Butterfly breed rabbits: features of breeding and care


Butterfly is a general category of rabbit breeds, which are united by the original colors. Rabbits are white with black spots, which are distributed on the sides and back in a symmetrical manner. Sometimes the spots may be chocolate, gray or shades with blue. These large breeds are bred both for obtaining valuable skin and for meat.


  • Butterfly rabbits are the source of lots of tasty and tender meat. With one rabbit you can get it up to 4.5-5 kg.
  • The female brings up to 8 baby rabbits. She has a well-developed maternal instinct, so rabbits basically all survive. For the year the breeder can get a very good offspring.
  • Butterflies make magnificent skins that look great in their natural form. They do not need to be painted. And if you consider that the specks instead of black ones can be both yellow and blue, then you can make so many beautiful things out of this magnificence!


The disadvantages of this breed include:

  • Under chest region of the trunk is too massive.
  • When crossed with other breeds, the quality of the skin noticeably suffers: the spots of the back and sides may disappear, the longitudinal strip of the abyss may disappear, the skin will be less thick and attractive.
  • Females are big gluttons, and if something does not suit them in the diet, or they lack water, they can eat the newborn rabbits.
Despite the fact that butterflies have a well-developed maternal instinct, young females can “disregard” their duties. In this case, the rabbit is better to transplant to a more "responsible" mother.


After mating has occurred, females and males need to be seated in different cells. A few days before the birth, the rabbit begins preparatory activities for the construction of suitable conditions for the baby rabbits. She makes a cozy nest and rugs it from the inside with rabbit down. For the time eared mom brings up to 8 rabbitswhich, already by the age of one month, are beginning to taste the same food that they give to their mother, and by the age of three months they are already mature.

The birth process itself takes from 15 minutes to an hour. It is necessary to observe the actions of the rabbit further. There must be water in the cage. After giving birth, the rabbit will be tormented by great thirst. Butterflies are rarely bad nurses for their babies, but still: if the female throws rabbits around the cage, ignoring their attempts to find a source of milk, then you should try to transplant them to a more “compliant” eared mom.


The advantages of this breed include:

  • simplicity in the care and maintenance,
  • the feed needs a lot less than when keeping large individuals,
  • distinct pattern on the wool,
  • for these rabbits there is no need to construct large cages,
  • possibility of keeping as a pet.

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