Drops Dogs Guide: instructions for use and reviews


In the article I will talk about the anti-parasitic drops lawyer for dogs. Consider the mechanism of action and methods of application. I will list the components of the drug, indications and contraindications for use. I'll tell you about the consequences of overdose, as well as the price and analogues of the drug.

Release form and composition of drops lawyer for dogs

The drug is a solution for external use. Packed in plastic pipettes with a volume of 0.4, 1, 2.5 and 4 ml. The pipettes are packaged in a foil blister packaged in a cardboard box.

Each package is supplied with instructions for use, marking the date of production and shelf life.

  • Moxidectin - active substance
  • Imidacloprid is an active substance
  • Benzyl alcohol,
  • Propylene carbonate,
  • Butylhydroxytoluene.

Indications for use and mechanism of action of the drug

Drops lawyer have a third level of danger, aimed at antiparasitic action.

The drug is a solution for external use.

The drug is prescribed to dogs infected with parasites:

  • Demodectic and scabies mites,
  • Voyoedami
  • Head lice
  • Fleas
  • Larvae and adult nematodes.

The mechanism of action of drops: after the solution gets on the skin, imidikloprid is distributed over the entire surface and is not absorbed. The drug eliminates adult parasites and stops the development of clutches and larvae.

The substance is retained on wool and prolongs the effect of the drug. Moxidectin in a short time penetrates the skin and blood, on day 5 of application maximum concentration is reached. Traces of drops disappear in the body 30-35 days after application.

Dosage and instructions for use

The technology of the drug is simple, but requires security measures. The procedure should be carried out with gloves and the room subsequently ventilated.

Dosing method:

  1. With plastic packaging, a protective cap is removed, the pipette is held vertically.
  2. On the other side of the cap, pierce the protective film of the pipette.
  3. On withers wool is pulled apart and put the required number of drops on the skin.
  4. A couple of minutes keep the animal until fully absorbed drops.
Animals must not be licked.

Do not allow licking animals. Therefore, drops are applied to those parts of the body to which the dog does not reach the tongue.

The dosage of the drug depends on the weight of the animal. On average, the calculation is made in a proportion of 0.1 ml of the drug per 1 kg of pet's weight.

Drops are packaged in tubes on average weight indicators:

  1. 0-4 kg - 0.4 ml
  2. 4-10 kg - 1 ml
  3. 10-25 kg - 2.5 ml,
  4. 25 - 40 - 4 ml.

With a pet's weight over 40 kg, the dosage is calculated independently.

The duration of the course depends on the diagnosis:

  • Otodecosis - 1 time,
  • Sarcoptosis - 2 times with a break of 30 days,
  • Demodecosis - 3-4 times with breaks of 30 days,
  • Nematodose different nature - 1 time.

Before use it is necessary to consult in a veterinary clinic. For pregnant dogs, medication is applied in exceptional cases and under the supervision of a veterinarian.

Before use it is necessary to consult in a veterinary clinic

Side effects

Symptoms of drug overdose:

  • Depressed pet state
  • Mood swings
  • Convulsions
  • Dilated pupils,
  • Hypersalivation.

Side effects of the drug occur in cases of overdose and idiosyncrasy of the drug. Short-term effects may occur:

  • Itchy feeling
  • Hyperemia koi,
  • Allergic irritation.

Contraindications for the reception of funds

Medicinal solution is prohibited to use in the following cases:

  • Pregnancy,
  • Breastfeeding period,
  • Age less than 2 months
  • The presence of infections in the body or the recovery period after illness,
  • Weight less than 1 kg
  • Increased sensitivity to component drops
  • Pet is not a dog.
A lawyer should not be given to puppies under the age of two months.

Storage conditions and shelf life

Drops lawyer stored in the manufacturer's packaging in a dry and protected from ultraviolet exposure at a temperature of from 0 to 30 degrees. It is forbidden to place the medicine in a place accessible to children and animals.

Shelf life is 72 months from the date of manufacture. At the expiration of the expiration period, the drug is prohibited to use.

Price and analogues

The cost of drops depends on the volume (in rubles):

  • 0.4 ml - 1100,
  • 1 ml - 1350,
  • 2.5ml - 1600,
  • 4ml - 2000.
The cost of drops Lawyer depends on the volume

Analogues of lawyer drops are:

  • Drops Inspector,
  • Andvantix drops,
  • Drops frontline.

Parasites and the presence of worms is a frequent occurrence in dogs, as they regularly walk on the street and communicate with their fellows.

The presence of insects gives a lot of discomfort and serious consequences for the pet. Therefore, the timely detection of settlers by the host will help to avoid unwanted diseases. Using a lawyer drops for a short time will relieve dogs from parasites and provide protection against them for a long time.

general information

Drops "Lawyer" for dogs are made by the German company Bayer. Available in the form of a solution intended for outdoor use. Packed in 0.4, 1, 2.5, 4 ml by measuring pipettes, which are packaged in aluminum blisters of three jokes. The blister is placed together with the instruction in a cardboard box.

Store drops in a dark dry place away from food at a temperature of 0-30 degrees Celsius. The shelf life of the drug is 3 years from the time of manufacture.

Pharmacology and composition

Drops "Lawyer" for dogs are anti-parasitic drugs of combined action. Thanks to the active substances that make up the product, Advocate protects the animal from the following parasites:

  • scabies and demodectic mites,
  • fleas
  • lashing
  • lice
  • larvae and mature nematodes.

The main active ingredients of the drug are moxidectin (25 mg) and imidacloprid (100 ml). In addition to them, the drug includes the following components:

  • benzyl alcohol,
  • butylhydroxytoluene,
  • propylene carbonate.

After applying the drops on the skin, Imidacloprid spreads rapidly throughout the body, almost without being absorbed. It is fixed on the wool and is responsible for the long-term effect of the drug. On the contrary, moxidectin is rapidly absorbed into the blood and tissues; it reaches a maximum plasma concentration at 4-8 days. Excreted from the body of the animal within a month.

The drug "Lawyer" has a hazard class 3, that is, it is moderately dangerous.

Advocate tick and flea drops are prescribed for the prevention and treatment of the following diseases:

  • demodicosis,
  • sarcoptosis,
  • otodecosis,
  • nematodosis (toxascaridosis, toxocariasis, uncinariasis, trichocephalosis, ankylostoma, epilepsis, angiostrongylosis),
  • dirofilariasis
  • flea allergic dermatitis.


Drops "Lawyer" for dogs are not appointed if:

  • animal sensitivity to one of the components of the drug,
  • the puppy is not yet 7 weeks old
  • the dog suffers from an infectious disease or recovers after it,
  • the animal weighs less than 1 kg,
  • The bitch is pregnant or feeds - in case of extreme necessity the treatment should be carried out under the obligatory supervision of a veterinarian

It is also prohibited to treat any kind of animal other than dogs.

Terms of use

"Lawyer" - drops for dogs (the instruction is stated here), intended for application on intact dry skin. To process correctly, you must adhere to the following tips:

  • Remove the protective cap from the pipette and take it vertically. Pierce the protective layer of the top of the pipette using the back of the cap.
  • Spread the fur of the animal in the place to which it can not reach the tongue, and apply the drug on the skin. Usually, the area at the base of the neck between the shoulder blades is selected for treatment.
  • If the dog is large, then the drug should be applied in 3-4 places; when choosing, follow the same rules.

The minimum amount of the drug that must be applied is 0.1 mg per kilogram of the pet.

Available in packages of various dosages "Lawyer" (drops for dogs). Instructions to the drug indicates that you need to choose the tool based on the weight of the dog. In total there are 4 options for packaging the drug: for dogs up to 4 kg, for animals from 4 to 10 kg, from 10 to 25 kg and from 25 to 40 kg.

If your pet weighs more than 40 kg, it is necessary to independently calculate the amount of the drug, assuming that 1 ml of the animal’s body weight is needed for 1 kg of the animal’s body weight.

To destroy lice, fleas and lashing, the dog is treated once. To prevent recurrence of infection, it is necessary to apply the Lawyer tool every 4 weeks. Drops on the withers with allergic dermatitis are also applied once a month.

The drug is taken:

  • When otodektoze - once.
  • When sarcoptosis - monthly for 2 months.
  • With demodicosis - monthly for 3-4 months.
  • With various nematodoses - once.


Advocate tick drops can cause an overdose with increasing dosage. We list her symptoms:

  • oppression,
  • dilated pupils,
  • muscle tremors
  • excessive salivation.

If such symptoms occur, rinse thoroughly with a cleanser.

Side effects

Advocate may cause the following side effects:

  • itch
  • redness of the skin,
  • various allergic reactions.

Usually, adverse reactions are rare. In the case of redness and itching, you can leave everything as it is - in a couple of days the symptoms will go away on their own. But if the dog has an allergic reaction, then the drug should be immediately washed off with soapy water, and the wool thoroughly washed with plenty of water. After that, the animal must be given an antihistamine drug, according to the instructions attached to it.

You should not use "Lawyer" with any other anti-parasitic agents, as this can increase toxicity.

Drops "Lawyer": price

The cost of the drug depends on the weight of the animal:

  • up to 4 kg - 1100 rubles,
  • from 4 to 10 - 1350 rubles,
  • from 10 to 25 - 1600 rubles,
  • from 25 to 40 - 2000 rubles.

This is the approximate cost of the lawyer drops. The price of the drug may vary depending on the place of residence and the veterinary pharmacy. Therefore, it is possible to find drops much cheaper than the rates indicated here, or much more expensive. Residents of Ukraine drug cost:

  • for dogs up to 4 kg - 210 UAH,
  • 4 - 10 kg - 530 UAH,
  • 10 - 25 kg - 650 UAH,
  • 25 - 40 kg - 770 UAH.

Drops from ticks for lawyers "Lawyer": reviews

Breeders note that the drops are quite effective against fleas, they are excellent in treating the diseases mentioned in the instructions. I like the fact that the drug has no smell, and that can act as anthelmintic. However, there are drawbacks to the drug, in particular, there is redness of the skin at the sites of application and rare allergic reactions. The price of "Lawyer" seems too high to buyers. But the main disadvantage is the lack of protection against ixodic ticks. Therefore, the dog must be re-treated with a drug that protects against these blood-sucking parasites.

In general, drops have both positive and negative feedback. However, there are no complaints about their effectiveness relative to the insects and diseases indicated in the instructions.

The effectiveness of the drug Lawyer

The combination of active ingredients detrimental effect on adult insects and their larvae. Moxidectin affects the muscular system of parasites, imidacloprid affects the nerve receptors, blocking the activity of insects and causing their rapid death.

Drops are quickly absorbed into the muscles and immediately enter the bloodstream and organs. The maximum concentration in the dog's plasma is noted at 4-9 days after application of the drug.

Indications and contraindications

Drops on withers Lawyer recommended for treatment and prevention:

The drug Counsel is used to treat demodicosis, sarcoptosis and other parasitic diseases.

  • demodicosis,
  • otodekoza,
  • entomosis,
  • sarcoptosis,
  • nematodoses,
  • diroflariosis.

It can be used as an adjunct in the treatment of allergic flea dermatitis.

The drug is suitable for the treatment of puppies older than 7 weeks, pregnant or lactating females (under the supervision of a veterinarian). Dogs of especially small breeds weighing up to 1 kg are also treated under the supervision of a specialist due to the difficulty of calculating the dosage.

Contraindications to use can be:

  • age of animals (up to 7 weeks),
  • extremely low weight or extreme depletion,
  • malignant tumors,
  • infectious diseases,
  • individual allergic reaction.

With proper storage of the drug and compliance with the dosage side effects do not occur. In some cases, there is a slight reddening of the skin at the site of application of the drug. If the animal accidentally lick drops, nausea, vomiting, excessive salivation is possible. Unpleasant symptoms disappear without treatment, to improve the health of the dog give a lot of clean water.

Instructions for use

Drops The lawyer is applied to clean, dry skin, with pronounced damage, they can not be applied. The liquid from the opened pipette is distributed over the skin at the withers, with the fingers apart.

Drops A lawyer is applied to the skin between the shoulder blades, and the fur is pushed apart with fingers.

For small dogs, the remedy is applied in one place, the larger one requires the distribution of the drug in 3-4 areas. It is important that the animal cannot accidentally lick or erase the drops. Special care is taken if there are several dogs in the house capable of licking each other.

In the treatment and prevention of allergic dermatitis means is applied 1 time per month. For the destruction of the ear mite (otodekoza) or skin parasites (leaches, fleas, lice), a single application is enough. In the treatment of sarcoptosis, double treatment with an interval of 28 days is recommended. De-worming is carried out every 3 months, for the prevention of helminthic invasion, it is possible to apply drops every month.

After applying the drug is valid for 4 weeks, the remains of the active components are completely eliminated from the body within 30 days. The effectiveness of the drops is maintained when the animal's hair is wet, but to enhance the effect it is not recommended to bathe the dog with shampoo for a week after treatment.

Available Analogies of Advocate

The main disadvantage of drops Lawyer consumers consider a high price.

On sale you can find cheaper analogues containing similar active substances and applied in the same way:

  1. Inspector. Drops for Russian-made dogs. Produced by "Ecoprom". Suitable for the destruction of fleas, ticks, lashing, intestinal worms and other parasites. The composition includes fipronil, moxidectin, zoopranol. Available in 4 dosages, packaged in plastic pipettes. Price in a veterinary pharmacy 395 rubles.
  2. Front Line Combo. The drug is manufactured in France, is available in the form of drops or spray. Effectively fights various types of ticks and other parasites (including their larvae). It is packaged in bottles or in a pipette, contains fipronil and S-methoprene. Packing price of 522 rubles.

Frontline Combo is a good analogue of the drug Lawyer.

Reviews from dog breeders

Marina, owner of a Labrador, Moscow. Always skeptical about droplets on withers, she preferred to use anti-flea shampoos. But when I got a large dog, I realized that washing with shampoo is not an option. As a result, bought these drops before the trip to the country. The result pleased, we did not bring fleas! True, I applied the drug generously, the dog is still large. I will continue to use, drops really work.

Anna, St. Petersburg. I tried different drugs from parasites, but from the majority of dog pills they simply nauseated. The effect is zero. On the advice of a vet bought these drops. Conveniently, in the pharmacy you can take only one pipette, everything is calculated by weight. The dog (I cane Corso teenager) moved the procedure calmly, there were no problems with the coat, and nausea too. I buy the drug for the second time, happy.

Andrey, Tver. My first dog was already sick with demodicosis, so the second one was keeping a close eye on the health. Chose a lawyer after consultation with the vet. Expensive, of course, but the result is good. Nice to know that the pet is safe. Now both of my pit bulls are processed 4 times a year. There are no side effects, I liked that the drops are suitable even for puppies, which means they are safe.

Composition and release form

The drug "Lawyer" for dogs (the original name is Advocate) is released by the German pharmacological company Bayer, which has managed to earn trust among consumers all over the world. Antiparasitic medicine is produced in the form of a liquid that is packaged in pipettes made of polypropylene. The volume can be different - from 0.4 to 4.0 ml, which simplifies the selection of the drug, taking into account the dosage. There are usually three pipettes in one package, but in many veterans shops they are sold by the piece. The drug is intended for external use only, as it contains toxic substances.

The "lawyer" prevents ticks, fleas, nematodes, and other ectoparasites. It has a wide spectrum of action, so it is quite popular among dog breeders. The composition has two active ingredients:

  1. Imidacloprid through insect receptors acts on the nervous system, stopping the transmission of nerve impulses. As a result, parasites die soon enough.
  2. Moxilectin causes disruption of the muscles and paralysis, which inevitably leads to the death of arthropods.

In addition, the composition includes propylene carbonate, benzyl alcohol and other auxiliary components.

Operating principle

Imidacloprid is practically not absorbed into the blood. It remains on the surface, accumulates in the hair and sebaceous glands and adversely affects the parasites by direct contact. Long retains its effect.

Unlike imidacloprid, moxylectin penetrates the bloodstream. Its maximum concentration in the blood reaches 5-8 days after treatment of the animal. Remains in the body for 4 weeks. It is gradually removed from the body, which explains the absence of a sharp decrease in the effect of the drug.

Due to the fact that the drug acts both outside and inside (through the blood), it is used practically to combat all types of parasites, including helminths. Antiparasitic effect persists for 28-30 days, after which prophylactic treatment must be repeated.

Precautions and storage rules

Do not forget that the drug is toxic. Observance of precautionary measures will make its use safe:

  1. Before using "Lawyer" for dogs, read the instructions. Do not exceed the indicated dose.
  2. Do not drink or eat during processing. In addition, you can not smoke.
  3. At the end of the procedure, wash your hands under running water using soap. For hypersensitivity, be sure to use protective gloves.
  4. If the medication gets into the body or mucous membranes, or if allergies occur, consult a doctor.
  5. After treatment for 3-4 days, do not stroke the dog. Do not allow children to play with animals.
  6. Keep the medicine away from feed and food, preventing contact with sunlight, and the temperature should be between 0 and 30 ° C
  7. Prevent access to the drug by animals and children.
  8. Containers with medication must be disposed of with household waste. Cannot be used for other purposes.
  9. Store in original packaging only.
  10. Cannot be used after expiration date.

The price of "Lawyer" drops for dogs may vary depending on the region, as well as the volume of the pipettes (amount of active ingredient).

The following are the approximate price of a single pipette:

  • For animals weighing up to 4 kg - 350-370 rubles.
  • For pets weighing from 4 to 10 kg - 440-520 rubles.
  • For animals weighing from 10 to 25 kg - 570-700 rubles.
  • For dogs weighing from 25 to 40 kg - 720-850 rubles.

For the most part, the responses of dog owners about the “Lawyer” drops are positive, although there are also those who are not satisfied with the effectiveness of the drug.


“In the summer period, they were repeatedly infected with helminths. To combat parasites, the doctor advised the “Lawyer” drops. The high price was a little surprised, but I bought the medicine. No intoxication and compared to the pills that we took before, the dog does not resist the procedure. Now we regularly use these drops and no longer meet with parasites. ”


“With the arrival of summer, we move to the country each year, so the issue of preventing infection with parasites is very important. Once bought a drop "lawyer". There are positive reviews everywhere, but two weeks later I found a tick on a sheepdog, so I cannot recommend the drug to others. ”