unique formulas of the compositions and:

  • high quality ingredients
  • the feed does not contain offal, soy, grain and wheat,
  • has a natural taste and a pleasant smell,
  • struggling with the unpleasant smell of urine of pets,
  • contains only natural flavors and preservatives,
  • helps to clean the teeth from plaque and stone
  • helps strengthen the immune system and health.

Whatever feed a cat chooses 1st Choice cat food for, it will meet the AACHKK (Association of American Feed Control Officials) requirements. The peculiarity of the brand's products is regular change of the formula in accordance with the requirements and principles of healthy animal nutrition. So in 1996, the company added polyunsaturated fatty acids to its composition, and in early 2001, natural antioxidants were used as the main ingredient. All products of the brand are subject to mandatory quality control and compliance with the standards (laws) of production and sales of products.

What do veterinarians say about 1st Choice?

The affordable cost of the brand’s products, convenient packaging of feeds and unique recipes made it one of the most sought-after products on the market. The owners of pets respond to feeds of this brand in 82% of cases with admiration. Cats of all ages enjoy eating foods. But when choosing a manufacturer to pet owner, it is important to know and opinion about the product of a specialist. There are many veterinarian reviews on Fest Choice cat food of all ages on the veterinary forums.

  1. “All 1st Choice foods are suitable for sterilized cats. They are professional and have a pH control - properly balanced with quality ingredients. An adult cat will use 1st Choice for adult cats with chicken or fish. A good option with the formula for fastidious (sensitive) animals (if it is such) "
  2. “Feed Festus Choice contains salt (sodium chloride) - an important element in the cat's mineral metabolism. Its deficiency upsets the balance of other substances. The amount of salt in the feed is strictly normalized. That is why it contributes to the consumption of a larger amount of water, which is extremely important when feeding a pet with dry cat food (animals that drink little water) ”
  3. “If there is no indication for a diet, then 1Choice is a good choice of regular meals. They have a large amount of meat and fiber, lack of corn and wheat. That is, they guarantee a predator's biologically correct diet and support its health. ”
  4. “The reasons for the development of ICD in cats are many: metabolic disorders, genetic predisposition, inflammatory processes. Improper feeding of the animal for 2-3.5 years will inevitably lead to ICD. Therefore, I recommend Fest Choice - a balanced feed that prevents disease, rather than provoking it. Observe the rules of feeding and ensure sufficient water intake. ”
  5. “All Fest Choice formulas are suitable for castrated animals. If the cat does not have excess weight, it is wiser to give the usual feed for adult cats, not lightweight. 10-year-old cat - not an old animal. If it is active and slender, you need a complete feed1st Choice "
  6. “Choice with a duck is a complete food based on hypoallergenic products (duck instead of chicken, potatoes instead of grain). Due to this, the pet has less chance of developing allergies. Food is able to fight with already accumulated allergens "

About 78% of veterinarians write about 1st Choice cat food reviews in a positive and approving way. Consumers notice that with an incorrect choice of a product, a pet may have problems in the period of molting (does not stop), the elderly and infancy. Therefore, for sensitive and fastidious kittens, cats and cats, veterinarians recommend selecting food individually.

The original cat food 1 Choice can be bought in Moscow at any specialized store. At the same time it is more economical to purchase large-capacity packaging. The cost of 0.35 kg of a pack of feed will be equal to 200-275 rubles / per pack, and the price of 907 grams. Packing - 450-520 rubles.

What feed formulas does Festus Choice offer for cats and cats?

Functional and balanced First Choice - cat food of all age groups:

  • from 2 to 12 months "Healthy Start" (based on fresh chicken meat),
  • from 1 year to 10 years "Vitality for domestic cats", "Hypoallergenic", "Healthy wool and skin", "For picky pets", "For sterilized cats" and "Weight control",
  • from 10 years "For low-active and aging" pets.

Also, the manufacturer offers special bait. The developer of the cat diet insists on proper selection of the product, therefore, offers such a wide range of products.

Revealed deficiencies in recipes

But, according to some buyers, the formulas have flaws. The main disadvantage of products - incomprehensible components in the composition of the recipes. The content of far from all ingredients is written on the label, and their exact volume is not presented. This makes it difficult to choose a formula. Another disadvantage of the brand is the inaccessibility of all recipes in pet stores. Many products have to be ordered online.

The main ingredients in the feed

As part of the recipes, a combination of several natural components is necessarily present (depending on the purpose of the formula):

  • Source of animal protein (protein).

Fresh meat and chicken eggs are used. As part of feed, the volume of natural protein is from 14-31%. To give the product a pleasant smell and tasty taste, the manufacturer applies chicken liver hydrolyzate. The component also contains a certain percentage of natural protein, but it is small, therefore it cannot be considered an independent source of protein.

  • Sources of vegetable protein.

The original Fest Choice cat food contains in its composition various types of cereal crops: oats, brown and white rice, pea protein, barley kernels. The listed components are sources of a large amount of vegetable proteins and carbohydrates. All cereals and legumes are added to the composition after special treatment of the kernels (dried and ground, maximum to the natural protein content). At the same time, protein from peas and rice are components in the top five of the main ingredients.

Salmon fish oil and meat oil are used. Общее содержание может колебаться в пределах от 10 до 20%. Оба компонента богаты на Омега 3 и Омега 6 — жирные аминокислоты. Дополнительным источником жира выступают семена льна (растительный компонент в диетических формулах).

Компонент, нормализующий работу кишечника домашнего питомца, поэтому его в составе кормов свыше 3.5-5%. Рационы включают несколько типов клетчатки: свежая мякоть свеклы, горох, томаты (мякоть в высушенном виде) и пр. It is poorly absorbed by the cat's body, therefore it serves exclusively for the nutritional weight of the feed (the animal has a feeling of fullness, it does not overeat) and clean the intestines.

All Fest Choice cat food, according to experts, contain a combination of other useful components. These include taurine (amino acid), lecithin (for the health of wool and skin), yeast extract (normalization of the balance of beneficial and harmful bacteria in the intestine and stomach). Also in the composition of the feed there are vitamins of group B, mineral supplements, chicory extract (normalizes the balance of bacteria) and Yukka Shidiger (reduces the unpleasant smell from feces).

Table of the percentage of ingredients in the feed 1st Choice

Recommendations of veterinarians and owners

The nutrition of each animal must be treated with attention, as the appearance and condition of the animal will depend on the correctly selected ratio of nutrients. In the abundance of modern feed brands, it is important to choose a food that would ideally suit your cat. Reviews of different owners suggest that it is still better to choose the food that is more expensive if you do not want to doom your pet to torment and death. It is known that pedigreed animals and at all hard to digest low-quality products.

When purchasing dry food, the following is taken into account:

  • the weight and size of your animal,
  • its features (active, sedentary, male, pregnant or nursing female),
  • the presence of allergies (may not be detected immediately),
  • age of the animal,
  • breed.

Feeding dry food in practice is more convenient for the owner, but much more expensive than natural food. If you get a purebred cat, match your strength and financial capabilities with the needs of the pet.

Who manufactures Fest Choice cat food

Fest Choice is produced by PLB International (Canada). She has been engaged in this activity since 1969. It supplies its products to the markets of more than thirty countries, including European ones. Animal feeds from this company are not only certified by the Canadian Veterinary Service, but also have a European quality certificate, which gives the right to direct deliveries to Europe. Since 2002, the company has joined the HACCP system, which controls all stages of food production in order to ensure their safety.

The feed "Fest Choice" (1ST Choica) was created in 1990. Thanks to its innovative composition, the company was able to compete in the pet food market. In addition to this brand, the company also produces Pronature (premium) feed.

Canned food produced in Ecuador under the strict control of the parent company.

PLB International manufactures cat and dog food

Assortment line of feed "Fest Choice"

Feed "Fest Choice" - refers to the super premium class feed, it is clearly seen from its composition. The food is well balanced, contains fresh chicken meat (or duck), vegetable protein (peas), does not include soy, corn and wheat. Chicken meat flour has a low ash content, which indicates good quality. The source of fat is chicken and salmon, which also indicates a good quality of food. Fiber, which contributes to weight control, is provided by beet pulp and peas. Sources of carbohydrates are white and brown rice, flax seeds, oat kernels. Green tea extract, parsley and mint help to maintain healthy teeth. The addition of Yukka Schidiger reduces the smell from the tray, as it binds ammonia. A variety of nutritional supplements are used as a preventive measure to keep pets healthy: reducing the likelihood of atherosclerosis, obesity, improving the function of vision, heart, improving immunity, reducing the acidity of urine (all supplements are of natural origin).

Table: description of the composition of dry food "Fest Choice"

The following nutritional supplements are used:

  • lecithin (natural emulsifier),
  • calcium propinate and a mixture of tocopherols (vitamin E) are used as preservatives,
  • DL-Methionine - improves metabolism
  • L-lysine is an amino acid that increases immunity and resistance to viruses,
  • L-cystine is an amino acid that has a positive effect on the skin and coat,
  • L-carnitine - for the normalization of fat metabolism,
  • glucosamine sulphate and chondroitin sulphate - improve the condition of cartilage tissue,
  • levocarnitine is a substance added to prevent kidney health,
  • taurine (necessary for the prevention of retinal atrophy and improving the work of the heart) - two thousand one hundred milligrams per kilogram.

  • calcium - at least one percent,
  • phosphorus - not less than eight tenths of a percent,
  • magnesium is no more than one tenth of a percent.

Calorie: three hundred and nineteen calories per hundred grams of product.

The list of food additives is the same, but the amount of taurine is increased:
taurine - two thousand three hundred milligrams per kilogram.

Calorie: three hundred and seventy seven kilocalories per hundred grams of product.

The existing list of food additives is increased by such components:

  • collagen peptide - to improve the tissues of the joints,
  • zinc proteinate - to improve the condition of wool.

The amount of taurine is two thousand one hundred milligrams per kilogram.

Calorie: three hundred and fifty three kilocalories per hundred grams of product.

Calorie: three hundred seventy six kilocalories per hundred grams of product.

Food supplements are used:

  • lecithin,
  • calcium carbonate (chalk) - to increase the amount of calcium in the body,
  • potassium chloride - is used instead of table salt in the diet,
  • taurine,
  • DL-Methionine,
  • L-carnitine,
  • L-lysine,
  • taurine,
  • left carnitine
  • sodium bisulfate (preservative and antioxidant).

Calorie: three hundred and sixty two kilocalories per hundred grams of product.

Mineral supplements also include:

  • glucosamine sulfate - antirheumatic preporat,
  • Hondrotin sulfate - for the prevention of diseases of the joints,
  • Taurine - one thousand seven hundred milligrams per kilogram.

Calorie: three hundred and twenty-seven kilocalories per hundred grams of product.

The same supplements other than glucosamine sulfate and chondrotine sulfate.
Taurine - two thousand six hundred milligrams per kilogram.

Calorie: three hundred and sixty-four kilocalories per hundred grams of product.

The set of additives is the same as in the previous feed. Taurine - two thousand one hundred milligrams per kilogram.

Calorie: three hundred and sixty-nine kilocalories per hundred grams of product.

The list of supplements and the amount of taurine is the same.

Calorie: three hundred seventy six kilocalories per hundred grams of product.

Table: canned food (eighty-five grams)

The following ingredients are added to each of the canned Fest Choice fodders (the amount is given per kilogram of product):

  • vitamin A - eight thousand nine hundred sixty international units,
  • vitamin D3 - one thousand eight hundred international units,
  • vitamin E - thirty milligrams,
  • iron - seventy nine milligrams,
  • calcium - thirty-five hundredths of a milligram,
  • copper - five milligrams,
  • manganese - six point six milligrams,
  • zinc - seventy-four milligrams,
  • selenium - ninety-five thousandths of a milligram.

Caloric content of any wet food: seventy-eight kilocalories per hundred grams.

All wet food "Fest Choice" have the same type of packaging, the weight of which is eighty-five grams

For feeding cats, you can use up to two cans per day when combined with dry food. Open wet food is stored only in the refrigerator for no more than forty-eight hours.

When using ready-made feeds, the cat should always have access to clean drinking water.

Cost of cat food "Fest Choice"

Dry food "Fest Choice" has several types of packages of different weights, taking into account this, the cost of goods is as follows:

  • three hundred and fifty grams - from one hundred eighty rubles,
  • nine hundred grams - from four hundred fifty rubles,
  • two kilos seven hundred twenty grams - from one thousand two hundred rubles,
  • five kilograms four hundred forty grams - from two thousand fifty eight rubles.

A jar of wet food costs ninety rubles.

Table: Advantages and disadvantages of the feed "Fest Choice"

"Fest Choice" does not contain components that cause addiction in animals. And if for some reason you want to change it, you can try to feed other brands of the super premium class, for example:

  1. Food "Arden Grunge", produced in the UK - a general analysis of products is about the same, there are grainless feed based on white fish and potatoes, a lot of natural additives, but the price is higher.
  2. Food "Blitz" (Russia) - animal protein content in the feed is higher (chicken and turkey - twenty-seven percent), but there is corn, preservatives and antioxidants of natural origin, many other additives, including Yukka Schidiger, the cost of production is much lower.

We got a Scottish straight-kitten with documents and a good pedigree. We went for a consultation to the veterinarian, and he recommended this particular food to us. He said either 1choyz or Holistic, they cost about the same. The veterinarian said that it is best to feed the kitten, or the cat only with dry food, that's enough. It contains all the necessary vitamins, and it is made from natural ingredients. Crude can be bought sometimes, but as a delicacy, and premium class, I do not remember the name. We buy this feed in a package of about 900 grams at a price of 550 rubles. Enough for 25 days, the kitten eats it with pleasure! We have so far taken 2 times with chicken. Recommend!


First of all, I want to say that we tried a lot of feed, finally settling on 1st Choice. They took vaunted Hill's, now popular Eukanuba, Royal Canin, and everything would be fine, but each has its own BUT 🙂 In Choice's pet stores, it’s almost impossible to meet us, so I order on the Internet, usually goes much cheaper than in the same stores with twisted prices . A kilogram pack of feed costs 335 rubles, if you take large packages, it usually comes out cheaper. Pleases and composition: no chemistry, everything is only the most natural, which by the way is famous for most Canadian feed. I would also like to note a very convenient package that closes in a plastic zipper, which will not allow the stern to fizzle out or crumble when dropped. By the way, I liked this food by the fact that it contains Yukka Schidigera extract, if anyone does not know, then its presence in the stern reduces the smell of seals feces 🙂 Dark brown granules, homogeneous, good smell . Kotu likes, eats with pleasure. Also on the package is a table of the daily feeding rate by weight and age of the kitten. It is recommended to feed them a cat up to a year and pregnant and lactating cats. This feed is perfect for us, I advise you too 🙂


The Persian beauty was taken in the nursery, the breeder said to feed only Fest Choice, and since then we have been buying it. For the past two years. Only it is necessary to buy via the Internet, in pet stores not to be found, it is possible that there are no problems with this in large cities, but we have a serious drawback with this. If there are delays in delivery, we are interrupted by the Proplan, but of course it is only as a short replacement. Better Fest Choice do not think anything to look for. Why experiment, if there is a healthy cat. The condition of her wool speaks best of it. Fluffy, shiny, shine, but it does not climb and shed. Only occasionally in the spring season. I take specifically food for fastidious adult cats with normal activity. The release is different: 0.4 kg, 2.72 kg and 5.44 kg. Basically, I order the largest size, it does not affect storage, taste is not changed. The composition of chicken meat, but the color of the granules are different from our usual light, they are darker, perhaps this is because of the dark rice. But the cat eats and does not complain. The size of the granules is also optimal, not large and not small. The only interesting thing is that the kitten is depicted on the package of feed for an adult cat, but this is not as important as the correct pH balance and the perfect combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.


For some reason, I trust the Canadian feeds most of all, and First Choice, except for the country of production, also came up to me in all other indicators - availability, price and quality. I used to give feed to the same manufacturer - Pronature, but it was expensive for me and from time to time exacerbated urolithiasis in a cat. With the transition to the First Choice, everything got better, even the coat became thicker, more brilliant, the cat began to shed less, but most importantly, the relapses of urolithiasis stopped. Not bad food and copes with the withdrawal of wool from the stomach, the cat no longer suffers with this. Most often I take cat food with ICD, it has the lowest percentage of ash content, the excess of which just leads to the formation of stones. The cat eats food calmly, does not rush to the bowl and does not swallow, but eats the whole portion in a couple of tricks. The size of the pieces is convenient, medium, normal brown, without unpleasant smell. First Choice comes in different packages, I take 6 kg, the cat lasts for 5–6 months, the food does not dry up during this time.


Despite the fact that the feed "Fest Choice" does not apply to the feed of the highest quality - holistics, it can be taken as a basis for feeding your pet. Its composition provides good nutrition, does not contain questionable components, the range of products allows you to select a product, taking into account age and health. And although the company does not produce treats for cats, canned food may well become its substitute. A relatively low percentage of meat components in the composition (compared to the holistics) is compensated by a lower price of the product. All these arguments suggest that “Fest Choice” is a good choice of food for pets.