Beds for dogs: homemade options for small and large, for all occasions


In this article I will tell you how to sew a dog bed with your own hands from scrap materials. I will help you choose the material and determine the size, give the pattern and step by step instructions for cutting and sewing, bring a master class on sewing. I will review the original pet beds.

Sunbed with sides: step by step instructions

Before sewing, the bench with a round board (sofa, bed), the dog is measured taking into account the elongated front legs, add another 10 cm to this value. This parameter will be the length of the berth.

For work you will need:

  • material and packing
  • paper or old wallpaper for patterns,
  • safety pins, needle, scissors, strong thread,
  • ruler, chalk or pencil.

Otherwise, the packing inside the case will be lumpy.

The bed with sides

How to choose a material

The material should be comfortable for a pet (pug, York and other small breeds): do not cause irritation on the skin and not make unpleasant squeaks and rustles. You also need to think about resistance to constant friction, clawing, washing and cleaning.

The best options for sleek dogs are fleecy materials that accumulate and retain heat. This is velor, flock, plush, felt or velveteen. For heat-loving dogs, the bench can be made from faux fur with a short nap, but this option will not work for allergy-prone pets.

For dogs with long hair, it is better to choose material from a smooth but durable material. Ideal: flax, bomazia, jeans, tapestry.

For stuffing use foam rubber, holofiber, batting or synthetic winterizer. It is better to refuse fluff, feathers and hay. In them parasites and microbes quickly accumulate.

Synthetic fabric accumulates static electricity and will scare the animal from time to time. On synthetic, allergy develops several times faster. Also, do not decorate the bed with small accessories, the dog can gnaw and swallow them.

Patterns and sewing scheme of the cot-dog bed

Cutting parts

According to this scheme, even a novice can sew a dog bed. It uses only one detail pattern. This eliminates the hard work itself - stitching several pieces together.

Bed plan

How to make cutting:

  • two pieces are cut out on paper and cut out
  • on a wide table lay out the fabric face down,
  • on the surface of the fabric lay out the details of the pattern,
  • along the contour of the paper, chalk draws control lines and points,
  • After that, the patterns are removed, once again they check the correctness of the dimensions and cut out the details along the lines.

Tailoring and stuffing

To get a sleeper more accurate, for a start it is better to work with a needle - to sew the details with large and straight stitches.

  • bottom parts are sewn around the perimeter from three sides,
  • with the rest of the side is filled with gasket, sew,
  • stitch and fill bumpers,
  • in the corners for fixing the sides, lightning or laces, laces or cuts, used material are sewn to the base.

The result is a couch with lowered sides. Fasteners and raise the sides vertically. In the heat they can be lowered and get a spacious and comfortable mattress.

It should get here is a sleeper. Here the master did not cut the corners when cutting. This can be done if the density of the filler allows you to make a fold.

Dowel bed with lowers

You can refuse to fasten and just sew tightly all the corners. Then get a place with fixed sides, like this.

With fixed sides

Sunbed should be secluded, but accessible for cleaning.

The benefits of the bed with their own hands

It is important for proper socialization, prevention of inflammatory diseases of the joints and just for the comfort of a pet.

Sun lounger can be purchased at the store. But if you have skills in sewing, then you can sew it yourself.

Homemade stove benches have several advantages:

  • ideal size for dog size,
  • substantial savings
  • the opportunity to choose a material whose color matches the interior of the house,
  • the choice of the shape of the bed for the room,
  • the ability to choose the texture of the material based on the characteristics of the pet: the length of the coat, the tendency to allergies, thermophilicity.

When choosing a bed is not limited only by the size of the dog, it is important to consider the posture during sleep or rest. Regardless of the breed, the pet (Labrador, Husky, Boxer, etc.) may prefer a soft or hard base. All this can be considered in the manufacture of homemade stove.

Dog sleeper

Review of the original dog beds

Ideally, if the sleeping couch fits well with the style of the interior - it does not cause the feeling of a random thing. You can dream up and equip a place for a dog from completely unexpected objects.

A practical option - for the interior in eco-style or garden. You just need to process the old box protective impregnation, apply with a stencil and paint the initials of the pet. Then put inside a suitable pillow.

Do not rush to throw out the old suitcase with a rigid frame. It will suit any interior, creating a unique vintage corner. You can detach the covers or just lift them up and fix them on the wall, and put the litter inside.

An old bedside table or chest of drawers can be a cozy place to sleep and relax a pet. By the way, they can be painted under the background of the interior or old. For arranging a convenient place, all the lower parts are dismantled and the litter is laid out on the bottom.

A good and practical option for small breeds. The owner's clothes keep his scent for a long time - the pet will feel intimacy and be less bored during his absence.

Believe me, the four-legged friend will definitely appreciate your efforts and thank you with love

There is also such an option: a painted tire with a litter laid inwards. This is a very controversial decision. An old tire releases toxic substances, especially at elevated room temperatures. The dog may get sick.

I sewed a bench with sides two years ago from velor. My dog ​​practically does not fade, so I wash it once a fortnight with safe detergents. Shake or tape with adhesive tape twice a week. The bed is still looking good - there are no signs of wear. I think that it will serve even one year, and the dog will not have to get used to the new place.

What you need to know

There is a dog bed for the dog in general, just like for a cat. But, in order to properly make a dog bed, you need to keep in mind that:

  • The dog is domesticated by man many earlier cats. If domestic cats freely intersect with wild forest cats and give viable fertile offspring, then there is nothing to hear about the hybrids of a dog and a wolf. Therefore, genetic relationships with progenitors (ancestral memory) in dogs are much weaker than in cats.
  • Dogs are terrestrial animals only. A poodle or lapdog can jump on the closet, but they cannot climb a tree.
  • Dogs claws do not retract. They are thicker, stronger, less curved than the cat and therefore almost never get confused and do not get stuck.
  • The skin glands of dogs, by their nature active schooling hunters-beaters, are more developed than in cats - predators-ambush. If a wild cat needs to hide and wait, in order to feed itself, the wolf or wild dog must clearly mark its path so that the leader can properly organize the hunting of the pack.
  • A flock of predators of the dog family in nature is a terrible force: neither a bear, nor a tiger, nor a wild buffalo or an elephant can cope with it. Dog no need to disguise on vacation. On the contrary, members of the pack must smell each other. The smell of the dog was felt by all the dog lovers, but who had ever heard that it smelled like cattle? Therefore, dogs are not as neat as cats: they do not wash and toilet skills are less developed.

At home, these differences do not have such a strong effect and a lounger for a cat is generally suitable for a dog of the same size. The main difference is padding. A synthetic winterizer or holofiber does not definitely suit: they firmly hold the grease in themselves and fall away from it. Furniture foam rubber of brands from 35 to 45 is more suitable. But the best option is coconut fiber. Under the dog it is almost forever, and the sunbed with a padding should not be washed: rinse it vigorously with hot water or rinse under a strong hot shower, the coconut pack dries quickly, almost simultaneously with the cloth. Buy coconut fiber is much cheaper than new often in the service station. Thanks to the same qualities, coconut is made from the top of the car seat.

Note: upholstery fabric for a dog lounger is the same as for a cat, except for fleece, flock, microfiber, etc. fluffy, holding a grease and so on. Selection. Jeans, flax, any synthetics will do - thanks to the same skin glands, dogs are not very sensitive to static electricity, they are smaller than us. Experienced villains know that laying a guard dog with a stun gun is unrealistic.

The second is the origin of the dog breed. We will touch on some of the nuances of this kind further, but for the time being we don’t wind it up: dogs of indoor decorative rocks almost completely lost the memory of their ancestors and, resting, are falling apart sometimes in the most shameless way, see fig. on right. Therefore, the bed for a miniature little dog should be about the same size as for the mongrels of medium size.

How to make a large bed for a small dog, see the video below:

With big and more problems

With a bed for a large dog, the situation is more complicated, but not by much, you just need to know what's what. And most importantly, what's what - sleep dogs. It will not sleep well, will not feel the full care of the owner and will not be able to respond with the same canine affection.

Each dog has its own preferred sleeping position, see fig. And depending on the breed and personal, individual.

How do dogs sleep

But, like in humans, the dog's favorite sleeping position may change with age and depending on the circumstances. It is advisable to arrange a sleeping place for the dog so that the dog can sleep on it sweetly once and for all from a puppy to senile senility. There is a way, it is a transforming stove, see below.

The second snag is the weight of the dog. More precisely, the mass of her body, which may be more human. If you ever slept on the floor, did you wake up sweetly afterwards? And why? Because people turn in their sleep. Dogs too. And the hard floor, as it were, gives every movement of the sleeper back to his body.

Simply put, a more or less large dog needs a kind of bed for a normal sleep, a little “playing” under the lying one. Therefore, branded dog beds are often made on a rigid frame (pos. 1 in the figure) with an elastic bottom elevated above the floor.

Beds for large dogs

For a puppy, it is possible to replace this with a wooden cat bed (pos. 2), only the packing of the mattress needs another, see above. For an adult dog, it is advisable to make a simple bed (pos. 3) with slats of plates or strips of plywood with a thickness of 6-12 mm. Dogs do not understand human aesthetics, and ergonomics are simpler for them, so a bed for a dog can be a very simple wooden frame with slats and a mattress, pos. four.

Note: The bed-bed is also good because the place for the dog can be located anywhere in the house - it does not blow the bottom of the dog, and the top also has its own wool that heats well.

Rookery on lamellae from the point of view of a dog is luxury in general royal, but not completely obligatory. And a person could have a good sleep on a wide bench in an old peasant hut, there would be at least some damper between the mattress with the body and the floor, a kind of spring from at least 2 plates. Therefore, the bed for a large dog can be performed in different ways, see for example. roller:

Lounge for all occasions

The presentation of any educational material is taken from simple to complex. And we begin with a soft transformer stove bench: it is even easier to sew it than the simple ones sewn from those described below.

The pattern and the appearance of the transforming stove for a Spanish dog are shown in fig. Dimensions are given without allowance for processing, see below.

Pattern and appearance of the transforming bed for the dog

The advantages of this bed are as follows:

  1. Dimensions can be proportionally changed according to the size of the dog,
  2. With all raised sides, such a bed is suitable for puppies and small playful lap dogs,
  3. By tilting the front and possibly one of the side boards, the transforming stove can be adapted to any favorite sleeping position of a dog of any size other than a giant,
  4. On a wooden bed for a large dog, the transforming stove bench fits just like an ordinary lounger,
  5. Folded transforming bed can be taken with you in the baggage, if the dog accompanies you on a trip.

Sewn classics

In the same way, you can make a bed for a dog of a slightly different kind. With folding sides on ties or zippers, it will also be transformable, and tightly stitched - permanent home. Of course, in this case, it can also be put on a frame for a large dog.

Patterns of simple soft dog beds for medium-sized dogs are shown in Fig. On the left - “for growth”, with an entrance for a puppy, on the right - for an adult dog. Dimensions are given for solid foam packing, textile parts should be given an allowance for processing of 2-3 cm.

Patterns of simple soft dog beds

The way of sewing is usual with inversion:

  • On the mating parts of the product, opposite the fold lines, the allowance is doubled,
  • The modules (cushion, sidewalls) are sewn from the inside, while leaving the armholes for the gasket,
  • The mating sides of the modules are stitched with a double seam, so that a padding-free wing 2-3 cm wide is then formed,
  • Stitched modules turn over face through armholes,
  • The wings of the sidewalls and the cushions are folded on the inner side (where the dog will be) and sewn with a facial seam,
  • Packing is placed in the stitched modules through the armholes,
  • Armholes sewn face seam,
  • The sides are sewn together according to claim 5.

This is also not the only possible way of sewing. You can sew a soft dog bed as shown in the story.

Round beds

Indoor decorative dogs prefer round stove benches; this is another feature of them besides the tendency to flaunt themselves. In addition, round soft stove bench fits more conveniently in the baggage. You can make a round bed for a small dog in a hurry from an old sweater, see at the end. A constant, decorative no less than the inhabitant, it would be better to sew on the universal pattern.

Universal pattern of a round dog bed and options for its use

The pattern of the round dog bed is given on the left in the figure, and on the right are the versions of the products made with its use. The basic size in any case is the diameter of the bottom. It lies in the range of 25-60 cm, depending on the breed and this particular representative. The basic size is determined simply: wait until yours settles down better and zamelet. Measure it down from the ends of the front paws to the sacrum, and add 5-10 cm.

Very simple

For a simple bed (at the top right of the figure), 3 different details are covered: 2 at the bottom (with an allowance for processing, see above), and the board along the contour of the white circle in Fig. On board give 2 allowances: out and in the cutout under the bottom. Details of the bottom of different fabrics: the bottom, which will lie on the floor or somewhere else, from burlap, jeans, etc. Upper - made of decorative fabric. The bottom is sewn with a pillow, the board is sewn with a bagel, and then all together with the wing's inward, see above. The padding of such a bed should not be dense and integral, otherwise you will not sew and pack beautifully. The best option is to cut old knitted items or coconut fiber, see above.

With low board and bow

For this version (for absolutely small dogs, on the lower right in the figure.) You need 2 different parts from a soft, well-stretching fabric: one along the contour of the white circle (white rim - allowance), the other - along the green circle + the same allowance. The filler is fibrous or crumbly, the side packing is loose. The order of sewing is the same as in before. However, after flashing the bottom and filling the bead, the outer wing of the sidewall is folded inward, the braid (tape) is inserted into the sleeve and the double seam is led, the outer wing is 0.5-1 cm from the bend. You can also sew in one seam, but then the assembly will go random when tightening the braid.

Beds with a house

A dog house is not like a dog house. Just a house - it is for a game or serious business, for example, for a puppy bitch with a brood. And a bed with a house is necessary for a dog in other well-defined cases.

Lodge beds for dogs

A dog of northern origin, sled or shepherd, needs a strong home booth, on the left in Fig. Her closest ancestors (possibly her parents) lived in monstrous conditions: they were fed from hand to mouth, they had to sleep in the snow at –40 and lower. Their owners were beaten with a mortal fight for the slightest offense, they were sick or exhausted, they were thrown to the mercy of fate, in the tundra, very angry and short-lived. Could eat and the owners themselves. The Amundsen expedition to Antarctica only reached the South Pole and returned back in full force and good health, because on the way she threw the sledges freed from the load, and the sled dogs freed from them ... ate! В мире это вызвало тогда сильнейшее возмущение, но у норвежцев-полярников только удивление: как так? А что тут такого? Это же собаки! Они не только тягловая сила, но и еда!

Note: охотничьих собак северные народы не едят. To train a hunting dog for a long hard work requiring a lot of experience, and a hunting dog is too great a value.

These horrors are firmly ate in the northern canine gene pool. That is why husky and Russian reindeer huskies respond so warmly to care and do not forgive evil. And if the owner has given him a safe haven, then he will not give up, he will not eat, and he must be reciprocated. Canine logic is simple and extremely rational.

The puppy also needs a couch with a shelter house (in the center in the figure) or a cradle bench, see below. For similar reasons: it is still small. I didn’t like it - they can throw it out or give it to someone bad. And the house was made - everything got accustomed! You can sleep well.

The miniature adult little dog has got accustomed and knows that they love her. But she is too small, they can casually step on the sleeping one. Therefore, she also needs a house over the stove bench, but not soft sewn, like a puppy, but more carefully (on the right in the figure) in order to have time to wake up and jump out. Sensitivity in a dream and the reaction of all dogs is quite wild, the same self-preservation instinct works.

Cottage cradle

A bed with a house for a puppy or a miniature dog can be completely sewn soft. These creations are too small and light to excite and feel the "return" of the floor to their own agitation and even self-indulgence.

Patterns and tailoring scheme for the dog cot are given in Fig .:

Patterns and sewing scheme of the cot-dog bed

Due to the fact that it is all on lightning, this couch can be taken with you to the country and on long trips. Dimensions are designed for suitability not only for young animals and small things, but also for an average adult dog.

How to make another version of the house-bedding for a dog with a cradle, see the video below:

House as a house

The best material that allows you to make a beautiful dog house for a dog is simple, fast, very inexpensive and without any complicated work, including sewing - the usual packaging carton. The desired strength and rigidity from gain, if you impregnate the workpiece from him with 2 sides water-polymer emulsion or diluted 3-4 times with clean water, PVA, and dried. In addition, the dog’s cardboard soaked with polyvinyl acetate does not nibble.

Drawings of the sweep and the appearance of the cardboard house-beds for the dog are shown in Fig .:

Drawings lodge-house for dogs from cardboard

The roof of the ridge is glued with the help of strips of fabric and PVA, the front and rear folding with zippers. The underside of the floor is pasted over with sacking, and all the other surfaces are first foam rubber or synthetic winterizer with a thickness of 4-6 mm, and then a cloth. Pasting is carried out from outside to inside: the outer surfaces are first pasted over with filler, and then with textiles with a turn (only glues are glued to the cardboard). After this, the inside of the house is pasted with filler, not reaching the edges 1.5-2 cm, and along it with a cloth right next to it, without turning it outside. Inside, in order to comply with hygiene, laid pillow filled with coconut fiber. That's all.

More about how to make a bed with a house for the dog, see video below.

The easiest - finally

Suppose you gathered somewhere for a few days, and it turned out that there was no one to leave the dog. Run to the pet store for road bench or call, order delivery? It will be easier and quicker to do it yourself: from an old sweater and other worthless wear items.

A bed for a dog from an old sweater.

Unlike the same cat bed, the dog bed from the sweater does not require any material preparation, cutting and cutting the workpiece. Sew together sleeves, sew hem. Through the gate we cram in the inside of something soft in the middle. Stitch on the chest. We stuff the "sausage" on the board, sew the sleeves to the hem and sides. We sew the gate - and it is ready, see fig. on right.

Such a bed is useful at home for later: put next to you on the couch or in the next chair, etc. Moreover, the dog, you see, does not want to part with it: it is too soft, warm and comfortable. Then, on occasion, it will be necessary to replace the gasket with a coconut: hygiene, after all.

How to choose

The choice of model depends on many factors: the length of wool, size, character, individual characteristics of the breed. Therefore, starting to work, read for a start with all the varieties of dog beds for dogs, and then choose the most convenient option that is suitable for your pet.

The most popular types include:

  1. Cradle (or pop). Such a secluded refuge is more suitable for small animals, preferring silence and solitude. Typically, dog beds are equipped with removable cushions or bedding, the material of which varies according to the season.
  2. Splushka pillow. This option is very easy to maintain, does not take up much space, and will fit almost any interior. In addition, the pillow bed can be sewn for both big and small dogs. If desired, it can be put in a low basket.
  3. Sunbed with a side. The most common option. Depending on the size of the dog, you can make a small cozy nest or a sofa for the rest.
  4. Cozy house. As well as cradles or pop, these designs require a lot of effort and time to create it. But it's worth it! As a result, your pet will receive its own private apartment, where you can sleep or hide from strangers. In winter, the house can be insulated by laying a sheepskin or faux fur on the bottom.

The advantage of a home-made bed is that you yourself can choose the material and color for the bed, as well as sew it exactly the size of the dog.

How to sew

For the manufacture of a bed of any size, the following materials are needed: sturdy thread with a needle, scissors, pattern paper, several types of fabric, as well as foam rubber, sintepon or silicone for the filler.

Consider some of the most convenient options and tell you how to make a dog bed.

Personal pillow

Even a beginning needlewoman can sew such a model. For sewing, you do not even need to cut a separate pattern - it is enough to outline the length and width of the future cushion under the ruler. The main thing is to choose the right size and fabric.

For smooth-haired breeds, fleecy material is suitable so that your pet doesn’t freeze in cold evenings, but shaggy dogs will be more pleased with a thick cotton, jeans or flax pillow.

Step-by-step workshop on making dog beds for yourself:

  1. Spread a piece of fabric on the floor, and draw on it 2 parts of the proposed bed. One of them will be of the same shape as shown in the figure, and the second is the same in size, only without sides (rectangle a).
  2. Having determined the size of the pillow (it should accommodate an animal with paws stretched out), draw the details on the fabric with a ruler and a pen. It can be not only square or rectangular, but also any other shape according to your desire.
  3. Now, the resulting fragments can be cut, retreating from the edge of the line by a few centimeters.
  4. Then you need to sew the corners of one part, and sew the two parts together (do not forget to leave the unshipped piece through which you will fill the pillow with silicone). After that it will be necessary only to turn out the pillow, and to fill it tightly with filler.
  5. At the end, carefully sew a place to fill with thick threads.

You can also sew several variants of pillowcases, given the seasonality and interior room.

Sunbed with sides

Option number 1

In order not to spend extra money, you can show imagination, and try to make a dog bed with your own hands from an old knitted sweater. The unnecessary thing will gain a new life, and the pet will certainly appreciate your efforts.

For this you need:

  1. To sew a sweater horizontally from one armpit to another, dividing the jacket into 2 parts: the bottom one will serve as a bottom for a berth, and the sleeves and the chest area will become excellent sides.
  2. Fill the bottom bag with padding polyester, or just shove an old, unnecessary pillow inside. Pull down the bottom of the jacket, pushing the cord into it, or just gently sew it with strong threads.
  3. Sew two sleeves together to make one solid tunnel, which must be evenly filled with padding polyester. Do not feel sorry for the filler, as the sides must be elastic, firm, and not be deformed by the weight of the pet.
  4. Filling the entire top of the padding, sew the neck. Next, attach around the perimeter of the bottom sides of the bed.

To make the product convenient to wash from time to time, it is enough to sew 2 small zippers into the lower and upper parts of the jacket.

Option number 2

It is also easy, like the first, to sew the next model of the crib. This is a round or oval sleeper, the bottom of which is filled with filler. In order to get a beautiful bed for the dog with your own hands, carefully consider the patterns.

For sewing such a product you need:

  1. Take a large piece of fabric, and fold it back up two times.
  2. Measure the dog, and according to the measurements taken draw a circle on the fabric with chalk or soap (so that you can clean it).
  3. Having retreated 25-30 cm., Draw around another circle for future sides.
  4. Measure another 2-3 cm on the fabric, and hold another circle for the sideband tie.
  5. Cut the product with scissors, leaving a couple of centimeters for allowances.
  6. Stitch the smallest circle, leaving a small distance to fill. Tightly fill the bottom of the bed with a padding polyester, and sew up a hole through which the product was filled.
  7. Sew a second circle, and also, like the previous one, fill with filler.
  8. In the third circle, too, you need to lay a seam, leaving an unshadowed area, and then gently stretch a long cord, tape or rope across the entire circumference of the circle.
  9. Tighten, and tightly tie a string to put the bumpers in a vertical position.

This lounger is also convenient because, if necessary, the lace can be easily untied, and the sleeper can be turned into a practical mattress.

Cozy house

Knowing how to sew a dog bed in the form of a pillow, you can try to make models more difficult. For example, a small house for a pet, which resembles a cozy mink. For this we need a lot of dense foam sheet and material for plating.

When tailoring the dog beds with their own hands, it is better to use the patterns shown in the photo. You just have to choose the color and size.

The sequence of work is as follows:

  1. Fold in half the fabric for trimming, carefully draw a pattern (you can substitute your own dimensions, as long as the proportions are respected).
  2. Cut out all the parts with seam allowances (the figure shows one solid part, but parts of the house need to be made from pieces, which then need to be carefully sewn).
  3. By the same principle, draw and cut parts from foam rubber. They should be less than 1-2 cm of fabric parts (it is necessary to be oriented on the thickness of foam rubber).
  4. Sheathe all the foam parts and fasten them.

In places marked "lock", you can insert a zipper or sew a strong velcro. In the middle of the house for a pet, it is better to sew a separate pillow, which will be convenient to remove and wash.

Product care

In conclusion, it should be said that pillow cases, as well as removable bedding should be washed regularly. If you initially select materials that repel wool and water, you can avoid frequent cleanings and washes. At least once every six months, you still have to knock out the pillows and beat the filler. But this has its plus - if the dog has its own personal corner, you don’t have to collect wool and dirt all over the house all the time.

A little creative for dog beds

If you don’t mind how to make a bed for a dog, we offer you a few exclusive and at the same time low cost ideas for products that you don’t meet with your neighbors or friends.

  • A bed of outdated suitcase,
  • a bed made of old furniture, be it an old chair, a coffee table, a stool or a console, and a kitchen table will fit for a large dog,

  • an improvised house can be equipped even from an old nightstand or a dresser,
  • from a sweater is not the first freshness get a first-class bed for a dog,
  • pallets or barrels will do

  • for those who love to “create”, we suggest building a dog bed from a tire.

Advantages of a handmade dog bed

Naturally, it is much easier to go to the pet shop and get a pet bed there. Manufacturers offer the buyer a lot of original and interesting products, from cheap plastic to solid wood and fabric. But to create a masterpiece with your own hands is something else, something that demonstrates your attachment to the animal, and also a good saving of the family budget.

Of the advantages of homemade lounges, we note:

  • deciding to sew a dog bed with your own hands, you definitely take into account all the anatomical features, weight and pet size,
  • if the dog tries to get into the master's bed, then sewing a cozy corner will discourage the animal from such a need,

  • a rag or jacket literally in a week comes into disrepair, but the solid base covered with foam rubber and fabric is durable,
  • handmade bench is a must care about the health and comfort of the dog.

Basic recommendations before sewing

Before stitching a dog bed, you should familiarize yourself with a few helpful practical tips:

  • the longer the animal's hair, the easier it is to choose the structure to be cleaned: the easiest way to clean the plastic base with removable covers,

  • follow the pet, appreciate its temperament: open spaces will be suitable, and people who are prone to solitude will make closed places,
  • pre-consider the size, but be prepared that initially small “mongrel” can grow a large dog.

Tools and materials

Before you start sewing a comfortable place for rest for your four-legged pet, prepare:

  • fabric is the main material, you can choose it according to your own taste and artistic plan: nylon, old fur coat, cotton, velor,
  • Silicone or foam rubber will serve as a filler, but straw or hay is the optimal medium for the reproduction of skin parasites,
  • fabric for removable elements and cover,
  • sheets of pattern paper,
  • needles, scissors and thread.

Important! It is better to take care that the materials are durable. Of course, you want to decorate the “nest”, but if the pet likes to fool around and chew on things, then you should not be bothered, it is useless labor.

We sew model with sides

This master class is suitable for both large dogs and small breeds.

  1. Take a piece of fabric of the right size.
  2. On a piece of paper, draw a rectangle or an oval and the sides, as in the photo.
  3. Using the pattern, transfer the silhouettes of the future dog bed to the fabric.
  4. Cut out all the elements along the contour, sew among themselves, and tamp with a filler.
  5. We recommend to spend time and sew in the base of the zipper or make lacing.
  6. Cut out a fabric cover for the same blank, but a couple more cm on each side. You can sew gum to the cover for convenience.

Cushion bed

Place for the dog with the sides sew easy, but you can crank the procedure elementary.

  • the pattern of the dog beds is drawn on paper, taking into account the pre-measured size of the pet (preferably with a margin),
  • transfer the pattern to the fabric and cut out two identical parts
  • sew from three sides, and tamper with a filling in the formed gap, then sew the 4th side.
  • in the same way, work on the tailoring of the pillowcase, only increase the size of the pattern by 2 cm.

Now you can sew the simplest dog beds for you.

Unusual decor cozy dog ​​beds

We bring to your attention a few interesting ideas for the device of personal space to your pet. By upgrading the proposed options, you can also create a cot for cats with your own hands quickly and inexpensively.

  • In a wicker basket you lay a pillow, and you weave a decor into the walls. Optionally, you can cut the cardboard around the perimeter of the basket, paste it with foam rubber and sheathe with a bright cloth. Such a removable "protection" warms the basket, and it can be easily washed.

  • From the nightstand you can make a cozy place for your pet. Just take out the boxes, and inside lay a pillow or a piece of fur coat.
  • If you have an old monitor or TV, then you can arrange a place for your pet in a new way by looking at the technique. Remove the insides, leaving the frame. Pour foam inside, put a pillow. This option is suitable for a bitch and a dog of small size, and can be considered as a temporary refuge for a small puppy.

  • Hammock from a folding cross, and a veil stretched over it. Such a mobile option is suitable for a dog or bitch of a small size.

  • In the old suitcase, replace the worn lining with a new, more suitable for a modern apartment design. Place a soft pillow inside, and put toys in your pockets or create any other decor.

  • From an unnecessary wooden box you get an ideal cot for a dog. Hammer in all protruding nails, remove a couple of boards from the future face side, paint the surface with the necessary acrylic paints.

Attach the legs to the bottom from the outside, which can be cut out or purchased at the hardware store. Inside, put a pillow, and write the name of the pet.

  • Everyone in the closet must have an old sweater, jacket or golf. They can also be used for work. Sew a sweater neck, and then sew up the holes for the sleeves so that an arc is formed. Набейте наполнителем, после этого уложите рукава как бортики, и наметайте. Прошейте изделие.

  • Многие виды мебели сгодятся для творчества. Из старого комода можно вынуть ящики, покрасить основание и положить питомцу мягкую подушку или даже повесить шторку.
  • Для большого пса закрепите, а затем и сшейте две подушки, надев самодельную шитую наволочку.

That's all, a cozy rookery is ready for a cute puppy or a faithful adult dog. Surely, apartment residents will appreciate the acquired thing not only from the point of view of comfort, but also from the aesthetic side.

The advantages of a homemade lounger

Despite the fact that modern industry in a huge assortment produces a wide variety of sun beds, for big dogsand giant dogs are not big enough. Therefore, for the best friend, a place to rest can be collected personally. After all, no one knows better than the owner the habits and characteristics of the dog. How he prefers to sleep - curled up or stretched to his full height. Does the dog prefer soft pillows, or does he prefer an elastic, even hard base.

Another aspect is the presence of the sides at the lounger. When installing directly to the wall, the side of the lounger is necessary so that the pet does not stain the wallpaper after walking in bad weather. No matter how you wipe your pet's hair, a wet dog doesn’t completely dry out after a walk in the rain and can leave dirty stains on the walls. Well, if, of course, long-haired giants are not dried by a compressor, then the cleanliness of the walls is guaranteed.

Types of sun beds for dogs + photos

The shape of the bed can be different. The configuration of the place depends, first of all, on the location in the room - square, oval, rectangular or in the shape of a pentagon. The large size dog bed is usually rectangular. Often, the owners make a dog's seat from a children's mattress. This is an ideal base for a dog bed. It remains only to create for him a side to isolate from the wall.

Typical use of a children's mattress as a base:

But as from the same children's mattress you can get a cozy place for two:

A more complex option using the skill of the owner in working with wood - a real pet sofa with the same children's mattress in the base:

Often, the loungers are created using sintepon or foam at the base of the site. Oval lounger made of thick fabric with synthetic padding

The photo shows the moment of assembling a round sunbed with foam base and foam boards for a small dog. But according to the same principle, you can create a lounger for a large dog, only the material will go much more:

The main technological moments when sewing lounger - materials, size, shape

Creating a lounger for a large dog, you need to know only two parameters - the height of the pet at the withers and the length of its body, excluding the tailwho has it. Mastering the bed "by eye" is not recommended. It is better to do it once and not to redo it.

The form of the product, each owner chooses individually. It depends on the dog’s manner of sleeping. Who of the pets sleeps ring - gets a round or oval lounger. For those who like to stretch out on the floor in full mighty height - a rectangular bed. This is where the dog’s height at the withers is needed, since there is a chance that the paws, which are spread out freely on the floor, can be stumbled over.

It is better to pick up material for the dog's place dense and non-marking. The photo in the section shows what the bed for dogs consists of. Wooden frame lined with foam rubber or padding polyester and covered in dense fabric:

It is very important to correctly calculate the amount of material for the cushion and sides, taking into account the hem on the seams.

So, we will need:

  • PaperBetter old paper wallpaper. From them the pattern becomes.
  • the cloth. The choice depends on the owner's instincts, but the main thing is that it should be lint-free. Even a jeans or raincoat suit.
  • Filler. Here variations can be very different, including hay, bird feathers or down, sheep wool, filfiber or siliconized balls.

How to sew a lounger for dogs with their own hands

  1. First you need to accurately align the parameters of the dog.
  2. We transfer the dimensions of the pet to the paper and make the pattern of the base of the sunbed.
  3. We put a pattern on the material and add 2.5 cm of seam allowance to the seams on each side.
  4. If foam is used as a base, do not allow seams, but cut them out according to the pattern.
  5. If the shape of the sunbed is rectangular, when sewing the corners must be left free to maintain the volume of the mattress.
  6. The side pattern is made in accordance with the base of the bed. Boards can be made separately and attached to the base with Velcro, buttons or hidden garters.

Pattern round lounger for dogs with their own hands

Pattern round lounger is calculated strictly individually, based on the size of the pet. It should be noted that for large breeds it is a costly and time-consuming event:

  1. We calculate the diameter of the circle or the size of the oval, so that the dog will freely fit, curled up.
  2. We spend the second line, departing 25-30 cm for the side.
  3. Transferring the pattern to the material. Cut out by folding the material with the pattern 4 times. We straighten and weed out, leaving a small area in order to fill with filler.
  4. For large dogs, the base is best to quilt.

The photo suggested pattern round lounger for small breeds. But by his analogy, you can create a pattern even for a giant.