How to cut a cat and a cat at home


Grooming cats and cats (grooming) is increasingly gaining popularity. Although several years ago, many of our compatriots did not even imagine that cats could be cut the same way as people or dogs.

What is meant by grooming and what is it for?

Under the grooming is understood a whole range of activities necessary for the care of animals:

  • Claw clipping.
  • Combing wool, unraveling of fallen areas.
  • Grooming domestic cats, especially long-haired breeds.
  • Cleaning the ears.
  • Eye care.
  • Hair cutting between fingers.
  • Removal of tartar, and in general care for the entire oral cavity of the pet.
  • In some cases, grooming includes paraanal and other glands.

The word comes from the old designation "groom" - a person whose profession was to care for animals, primarily for a horse. Nowadays, the term has been used by any “hairdresser” for animals, and the professional himself is more often called a “groomer”.

Model haircut "French Lion"

Why do I need to cut pets?

There are many situations in which grooming cats allowed, and even vital. And we are talking not only about leaving the felinological competition. Very often, veterinarians advise grooming when they notice a pet or skin problem in an animal.

In this regard, all types of haircuts for cats can be divided into two categories:

Model grooming is performed mainly for exhibitions and is a true work of art.

It is quite another thing - hair cutting, necessary to maintain the health of the pet. Hygienic grooming of cats has a more familiar look and is simple in execution:

  • Most often it is done to avoid stalling long hair, or to remove the resulting tangles that cause the cat pain.
  • Cats actively lick and can either hurt themselves, trying to gnaw through the stick, or eat a lot of wool, which rolls into lumps in the stomach and can cause intestinal obstruction.
  • A veterinarian may order a haircut in case of skin diseases or the appearance of parasites.
  • In some animals, such a problem as sticking of feces to the long hair near the hind legs and tail is noticed. In this case, you can not cut the animal entirely, but only slightly shorten the "pants".
  • Many cats with long or semi-long hair in the summer heat make grooming to protect them from overheating. This is especially necessary for Siberian cats, Persian cats, Norwegian forest and others who are used to a colder climate.
  • It also happens that an old or sick animal can not independently care for wool. In this case, a haircut helps him stay clean and maintain a decent look.

Model haircut "Dragon"

Varieties of exhibition haircuts

Model grooming cats can be performed not only for a trip to the exhibition. Many owners regularly go to the salon to give their pet an original look. Each such hairstyle is individual. And yet, there are several of the most popular varieties, on the basis of which groomers create their exclusive works of hairdressing.

  • "French Lion". For this hairstyle, the back, the upper part of the paws and the base of the tail are completely cut. The head and fur around the neck remains untouched, giving the impression of a luxurious mane. Do not cut the tip of the tail. The specialist can give it the shape of a lion's brush, pom-pom, stepped Christmas tree or neat panicle. Sometimes the wool is only slightly shortened, due to which a fluffy squirrel tail is formed. The length of the "socks" and "gloves" on the legs can also vary. Thus, a unique image of the animal is created.
  • Puma. This haircut is done in almost the same way as the version with the "Lion", but additionally remains fluffy shirtfront on his chest.
  • For the “Dragon” model, the sides and abdomen are trimmed smoothly, and along the ridge and tail the wool remains intact. She is only given the shape of a carved crest with sharp teeth.
  • “Puss in Boots” fully corresponds to its name: the animal is shortened with a hair coat on the back, and the upper part of the legs is cut out so as to make neat boots.

There are more intricate haircuts - such as "Modern", "Continental", "Harlequin". All of them are performed only by specialists.

Model haircut "Puss in Boots"

What you should know about grooming?

Grooming cats - a difficult process, which has many nuances.

  • In no case can you cut the head, ears and sideburns: there is a risk of damaging the vibrissae.
  • Do not cut the tail well: most cats try to nibble it and cause themselves serious wounds. Keep the coat for at least a third of the tail.
  • The same applies to the paws: be sure to leave the "socks" in the area of ​​the fingers and the lower joint of the paw. But their length can vary.
  • After shortening the coat color can change dramatically.
  • It is better not to cut animals with color-point or tippeing color at all: the wool darkens sharply after that.
  • The ideal length for cropped wool is 3 mm. It feels like velor fabric or plush to the touch, it does not prick and does not cause discomfort to the animal. If you cut it with a nozzle of 1 mm, then the first week the hairs will be very hard and only then they will get their usual softness.
  • Do not cut the cat bald. The skin of these animals is very delicate, and can easily burn even in the not too hot sun. In addition, the wool reliably protects them during games, and a bald cat can seriously scratch itself by simply scratching.
  • The mats can only be removed using a typewriter. Use scissors only as a last resort and with the utmost care. To do this, a frequent comb is passed under the koltun, and wool is neatly clipped over it.
  • If you are preparing for an exhibition, take care to make your pet hairstyle no later than six months. Then it can be a little tweak.

Cat grooming can be done just once every few years or monthly. It all depends on the rate of growth of hair.

Salon or homemade haircut?

The question of whether to contact a specialized office or trim a pet's hair coat on its own, arises from the owners very often. Arguments in favor of both options are quite a lot. Grooming cats at home is much cheaper, and travel to the salon is perceived as a lot of stress by many baleen purrs.

The difficulty is that far from all animals tolerate grooming. Some are so actively opposed to attempts to cut them that they have to give a sedative. Most often, soft muscle relaxants are used in this capacity: these medicines do not immobilize the cat completely, but they reduce activity and make all its reactions more inhibited. Only a professional can choose the right medicine, make the right injection and track the condition of the four-legged patient.

An experienced groomer in the course of work necessarily gives advice on caring for a cat, reports problems he has noticed, such as incipient dermatitis, excess greasy hair, and lack of vitamins.

Even the choice of shampoo for bathing before clipping sometimes turns into a difficult task. An improper care product can damage the coat, cause allergies or skin irritation, and in the worst case scenario even cause baldness of the animal.

In addition, grooming cats vary considerably in complexity. Hygienic or the simplest of model haircuts - such as "lion", "puma" or "puss in boots", can be easily performed at home. Others, more complex, can be done only by a specialist. Thus, it is often much easier to pay for a trip to the clinic or salon. Usually, a groomer makes a haircut for a cat in an equipped office, but a home call is possible.

Animal clippers

Cat grooming at home: what do you need?

If you still decide not to go to the salon, then note: grooming cats is not an easy task. You will need a lot of patience and some tools:

  • Hair clipper.
  • Nozzles for her at least 3 mm long (best to use veterinary nozzles number 3 for this purpose).
  • Comb comb.
  • Regular or hairdresser's scissors (if you want a “designer” hairstyle, you can take both regular and engraving).
  • High table or ironing board, for which you will be comfortable to work.
  • Just in case, prepare hydrogen peroxide and cotton wool.

And, of course, you need to bear in mind that for such a procedure you will need an assistant, and preferably two. After all, most animals perceive attempts to cut their wool very aggressively, and someone will have to keep a wayward cat so that it does not hurt its “hairdresser”.

Place the pet on the tabletop, holding the front and hind legs so that it cannot twitch. Carefully shear the coat first on the back, then on the belly, legs and tail. If necessary, trim sticking hairs.

Be sure to tighten the skin so that no wrinkles form. Otherwise it is very easy to hurt the animal. This is especially true for wool tangles in the nipple area.

After the end of the procedure, be sure to bathe the animal in order to wash off the remaining fur on the skin.

Professional groomer set

Grooming cost

Grooming domestic cats is considered quite expensive.

  • In Moscow, the average cost of grooming starts from 1,100 - 1,200 rubles.
  • In small towns, this amount can be even higher: from 1500 rubles for a standard haircut.

For additional services will have to pay separately:

  • So, combing out koltunov will cost 400 rubles
  • Shaving them off is 300.
  • Shortening claws, processing the ears and the peephole, cutting the hair between the fingers also has an additional cost.

Some salons offer discounts for regular customers. In this case, the price of grooming cats can drop to 800 or even 600 rubles.

Tools for grooming fluffy cats

Most often for this hygienic procedure at home are used sharp, well-sharpened scissors of medium size. Is it possible to trim a cat with an ordinary typewriter? The clipper is most convenient in such a procedure, because using it is almost impossible to injure an animal. Its only drawback - the noise at work, which can scare the cat. That is why it is recommended to choose the most silent models.

In addition, you will need the following tools and fixtures:

  1. Comfortable comb (preferably with soft teeth, which will not cause too much concern to your pet).
  2. Hydrogen peroxide (if you accidentally hurt the cat).
  3. Scissors (if you still decide to use this tool, it is desirable that the scissors have rounded ends).
  4. Convenient horizontal surface (for example, a desk).
  5. Unnecessary towel to be put on the desk (after that you just collect it and throw it away).
  6. Favorite toy cat (with it you will distract the animal from a not too pleasant process).

What machine is recommended to choose a cat grooming

Currently, the choice of professional tools for cutting fluffy pets is huge: some owners are trying to save money and buy the cheapest option. Therein lies their mistake: an inexpensive trimmer will hurt to pull out hairs or burn tender skin, in addition, such models quickly become unusable.

If you need to remove hairs in hard-to-reach places, it is recommended to choose a small trimmer whose blade length does not exceed two centimeters. Such devices are designed to process the muzzle and ears, with the help of them you can remove excess hair under the tail. This is an auxiliary tool, which is needed for a careful haircut, for example, before exhibition events.

For a thicker coat, a powerful machine with wide blades is suitable, which is able to remove even the balls of felted wool from the Persians. It is important that the manufacturer carefully sharpened the blades, otherwise after each manipulation the machine will have to give the master.

The power device for the Persian breeds should be 45 watts or more. Machines with less power simply will not cope with thick hair, they will overheat and break already during the first procedure. If your pet has a short coat, you can get away with a model of 20 watts.

It is recommended to purchase the option with the ability to automatically adjust the blades without having to replace them. In this case, the minimum length of the blades is 0.5 mm (which means that after cutting with such a machine, the animal will have a wool length of about 0.5 centimeters). It is dangerous to buy products with small blades, because at home, if you do not have enough experience, you can simply injure the animal.

The best option is a machine that runs from the electrical network, because the batteries are quickly discharged, especially during long intermittent use (for example, if you are distracted by conversations and calming actions).

Do not forget that the trimmer should be as silent as possible (you can check it with the purchase by comparing the work of several models), and also lie comfortably in your hand. You should not choose devices from too slippery and heavy material, in this case you will not be able to cut your hair quality.

Before buying, turn the device on and off several times: in the process of work it should not get very hot, otherwise you will have to take breaks all the time, and this is not very convenient.

How to cut a cat or a cat at home: instructions

Below is a sequence of actions that you need to follow:

  • First of all, shorten the cat's claws with the help of special forceps. Pre-sanitized tools. After a little press on the pet's foot, and gently and at the same time quickly remove the claws, without touching the skin. Thanks to this you will be able to protect yourself from pet aggression and scratches during the haircut.

  • If the haircut is carried out for the first time, it is advisable to use the help of a second person who will gently hold the cat from the sides. Some animals will behave quite aggressively. For such individuals, special plastic collars are sold in veterinary clinics, which allow the cat's head to be fixed in one position and not allow it to bite. As for the limbs, they still have to hold.

  • After the animal is laid on its side, and its paws are securely fixed, the machine can be used. Begin to remove the wool from the sides, while doing so carefully and slowly. If the cat feels the excitement of the owners, she will also experience stress, will begin to pull out and scratch.
  • After the sides you need to go to the back and stomach. Particular attention is paid to cats with mammary glands: if you act with scissors, it is important not to injure this sensitive area, so try to relax the animal as much as possible. You can move both on growth of a wool, and against it.

  • It is recommended to remove the remaining hairs with small scissors, because you should not slide the machine over the animal's skin: it causes discomfort and microtrauma.
  • During the procedure, slightly delay the animal's skin, especially if the haircut is done with scissors. Thanks to this you prevent cuts.
  • At home, the tail and paws are usually left intact, however, if you wish, you can shave wool off the tail and leave a small brush on the end (this is a great option for show breeds).

  • At the conclusion of the procedure, the cat should be washed in warm water, if desired, a small amount of soft animal shampoo is added to the water. Next, the pet is dried with a hairdryer, which is placed on the most silent mode.

What is still to cut - typewriter or scissors? If you want your pet to look really attractive and neat, it is recommended to alternate the use of scissors and typewriter. With scissors you simply trim what could not be removed with an automatic device. Cutting long-haired animals with scissors only will be long, dangerous, and the result may not be accurate enough.

Is it possible to cut wet wool? If you use a typewriter, you can act on the dry skin of the animal. Decided to do with scissors? In this case, it is recommended to slightly wet the wool and carefully comb it: this way it will be easier for you to remove unnecessary vegetation. Regardless of the breed, do not cut the animal too short (it is better to leave a couple of millimeters of wool). Thanks to this, you will ensure normal thermoregulation, in addition, you will avoid injuries of the skin.

How often should haircut?

The frequency of such a hygienic procedure depends on the breed of the cat, its type of coat. On average, all the wool grows in a cat in six months. Most vets recommend trimming the animal for hygienic purposes several times a year. Если у кошки образовались комки шерсти, их можно просто выстричь ножницами.

Не следует злоупотреблять стрижкой, ведь шерсть – это естественный защитный покров многих животных, особенно в холодное время года. If your pet does not tolerate manipulations with scissors and a machine, it is recommended to entrust this task to a professional: veterinarians in clinics know how to soothe an aggressive animal, and carry out the procedure quickly and least traumatic.

It is best to cut long-haired animals before the onset of heat, because fluffy pets do not tolerate high temperatures.

How does a cat change after shearing

Be prepared for the fact that after the procedure in long-haired animals, the initial shade of the coat will change somewhat (it will become slightly darker or lighter). In some cases, haircut affects the growth of hair: it becomes more intense or slows down somewhat.

If this hygienic measure is carried out correctly, the cat's behavior will not change, however, in case of rude and careless actions, the animal may experience severe stress, which will later make it more fearful and distrustful of its owner.

What to do if you accidentally hurt a cat?

Sometimes even the most careful actions can lead to injury. What if the cat still hurt? At hand, you need to have iodine or hydrogen peroxide with a cotton swab. Apply a small amount of antiseptic solution on cotton wool and gently lubricate the skin around the cut, to stop the bleeding, you can press a dry cotton swab to the wound for a few minutes.

Please note: in such an unpleasant situation, do not panic. It is advisable to calm the animal by saying gentle words to it in a quiet voice that you used to say in a normal situation. During the haircut, in no case should one raise his voice to the cat or talk in a raised voice with his partner, make sharp movements and, all the more, use physical force (we are talking about blows, tweaks and other actions).

Thus, grooming a cat and a cat at home with the help of a typewriter and scissors is, first of all, a hygienic measure aimed at maintaining a neat appearance of the pet. If you are going to prepare your cat for an exhibition or other important event, it is recommended to sign up for a decorative haircut to a professional master. In clinics, decorative haircuts for cats are done using light anesthesia or sedatives. However, it should be remembered that the continued exposure of such medicines may adversely affect the health of the pet.

Why and why need a haircut

The main reason why it is necessary to cut the cats regularly is that the animal has wool and is often formed mats. You should not treat this as a minor nuisance. Pieces can cause significant harm to the animal, especially if your cat is long-haired. Fallen clumps of wool often tighten the skin and cause severe discomfort, causing the animal to be very nervous. It can also impair blood circulation and cause itchy skin. Another very important reason why you need to cut a cat is that the animal, licking itself independently, swallows a lot of wool, which can lead to problems with digestion.

In addition, there is also an aesthetic moment in the haircut: a competently clipped cat looks more well-groomed and beautiful. Therefore, to care for their furry pets their owners often use the services of a hairdresser. This is usually done before exhibitions, when the appearance of "Murok" and "Murzik" requires a very careful approach. In addition to fighting mats and hovering "marafet" before the show, long-haired cats are also sheared in the spring. This is due to the fact that animals with thick hair in the summer is very hot and haircut makes life much easier during this period.

It is interesting! But do not get carried away and without the need to cut the cat is not worth it, since it is associated with a number of difficulties for the animal itself, and for their owners.

How often to cut

Hygienic haircut is carried out as needed, but not more often than 2 times a year.More frequent haircuts can damage the skin and coat structure. Usually, representatives of long-haired breeds such as Persians, Siberian, Angora and Norwegian cats are sheared. Cats with short hair do not need a haircut at all. For such a haircut use a special machine with a nozzle of 3-5 millimeters, you can not use less, as it can injure the skin of the animal. After such a haircut wool looks like a plush, it is very attractive and in the summer heat the animal will feel comfortable. Before the show, cats are clipped about 3-4 months before the event. In this case, it is impossible to cut too shortly, since the wool of y is restored for a rather long time. It is necessary to take into account the fact that it is not necessary to shear the hair on the head and face.

It is also necessary to take into account that most cats are extremely aggressive in such procedures. To do this, they even use drugs designed to immobilize the animal. Without this, it is impossible to groom a cat, as they break out and get nervous. And in order not to injure the cat resorted to medication. But you need to remember that if you use these drugs too often, you can seriously undermine the health of the animal.

Important! If you cut only the mats, then you need to take extra care. They should be clipped with circular movements, so the process will be less time consuming and, most importantly, more effective.

What you need to know

When shearing a cat in a special salon, it must be borne in mind that the animal may be agitated on the way, and in an unfamiliar place the nervousness and stress will only increase. Therefore, it is better to call the master on the house. He will come with his instrument and do everything quickly and competently, and your pet will feel more relaxed at home.

When mowing cats should be aware that they are difficult to tolerate this procedure, both physically and psychologically. They are especially skeptical about tail cutting, so they don’t usually touch it. The tail of cats in general is a sore point and if damaged, it can cause significant harm to the health of your pet.. No less caution should be exercised when cutting the abdomen, especially its lower part, where the most tender and vulnerable spots are located. Numerous skin folds are concentrated in this area and are very easily damaged.

Before you cut the cat, it is necessary to carry out preliminary training, that is, to adapt it to the haircut. This stage can take a long time. First you need to accustom the cat to the usual combing, to do it better on the table. Thus, your pet will get used to the procedures for grooming. Another very important point is to choose a clipper. It must be silent, otherwise the cat will be frightened and cut it will not work.

As mentioned earlier, in order to trim the cat, special preparations are sometimes used that help to immobilize the animal. But this carries a certain risk, since it is very difficult to fully predict the effect of anesthesia. Therefore, many owners, faced with difficulties with a haircut, decided to abandon in favor of daily grooming. Let it take more time, but it will be calmer for both the owners and the fluffy pet.

If you cut the cat yourself and she got a lot of stress, you should regret and pet the animal and tell her that she is the most beautiful, show more affection, it will calm her down.

It is interesting! There is an opinion among zoopsychologists that one should not laugh at an unsuccessfully trimmed cat. These cute animals are able to feel the attitude towards them and can be seriously offended. And what cats do and how they do in such cases is well known to every cat lover.

Types of haircuts

There are several types of haircuts, the most common of them, it is hygienic and model. If everything is clear from the first, then everything is more complicated with the model. It is used for aesthetic purposes to give your pet a beautiful or even exotic look. The most famous model haircuts are “puma” and “dragon”. The puma haircut makes a small lion out of a cat: a short cropped body and a fluffy head. The result is a real lion's mane, which looks very impressive. Haircut "dragon" is a common name for any curly haircut, in which various characters, letters and shapes are cut out on a cat. There are other hairstyles for cats. The haircut “lion” is almost like “puma”, but in this case the tail is also cut. Hairstyles “tassel” and “broomstick” are tails treated in a special way, but it is highly undesirable to make such a haircut yourself, since you can injure a fluffy mod. "Socks" and "knee socks" - such haircuts, as the name implies, apply only to the processing of paws and it all depends on the length of the coat. You need to know that some types of model haircuts can not be applied to cats of certain breeds.

Many veterinarians are quite skeptical of model haircuts, as they are not of practical use, but can injure the animal. Moreover, unevenly covered with leather skin causes a violation of heat transfer, which will certainly adversely affect the condition of the animal. Therefore you should not torment your pet for the sake of such dubious exotics. It is better if necessary to make a simple hygienic haircut. There are owners who paint cats in different colors, which is completely unacceptable.

DIY haircut

If for some reason you decide not to go to the salon for cutting animals, then you can perform this operation at home. To get started is to prepare the surface, the best fit ironing table or table.

Important! It is better to cut the haircut together, one of you will cut, and the second - firmly fix the animal. This should be done carefully, so as not to frighten and injure.

Before the procedure, the cat should be full and will want to sleep, and the sleepy animal will be less mobile and active, which in some cases makes things easier. You can use special scissors and comb for haircuts, but this method has a significant disadvantage - it is traumatic, but silent, which does not cause concern. You can also use a special animal clipper. This method will not cause the cat injuries in the form of cuts and pricks, but during the work it makes a lot of noise, which often scares the already restless Fuzzies. Which way to choose - you decide, it all depends on your skill and hardness of the hand.

After finishing the haircut, you need to bathe the cat in order to remove excess wool and then comb it out., and this is another additional test.

As can be seen from the description, the process of grooming is quite time consuming, since cats do not tolerate such procedures. Therefore, without unnecessary need not expose your pet to such a test. If you are not confident in your abilities and skills, it is better to trust the professionals in this field.

In conclusion, I want to say that grooming cats has a number of great advantages. This saves the owners of excess wool in the house, and also makes it easier for the animal to care for its wool. In hot regions, it saves from overheating. If you do everything right, haircut is a very useful procedure. Good luck and health to your pet!

What is used for grooming cats?

Attention! Medium-sized scissors are used in the home, but the most convenient option is a clipper.

The clipper is the most convenient for the procedure.

This device, unlike scissors, easy to use, is not capable of causing injury to a pet when properly used. The only drawback is the sound of a working machine, which can greatly frighten the cat, and this will create certain problems during the process of cutting (the animal begins to tear out and scratch).

If you are even afraid to suggest how to cut the cat at home, then you better turn to a professional. In some veterinary clinics anesthesia is used for too violent cats, however for old cats it is very dangerous.

At home, trim a cat is difficult to participate in exhibitions, but it is quite realistic to do this with a hygienic purpose.

It is advisable that the clipper work quietly.

For convenience and ease of cutting, first of all, you should choose a high-quality model of the device, preferably not too loud and, of course, not the cheapest. The stores are mechanical type (manual) and electric type. After examining all the pros and cons, which can tell the seller-consultant, you will be able to choose the most convenient option.

How many times a year should a cat cut?

On average, depending on the breed and age, the wool in cats grows to its former size after 3-6 months after shearing.

Attention! Experienced veterinarians recommend cutting the cat several times a year, and when tangled hairs appear, cut them with scissors.

It is recommended to trim the cat several times a year.

It is advisable to cut the cat before the summer season, because the hot time animals, especially shaggy, suffer too hard, therefore, having familiarized yourself with how to perform the procedure at home, you will help the cat to cope not only with bowel disease, but also make it easier high air temperature.

How does haircut on animals?

Is it possible to trim the cat so that there are no changes, and how will the hairstyle at home affect the pet's behavior?

Grooming significantly affects wool growth

Almost all long-haired breeds change coat color, acquiring a darker or lighter shade. It happens that haircut significantly affects the growth of wool, sometimes this process is accelerated, and in some cases, on the contrary, it becomes slower, and in rare cases it stops growing completely.

How to cut a pet on your own?

To understand how to properly cut a cat at home, you need to prepare:

  • convenient place, it can be a table, or an ironing board,
  • comfortable comb,
  • small scissors
  • special clipper,
  • hydrogen peroxide and iodine (for treating wounds, if any).


  1. Initially, your cat should be shortened claws. For this purpose, nail scissors are usually used: firstly, this tool will be found in every home, secondly, high-quality scissors will help you to cope with claws without any problems, if you wish, you can purchase a special device at the pet store - a nail cutter, which is easy to use, and its cost is quite affordable.
  2. Before you start trimming the claws, you need to disinfect the instrument, usually use alcohol. Next, you need to take your pet's hand in hand and gently press the pad, after which the cat will release its claws, at this moment, without removing the fingers from the pad, start the procedure of cutting the claws, to complete the procedure it is recommended to use a nail file to cut sharp ends.
  3. For the first time, it is better to cut the cat at home, having recourse to the help of a person who will help to keep the animal properly, and, as a rule, it is much easier for the two to cope with the procedure. So, the partner, having laid the cat on its side, should hold its limbs.
  4. If the animal began to behave rather aggressively, it is better to use a plastic collar.
  5. Then cut the cat with a machine, starting from the sides, the main thing is not to worry and try to keep your hands from trembling, because an animal that behaved calmly, feeling the excitement of the owner, can show both anxiety and aggressiveness, and then you will not be able to do the procedure anymore at home.
  6. After the sides, trim the back and abdomen, paying particular attention to the abdominal area where the nipples are located.
  7. Cutting wool is possible both in the direction of hair growth and against.
  8. If the haircut is carried out by an electric machine, you need to remember that the nozzle must be at least 3 mm.
  9. To ensure that everything goes without injuries for the animal, you should cut the lumps on the cat during the procedure with scissors, as using a machine at home will be impossible and rather unpleasant for the pet.
  10. During the haircut, the skin of the animal must be pulled, so it is possible to avoid cuts.
  11. With home haircuts, usually the head, the paws on the ends and the tail are left intact, this haircut will look like a lion's head.
  12. If necessary, scissors for filing can walk on uncut hair.
  13. When the whole procedure has come to an end, the cat is washed with clean water, or bathed with shampoo and dried with a hairdryer.

Cutting wool is possible both in the direction of hair growth and against

Separately about the British cat

The Briton breed belongs to the short-haired, therefore it is customary to care for the animal's hair without haircuts. Short wool does not fall down into lumps, therefore there is nothing to cut off. For a tidy and well-groomed look your cat should use soft brushes to brush wool. These are usually rubber or bristle brushes that are not capable of disrupting the integrity of the animal's skin. И, конечно же, британцев периодически купают со специальным шампунем, ведь чистота для кошек является гарантией крепкого здоровья.

Информация о персидских кошках

Кошки данной породы являются довольно впечатлительными, поэтому прежде, чем приступить к процедуре, лучше предварительно в Интернете найти видео, как подстричь персидскую кошку в домашних условиях.

For Persian cats use a haircut like a lion

For a hairstyle of cats of this breed it is better to connect assistants who will help to calm an animal. For Persian cats use a haircut like a lion - the head, tail and paws are left unchanged, this is a classic hairstyle for representatives of this breed.

What time of year are cats being sheared?

Attention! Pets who do not walk on the street can be cut, regardless of the season. Animals, constantly running in the open air, as a rule, are cut before the onset of summer heat.

Care for the fur of British cats taken without haircuts

So it will be easier for cats to endure the heat, and by the beginning of the autumn cold the fur will grow to the desired size, and will be able to cover the animal from the cold.